25 Things About Avengers: Infinity War That Made No Sense

Before you even think about reading ahead, I need you to go ahead and re-read the title of this list. Did you notice that it said Avengers: Infinity War? If you haven't seen the movie yet, you should know that this list will include massive spoilers. And by "massive," I mean epic, huge, and potentially the size of the universe. Infinity War is best seen if you go into it not knowing what to expect. So I strongly encourage you to think twice before continuing on with this list. Are you ready?

Okay, let's go.

Avengers: Infinity War was the culmination of years of Marvel superhero movies. Since 2008 and the first Iron Man movie, we have been treated to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We were gently taken by the hand and introduced to the shining world where people with extraordinary powers can make a difference for the better. There were smiles, there were laughs, and we knew that the MCU was a trustworthy franchise to get behind. Infinity War takes that comfort you felt and rips it in half, giving your heart the worst bruising it has received since Han Solo died (Oh, uh, spoilers for The Force Awakens are here too. Sorry about that).

Infinity War took my emotions for a roller coaster ride, and then did the unexpected. It derailed my cart and plummeted my feelings into nothingness. At the end of the movie, you feel there is no way that things can end the way they did. And you know what? I loved every minute of it. It was risky and bold and unlike any movie, Marvel or otherwise, that we've ever seen before. Read on if you want to go over some of the things that made no sense about it. I promise you that they don't make the movie any less enjoyable.

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25 Loki, God Of Bad Ideas

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Thanos might be the ultimate big bad these days, but we all know who was the original Marvel villain. Even with Thanos in the villain line-up, I'd still say that Loki made for a better villain. There was depth to his character, you understood his motivations, and he was charming as heck. He was also one of the smarter villains. He had five tricks up his sleeve to get himself out of sticky situations. I mean, he's the God of Mischief for crying out loud. If he wasn't cunning, he'd have to change that title. However, in Avengers: Infinity War, Loki's smarts take a short break and it costs him his life. The movie opens with Thanos and his "Children" attacking the ship that Thor and Loki and the rest of the Asgardians were on. Everyone was clearly overpowered by Thanos and his forces, even though we didn't get to see the action. Thor and Loki were one of the few left conscious.

Thor, as per usual, tries to punch his way out the problem, but punching is no way to solve a problem like Thanos. Loki chooses a different route. He tries to be suave and convince Thanos that he wants to work for him. Loki had failed Thanos once before, and I don't think Thanos is the kind of guy who believes in second chances. But Loki takes it a step further and, after promising his subservience, he tries attacking Thanos with a concealed knife. Did he honestly think that would work? If Loki was going for the humble-servant route, he should have stuck with it a little longer.

24 Calling In Back-Up

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When Infinity War ended, everyone in the crowded theater either gasped or said, "That's it?" We were all left in our seats in utter dismay that we would have to wait a whole year to find out what would happen to our favorite heroes. Thanos couldn't have won. Losing half of the people in the universe (including half of our heroes) with the snap of Thanos' fingers couldn't be the way the MCU would leave things. I mean, we had just gotten a new Spider-Man! He couldn't just be gone! So it was with tense anxiety that we waited for an end credits scene. We all sat in our seats, biting our nails, murmuring worriedly to each other. A hush came over all of us when the last credit rolled by.

Then, Nick Fury and Maria Hill, former agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., appeared on the screen, driving in a car (We all let out a breath; if anyone could help the Avengers, it's Nick freaking Fury). Unfortunately, Thanos' eradication of half of the beings in the universe took place at that exact moment. Both Hill and Fury crumbled into nothingness, but not before Fury made a call to a mystery person. Actually, it's not a mystery, the symbol that appeared on his beeper before the screen cut to black was that of Captain Marvel. I guess Fury kept her number in reserve for situations like this. The question is, why hadn't he called her before? Captain Marvel's movie is set to appear in the 90s, so Fury has (supposedly) known of her since then. Was the Chitauri invasion not dangerous enough? Was Ultron a minor annoyance?

