10 Essential Tips For Building Levels In Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 was released on the Nintendo Switch in 2019 and is a sequel to the Wii U game that was released back in 2015. This game allows fans of the Mario franchise to build their own levels, play through other people's levels, and even play through the game's story mode.

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Being able to build your own levels is pretty much a dream come true for fans of the Mario franchise and this game allows fans to do so in such a cool way. This game even allows players to share their levels and see how other players around the world like them!

To see 10 tips to help you become a master at building Super Mario Maker 2 levels, keep reading!

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10 Check Out Yamaura’s Dojo

Having trouble getting started with Super Mario Maker 2? Whether you played the first game on the Wii U or you just picked this game up for your Switch, it's undeniable that there are a lot of features in Super Mario Maker 2 that can be a little bit difficult for players to get right away.

If you're struggling to get started with the game and want some basic tips, head over to Yamamura's Dojo in the menu in order to see some quick lessons to help you build and play user-created levels!

9 Grab A Stylus

The Nintendo Switch's touch screen makes games like Super Mario Maker 2's features a lot easier. It's super simple to just touch and drag the pieces that you want exactly to where you're planning to place them.

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But for some people, using a finger to place a block or enemy down in a level is just not precise enough. One way to combat that is to pick up a stylus for a tablet - or even the Super Mario Maker 2 one that Nintendo was selling! - and use it on the touch screen for added precision.

8 Pick Your Game Style First

One super cool aspect of Super Mario Maker 2 is the fact that the game allows players to build levels in the style of any Mario game that they want. Unfortunately, you cannot combine elements from different styles of Mario game and if you want to switch between them while building, it will clear your progress completely.

Knowing the game style that you want your level to be in before you start building is the key! That way, you'll know the items that you have to work with and what abilities Mario will have.

7 Don't Neglect Story Mode

Even though a lot of the focus of Super Mario Maker 2 is on building levels and playing levels that other people have built. When Ninetndo announced the game, the trailers all had a heavy focus on the building aspect and while that's definitely fun, there are reasons not to ignore story mode.

Along with just being a fun break from playing user-created levels, playing through Super Mario Maker 2's story mode is a helpful way for players to unlock different power-ups. Two different Mario transformations can only be unlocked through story mode, so don't forget to try it out!

6 Turn On Night Mode

Who doesn't love turning on night mode? It's not just on our favorite social media apps anymore, it's also part of Super Mario Maker 2! But the fact that night mode is available in the level creator is something that isn't exactly obvious and that many people don't know.

In order to turn on night mode, you need to place a moon on your stage. Then, you'll unlock the ability to turn it on and off in the Course Themes menu. Night mode really changes the look and feel of objects and stages, so use it when you're feeling creative!

5 Play Some Levels

Although saying to play some levels may seem like an unusual tip to give someone that wants to build their skills as a level builder in Super Mario Maker 2, it's actually one that's surprisingly helpful!

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Playing through other people's levels is a great way to get inspiration for your own levels! Even though the game definitely encourages creativity and encourages players to think outside the box and build levels of their own, it's fun to play other people's levels to get ideas for your own and see creative ways that people have used the various tools in the game.

4 Use Clear Conditions... Or Don't

Clear Conditions are something that can be set in the level builder and are things that the players have to do before the level is considered complete. There are a variety of different Clear Conditions that a level maker can set, but only one can be set for each level.

Some of the Clear Conditions include things like getting a certain number of coins, defeating a certain number of enemies, hitting a certain number of P Switches, and some others. These can be a fun way to make the players get creative in the level, but are totally optional!

3 Only Make What You Can Beat

If you played the first Super Mario Maker game, you'll already be familiar with this tip. One feature that Super Mario Maker 2 has in the game is the fact that before a player can finish and share their level, they have to complete it themselves.

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This stops people from making levels that are absolutely not possible to get through. While some of the levels that people make in this game are definitely a challenge, you have to make sure that you're able to make it to the end of the level you made before you can share it.

2 Don't Make It Impossible

While having a level that's way too easy is definitely not fun and part of the fun of Super Mario Maker 2 is the fact that the levels are a little challenging, it's important to make sure that the levels you make aren't too hard.

If the levels that you make are straight up impossible, people are likely to get frustrated with it, quit in the middle of the level, and even give it a bad rating. Make sure when you're building a level that you find the balance between tough and just too difficult.

1 Know The Enemies

There are a variety of different enemies that Super Mario Maker 2 players can use to make their levels a little more difficult. These enemies are ones that have been featured in past Mario games and all have different strengths, weaknesses, and abilities.

Adding different enemies to the level can add a really fun challenge, but if you're going to add an enemy, it's important to know a little about them! That way, you'll know exactly what anyone who plays your level will need to do in order to pass them and can make it possible to take them out.

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