Marvel: 25 Avengers Comics That Are Too Hilarious For Words

If you're an Avengers fan then you likely have some notion of preferred characters, favorite moments, and best villains. One thing's for sure, The Avengers delivers on being literally a cross-over sensation, with a complete band of characters taken from a slew of popular Marvel series. There's something so fun and gratifying about all our favorite superhero characters having to come together to fight against a greater evil. Part of that is the inevitable power dynamics that play out and the characters' potentially ridiculous antics.

Whether you're an original comics fan or a recent enthusiast thanks to the film franchise, what's clear is that The Avengers stories and the entire Marvel Universe have been an enormous endeavor. One that's taken decades and dozens of films to develop and grow. In the wake of Infinity War's release, the Internet has unsurprisingly fostered an abundance of fan art, comics, and memes set in the Marvel world with special focus on our favorite Avengers.

As with any hugely popular cultural phenomena, reveling in thorough fandom and celebrating our favorite parts of nerd culture doesn't mean we can't also poke fun. Some of the best content out there dips its toes into both celebratory and satirical waters. It's great to be passionate about our favorite nerdy pastimes, but we can also laugh at their inevitable plotholes and inconsistencies.

What we have here is a curated selection of some of the most funniest Avengers comics that have sprouted online since the franchise's enormous burst in popularity in recent years. I hope you enjoy.

25 Black Widow Snub

via: www.dorkly.com

Ah yes, the ever under-represented female lead in a Hollywood blockbuster. Well, its 2018, and Hollywood is supposedly finally coming around on becoming more inclusive. Well, little by little anyhow. But of course we can always rely on a man - or a Spidey man to swoop in and steal the spotlight! Alas, so it goes. It's that side of Hollywood that still needs improving (probably not the only side), so it’s that side that gets to live in the limelight of satirical fan comics on the Internet. Of Dorkly's multitude of fantastic fan comics, this one epitomizes and satirizes the ongoing role women have in the film industry. And, of course, its Spider-Man whos being portrayed as underrepresented, being one of the earliest most popular action superhero movie star characters around! These types of gag are great partly because we know exactly what is coming, even though Black Widow seems to have no clue whatsoever. It’s just one of those days when right when you think things are finally about to go your way, just when a wrong should be righted, the carpet gets pulled from under you and you’re the punchline, the joke is on you. Only in Black Widow's case here it's worse, she gets sidelined and basically forgotten. Kind of a dark joke really, though through what else than humor can we highlight the flaws of the mighty Hollywood blockbuster template!

24 Ant-Man Is Useful

via: www.lunarbaboob.com

I for one would be inclined to hear more about this issue of...

Ant-Man: Journey to the Apple Crumble!

We swear Ant-Man is good for something. Spider-Man is great at climbing. Thor has his hammer. Hulk can grow huge. Ant-Man… has the power of ruining picnics! Lunarbaboon.com is full of great nerdy comics, both heartwarming and hilarious. While we love basking in our favorite wacky superhero adventures, sometimes it’s fun to take a step back and laugh about ridiculous they sometimes are. This one reminds us of how silly some of our favorite heroes’ superpowers might appear from the outside. Remember Hellcow? Lockjaw? Or Asbestos Lady? Those old hilarious comic book characters that might make us cringe, but they’re also part of what makes these worlds so endearing and fantastical. Part of why we love getting sucked into these wacky fantasy worlds is because there can be such outlandish and bizarre characters and powers. It makes the ride that much more fun. We’ve already suspended our disbelief, so what crazy places can we be transported to? The farther from home, the more fun the ride, I say. Though of course we still hope for a strong story and relatable characters.

23 Hulk Leaves You Hanging

via: www.dragonarte.com.br

“Don’t make me angry. You don’t want to see me when I’m angry.”