23 Six Stones To Rule Them All

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Technically, we were introduced to Infinity Stones in the first Avengers movie, but I would say we were not truly introduced to them until two years later when Guardians of the Galaxy was released. The Guardians were a blast to hang out with and their adventures led them to the Power Stone. Not only did they encounter it, but average moviegoers finally got an explanation for what the Infinity Stones were ("Infinity Stones," while it makes for a cool name, does not offer a lot of explanation in and of itself). The Stones were these small vessels of immense power that no single being could wield safely. The raw power contained within each stone would tear the average being apart. We also learned from Gamora that her "adoptive father," Thanos, was searching for them. And, as implied by the title, in Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos finally gets his gloved hand on the Stones.

What is never answered is how Thanos is able to wield the Stones...

It's implied that he's this major tough guy, but never explained. He's physically larger than our Avengers, he has a deep, imposing, gravelly voice, and everyone is afraid of him. Apparently, their fear is there for a good reason. Thanos manages to hold all of the Infinity Stones without being torn to pieces. We assume the Gauntlet allows it, but how exactly does that work? It took all of the Guardians to manage the power of one Stone, but Thanos just plops each of them into his Gauntlet like it ain't no thing.

22 Space Oddity

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Thanos and his friends are an alien threat not just to Earth, but to the entire universe as well. As such, it makes sense that some of our Avengers (specifically Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man) would have to leave the confines of our atmosphere in order to fight them. It was actually Tony's idea to do this, and I still can't decide whether it was an extremely intelligent or an extremely dumb decision. He did it in order to not wreak destruction on Earth while they battled Thanos, which is noble, but that meant taking the fight into outer space. Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and Iron Man left Earth rather abruptly and unintentionally. They didn't have the time to prepare themselves for extended time in space. And yet, it doesn't prove too much of a problem.

Changes in gravity end up being a non-issue and what's even more blatantly confusing is that oxygen does not appear to be an issue either. At one point, a hole is blown on the ship they're traveling on and, despite the air getting sucked out of the ship (and Doctor Strange nearly along with it), no one really asphyxiates. And when they land on Titan, even though it's a different planet, there are no problems with them breathing and walking as if they were on Earth.

21 Hail Hydra

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Red Skull is Captain America's most notorious villain. He's the Green Goblin to Captain America's Spider-Man. We thought we had seen the last of Red Skull at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger. Red Skull had been using the Tesseract to construct weapons for his evil organization known as Hydra. At the very end of the movie, he touches it with his bare hands and gets disintegrated for his trouble (Those pesky Infinity Stones have a habit of doing that). Or so we thought! Remember that saying that Hydra members keep repeating? "Cut off one head, and two will grow back." Well, Red Skull is back, baby (But he does not have two heads, just in case you were thinking that).

It turns out, Red Skull was not burned away into tiny bits.

He was teleported to another planet. I can roll with that. What I find hard to roll along with is that he somehow became the keeper of the Soul Stone, a hidden Infinity Stone. Thanos and Gamora pay him a visit when they go in search for the Soul Stone (That's a whole other story). Red Skull is dressed in a tattered robe and he eerily tells them how they might get the Stone. While I was watching, I felt like holding up my hand, coughing politely, and then saying, "Excuse me?" What happened to Red Skull?! How did he end up guarding the Soul Stone? We're going to need a separate movie just for him now, to tell us what happened.

20 Wakey, Wakey

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I find Bucky Barnes, out of all the Marvel heroes, to be the most tragic. Against his will, he was turned into a super human weapon and did unspeakable things while under this mind control. Bucky's moniker, the Winter Soldier, was a name to be feared. When Captain America found out what had been done to his childhood friend, he stuck by his side, even though it caused a bit of a civil war within the Avengers (Hence, Captain America: Civil War). Thanks to the generosity and good-heartedness of Black Panther, Cap had a place to hide Bucky, a place where Bucky could retire in peace. At the end of Civil War, it's revealed in an end credits scene that Bucky chose (not like he had much choice) to hide in Wakanda, frozen in a kind of cryo sleep so that he wouldn't have to trouble the world again. But if an Infinity War is going to be fought, all hands need to be on deck, including the Winter Soldier. The odd thing is that Bucky was out of cryo sleep already. For some reason, when we next encounter Barnes, he's on a farm in the countryside of Wakanda, just chilling and relaxing. What happened to get him out of cryo sleep? Cryo sleep seems like a long-term option for me, not just a simple dip-in-and-dip-out experience. Could the Wakandans not keep him in cryo sleep for long? Did I miss an explanation in either Black Panther or Infinity War? 

