Avengers: 25 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Holes Infinity War Left Hanging

You’ve all seen Infinity War, right? Okay, good. If you haven’t, well, we’re going to talk about basically every twist in the story, so you’ve been warned.

You see, Infinity War is an excellent movie that is packed full of information and plot points. Sure, at the end of the movie a whole bunch of heroes bite the dust, and that’s not even an idiom. But there’s also a few problems with the plot on the way there, and we’re going to talk about them.

For everything the latest Avengers movie does right, it also leaves us with a whole bunch of questions, and we’re going to dig into them. For example, we have a whole bunch of confusion about just how the Infinity Stones work, and what Thanos really wanted. We also want to know what happened to numerous important characters who could have changed the tide but were nowhere to be found in the movie.

Oh, that’s just the start. We also want to know about all sorts of other problems, like powers that were never used, laws of physics that were even more ignored than usual, and obvious solutions that no one seemed to try. Infinity War is a movie that begs to be looked at, and we’re going to take a really close look. Here are the top plot holes, the unanswered questions, and the interesting issues that A:IW has.

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25 Wakanda Forgets About All Its Weapons

Via Animation World Network

Usually, the Marvel movies are very good about consistency between movies, even when those movies are made by entirely different directors. However, we feel a bit let down by Wakanda in Black Panther versus Wakanda in Infinity War. In the first movie, Wakanda is a powerhouse of advanced technology and incredible weapons that include plenty of starship fighters, panther gauntlets that can spit out laser beams, magic cars, and vibranium defenses that can deflect just about everything. It’s…really cool.

But then we move onto Infinity War, and Wakanda has…uhh, some people with spears. Just enough vibranium to give Captain America a small shield. An arm. And a big energy shield. Admittedly, the big energy shield is pretty cool, but they show almost none of their weaponry that is seen in the first movie.

The battle at Wakanda is, thus, kind of a letdown. Neither side had that many people, and no one used much-advanced technology on either side. Vibranium shields and defenses were especially missing when that could have been the key to Wakanda actually winning the battle. It was sort of like watching a totally different advanced African country trying to fight…one that wasn’t nearly as good. Fortunately, we look forward to seeing Wakanda in many more movies in the future, hopefully more awesome all the time.

24 Why, Exactly, Won’t Hulk Come Out?

via: Digital Spy

Throughout the movie, one question rises among Marvel fans: What, exactly will Hulk do? As it turns out, not much. Actually, nothing at all. Bruce Banner is very much a presence in the movie, but most of his time is spent really, really wishing that the Hulk would appear. But he never does, except briefly at the beginning where Hulk barely gets a chance to fight. In fact, Hulk appears to be sulking somewhere inside Banner, and every time Banner tries to call him up, Hulk mutters something about how he’s not interested and refuses to appear.

This is pretty cheap. Hulk is one of the strongest heroes in the world, possibly the strongest, depending on how angry he was. If he actually entered the battle, it would ruin a bunch of even matches no matter where he showed up. He may even have been able to defeat Thanos if Hulk had caught up to him early enough. So we understand why the directors didn’t really want Hulk in the movie.

But what doesn’t make sense is just why Hulk didn’t show up. Was he mad at Banner because he used to be a big gladiator legend and Banner messed that up? Is he upset at the loss of his own autonomy? Unfortunately, we don’t know the answers. Hulk isn’t there because he is too big of a weapon, it’s that easy. And it’s too bad because Hulk deserves to smash some stuff, right?

23 Nick Fury Suddenly Knows Captain Marvel

Via io9.gizmodo.com

Let’s zoom ahead to the final scene of Infinity War, after the credits start rolling. Nick Fury knows something has gone horribly wrong, of course, so he immediately tries to put in an extra super secret contact signal to…a mysterious emblem. At nearly the same time, Fury and his beloved assistant fade to dust as a result of the Snapocalypse (we will also accept the Snappening). We only know that the signal goes through.

However, now we get to some snags. Sharp-eyed Marvel fans will know that the emblem from the signal is actually that of Captain Marvel, who is presumed to play a big role in the future of the Avengers. Captain Marvel is a human who, according to general lore (and several different versions of the tale), absorbed cosmic alien powers and got the ability to do…uh, just about everything.

