Watch: One Modder Has Created A 24-Player Mario Kart, And It's Insane

Fans of Mario Kart Wii will soon be able to access a mod that allows twenty-four racers to play on a track.

The races that take place in the Mario Kart series will quickly become chaotic affairs due to the abundance of items that can be thrown across the track. It won’t take long for a simple race on the Rainbow Road to devolve into a deluge of banana skins, fireballs, and turtle shells.

If there are players out there who feel that Mario Kart needs to be even more chaotic, then they will be able to play a mod in the future that will grant their heart’s desires, as it will be possible to play Mario Kart Wii with twenty-four racers on the track.

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A YouTuber named MrBean35000vr has uploaded a video that shows a modded version of Mario Kart Wii, which has the capacity to allow twenty-four characters to appear in a race. The mod is still in development and will be released once it’s in a more polished state.

The maximum amount of racers you can have in Mario Kart Wii is usually twelve, but MrBean35000vr has discovered a way to bypass the memory limitations that prevent more characters from being added to a race.

MrBean35000vr states that the game could also accommodate up to twenty-nine characters, but adding thirty would crash the game. Mario Kart Wii needs to be locked at 30fps in order for more than twelve characters to be used in order to keep the gaming running steadily.

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MrBean35000vr is a prominent member of the Mario Kart Wii modding community and his YouTube channel has video demonstrations of other mods that work with the game, such as the inclusion of a 200cc mode. MrBean35000vr is also one of the creators of CTGP Revolution, which is one of the most ambitious mods in history, as it adds over 200 new tracks to Mario Kart Wii. 

One of the changes made for this mod was to alter how items were distributed to players, as the position of the racer normally determines what kind of items they will find. The item distribution has now been stretched out so that each of the previous 1-12 selections has been spread from 3-24, with the items for first and second place remaining the same.

The additional racers in this mod for Mario Kart Wii make the game incredibly chaotic. For example, the Bullet Bill has issues when working from the new positions.

However, there is no denying what an amazing technical achievement this mod is.

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