19 Missing The Fight

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As I said earlier, Infinity War starts with Thor and his ship of fugitive Asgardians. The destruction of their spaceship is complete by the time we see Thor on screen. Thor is beaten, Loki is cowering, and our favorite gatekeeper, Heimdall, is prone on the floor.

It looks as if Infinity War picked up right after the events of Thor: Ragnarok, but, if that's the case, a big question that goes unanswered is what happened Valkyrie, Korg, and Miek.

We met the three of them in Ragnarok and they quickly became some of the more engaging side characters we've ever seen in a Marvel movie. Valkyrie was an awesome warrior woman, who seemed more adept at fighting than Thor ever was. Korg and Miek served as comic relief, but they were super adorable. I'm sure I wasn't the only one worrying about their fates when we saw Thanos wiping the floor with Thor, The Hulk, and Loki. But we never hear from them. We don't even get a glimpse of their bodies, so for all we know, the three of them might have abandoned ship. Knowing Valkyrie, she wouldn't have left Thor behind to face such a grave threat on his own; it makes no sense. Plus, there's definitely a part of her that relishes a good fight. But she's just...gone, absent. (Kind of like how most of the MCU heroes are at the end of Infinity War.) 

18 Sokovian Talk

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We first met Wanda and Pietro Maximoff in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The two siblings were born in the fictional Eastern European nation of Sokovia and they were experimented on when they were young, granting both of them strange powers (Honestly, I still don't know the exact extent of Wanda's powers as Scarlet Witch. She can clearly move things with her mind, but at times, it seems like there's more to it than that). In the second Avengers movie, Wanda and Pietro kind of fight for the side of evil, until Ultron shows them how truly evil he is by revealing his grand plan to them. They form a reluctant alliance with the Avengers after that and, during the ensuing fight, Pietro passes away saving Hawkeye's life and Wanda cements her status as a new member of the Avengers.

She appears in subsequent films, and we now know of her as the second of only two female members of the Avengers (the first being Black Widow). Her brother, however, was not the only thing lost during Age of Ultron. Wanda's accent during that movie was thick, denoting her background in an Eastern European nation. However, by Infinity War, her accent is mostly gone. The disappearance of Wanda's accent is by no means the most pivotal of nonsensical items on this list, but I think it warrants, at the very least, a nod in its direction.

17 Higher Priorities

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Who here likes Secretary of State Ross? Show of hands. I better see no hands in the air. Since The Incredible Hulk, Thaddeus Ross has made a string of bad choices, and what makes these choices all the more irritating is that there's always a bit of commiserating reasoning behind them. The Hulk is clearly a dangerous being, but Ross hired exactly the wrong person (he was a bit of an Abomination) to bring him in. Scarlet Witch made a mistake while handling a tough situation, but Ross made the wrong call in backing the Sokovia Accords, which would have put reins on the Avengers. And yet again, Ross follows the same pattern, except this time in Infinity War, it does not look like he has any good intentions. Earth is clearly under attack again, it needs its Mightiest Heroes more than ever, but Ross can't get his head out from under his bum. When Captain America and the other fugitive heroes who did not sign the Accords make their way into Avengers' headquarters, Ross, via holographic phone call, blows a gasket. He does the whole, "Who do you think you are?" routine. Man, who do you think they are? They're the people who are going to try and save the world for you. Again. You would think that Ross would understand that the stakes are pretty high this time around.

16 One Call Away

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I get that it's hard to say you're sorry or to say that you were wrong. It wounds your pride to do that. But when the entire world, nay, the entire universe, is at stake, you would think it would make saying those simple words a little easier. Tony Stark is one of the first heroes to find out that Thanos is coming. Doctor Strange gets in touch with him and lets him know how much peril the universe is in. With that in mind, Tony pulls out a small phone that Steve Rogers gave him right before he went off the grid.

All Tony had to do to was dial the only number within the phone and then he and Captain America could have planned a solid defense. But he hesitated.

Clearly, Tony was recalling the events of Captain America: Civil War and all the things that had led to the break between him and his star-spangled friend. Seriously though, the time for hesitation was over. Tony should have dialed that number immediately and just said the words, "I need your help." Instead, he took a pause before he did, and then some of the Children of Thanos attacked New York, and it was only Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange who got sent into space to plan a trap for Thanos. Maybe one phone call would not have made the biggest difference, but it sure would have given Cap more time, which is something he desperately needed.

