After Complaints, Nintendo Nerfs Bowser Jr. In Mario Tennis Aces

Bowser Jr. was far too dominant in Mario Tennis Aces, and after fans complained, Nintendo decided to nerf the little pest.

So, here it is. The inevitable day of reckoning. The disbelievers scoffed, thinking it would never happen. That Camelot had released the game as it was and that was that. Against all odds, though, they’ve heard our cries. Mario Tennis Aces’s Bowser Jr. is being dealt with.

As Nintendo Switch fans will have noticed, the latest installment of Mario Tennis was heavily hyped prior to release. Nintendo spared no expense, bringing us Rafael Nadal and Mario dueling on the court and everything. With all that talk of a spangly new adventure mode and such (a feature the series has been lacking for a long, long time), this was looking like the entry that Mario Tennis fans had been waiting for.

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate of Mario Tennis, sadly, this was not to be. Many players have expressed that the game is particularly bare bones, lacking gameplay options and even such basic amenities as a Retry function during the Adventure mode. But there was something even more sinister at the heart of Aces that put players off: Bowser Jr.

An extensive Aces character roster was datamined back in May, revealing a truly eclectic cast of characters. Sadly, though, there’s a bit of a Super Smash Bros. Brawl Metaknight situation going on here.

Via: NintendoLife

Bowser Jr. just seemed to have it going on in every area, able to hit with the strength of a Power character and precision of a Technical character all it one. With that nefarious clown car, too, he has the huge advantage of being able to move while charging! Because of all of this, he’s been dominating the leaderboards, and players were howling for a nerf.

Well, good news everyone! Here it is. Version 1.1.2 arrives today, and the patch notes indicate that Bowser Jr. has been nerfed. His movement speed while charging a shot has been reduced, and the angle at which he hits the ball back has been cut down too. There’s also a sidenote that explains this character’s balance will be changed with another update, in time for the August tournament.

Also notable about version 1.1.2 is the nerf to another controversial element of Aces: Trick shots. The amount of energy a late trick shot uses will be increased, as well as the amount expended by back trick shots.

So, what do you think? Where will the game go from here? What’s going to happen to Bowser Jr. next time he’s on the chopping block?

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