Mario Tennis Aces Datamined; Secret Characters Confirmed (Yes You Can Play As A Chain Chomp)

Mario Tennis Aces is available to pre-load on the Switch ahead of its global demo, and one Twitter user has datamined the file.

Mario Tennis Aces is due out next month. To provide a preview and give players a chance to become acquainted with the sports title, Nintendo will be hosting a demo online tournament that will run from June 1st to June 3rd. The free demo is available for download now, where players can see Mario standing happily holding a trophy, and hear a menu theme from the game. A Twitter user named Blazingflare claims to have datamined the demo, thus revealing the characters in the game. The datamine also reveals the boss battles, and stages. This is not an official announcement. But, this datamine could be accurate. So if you don't want to know anything about Aces, it would be best to avoid anything with the title "datamine" in it. Otherwise, proceed.

This list is interesting to analyze. Many of these characters can be found in the Nintendo Directs, and related videos. However, if accurate, this datamine reveals more newcomers to the Mario Tennis series. Boom Boom, Blooper, Dry Bones, and Kamek have yet to be playable in the Tennis series. Of course, a few of these listed characters have appeared in other Tennis games, but have yet to be announced for Aces. Dry Bowser and Shy guy have yet to be formally announced, as a couple of examples.

Next, Blazingflare lists the bosses.

We already know that Petey Piranha and Gooper Blooper will be in the game, but the others are intriguing, yet to be unveiled ones. Ice Golem could be made up for the game, unless it is referring to the Icicle Golem boss from Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. The most pleasant surprise for longtime Mario players is Eyerok. This character appeared in Super Mario 64, and is one of the most memorable boss battles of the classic game. The other file names are harder to decipher, but obviously "Koopa" is involved with two of them, perhaps referring to some kind of Koopa species or Bowser.

Finally, Blazingflare lists the stages.

If these are the only stage courts in the full game, then that is definitely a short list. At the very least, the variations could add an extra dimension to the gameplay. As already stated, none of this is an official confirmation. We will have to wait until the demo, and then the full game, to see if this data-mine is accurate. Of course, Nintendo could officially confirm some of the characters and other things in the coming weeks.

Via mariowiki.com

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Mario Tennis Aces will be released on June 22nd. Players will be able to demo the game in less than a week, on June 1st.

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