15 I Don't Want To Go

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Who would have thought that one of the best pairings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be between the youthful, high-spirited Peter Parker and the jaded, wry Tony Stark? One's a teenager from Queens, the other is a playboy-billionaire-philanthropist-genius. Despite their differences, Spider-Man and Iron Man have built a steady father-son-esque relationship. So when Thanos snapped his fingers and a lot of our favorite heroes began to crumble into nothingness, our eyes widened in horror when Peter began to stumble and murmur that he's not feeling well. I heard several people cry and at least one person shout, "No!" as Spider-Man fell into Tony's arms before disappearing. For me, at least, it was the most distressing death out of all the heroes that had faded away. Peter had turned to Tony in fear and confusion, and Tony had only been able to look helplessly at him as Peter disappeared.

Afterwards, after nursing my heart into a semi-functional state, I only thought one thing. What a load of bullturkey. Every other hero who faded away disappeared within a single second. But when it came to Peter, he managed to stutter out how he was afraid and how he didn't want to go (breaking all of our hearts in the process) before he disappeared. He even got to share a long, frightened expression with Tony before he went. There is no reason why this should have happened, except to play with our emotions.

14 The Plan Maker And Breaker

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Peter Quill returns as Star-Lord in Avengers: Infinity War and, in terms of comedic timing, he's the best there is. No one can lighten the extremely heavy mood that Infinity War sets the way that Peter Quill does. His comedy isn't wasted. Trust me, if you disregarded my spoiler warning and continued reading this list anyway, just know that when you do see Infinity War, you will appreciate every time Star-Lord comes on screen. He even comes up with the plan to bring down Thanos (momentarily). Star-Lord, Drax, and Mantis run into Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange, and together, the six of them actually manage to bring Thanos to his knees. I bet it took quite a lot of coordination, but they managed to do it. Doctor Strange, Drax and Spider-Man hold Thanos down while Mantis tries to subdue him mentally. Then, Iron Man tries to pull off the Infinity Gauntlet. But it's Star-Lord who messes everything up.

Earlier, one of the Guardians, Gamora, had gone with Thanos against her will. Peter, who's in love with her, tries questioning Thanos about her whereabouts. Now, I'm not saying that Peter's desire to know where Gamora is makes no sense. What I'm saying is that Peter could have waited mere seconds to pull off the Gauntlet before questioning Thanos. Peter ruined his own plan. By not helping to remove the Gauntlet, Peter allowed Thanos to break free from everyone else's hold and eventually obtain the Time Stone from Doctor Strange.

13 I Am Iron Man

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My mom is an odd kind of moviegoer. She loves Disney cartoons and romantic comedies. Usually. But for some reason, she's an enormous fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially the Iron Man movies. You wouldn't think she would be drawn toward movies with a lot of action and metal suits pounding on each other, but there you have it. I took her with me to see Avengers: Infinity War, and man, she did not disappoint. She has this sense of wonder when it comes to these superhero movies; she gets thoroughly engrossed. And when Thanos impaled Tony Stark, she shrieked and then burst into tears. I'm not kidding. She was sobbing. I was in shock too, so I didn't immediately comfort her, but as soon as Doctor Strange offered to give the Time Stone to Thanos if he would spare Tony's life, I knew that Tony would be okay (at least for the moment).

Honestly, there's no way Tony should have survived his injuries.

I've seen secondary characters in other Marvel movies succumb to wounds far less grievous than that kind of blow. However, I'm glad, at least for my mother's sake, that Iron Man did not perish from that spearing. It may not make sense, but it means one of our Avengers made it.

12 If You Want A Job Done Right...

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Avengers: Infinity War gives a better look at the villain that the MCU has been hyping since the first Avengers movie, Thanos. It also introduced us to some more of Thanos' henchmen. These four sycophants are known collectively as the Children of Thanos, and they are a force to be reckoned with. One alone is a match for three of the Avengers. According to Thanos, he uses these creeps to locate and retrieve Infinity Stones for him. If that's what they're around for, then why haven't we seen them before? They're clearly formidable and effective fighters, and while they don't fully manage to take the Stones from the Avengers, they present a huge challenge. If Thanos has helpers like these at his disposal, why has he been turning to outside help, in the form of Ronan or Loki?