He’s turning green! This here folks, is why you don’t poke the beast. This one deserves to be on a T-shirt. What’s great about this one is that Mr. Buff guy still hangs on at the end, not letting go. And Hulk’s stone-cold, dead-pan “anger” face. And of course the everlasting mystery of why and how exactly Hulk’s clothes all get ripped apart, but his pant grow into giant-sized cut-offs? Could Bruce Banner be like Tobias from Arrested Development? I suppose it’s for posterity’s sake. It’s especially funny that Hulk straight up stands completely still and doesn’t have to fight or do anything besides transform, it’s like “what are you gonna do, bro?” Though the subsequent fifth panel likely involves a “HULK SMASH!” Since Hulk’s first appearance in 1962, these are the two things he’s best known for: transforming into a “hulking” green giant and smashing things. So why stop now? Mr. Buff isn’t even prepared for it, he’s still thinking “come on, is that all you got?” and ready for a fight, probably a short one, unless Hulk wants to try the classic hold-by-the-head while Mr. Buff throws futile punches.

22 Snakey Loki Bro

via: instagram.com/racheljpierce/

Ah, Loki. The sneakiest and snakey-est of brothers. This one stems from the story of Loki transforming into a snake only to stab his brother Thor once he transforms back, after Thor picks him up. There were some liberties taken with that one, at least in regards to real historical Norse lore as opposed to Marvel movie Norse lore. At least in this version of the story, the tone is closer to a light-hearted, brotherly sitcom where the Asgardians get up to some crazy shenanigans! Cue the quirky theme music and a laugh track. Boy, what I would give to actually see and hear the opening credits to that show. Quick, someone get Netflix on the line! Thor and Loki have one of those comically self-perpetuating brotherly rivalries. What came first, Thor’s disdain for Loki or Loki’s stabby tendencies towards Thor? You can't have one without the other it would seem, so it's that classic the-chicken-or-the-egg scenario. And for anyone who has siblings, though of course, we love them dearly we're all familiar with the feeling of “can I get a different one?” It’s just part of growing up, right? Even the almighty sibling gods of Asgard feel it, so it must be universal.

21 Gender-Swap Poster Poses

via: pinterest.com

It’s an easy target, but a legitimate critique of Hollywood culture and those steamy poster poses that help sell those big blockbuster films. So what if those gender roles (gender poses?) were reversed? We would probably have a lot more hilarious posters like this one. That and a series of calendars featuring all of our favorite Marvel characters in the most evocative of poses that would have us saying, “Oh my lord!” I can see it now, a whole new breed of Marvel/DC rivalries centered on steamy calendar popularity. Just shut up and take my money! I would skip straight to the Deadpool pics to see what juicy meta-controversy he’ll have whipped up. Let’s be real though, the world needs more Hulk-in-a-bikini pics. I mean that's the end-game right? You’ll likely have encountered this one online before, it quickly became a popular meme after the movie poster become public, and unsurprisingly. It's that familiar Hollywood cool-looking men plus attractive-looking woman (or if you're lucky, women) binary, common in so many big budget films. The blatant objectification is the issue here, so it's great to make fun of it by turning it on its head. But seriously, more Hulk-in-a-bikini, pronto.

20 Low Key Loki

via: dorkly.com

If you’re a fan of bad jokes (AKA “dad jokes”), then you’ll be familiar with the “low key” gag, it’s an easy one. You’ll also probably be especially familiar with the third and fourth panels, which truly encapsulate the spirit of bad joke culture, complete with the “Do you get it? Do you get it?” face and the thoroughly unimpressed joke recipient. Groans galore. Somehow though there’s a unique beauty in terrible humor. Personally, I’ve made it my mission to become increasingly less funny with every joke I tell. So obviously, I’m a fan of this one and of all and any terrible pun. Dorkly is a fantastic source for nerdy fan comics, this piece is but the tip of the iceberg. I swear they’re not all about horrible pun gags. I realize us extreme pun enthusiasts are in somewhat of a niche. But hey, they make for good jokes (arguably) that are generally easy to remember and repeat to your friends so that can laugh at you. I mean, with you. I mean wait, have my friends all been laughing at me this whole time? Am I not funny? Is this really the time and place that this is all becoming clear to me? I better get on down to the comedy club for that two drink minimum.