So why hasn’t she been a factor before? From what we know of her upcoming movie, Captain Marvel was lost or in deep space following an important story in the 1990s. A common theory is that she’s trapped in the quantum realm and will be released in Ant-Man 2. So…once again…how in the world does Nicky Fury have the contact info for someone that hasn’t existed for decades? If he had the ability to meet her, she would have been a number one Avenger from the first movie. So why does it work now?

22 Why Didn’t Vision Sacrifice Himself?

via: herocomplex.latimes.com

The interesting part of this problem is that Vision technically did sacrifice himself. They managed to destroy the Mind Stone and him (more or less the same thing at the last moment before Thanos could reach it. Of course, Thanos already had the Time Stone so he reversed the process in a cunning moment of overturning that led to his ultimate victory. Cool! Sad. But also, it raises some important questions.

Vision and the Avengers knew for some time that Thanos was seeking the Stones, and that Vision had one lodged right in his head. So, why didn’t the Avengers destroy him early on and hide the Mind Stone or blast it into dust? Harsh, we know. But Vision himself acknowledged early on that the Mind Stone needed to be destroyed. Plus, Vision is just the sort of person who would gladly sacrifice himself for the good of the universe.

So, why didn’t he force the Avengers to get rid of the Mind Stone, or at least flee earth and go into hiding? The Avengers can sort of be excused here because they care for Vision and see him as a unique, precious lifeform. But Vision himself loves humanity and understands the risks involved: Why didn’t he take matters into his own hands? It could have prevented the entire end of the movie, or at least delayed it for a long time.

21 Doctor Strange Never Uses The Time Stone

via: YouTube (Marvel Mystics)

Okay, almost never. But let’s look at this from the broad view. In the Doctor Strange movie (may there be many more), Strange uses the Time Stone to restore an apple, remake a book page, reverse a battle, stop time, and trap an ancient evil god. That…pretty much covers everything. And yet, in Infinity War, Doctor Strange just sort of forgets about the Time Stone entirely.

Go through the movie, and you can find at least a dozen times when Strange should have used the Time Stone to stop or reverse at least a thing or two. The battle in New York? Definitely could have been useful. Tormented in outer space? You think it might occur to him. Fighting aliens on a strange planet? It would be strange if he didn’t use it!

But the only time Strange appears to use the Time Stone is to examine all possible futures at a particularly dark time in the movie. Granted, this may be the key to literally everything that happens in the next movie, but there’s no denying Strange could have used the Stone so many times before then to change things or give the good guys an advantage. Why didn’t he do it? Was he afraid? Was he not powerful enough more? Any explanation could have worked!

20 Gamora Is Way Smarter Than The Plot Shows

via: Screengeek

Gamora is not an idiot. In fact, she’s smart enough to grow up as a slave-daughter to the mad titan Thanos and not only retain her sanity, but also a grip on to her own identity, so much so that she eventually rebels and starts roaming the galaxy (the other Thanos daughter in the story, Nebula, also eventually rebelled, so Thanos doesn’t have a great track record here).

However, in Infinity War, we see Gamora allowing herself to become isolated with Thanos, when she knew that she was the key to the next Infinity Stone. And even more, she knew that Thanos had a good chance of using her to unlock the Soul Stone. She knows exactly how his mind works.

And yet, what does Gamora do about this? Nothing. She doesn’t have any tricks, or clever fighting ideas, or plans to deal with her stepfather in any way except a casual chat. Gamora is one of the best life-takers in the galaxy: She should have absolutely known what was coming, but still allowed herself to get sacrificed for no good reason – just a vague hope she could destroy Thanos herself without any help. It was foolish, way too emotional for the calm Gamora we’ve seen, and insulting to her character arc.

19 Spider-Man Takes A Lot Of Time To Fade Away

via: bustle.com

This is a sad point, but we’ve got to talk about it. At the end of the movie, Thanos does his snap and destroys half of all people…everywhere, apparently. Pretty much all of the new Avengers are snapped, and that includes Spider-Man. Thus the famous “I don’t feel so good,” meme was born, because it accurately describes Spider-man stumbling and falling his way towards annihilation. “I don’t want to go,” he says before vanishing, and then everybody cries because Spider-Man is like a puppy we just bought from a rival movie company.

