• Twitch streamer GrandPooBear has had yet another one of his Super Mario Maker levels taken down by Nintendo. 1 / 7

  • GrandPooBear saw all of his courses for the first Mario Maker deleted by the company in 2016 without explanation. 2 / 7

  • And his popular Super Mario Maker 2 level from earlier this month was recently deleted. 3 / 7

  • The streamer says he's spoken to Nintendo several times and he's been assured that the levels weren't deleted because they were titled with the word "poo". 4 / 7

  • Yet he continues to get picked on by Nintendo, who had previously told him that there was nothing wrong with the original Mario Maker levels and that they shouldn't have been deleted. 5 / 7

  • Their latest reason cites "harmful or inappropriate content" but GrandPooBear has no way of contesting the decision. 6 / 7

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