19 Prettiest Armor In Asgard

via: dorkly.com

Have you ever wondered if someone, or something, was watching your every move? If they knew all your deepest darkest secrets? Well so is the case here with Thor and Heimdall, the all-seeing warrior god and gatekeeper of Asgard. He sees all, and he knows all. You can even see him SnapChatting a quick video of Thor in front of the mirror! And, of course, Lady Sif is the feared Asgardian warrior that Thor evidently envies so much that he’s likely been suppressing these feelings for multiple movie installments. It’s actually great to see another side of Thor where he lets out his inner Sif. I mean look at how blissful he is, he really seems in his element there. He’s not thinking at all about Heimdall in that moment though. You can see his eyes dim and his expression falters as the realization and slight embarrassment hit home. But if this comic teaches us anything, it’s that old proverb:

“Dance like no-one is watching, love as though you’ve never been hurt, sing like no-one is listening, and live each day like it’s your last.”

So there you have it, everyone. Embrace your inner Lady Sif! You can have the prettiest armor in Asgard!

18 Too Many Avengers

via: dorkly.com

Another great one from Dorkly. It only makes sense that within the Avengers club there would be clubs within the club. Of course, there would be the “Bug Avengers” with so many insect- and arachnid-based powers. What’s also great is the acknowledgment of the tiers of powers, like every congregation of superheroes includes the few who are just “normal-powered” vigilantes, and the second tier of “stronger-than-average.” Unfortunately for Captain America, the final four have unquestionably supernatural abilities that more than somewhat overshadow him and the rest. You can see his dismay and envy clear as day in the final panel, which is the icing on the cake for this piece. Mr. Steven Rogers evidently loves playing the leading role, so he naturally calls the shots on who falls into which category of Avengers. It seems like he was hoping to just ignore the final four, but Black Widow just had to bring it up. This also calls to mind the inevitable tsunami of power dynamics and egos inevitably involved in uniting such a large band of super-powered super-egos. I mean super-heroes. But it’s that tug-of-war, push-and-pull, involved with those power dynamics that allows for much of the hilarity and idiosyncrasies of these beloved bands of characters in their comics and movie franchises.

17 Loki's Sentence

via: dorkly.com

Come on Odin! This type of villain-sentencing is all too common in the superhero story mold. It makes you wonder how many times people in the writers' room have asked the question “How can we stow away the villain in a satisfying way but still allow for him to return at a moment’s notice?” It paves the way for the “wow moment” of when they return, leaving the audience thinking “Woah! How did he break free? How unexpected!” We can somewhat forgive this cliché however, I mean we read superhero comics and go see the films expecting a certain amount of adherence to the mold. We need some familiarity, otherwise, we might end up with something like the scrapped Tim Burton film Superman Lives starring Nicholas Cage. On second thought, could that film have actually totally killed it as a cult classic? We may never know, though the documentary The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? does shed some light on the story. In any case, what’s great about these types of fan comics is the meta-referencing without totally breaking the fourth wall. Just look at Thor’s face as he reads Loki’s sentence, self-referencing the cliché but managing to stay in character. Now that’s acting!

16 Costume Upgrade

via: pinterest.com

Avengers assemble! Our new costumes are in!

There are some awesome color schemes and shade patterns in the art of this one. And here we have the delights of an Avengers gender bender with the amusing reactions of the regular characters. They all appear in varying degrees of being disconcerted, except for Loki interestingly who looks to have struck a chord and might actually be down for the costume change. In terms of achieving a comical extreme from a costume-swap gender bend, I’d say Captain America takes the farthest leap into “cutsie” territory. In the best kind of way. The Internet is such a fantastic place for fan art and gender benders of all sorts, just do a quick search on DeviantArt and you’ll find a plethora of incredible fan art galleries. Every time I find great new gender-bending fan art I always just wonder what a full series would actually be like in the spirit of the bend. Like an entire Marvel Universe series based on the fan communities gender-swapping art. There’s nothing like role reversals to spark the imagination. Just picture a full-bodied female Thanos in Infinity War. Good luck getting that image out of your head.