But take a step back, and this scene doesn’t make as much sense. Everyone else – and we mean everyone – fades away within a couple moments. That includes Black Panther and Doctor Strange. All of them turn to magic space dust right away, without pause. Some are even caught trying to say something but vanish before they can get the words out.

Spider-Man, alone, is left able to have a whole conversation – well, most of one, anyway. Did you ever stop to wonder why? If all those other powerful people disappeared immediately, what kept Spider-Man around to keep talking? All right, besides the drama. Does Spider-man have any ability that might help him resist the Snap, and is that important? Or is it just a dramatic plot device?

18 Is That Really Red Skull? How?

via: savagemcu.blogspot.com

Aha – speaking of the Soul Stone, it is found on the planet Vormir, a hidden location that Thanos and Gamora travel to alone. It’s pretty much an empty planet of ruins by now, but there Thanos meets a mystical guide to lead him to the Soul Stone…and it’s none other than Red Skull.

Umm, what? Red Skull was only in the very first Captain America movie, where he very much perished. Now, Red Skull is kind of famous for coming back from the grave over and over again, but even then there’s no explanation for him winding up on a secret planet that no one else in the universe knows about. There’s no explanation of how he is alive, how he didn’t age, what he’s doing on mystery planet, and how he knows all about the Soul Stone.

This is a plot hole that we actually have some good guesses about. It’s very probable that the planet Vormir is actually the Soul Stone itself (this is a thing the Soul Stone is known to do), and that the whole place is just a sort of magical quest for Thanos to complete. The Soul Stone collects souls, so it’s very possible that Red Skull was collected and now exists there as a ghost. Absolutely none of that is mentioned in the movie, which is a little unfair to all of us who don’t really have a clue.

17 Thanos Has A Really Dumb Plan

via: Comicbook.com

Somewhere along the line, Thanos decided that the universe would be a better place if, uh, half the people stopped existing. In the comics, this is basically because he is trying to woo the personage of Lady Death, which is a whole long story about how he’s in love with her. Fair enough. In the movie, however, Thanos appears to want to end half of all y’all because his own world underwent a war for resources and when they ended half their people, everything was totally all right. So he did it to everywhere else.

Unfortunately, Thanos assumes that it will work for the rest of the universe. And that’s just ridiculous. First, it’s a basic ecological fact that life grows to meet available resources. If Thanos eliminated half of everyone so people would have more resources, then he could just wait a few years before he had to do it all again. Because let’s face it, people repopulate, and they can do it very quickly when there’s enough room. All Thanos did was create a lot of room.

But it makes even less sense than that. Because another thing that happens with a lot of extra resources is war. All the species would start competing for those resources, and start building more weapons, and well, nature isn’t helped much by nuclear war. If you remove a random half of an ongoing battle, the battle still goes on - just with a lot more confusion. The truth is, Thanos wasn’t saving anything because life goes on.

16 Who Made The Infinity Gauntlet?

via: Reddit

Let’s think about this for a minute. The gauntlet is designed to hold the Infinity Gems, which are concentrated leftovers from creation, the ultimate elements of all existence. So, uh, how did anyone ever create a gauntlet to hold them all together and combine their powers? There’s not really any clues provided as to who precisely forged the Infinity Gauntlet – in fact, it seems obvious that no living species could have. The power would be beyond any known people, and that’s sort of the point. There’s also no sign that any particular god of all existence or being created the Gauntlet (and such beings aren’t even mentioned in the MCU, anyway).

Some may try to argue that the Asgardians created the Gauntlet because it was first seen in the MCU in Odin’s treasury room. However, fans will also remember that in Thor: Ragnarok, that Hela walked through the treasury on her way to get the eternal fire. She easily proclaimed the gauntlet there to be “fake” and she would probably be the one to know since she had been born before the treasury was made.

So the Infinity Gauntlet should have been impossible to make, and yet, it exists. It combines the powers of Gems that are the most powerful things in existence, but we don’t know how. Yeah, it’s sort of an open question.

15 Thanos Talks Way Too Much

via dexerto.com

Thanos finally gets some personality in Infinity War, but despite all the work to make him a real character, he’s still just a big villain in the end. And like most villains, he really likes to talk when he should be acting.