The Children of Thanos, on the other hand, seem completely devoted to the Mad Titan (I'm not sure if Thanos is still called the Mad Titan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe). You would think Thanos would have entrusted the search for the Space Stone to one of them (or all of them) before trusting an Asgardian who's known as the God of Mischief.

11 My Daughter

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Gamora is called the daughter of Thanos, but,  strictly speaking, that's not technically true. Gamora had her own parents on her home planet before Thanos arrived and took out half of the population living there. He spared Gamora and trained her in the arts of hand-to-hand combat, supposedly treating her as his own daughter. In Guardians of the Galaxy, we find that Gamora has denounced Thanos as her father and disagrees with his plans for the universe, hoping to stop him.

Infinity War continues this storyline for Gamora, but it unfortunately also sees her captured by Thanos and forced to reveal the location of the Soul Stone to him.

The two of them travel to a precipice on a faraway planet, where they learn the only way to retrieve the Soul Stone is to sacrifice something you love more than life itself. Gamora starts laughing because she doesn't think that Thanos loves anything that much. Thanos turns away from staring into the precipice to glance at her, a single tear streaming down his cheek. And that's when we're made to realize that Thanos truly loves Gamora like a daughter. I say no, good sir, no. Thanos does not know what love is. But I guess neither does the Soul Stone, since it accepted Gamora as a sacrifice and presented itself to Thanos.

10 Sunny D Time

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Thor: Ragnarok was, all in all, a hilarious movie. It made me laugh in amusement more than it made me feel anything deeper. Amazingly, it accomplished this while still presenting Thor going through depressing events. Thor's father died, Thor's hammer got broken, Asgard got destroyed, and Thor lost an eye. If you just read that without having seen the movie, you would think that Ragnarok was a miserable film (It's totally a comedy). Unfortunately for Thor, Infinity War begins, and Thor has no suitable weapon that can compare to the mighty Mjolnir.

So Thor's big plan during Infinity War is to find himself a better weapon, a greater weapon, a weapon that can stop Thanos in his tracks. He travels to a planet where there resides someone who can help him craft such a weapon. A few roadblocks stand in the way, but Thor, along with Rocket and Groot from the Guardians, help this skilled blacksmith to make this new weapon. However, in order to make it, at one point, Thor has to withstand the power of a small sun. The light scorches him and leaves Thor a smoking husk. Of course, since he's Thor, God of the Sun, he survives--wait, what? He's Thor, God of Thunder? Then how in the world did he survive being burnt to a crisp by that dying star? That makes absolutely no sense.

9 The Bifrosted Hulk

via: youtube.com (Mythology & Fiction Explained)

Heimdall earned his way into becoming my favorite Asgardian (even more than Thor) by being his stoic, capable self. He's been serving the Nine Realms, including Asgard, since before the first Thor movie. His passing at the very beginning of Infinity War almost felt like a disservice to his character. He deserved a larger mourning period. Given that Infinity War ended up being jam-packed with characters dropping like flies, I'm now grateful Heimdall got any mourning period whatsoever.

One of his final actions remains confusing, While Thanos is still aboard the wrecked Asgardian ship, The Hulk tries to fight him, and watching Thanos fight, more than anything Thanos had done before, convinced me that Thanos was one tough cookie (even that's an understatement). Thanos beat The Hulk as easily as Hulk beat Loki in the first Avengers movie. Just as Thanos is about to deal the final blow to Hulk, Heimdall uses the last of his energy to create a Bifrost Bridge to send Hulk back to Earth. In essence, Heimdall saved Hulk's life. I'm supremely glad that he did, but I'm still puzzled as to why it was Hulk that Heimdall chose to save. He couldn't send Thor? Or Loki? Or himself? Or any one of the Asgardians on the ship?

8 Eye On The Prize

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Rocket Raccoon is known for having sticky fingers. It never fails. If he finds himself in a situation to nab something a little extra, he'll do it, whether it's an artificial leg or a fake eye. Stealing someone's eye happens to come in handy when Rocket and Thor are spending some quality time together on their way to get Thor his new weapon. As I stated in a previous entry, Thor lost his eye in Thor: Ragnarok, so for most of Infinity War, he's sporting a very stylish eye patch. Thor is understandably feeling low, so, in an effort to cheer him up somewhat, Rocket offers him the spare eye he happens to have stolen. Thor plops it into his eye socket with success, and, after some fairly nauseating eye-blinking, he settles the new eyeball into place.

