Mario Maker 2 Streamer Gets Yet Another Level Deleted By Nintendo

Popular Twitch streamer GrandPooBear's custom Super Mario Maker 2 level has been deleted from the servers with vague explanations.

Popular Twitch streamer GrandPooBear has again fallen foul of Nintendo for reasons unknown as the company has deleted his latest Super Mario Maker 2 level.

GrandPooBear has uploaded a video out explaining his confusion with Nintendo dating back to 2016. At this point in time, something similar had occurred.

Nintendo deleted all of the levels he'd made in the first installment of the Super Mario Maker series without explanation. Moreover, according to his account, he was told that there were no violations when he contacted them by phone. Nintendo representatives even went as far as telling him that the levels should not have been deleted and gave him permission to put them back up as they could not do it themselves.

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Since then, GrandPooBear has been one of Mario Maker's biggest promoters. The streamer has been playing the came quite consistently as he creates levels while pointing players to the best levels available elsewhere. According to Polygon, the streamer is even responsible for introducing hordes of new players to the game, yet Nintendo seems to have made a pariah out of him.

Earlier this month, GrandPooBear uploaded a new zero-G course with no glitches or anything unfair, which you can view below. Regardless, Nintendo deleted the level this week.

The Mario Maker fan says he has been assured on numerous occasions that his levels weren't taken down by Nintendo because of the use of the word "poo." Yet, Nintendo has still not provided a specific explanation for the level's removal.

The course was one of the most played Super Expert levels and was being promoted by some of the biggest Mario Maker 2 players. However, Nintendo wasn't very happy with it and an email from the company cites "Inappropriate and/or Harmful Content." Furthermore, there's no avenue for contesting the decision.

“I love Mario so much that I want to play it over and over and over, and that’s what drove me to ROM hacks in the first place,” he told Polygon via Twitter DM. “No where [sic] else can I challenge myself with the original game engines like that.”

Having been repeatedly told that the word "poo," which he's willing to change if he's ever told it's unwanted, isn't a problem, GrandPooBear suspects that Nintendo doesn't like him as his wider channel has playthroughs of ROM hacks and randomizers.

Still, that doesn't explain why this particular Mario Maker 2 level got binned.

“I am at a loss for words and extremely sad about this,” GrandPooBear tweeted. “If there is something that Nintendo could point me too [sic] that caused this, I would gladly fix that given the opportunity ... I have no idea what actually caused it, [so] I’m left feeling like they just hate me.”

Given GrandPooBear's contributions to Super Mario Maker, the apparent lack of justification is likely frustrating to players looking for a challenge from a veteran player. Hopefully, GrandPooBear will eventually get a substantive explanation for his level's removal.

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