This is never clearer than when Thanos has collected a few of the Stones into the ole Infinity Gauntlet. At this point, he’s basically invincible. He has unlimited energy, the power to alter reality itself, all that good stuff. But instead of actually getting on with his work, he spends a good third of the movie just wandering around and occasionally talking down to people for a while so they know how great he is.

He could have spent this time moving on to the next Infinity Stone, tricking people (maybe even Doctor Strange) by altering reality so they would do what he wants, and generally just getting stuff done. It’s even worse when he has all the Infinity Stones except one, but still wanders through Wakanda casually swiping at people and explaining himself to anyone who would listen.

Let’s just say that the movie would have been a whole lot shorter if Thanos had shut up. And yet, he is portrayed as a very self-conscious and practical villain that should have had his main goals in mind the whole time. He shouldn’t have had the talking weakness.

14 What Happened To Wong In All Of This?

via: youtube.com (ScreenSlam)

Wong, as you may remember, is one of the masters of the great Sanctums of earth, just like Doctor Strange. Actually, he’s been doing the whole sorcerer thing a lot longer than Doctor Strange and is in charge of the big magic library, which means he should be very powerful indeed. And we do see him fighting with Doctor Strange in the battle at New York, where he does a lot of cool things like summoning portals and flinging things around.

The problem is, after the battle at New York, he basically just disappears. And not in a “Thanos snapped his fingers” sort of way. He just goes…somewhere. And we never hear from him again. This is sort of a problem, because Wong is technically one of the most powerful beings on Earth, and he is totally willing to help. So, we should have seen him portaling in and helping Doctor Strange during the fight with Thanos’ evil magic dudes. We should probably see him jumping into the battle at Wakanda and using his magic to help save people. We should probably see him doing a whole lot of things.

Sure, Wong isn’t the only good guy who doesn’t do anything. There are a lot of other people who are absent. But Wong is actually in the movie, and pulls some great moves…and then disappears. We really want an explanation for this!

13 Valkyrie Never Shows Up

via: comicbook.com YouTube

Let’s wind our way back, not so long ago, to Thor Ragnarok: One of the characters that Ragnarok introduced to the world was Valkyrie, who has been popular in the comics and was widely cheered for finally being included in a movie. It helps that she had a perfect side role to Thor, starting out as a drinking slaver who doesn’t care about anyone, and eventually transforming into a key role in the salvation of Asgard’s people. Along the way, we learn about her tormented past (sad), her romantic preferences (broad), and her fighting skills (immense).

That last one is a bit of a problem. Valkyrie is an incredible fighter who can wield a gun or a sword with ease, and who has Asgardian strength, enough to help fight Thor’s over-powered sister Hela after just a few hours being sober. But when it comes to Infinity War, Valkyrie is absolutely nowhere (not Knowhere). We know she survived the final battle at Asgard and was traveling with Thor exactly when Thor and Loki ran into Thanos and had their whole dramatic showdown. But in all of this, Valkyrie – who, let’s remember, beat Loki in battle even with his mind games – cannot be found. In fact, the whole movie goes by and Valkyrie doesn’t even show up once. Considering she could have turned the tide of several battles, we really deserve an explanation about this, right?

12 What Happened To The Team In Lockup?

via: YouTube (Cinemand)

Remember, way back when, in Civil War, that a good portion of the Avengers and their friends were put in an ocean prison that looks pretty impossible to escape? Even Tony Stark can only shut down the comms for a few seconds to have a private conversation.

Now, the last we see of this collection of not-exactly-bad-Avengers is at the very end of Civil War, where you suddenly see Captain America showing up, with the expectation that he’s going to throw his shield a few times and save all of them. Except, uhh, what happens next?

The movie doesn’t have much time to explain anything. Some of the imprisoned Avengers we see, some we do not (yes, we’re getting to our favorite archer Avenger in time). We have no clues about how any of them survived to escape the prison, how they eluded government hunt-downs, and what has happened to them since that time.

If we follow the events of Civil War to their conclusion, then it is safe to assume that, for all these years, government black ops groups have been trying to chase all the prisoners across the earth. Captain America apparently survives by hiding in Wakanda – which, okay, not super brave, but understandable. What happened to everyone else, we don’t know. But being escapees isn’t a factor in Infinity War. In fact, earth’s governments appears to be completely nonexistent. Tempting, we know.