15 Fans Vs. Non-Fans

via: dorkly.com

We’ve all been there, perhaps on both sides. Leave it to the total fanboy or fangirl to get exceedingly psyched up to go see their favorite characters come to life on the big screen, only to have very specific disappointments with the intricacies of the director’s vision. “Actually, that’s not how he got his superpowers, they totally ruined the character’s backstory.” On the flipside, non-fans will generally have little-to-no expectations, making them relatively easy to impress. It’s hard, if not impossible, to please everyone. To be quite fair big blockbuster superhero films have a somewhat difficult job in the sense that they do need to attempt to cater to the general public (non-fans), explain and introduce the setting and the characters and the world, while at the same time providing a satisfying experience for those already familiar and committed to the fictional world and expecting something new and exciting while still staying true to the spirit of the original story. When they are successful in their efforts, they leave us hungry for more. Speaking of hunger, I just hope this non-fan dude shared some of that popcorn he’s hogging, maybe that’s partly why she’s upset.

14 Excessive Deadpool

via: pinterest.com

Leave it to Deadpool to go too far even for the other hero protagonists. Poor traumatized little Captain America and Tony Stark didn’t know what they were in for. It was too much for them to even eat any popcorn apparently. You’ve got to stick to the formula of your action movie template Wade, come on. In reality, Deadpool did very much follow the template, only it had the boldness to comment on it and shatter the fourth wall continuously, in the most positively coarse kind of way. Iron Man might be just a tad jealous under the surface though, after all, Deadpool was an enormous hit, very much surprisingly to Fox who seemed to have quite reluctantly produced the film. Deadpool endured loads of budget cuts and setbacks and still, Wade Wilson exploded worldwide. It goes to show that people are willing and even craving something new and different. It still followed the mold, but could make fun of itself (and everything else) for it. After its release, it outshone most other superhero franchises, so it’s not surprising to see those other characters a little salty about it in the fan comic world. That was too far Wade! Too far.

13 Frozen Loki

via: pinterest.com

The crossover hit the world has been waiting for. It’s no surprise that Frozen become the transgenerational hit that it did, and even the Gods of Asgard can sit back and enjoy a good Disney musical from time to time. Loki and Thor’s sibling dynamic has many funny little intricacies, some mundane and some otherworldly. But it's hilarious to see them taking on such “regular” and relatable roles as annoying one another with the dangerously catchy melodies that the great Disney musicals have bestowed upon us. These real-life sibling dynamics, when imposed on the Trickster and Thunder Gods, just have such a satisfying juxtaposition. And sometimes the Gods of Asgard just need to get their Frozen on, ya know? Thor knows what’s what, and he recognizes that with Loki’s uptight attitude, he really just needs to “Let it go, let it goooo!” My vote for the next crossover hit is where Thor brings the Avengers through his world on a magic carpet, singing “I can show you Asgaaard.” Come to think of it, The Avengers: The Musical, anyone?

12 Black Widow Snubbed Again

via: www.dorkly.com

This time, Nat knows what’s coming, she's been here before. Less of a comment on the preponderance of male-dominated roles in Hollywood, here we just have a continuation of Black Widow getting totally snubbed by her team. Even though we still totally see the punchline coming, it’s still hilarious to anticipate who will get to steal away the spotlight! This could be an entire series of exclusively Black Widow snubbing comics. I mean it almost already is, thanks to Dorkly. Next, we’ll see Captain America throwing huge celebrations for all the Marvel Universe characters that didn’t even make it into Infinity War. Which begs the question, where were Ant-Man and Wasp during Infinity War anyway? And Hawkeye for that matter. Alas, the most anticipated decades-in-the-making superhero crossover film of the year cannot satisfy all the needs of every fan across the globe, or else we would have Jessica Jones and Daredevil in the mix as well. As far as Hawkeye and Ant-Man are concerned, the Russo brothers did have some minor light to shed on their absence in Infinity War, mainly that the interesting stories they have cooking up for those characters required them to be under house arrest for the time being. We'll obviously get some more information when Ant-Man and The Wasp comes out this July. The wait is on!