Now, we want to know how Thor was able to see through his new, fake eye.

It did not have any connective wires or anything like that. It's at moments like these where I become convinced of the existence of space-magic in the MCU. A Norse God with a missing eyeball plus a random mechanical seeing eye equals perfect vision, apparently. The situation is made all the more gross after Rocket reveals where and how he has been keeping that eye (Trust me, you don't want to know),

7 Peace Out

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After Heimdall activates a Bridge to send Hulk to Earth, The Hulk crash-lands right where Doctor Stephen Strange and Wong (just Wong, like Adele or Beyoncé) can find him. Doctor Strange contacts Tony Stark as soon as Bruce Banner tells him of the threat coming to Earth, and the four of them begin to come up with a game plan on how to counteract Thanos'. However, they hardly have any time to plan anything because the attack on Earth begins, not minutes after Tony, Doctor Strange, Bruce, and Wong confer. The ensuing fight with two of the Children of Thanos results in Bruce getting knocked away, Doctor Strange captured, and Iron Man in pursuit of the one who caught Strange. When Bruce makes it back to the fight, it's already over. Only Wong is left and he tells Bruce that he has to get back to the Sanctum Sanctorum because it is left unguarded. I get that the Sanctum has to be protected, but I also think that saving Doctor Strange would have been a pretty acceptable manner of protecting the Sanctum. Doctor Strange is the most powerful sorcerer on Earth. Retrieving him and the Time Stone from Thanos' clutches would have been protecting the Sanctum. Instead, Wong just decided to spend the rest of the events of Infinity War hiding out, unseen and unheard.

6 None Of Your Nano

via: comicbook.com

Avengers: Infinity War showcases Tony Stark's new Iron Man suit and it is unlike any Iron Man suit we have seen before. Previously, Iron Man's suit has been assembled piece by piece, clunking onto Tony's body gradually, eventually gaining speed as Tony improved upon the Iron Man technology. Infinity War reveals to us that Tony has been holding back all these years.

Tony's new suit is made of little nano-machines.

This nano-technology allows Tony's suit to crawl over his entire body in little bits within seconds. His armor can be on and fully functional in the time it takes for Tony to remove his sunglasses. Tony's a genius and I have no doubt that with enough time and study, he could have accomplished this technological wonder. But it makes almost no sense when you look at the last Iron Man suit Tony was seen wearing. It is definitely convenient, especially given that, with such formidable adversaries, Tony needs to constantly be on his guard. Plus, his part in Infinity War includes a lot of time in space, so having an on-hand suit of armor is necessary. It's just leaps and bounds ahead of what we've seen before (It did make for one of the most awesome Iron Man introductions in an Avengers movie).

5 The Alien Method

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We've had three Peter Parkers. Tom Holland, for his part, has definitely lived up to the mantle of Spider-Man and his alter ego. In Captain America: Civil War, we got introduced to the young, enthusiastic Peter when Iron Man recruited him to help even the fight against the renegade heroes. He was sprightly, humorous, and earnest, and Spider-Man: Homecoming just deepened that admirable impression he had left when we first met him. Not only was Peter Parker a good kid, he was a smart one.

And you know what? He does not get enough appreciation from his fellow heroes. They all treat him like he is not a costumed hero. I'm sorry, Iron Man, who came up with the plan to rescue Doctor Strange? It was Peter Parker (He took inspiration from the original Aliens movie, and was able to shoot the bad guy off of the ship using a sudden introduction of the vacuum of space). And yet, when the three heroes congregate on the bridge of the ship to discuss what their next move should be, both Doctor Strange and Iron Man dismiss Spider-Man from the conversation like he's just some kid. I mean, yeah, he's young, but he's still clearly capable of formulating a plan. How about the adults shut up and let the kid talk?

4 I Have The Power

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The first Guardians of the Galaxy movie ended with the Power Stone (the purple Infinity Stone) being placed in the safekeeping of the Nova Corps on the planet of Xandar. Avengers: Infinity War opens with Thanos beating up all of the Asgardians with his Infinity Gauntlet, a single purple Stone locked within it already. Apparently, at some point, Thanos made a visit to Xandar to take the Power Stone from them. In the process of doing so, he demolished the planet and the Nova Corps.