11 That’s A Lot Of Space Travel With No Safety Measures

via: Slashfilm

One of the cool things about Infinity War is that we see a bunch of heroes in different groups, flinging themselves around the galaxy in hopes of understanding and fighting the new threat – which doesn’t work out so well, but it’s still very fun to see. The problem is that Marvel movies are pretty good at acknowledging that deep space is very dangerous. In Guardians of the Galaxy 2, many people are dispatched by being thrown into space, and the importance of space suits plays a very important role in the doom of some main characters. This is established.

In Infinity War, however, all the rules are apparently changed. People regularly vault out into space via magic and portals, and only the bad guys seem to ever perish from the vast vacuum. It’s easy to say “well a lot of a portals were made by Doctor Strange so it’s all magic” but the problem is that 1) not all the portals are made by Strange, especially in the beginning and 2) Doctor’s Strange’s MCU lore makes it very clear that portals don’t extend protection from the elements, it’s one of the key points in his movie.

Thus we have several Avengers surviving without helmets or protection fields or any knowledge that they can breathe (they probably can’t). So space is really more a figment of our imagination we guess.

10 Where Is Ant-Man?

via: ComicBook.com

Haha, it’s funny because he’s small and easily missed. But apparently, he’s so small that he missed the attention of everyone in the movie, as well as the directors. If a teen like Spider-man can help out and make a difference before collapsing into dust, then someone like Ant-Man absolutely can. Think about it – he has the ability to infiltrate all sorts of things, including Thanos, Thanos’ ship, the Gauntlet itself, and just about everything else. Also, he can grow huge in a pinch and pummel some bad guys to buy precious time for his team (Thanos, for all his power, doesn’t seem to be strong enough to physically fight a giant human who has a lot of quips).

So, it would have made sense if the leftover Avengers had called Ant-Man very early on. Actually, if he’s as heroic as he wants to be, Ant-Man should have shown up himself before too long. This has led to a lot of theories that Ant-Man actually was contacted, and that he’s on a super secret mission somewhere, possibly to go fetch Captain Marvel from the quantum realm (why they didn’t ask Doctor Strange, who is sort of an expert at this stuff, is another question). But either way, when the end comes and Thanos is getting all the Gems, Ant-Man is nowhere to be seen, just when he could have made a whole lot of difference.

9 How Did Captain America Know So Much?

Via Collider

We’re going to dive down a bit into where everyone is in Infinity War. Captain America, Falcon, and Black Widow appear to be outcasts, hiding away from the world governments, and apparently protected by Wakanda on the down-low (Winter Soldier too, eventually). But wait – we already have a big plot problem here.

We first see Captain America in the movie in a brilliant scene where Proxima Midnight, an evil Thanos minion, is throwing a magic spear on a train: Cap intercepts the spear, and his renegade team appears to help save the day. Yay! But wait. If Captain America and his team are undercover and hiding out from all possible detection, how in the world did they know where Vision and Wanda were being attacked by Proxima Midnight? The movie even specifically mentions that Vision turned off his tracking device so not even the super-official Avengers knew where he was. How did Captain America?

One could say that Wakanda used some super secret technology to home in on Vision and pass the news onto Captain America – after all, Vision is sort of made from vibranium bio-stuff, and Wakanda is basically the expert. But if that happened, then why didn’t the country use those powers for a zillion other things in the war (which we’ve already talked about)? Captain America appears way too knowledgeable about events at this stage of the game, and it’s too convenient.

8 Let’s Underline Again Why Thanos Was So Dumb

via n3rdabl3

Okay, let’s revisit the big Thanos plan and talk about it from another direction. Let’s say for the sake of argument that Thanos really did have a good idea going with the universe not having enough resources for everyone. Maybe the sentient races really were overpopulating and fighting each other because there wasn’t enough stuff around.

So…uhh, why didn’t Thanos just create more stuff? Technically, it would have been really easy. With control over all the Infinity Stones in his grasp, Thanos could have done pretty much anything. That includes waving his hand and making all the food in the galaxy replenish itself. He could have destroyed pollution, made eternal springs that give out pure water, conjured up new lands for people to settle in. Basically, nothing was beyond him at this point.

