Mario Kart Tour: The Winter Tour Introduces A New Course And Santa Mario

Mario Kart Tour's newest tour is now live and the game is already getting into the Christmas spirit with Santa Mario and a brand new course.

Mario Kart Tour's newest tour is now live and the game is already getting into the Christmas spirit.

Every two weeks, Mario Kart Tour players are treated to a brand new tour. Players have been to Tokyo, driven through Paris, and even celebrated Halloween in style to celebrate the release of Luigi's Mansion 3Tour's first winter tour is now officially underway. In fact, the mobile game's next three tours will all be linked to winter and Christmas.

The biggest festive link during the Winter Tour is Santa Mario, the franchise's most iconic character decked from head to toe in Santa gear - well, not quite head to toe. Despite having Father Christmas's signature white beard, Santa Mario's mustache is still dark brown. Clearly, the plumber couldn't go all-in on the gimmick.

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The other character joining the tour this time around is Pink Gold Peach. As with previous tours, the non-themed characters will be joining the game on a permanent basis, so no need to rush to try and unlock this special edition Peach. That goes for the third and final character available, Black Shy Guy. All three of Tour's new characters will give drivers a bonus when used on the Winter Tour's new track.

DK Pass is a brand new track covered in snow. Plus, if you're a fan of the Christmas trees that line it, we have even more good news. Players will find those trees on other courses for the duration of the tour, and we're assuming the other two Christmas tours as well. As for the tracks and characters, which will be available for those next two tours, Lakitu teases them in the video above but gives nothing in the form of clues.

As always, there are a whole host of other items being added to the game for the tour including karts and gliders. Plus, Nintendo has tweaked the steering mechanics for the game - only slightly, and you can check out if it'll majorly affect the way you play in the video above. Now get to grinding so you can earn rubies and fire off that pipe.

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