Where Are Wario's Nipples In Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020?

As we look forward to the release of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, the internet has just one question: where in the world are Wario's nipples?

Thanks to the wealth of revelations about Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 at Gamescom this week, we are more excited about the game than ever. Extended trailers for the game have revealed that it will have a story mode, sports such as karate and skateboarding, and also a 2D mode, which will hit players with a healthy dose of nostalgia.

One trailer, in particular, gave us a peek at some of the game's characters in swimwear, which is exciting, right? Well, maybe not, as one character's torso has got the internet collectively scratching its head. As you can see in the screenshot below, Wario is pictured alongside Dr. Eggman ready to dive into an Olympic-sized swimming pool. However, Eggman seems to have something Wario doesn't.

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via Sega Sports R&D/Sega

Wario is missing nipples. They're not there - or at least most people think that they aren't. In the picture below, one eagle-eyed gamer seems to think that you can see faint hints of nipples on Wario's hairless chest if you zoom in on him enough. We can sort of see what they are talking about, but honestly, we don't want to be caught staring at that picture for too long a period.

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The internet also seems pretty displeased at the lack of hair on Wario's body. He is a red-blooded, Italian man, is he not? Well, we sort of understand that, though. He's about to compete at the Olympic games, and in swimming no less. If he really wants to succeed, he needs to be as hairless as possible. That being said, removing your nipples is a bit of a leap. Surely the mustache and the hat should have gone before that extreme measure?

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time a Nintendo character's nipples have been a point of debate. In Super Mario Odyssey, Mario can be shirtless and actually does have nipples. On that occasion, fans were disturbed at the fact there were nipples present. Perhaps that's why Wario appears to not have any, or why he has has a pair of incredibly faded ones. Make your minds up guys, Nintendo is clearly confused about these mixed messages.

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