But instead, he chooses to, uh, disintegrated half of everyone. In the graphic novel, we must point out, this makes a lot more sense, because he’s giving Lady Death a sort of courting present, so offing a bunch of beings is basically his ultimate plan. But in the movie, Thanos is concerned with civilizations destroying themselves, so this method seems, uh, pretty harsh. Looks like Mad Titan was a better name for him than the plot gave it credit for.

7 Also, Where Is Hawkeye?

via: gamespot.com

This absence was so obvious that it quickly became a meme: Good old Hawkeye, back at home on the ranch, when the whole world was at stake and perishing. He’s nowhere in the trailers, nowhere in the movie, and never mentioned by any present characters. Poor Hawkeye, it looks like everyone just forgot about him entirely.

But why exactly is he gone? At least Wong was actually in the movie, only if momentarily. At least Ant-Man is basically a renegade part-time criminal who may have been preoccupied. But this is Hawkeye we’re talking about. He’s been there since before the Avengers were created, and he’s always been a part of every mission. If Black Widow can get called in to help out her old pal Captain America, then surely Hawkeye can too.

That’s led to some interesting theories. Some people think that Hawkeye officially retired after his prison escape and is now no longer a hero in any way. Other people suspect he was sent on a secret mission to do…something, possibly at the command of Nick Fury. Those are both interesting ideas, but no there’s no clue that either of them are at all true. A single line or two in the movie could have explained this more thoroughly. Just think what Hawkeye what have been like if he had vibranium arrows from Wakanda. Yeah, you want to see that now.

6 Why Does Thor Need A Weapon At All?

via: Movieweb

There are a couple big disconnects between Thor: Ragnarok and Infinity War. We’ve talked about a few of them, but by far the biggest problem is Thor’s hammer. Mjolnir is a super awesome hammer that only Thor can wield, which is why it’s such a bummer when his sister, Hela, breaks it like a loaf of dusty bread. Poof! No more hammer. Thor is distraught by this throughout most of the movie, but by the end, he finds out, as all heroes do, that the real power was within him all along. Odin specifically says that the hammer was only meant to channel his power, basically a set of training wheels.

Without the hammer, Thor is actually an awesome lightning god who is way more powerful, able to take on whole legions by himself. So, uh, why did he have to make a new hammer in Infinity War? A big portion of a crowded movie was devoted to Thor seeking out the last dwarf and making a brand new super hammer to fight Thanos.

None of this should be necessary. It is established that Thor is stronger without a hammer. He literally doesn’t need it anymore, he’s grown beyond it. The real Thor should have been blasting lightning all over the battlefield and defeated all of Thanos’ minions. But instead, we get a scared little Thor who has to make another magic hammer before he can even enter the battle.

5 Gamora’s Lineage: Someone Is Lying

via: Colllider

Gamora is known as Thanos’ daughter, which is a nice way of saying he adopts little girls and turns them into fighting machines (sometimes literally). But when you examine Gamora’s history closely, you find that there’s a bit of a problem with this whole thing. Specifically, in Infinity War the movie makes it clear through some flashbacks that Thanos “fixed” Gamora’s world by destroyed half the population. This was back when he didn’t have the Infinity Stones and had to do everything the old-fashioned way, but it was an important test of his theory.

But there’s a big problem with this sad little story. Remember way back in the first Guardians of the Galaxy, when the whole Guardians team was captured and put aboard the prison ship, where they escaped about 15 minutes later? When being processed, Gamora’s little digital file clearly says that she is the “last survivor of the Zehoberi people.”

Well, that doesn’t make any sense. Did Thanos remove half the population and save the planet, or did he destroy everyone but Gamora? If Gamora’s people destroyed themselves afterward, doesn’t that prove Thanos’ idea doesn’t work out in the real world? Or is Thanos just delusional, believing that he saved half the population when really he only saved Gamora? We don’t have any good answers for this, but at least one movie has to be wrong or misleading for this to make sense.

4 How Does The Reality Stone Work, Anyway?

via: dailyexpress.com

Thanos steals the Reality Stone from the Collector, who was trying to grab all the Infinity Stones like hotcakes before things got crazy. This much we know. What happens after that is…way more crazy, and a lot harder to explain.