11 Avengers Backseat Gaming

via: skottieyoung.deviantart.com

A microcosmic view of the entire Avengers experience against Thanos, as it would appear in a 1980s arcade featuring our beloved heroes. I mean if you’ve seen this comic then you’ve basically seen Infinity War. It’s awesome to see the combined dynamic of all our favorite Avengers reduced to the most basic and relatable friendly pastime, the backseat gaming arcade edition. This one harkens back to the roots of our beloved comic-nerd culture, the 80s, when superhero comics were taking strides in our nerdy subculture, and arcade gaming was at its peak. And alongside the rise of gaming, of course, also comes the rise of backseat gaming! It’s both funny and endearing to see the epic quest against Thanos distilled into such an intimate and relatable pastime as the communal gaming experience. And with what looks ostensibly like the classic Space Invaders. It’s also great to get a taste of each of our favorite characters’ individual personalities, as translated into arcade gamers and backseat gamers. Of course, Captain America is “taking the lead” by playing, and we’re all too familiar with the cries of “Jump left!” and “He’s gonna beat you again,” as if any of that is helpful in this moment guys!

10 Black Panther's One Weakness

via: pinterest.com

A smooth transition from realism into cartoony, anime cat fanaticism, this one has a nice hybrid of “real-looking” characters mixed with their anime counterparts with those cartoony round eyes. We also go from serious intimidation tactics to a yielding to one’s innermost childlike desires. We all have our “one weakness” and one would a superhero be without a Kryptonite? It’s only appropriate that Black Panther’s would have him succumb to his inner-kitty. The result? Cute kitty comics, of course! And what’s better than a cute Internet kitty? Nothing, silly! That’s what the Internet is for, after all. There's something hilariously satisfying about typifying a classic superhero into its most basic form in relation to their power or identities.

Who’s a cute kitty? Black Panther is.

Think of all those great Batman fan comics where Bruce is just hanging upside-down for the heck of it. One of Batman’s many “powers," as in, he has none but is instead a super-rich super-genius, kind of like Tony Stark in the Marvel universe. Or what about Spider-Man collecting literal bugs in his web, until whoops! Accidentally ate Ant-Man! But in this one, we get an extra dose of cuteness with the kitty cat action!

9 Winnie The Hulk

via: pinterest.com

“Don't make me hangry, you won't like me when I'm hangry”

Sometimes Pooh Bear just wants some honey, and he gets hangry, you know? Countless times he’s stared into a pot of honey only to be disappointed by its severe case of emptiness. Woah, such empty. After a certain amount of times, you can only imagine the frustration building up within him. It seems only natural that one day that frustration would boil, and unleash Winnie the Hulk! And it allows for another hilarious juxtaposition. Two classic characters, beloved for very different reasons. We can just see Hulk Bear storming off, ready to find and take for himself that sweet, sweet honeyed prize. At whatever the cost (in bee stings). Pooh’s shirt managing to stretch in typical Hulk fashion is so great too. And somehow angry scary Hulk Bear still maintains his fluffy cute quality, we still just want to get lost in a great big furry bear hug. The real question remains, so what would this make Eeyore? Iron Donkey? Captain Gloominess? I can hear that low voice now, “Nobody cares about Captain Gloomy”

8 Tangled Vs. Frozen: Civil War

via: neoduskcomics.tumblr.com

It's the one true question that runs so deep as to cause civil strife: Which is better, Frozen or Tangled? Both were worldwide sensations with fantastic visuals, characters, stories, and music! It’s Disney after all. So it's a tough choice, and obviously the cause of some distress among the Avengers. Is unclear whether Thor will act as the neutral arbiter of discourse or as the coveted tie-breaker. What does seem clear is that these characters are on the cusp of breaking out into song in a near-future panel. Perhaps Captain America will decide to drop the matter and just “Let it go.” Or if Iron Man can convince him that Tangled is the obvious winner, maybe the Captain will break into “At last I see the light,” with some altered lyrics. We can only hope that once this issue is resolved we won't witness the Avengers succumbing to a cringe-worthy battle between Team Edward and Team Jacob. Let’s just not even go there ... Or, actually. That's exactly where we want to go — and in live action please! We'll take a proper MCU debate on the subject any day.