How could this have happened with so little fuss? Are you telling me we don't get to see the destruction of Xandar? The Guardians did not even know that the Power Stone had been stolen until Thor informed them after they had rescued him from the derelict Asgardian ship. That means either the Guardians are remarkably out of touch with the rest of the universe or Thanos was able to destroy Xandar quickly and then hop on over to take the Space Stone from the Asgardian ship. The characters we met on Xandar were, by no means, especially important. But the event of stealing the Power Stone feels important enough that it should have been shown to us or at the very least explained. How could Thanos, without a single Infinity Stone, defeat the entire Nova Corps?

3 Hulk Crash

via: youtube.com (Looper)

Hulk does not have a fun time in Avengers: Infinity War. When Thanos attacks the Asgardian ship, Hulk does his Hulk thing and tries to smash Thanos to smithereens. Unfortunately, the opposite occurs. Remember in the first Avengers movie, when The Hulk grabbed Loki by the ankle and just swung him around like he was a rag-doll? Well, Thanos does the same thing to Hulk, as he roundly beats him in a fist fight. Heimdall sends The Hulk back to Earth, and that's when Hulk reverts back into Bruce Banner.

Thanos must have given Hulk quite the scare, because we don't hear a peep from Hulk after that.

Every time Bruce tries to get Hulk to appear, he just does a mighty nope, and refuses to show his big green face. I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that's how Hulking-out worked. Bruce's life was in danger several times and I'm fairly certain Bruce got pretty steamed at The Hulk for not coming when he really needed him. And yet, Hulk remained a no-show. How could that have happened? I had no clue that The Hulk had an ounce of control over when he could show up (and conversely, when he could not show up). Like Bruce, I thought Hulk was subject to the whims of emotions and adrenaline. The next MCU movie where Hulk appears better have a sufficient explanation.

2 Hulkbust Some Moves

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Since The Hulk refused to appear, Bruce was left to fend for himself during the battle of Wakanda. Bruce Banner is pretty smart, but we all know that he's no fighter. He's a scientist for crying out loud. A lab is his natural habitat. In a combat situation, Bruce is a liability more than a help. In order to have him participate in some manner, Bruce gets to control Tony Stark's Hulkbuster suit, a giant Iron Man suit intended to put a stop to The Hulk if he ever got out of control. Firstly, how did they manage to find and gain access to Tony's Hulkbuster suit? You would think that Tony would keep that under some sort of lock and key. I suppose we're meant to assume that James Rhodes gave Bruce the suit, since Rhodey is the only one who Tony could have possibly entrusted the Hulkbuster suit to.

Secondly, how did Bruce even begin to understand how to operate an Iron Man suit? It took Tony quite a while to learn the systems needed to use the suit, and he built it. I don't believe that Bruce has ever had close contact with an Iron Man suit in the same way that, say, Rhodey has. And yet, he's able to function well within the suit. Sure, he trips once to show us, the audience, that he's new to this, but a single trip is not nearly enough of a blunder for a newbie like Bruce to make if it's his first time in a suit.

1 What About The Pandas?

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One of the most insensible things about Avengers: Infinity War is Thanos' grand plan to bring balance to the universe. According to Thanos (and I'm not sure he's a reliable relayer of events), his planet suffered from the ailments of a gargantuan population, one which exceeded the resources that the planet could provide. Thanos suggested eradicating half of the population in order to save the planet. Everyone laughed at him. Eventually, his home planet consumed itself due to its population growth. So, ever since then, Thanos has been looking to balance the entire universe.

His plan is to gain the Infinity Stones so that, with a literal snap of his fingers, he can destroy half of the people of the universe. Oddly, he thinks this will save the universe.

At the end of the movie, he succeeds. Half of the people in the universe, including a lot of our favorite heroes, fade away into non-existence. Problem is, I don't think Thanos has taken into consideration the differences between different beings in different kinds of ecosystems. What if there are some sentient beings in this infinite universe that are in total balance with their planet's ecosystem? Thanos' snap just made their way of life completely unbalanced. And what about sentient beings who are endangered, soon to be extinct? Thanos' snap would place them even more on the brink.

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