5 Things We Are Excited About for Marvels: Avengers (& 5 Things We Are Dreading)

Marvels Avengers' trailer hit this year's E3, and it's left us excited... and a little worried.

In late August, it is highly likely that you were one of the millions of Marvel fans preparing to witness one of cinema's most recent spectacles. Avengers: Endgame ended phase three—and the current Marvel universe as we know it—with a satisfying exclamation point.

Throughout the Avengers—and corresponding Marvel films, we have yet to see a video game complement these cinematic projects. However, at this past E3 all that changed with the dropping of the Marvel's Avengers video game trailer. Video game fans would finally have the chance to see their favorite characters become playable on their television screens.

So, what can you look forward to (and watch out for) regarding this new game? Take a look at our list below.

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10 Excited About: Xbox, PC, And PS4 Fans Can Rejoice!

Fortunately, this game is not exclusive to any one console. Whether your game console of choice is the Xbox One, PS4, PC, or Google's Stadia, you can assemble with your favorite Avengers. It is always a bummer to find out that your next must-play game is on a console that you don't own, so this is welcome news for those in the gaming community.

However, if you are a PS4 player, you can expect this perk: PS4 owners will receive exclusive content that includes early access beta content. So, while everyone will get the game, some gamers will receive content early (can't win 'em all).

9 Dreading: Benefits That Are Only Accessible Through Online Missions

Developers of the game have established that Marvel's Avengers will have an engaging narrative-based single-player campaign and will also include a sizable amount of additional content. However, fans have been a bit worried about the online offering. Unfortunately, it has been revealed that this game will have certain benefits that can only be attained through online missions. So, while you don't have to hop online to enjoy the game, you will have to use the internet to access specific content. What is this content? What impact will it have? Well, if you don't want to play online, you will never know.

8 Excited About: Expect An Original Story

While this may be a con for some, gamers can expect a story that has not yet been covered by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What is great about this information is that players don't have to worry about this game being a cash-grab or cross-branding opportunity. They can trust that developers are using their creativity instead of the previous source material.

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So, gamers can look forward to participating in a unique story with characters that are voiced by actors that have not been involved in the current films. You will get the opportunity to experience the excitement of diving into an Avengers story all over again.

7 Dreading: A Danger Of Being Compared To The Movies

It is great that the developers decided to tell original stories, and eventually add on additional heroes. However, regardless of what happens, this game will be compared to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since the developers have chosen to start with the same characters as the movies, most fans will be unable to differentiate the two franchises from one another. It may have been a better idea to start this game with other heroes entirely to ensure this game stands apart from the movies. Unfortunately, the developer's decision may lead to some initial disappointment with fans who are not aware these are separate universes.

6 Excited About: You Don't Need To Be Online For The Experience

Unlike most action-based games today, this one doesn't require you to have to be hooked up to an internet network. While it is great to have the option to play with friends or take on a mission with someone else around the world, games that are mostly based online can bring slow gameplay or even lead to the inability to play the game.

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Here, you don't have to wait or always depend on an internet connection to join the fun. You can hop right on and go solo. Hey, even Captain America needed to work alone now and then.

5 Dreading: You Don't Always Have The Freedom To Choose Your Character

One of the most enticing parts of this game is having the chance to choose to play as your favorite Avenger. You may want to play as this person for the entirety of the game. However, what if you were not able to do this. Well, Marvel's Avengers is going with a hybrid approach. There will be times where you can suit up as whomever you want, but there are also times where you will have to play as a specific character to move the narrative story along. This aspect may not be bothersome, but for players who are passionate about a favorite character, get ready to share the airtime with other Avengers.

4 Excited About: This Story Will Be Ongoing

Marvel's Avengers is now a one-time gaming experience. According to Gamesradar, this project is a "multi-year, multi-partnership" and will create a "universe gamers can play in for years to come." The game can support co-operative gameplay in addition to offline solo play, and will continuously have new characters, storylines, and missions.

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Before there was a Marvel Cinematic Universe, there were hundreds upon hundreds of comics detailing the stories of the Avengers. It looks as if developers are prepared to pull from many of these storylines. So, you can look forward to years and years of content with this game.

3 Dreading: Gameplay Footage Has Yet To Be Released To The Public

While the official trailer was launched during this past E3, rumors of this game have been making their rounds over the past two years. One of the pain points of this game is that actual gameplay footage was missing from the E3 presentation.

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Considering that the game is slated to hit shelves in less than a year (May 2020), it is troubling that there is not yet any public gameplay footage. It makes it seem as if the game studio is not fully confident in what they have and are not ready to show off what the game can do. So, in short, we still have no idea of how this game plays.

2 Excited About: They Will Have The Same Characters From The Movies

While some less popular and fan-favorite characters will make an appearance, the Marvel's Avengers video game experience will start with those heroes we have come to know and love from the movies. Rich Briggs, the senior brand director of Crystal Dynamics, the studio putting on this game, wanted to create a story with iconic and established characters that many gamers already recognize. However, they want to use this as a starting point to add more heroes and characters in the long-term. So, while you may be a fan of other heroes, you can still play as the iconic Fab Five (or sometimes six) from the movies.

1 Dreading: Private Showings Of Gameplay Were Not Impressive

Even though there is not yet a public demo or a release of actual gameplay, members of the press who attended E3 were invited to see the gameplay privately. First, the game was played by a Crystal Dynamics representative and not any of the visiting members of the media (red flag number one).

Second, the journalists were less than impressed. While Captain America and Hulk looked the best, the other members of the Avengers were severely lackluster. Couple this with the inclusion of quick-time events and a lack of interaction between the Avengers during combat, and you could have a colossal mess on your hands.

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