7 Gift From Tony Stark

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Classic Deadpool, you sly devil! He just takes what he wants, thinks what he wants, and says what he thinks! No matter the consequences. Somehow I feel like Tony Stark won’t miss his jet though. He doesn’t seem to upset by its absence. And who do those other five jets belong to? Is it just shared parking? They’re probably also Tony’s. Also, come to think of it, why does Iron Man need a private jet in the first place, I mean he’s Iron Man! He can fly in his suit! He’s got little actual jets installed into his hands and feet. Maybe that particular jet holds some deep personal value, in which case, darn you Deadpool! I also so wonder how much time and effort Deadpool had to spend to write out that enormous I.O.U. I suppose that was at least pretty considerate of him, rather than just “stealing” it. This here is just some very thorough borrowing. Tony shouldn’t be set back too much, I’m sure he’ll catch up with them in no time. In any case, if Deadpool is to join the ranks of the other Marvel heroes, it’s sure to come at some cost and with some bumps in the road. He wouldn’t be Wade Wilson otherwise.

6 Don't Leave Me Hanging

via: pinterest.com

This could be the Avengers’ sweetest bromance brewing. We’ve all been there and no wants likes being left hanging. Just bump it, bro! Bump it! Tony just wants to share a special moment with Stephen Strange, and celebrate the small detail that makes them stand out as heroic yet ever so strikingly fashionable superheroes. Nevermind the awesome superpowers and cataclysmic events transpiring around them, this is pretty much the heart of the matter right here: awesome facial hair. It’s only logical, after being the only team member rocking a goatee for so long, it makes sense that Iron Man is so readily psyched up about it. His unwavering face throughout the panels is priceless. You can just hear him muttering “Eh? Eh? Eh?” Then finally Stephen succumbs. It goes to show you can get your special moment if you hold out for it, don’t be left hanging! I love the dynamic of the over-enthusiastic friend paired with the thoroughly reluctant friend. But Strange’s reluctance and his “I hate you” could be the subtle beginning of their gradually strengthening special connection. Get ready for...

The Avengers 5: Awesome Facial Hair Bros And Others.

Count me in, there’s one ticket sold already.

5 Challenge Accepted

via: pinterest.com

Yes, the sibling rivalries run deep in the Asgardian family. I suppose that's what happens when so much power is contained within such close relations. Hela has certainly proven herself in the series as being a top contender for evil mischievousness. It's unsurprising that Loki would take that as an affront, being the God of Mischief himself. Conceivably Loki holds his betrayals against Thor and Asgard as a source of pride. He finds joy in his status of thorough notoriety. So when Thor inadvertently questions his devotion to being nefarious, it does come off as a challenge. Is Hela truly more wicked than Loki? Loki begs to differ. He is unchangingly loyal to being disloyal. In a strange and backward way, Loki is the most loyal of them all, being quite thoroughly and consistently committed to power-grabbing and sibling betrayal. So not only does he wish to stand out as a champion of villainy, but especially as the notorious child of Odin baddie. Thor and Loki especially have taken much of the spotlight online as prominent figures in the fan art and fan comic communities, which is great. Partly this is because of the hilarious and universal nature of their never-ending sibling conflicts.

