A Twitch First: Beard Intimacy 3-Way For Charity At Mario Master's Coliseum

Twitch was host to an unprecedented display of beardly affection this past weekend as part of the Mario Master’s Coliseum charity stream.

As can be seen in this clip from Twitch a magnificent joining of three truly impressive beards occurred this past Saturday, September 7, The beards in question are those of popular Twitch and YouTube Streamers TheIncrediblePaco, Ryukahr and The Completionist. All three streamers are active members of the Mario Kaizo, or super expert, communities on their respective platforms. The trio of streamers were participating in the Mario Master’s Coliseum charity event in support of the Direct Relief charity when the beard on beard action took place.


For anyone unfamiliar with the Kaizo subset of the Nintendo fandom, the community focuses on creating and playing the most difficult levels possible in a given Mario game. The community is undergoing a bit of an upswing in popularity due to the release first of Mario Maker and now Mario Maker 2 which made creating, discovering and playing these types of levels easier than in the past. Prior to the Maker games the Kaizo community relied on fan made hacks of previous Mario games. Super Mario World is probably the most popular setting for Kaizo stages but the punishing style can technically be made out of any platformer.

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The three way beard nuzzle was just one highlight of the Kaizo streaming community’s biggest charity event of the year. The three day stream known as the Mario Master’s Coliseum features the talents of a variety of streamers who focus on Kaizo levels and games and is hosted by popular kaizo streamer GrandPOOBear.

This year’s Mario Master’s Coliseum raised funds in support of Direct Relief. Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies. The group operates in all 50 states and more than 80 countries. By the end of the stream over $180,000 had been raised for Direct Relief. The donation campaign is from this year’s Coliseum is still active in case anyone is still interested in supporting the stream.

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