We specifically see Thanos tricking people by pulling up a reality that isn’t true – or is it? He appears to summon alternate realities of events, or past events into the present, or…just about anything, really. These don’t seem to be mere illusions. People interact with his reality magic, talk with people there, see and feel the effects. As far as we can tell, the things Thanos created were real, in their own sense.

And yet, they couldn’t be real. Thanos pulled the past into the present and reset events he had already caused, and that was without the Time Stone to help out. The Reality Stone appears to simply pull things from his imagination and create a sort of tapestry over the real world to cover everything else up. But is it real, or fake?

If all the stuff is real, then Thanos should have already become powerful enough to take on everyone in the Avengers except maybe Doctor Strange. If the stuff is fake, why is it called the Reality Stone when he can only create a few illusions? All the other Infinity Stones have pretty clear rules about how they work and what they govern, be it energy, time, or souls. But the Reality Stone doesn’t explain itself.

3 How Did The Infinity Gauntlet Get Damaged?

via: Polygon

During the last few scenes of Infinity War, we see Thanos totally winning. As we mentioned, most of the new Avengers got turned into dust, along with just, so many other people. Thanos has completed his objective…but at a price. Maybe it was the cost of fighting all the powerful Avengers, including Thor’s shiny new hammer (which, again, he doesn’t need). Maybe it was the cost of using all the Infinity Stones together to enact his will (as we mentioned, no one knows where the Infinity Gauntlet comes from or how strong it is).

Whatever the reason, the movie clearly shows that the Gauntlet is badly damaged and possibly can’t be used again. Is this a convenient plot point, or is there an actual reason that the Gauntlet was damaged? This is a plot issue peculiar to the movie, since in the book the Gauntlet appears to be entirely indestructible. So, why did the movie choose to do it?

Our worst fear is that the movie had to ruin the Gauntlet, or the sequel won’t make any sense. This is a pretty cheap move because it doesn’t explain anything at all. It would be a lot better if there was a good reason the Gauntlet got beat up so badly…like maybe it was made of the antithesis of Thor’s hammer element – see how we tied up two plot points at once there? Instead, we get, uh, no good reasons at all.

2 Okay, One More Reason Why Thanos Was An Idiot

via The Verge

Why exactly is Thanos fighting anyone at all? Let’s pretend, for a minute, that you have say, four out of five Infinity Stones in a gauntlet. Imagine what you could do with stones of incredible energy, effortless teleporting, illusions that are real, and so much more. Chances are great that, within just a couple minutes, you could have come up with a better plan than Thanos.

Even when he had most of the Stones and descended on earth, Thanos never really used them. He treated the Gauntlet more like a cannon, firing off different shots and abilities as they came up. But this never really makes any sense, because a Thanos who understands how to use the Infinity Stones should understand how to defeat all these people. Forget summoning a moon, what about teleporting people to the other end of the Galaxy, creating illusions of armies that can actually damage people, just blowing up everything? Thanos barely uses these powers at all, as if he doesn’t understand them. And yet, in the end, he manages to summon them all in concert? Hmmm, kind of fishy.

This is an example of how power levels shift and change too rapidly in Infinity War. We’re never quite sure what people are capable of.

1 Maybe Stan Lee Shouldn’t Drive School Buses

via: IRMonline

Okay, okay, this is sort of a joke, but we also think we have a good point. First, we know Stan Lee can transcend space and time in the Marvel movies, but he really shouldn’t be allowed to drive a school bus. He just let a student leap out of the window! That’s really not setting a good example.

But this also points toward a bigger problem. Why didn’t anyone notice that Spider-Man was gone and do something about it? No, wait…why didn’t everyone start noticing the Avengers were gone? In fact, where were all of the friends and allies we’ve seen throughout the movies? Sure, it’s fine for someone like Doctor Strange who knows, like, one other person in the whole world, but what about everyone else? Peter Parker’s friends and aunt? Ironman’s wife (only briefly in one scene)? The rest of Thor’s people (ditto)?

Not many of them appear in the movie, and we don’t know how many of them disappeared – outside of Wakanda, where we get a pretty good look at BP's people, to be fair. Of course, this massive movie is bound by time constraints (unless you are Thanos), but we still have a whole lot of questions about which secondary characters survived and which did not. This could end up becoming very important in later plots, too! Also, Stan Lee probably shouldn’t drive school buses, we really can’t emphasize this enough.

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