4 Baby Avengers

via: pinterest.com

This one stems from a special series borne out of the Marvel universe, that of the A-Babies and X-Babies. The first appearance of X-Babies was in the Uncanny X-Men Annual #12 in the late 90s. This featured horribly cute child clone versions of the X-Men, manufactured by the classic supervillain Mojo. January of 2000 saw the release of X-Babies Reborn, which guest-starred the first appearance of the "Mitey Vengers" also known as the A-Babies (Avengers Babies). More than a decade later, as part of the Avengers vs. X-Men event in 2012, there was an obvious need to create a Babies tie-in adventure. This resulted in the release of A-Babies Vs. X-Babies #1. There is an obvious draw to this "marvel-ous" (get it?) reimagining of these superhero teams. We get to witness the same charming characters we've come to love in a whole new and hilarious light. The best part is that these A-Babies and X-Babies comics, though bordering on the spoof side of things, are actually official canon at least insofar as they're legitimately created and published by Marvel. So even though the Internet can provide us innumerable re-imaginings of all the superhero worlds and characters we love, having an official version of such a wacky version of these characters is pretty fantastic.

3 Where Is The Ministry Of Magic?

via: http://mysiepereira.tumblr.com/

Come on, Tony! Just because Strange and Mordo are wizards doesn't mean they have an in at the Ministry of Magic! It doesn't even mean they have a connection with the Wizarding World of the Potterverse. In fact, you're ruining the illusion Tony! Why do you think they built the fourth wall here in the first place? Jokes aside, that could actually be a very entertaining, if somewhat confused, crossovers yet. Stephen Strange would probably vie extremely well in J. K. Rowling's Wizarding World, having not only incredible magical prowess but also an impressive array of artifacts and technology at his disposal. It wouldn't take much rising through the ranks to secure a spot as Headmaster of Hogwarts, or at any of the other myriad magical schools we don't ever hear about in the Potterverse. There's one major discrepancy between the Potter-World and the Marvel Universe, that being that when Marvel heroes save the day, it often comes at the expense of seemingly unavoidable devastation to a major city's infrastructure. Whereas in Harry Potter, though they claim that there is constant danger towards the Muggle world and fear of "exposing" the magical world, that somehow seems to happen very little. We can only imagine how the two worlds colliding would deal with that little problem.

2 Super Hulk

via: noeduskcomics.tumblr.com

He solved it! No need for a whole group of Avengers when you have Super Hulk. Although you do have to wonder, how does getting in and out of the Super Hulk suit work? Does he have to get angry then get the suit on in a calm and deliberate fashion? Or does he enter the suit then wait for something to make him angry so he can swell into it? Many unanswered questions. I guess all we can do is suspend our disbelief for these heroes. He can grow huge and strong and green, but how exactly does he get in the suit? We’ll never know! Of course Tony Stark, always the pragmatist, has mainly technical concerns and doesn’t seem too preoccupied with why Hulk would need to be all the Avengers in one. Is a funny idea. Though I think the series might lack a little in the way of character dynamics in Hulk: Avenger Man One-Man-Band. What if he built in an extra limb on the suit for each other Avenger to dangle like he has Thor doing? Now that I would want to see. The Adventures of Hulk and the Littler People: Infinity War. This movie sells itself!

1 The Next Generation

via: https://mushstone.deviantart.com/gallery/

Before 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming, audiences got to catch their first glimpse of the latest incarnation of the favored webbed hero (played by Tom Holland) in Captain America: Civil War (2016). But true fans will have also caught that a young Peter Parker actually also appeared in Iron Man 2 back in 2010, part of Marvel Studios' massive multi-film interconnectedness over the last many years that has led us to the giant amalgamation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe called Infinity War. That's right, if you recall in Iron Man 2, Tony Stark saves a young boy in an Iron Man mask from one of the many Hammer drones, with a passing "Nice work, kid" before he zooms off to continue the battle. Well, it turns out that kid was indeed a young Peter Parker, already infatuated with Iron Man and of notions of the superhero life. Years later, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man makes his real debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Iron Man takes him under his wing in Captain America: Civil War. And what a perfect guerrilla trailer it made for the following year's first installment of the new Spidey (Spider-Man: Homecoming). In any case, it truly is impressive to note the level of detail pertaining to Marvel's connections between films that have endured for over a decade. Check out the Tom Holland interview with the Nerdist where he talks about Peter Parker's initial appearance.

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