Marvel: 25 Avengers From Weakest To Most Powerful, Officially Ranked

This is one topic that Marvel fans will just never agree on. This is one topic no fandom for anything will agree on because people are made to have different opinions. No matter what facts are put out there, each fan has their own belief as to which superhero is the best and the strongest. While Marvel itself leaves this discussion open to opinion, a lot of fans have their heroes ranked by their own standards. After a lot of thought and reading of other ranking lists, we have finally found one that makes sense. This isn't saying we dislike any character any less, or we don't believe they have cool powers. Most likely they have totally awesome powers, it's just outshined by the powers of the top five superheroes in our list.

For this list, it's all about logic and careful consideration of each character's abilities. This doesn't just mean we're focusing brute strength and force either because we're not. There's way more to these rankings. A lot of other things factor in like intelligence and confidence. All together the superhero at the top just has the most useful power. Basically, whoever is on top could beat all the other heroes with ease. In this list, we will be discussing the 25 Marvel characters from weakest to strongest. Get ready to have some heated opinions if your favorite character is lower than you would like, but we think as a whole, MCU fans will pretty much agree with us.

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25 Groot


As much as Groot may be the cutest MCU character, he's not the best hero. We have to admit he's basically just a tree. We don't mean any hate by this, we love Groot, but we also wouldn't pick him as the best fighter. While he doesn't seem to feel any pain and is extremely strong, that's it.

He can grow spores which create light but his limbs take so long to regrow, which we've seen in Guardians of the Galaxy. While we know his language is only made up of 'I am Groot' and he can communicate to Rocket, we don't know how intelligent he is. The lack of communication is also a struggle when Rocket or Thor aren't around to interpret.

24 Rocket


Rocket Raccoon is another character introduced to the MCU in GOTG. He's the result of alien experimentation which makes him a raccoon hybrid and one-of-a-kind. We learn in the first GOTG that Rocket is very clever, sneaky, and brilliant at making things under pressure.

In his duo with Groot, Rocket is definitely the mastermind. We also see he is super strong for a raccoon and great with weapons. His downfalls include his height, anger issues, and selfishness. He may be a good fighter but his attitude has landed him in trouble a lot of times. Also with him being so small, more powerful characters can take him on easily.

23 Star-Lord


Peter Quill AKA Star-Lord is one of the most loved characters in the MCU. Well, he was before Infinity War came out and most people blamed him for ruining the plan to take down Thanos early. He's a human who was basically adopted and raised in space and his humor and quick wit make him popular with Marvel fans.

While we agree he has got fighting skills and a pretty cool gun that can do a lot, he is still just a human. Half-human as his father wasn't but as Quill was mostly raised human his powers are just your average hand-to-hand combat and jokes.

22 Drax


We promise we're not purposely trying to put all the GOTG characters at the bottom of the list. It's just how the rankings have worked out. Drax is a favorite of this group because of his dry, non-understanding of humor. He takes things too literally and it gives the audience a laugh.

While he may be unbelievably strong, that's where his powers end. He's a good asset for brute strength but his lack of understanding would make quick thinking impossible in battle. This and he still gets injured even though he's strong. All of this adds up to more of a liability than an asset for the GOTG team.

21 Hawkeye


We all knew this one was coming pretty soon. Hawkeye is an original Avenger and will always have a place in our heart. The lack of his character in recent movies makes us think that Marvel hadn't really planned out his storyline well. While he is incredibly skilled and accurate on the bow and arrow...that's it.

In The Avengers we saw him shoot arrows without even looking which was definitely impressive. However, in such a large scale fight, taking down only about 10 or 15 of the enemies isn't that great. He's also good at close combat fighting but not enough to be extra impressive. Sorry, Hawkeye!

20 Falcon


Falcon was first introduced to the MCU in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Sam Wilson is a veteran of the US Airforce, which is why he's so good at flying things. He becomes a good friend of Steve's and once he helps save their lives, he becomes an Avenger.

He is good at flying, fighting, and sneaking around. There's no doubt that he keeps calm under pressure which makes him a great asset to the team. Once again what has him ranked so low is that he's just human and therefore easily injurable. All his skills are that of the average soldier.

19 Ronan


Sorry to drag Guardians of the Galaxy characters into this, but we're doing it again. Ronan is the main villain in the first GOTG, who is partly defeated by a dance battle because he was distracted. Of course, the good guys should have won but seriously Ronan? All that effort to be distracted by some silly moves.

Throughout the movie we see Ronan being hostile, mean, and powerful. He easily takes down Drax in their fight and is uncaring about nearly tearing Nebula apart. By all standards, he should have won. So to get rid of his character because he was slowed down by watching Star-Lord dance was a little disappointing.

18 Wasp


Wasp AKA Hope van Dyne was already awesome before she got the suit. She was training Scott Lang to become Ant-Man so she already had the fighting ability to become a superhero. Once she got the Wasp suit from her father Hank, she became pretty amazing.

Since her suit is fitted with wings and blasters unlike Ant-Man's, we could argue she's nearly a better superhero than him. Her only downfall comes from the fact that she's pretty new to the hero thing. Hank Pym should have made her one sooner because she could've been an Avenger.

17 Mantis


We're getting down to the last few members of the Guardians of the Galaxy squad now. Mantis was a later addition to the MCU but she has proven to be really good at what she does. She nearly took down Thanos by herself in Avengers: Infinity War. If she hadn't been interrupted by Star-Lord the movie might have been a lot shorter.

Her strengths include being able to manipulate people's feelings and change them however she wants. It sounds completely useless but as we saw in Infinity War, it was very effective in stopping Thanos. In fact, Mantis was so close to saving everyone before Star-Lord got emotional and ruined the plan they had come up with.

16 Nebula


Nebula may be less popular than her sister Gamora but she still has extremely awesome capabilities. Most fans didn't really like her when she was introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy as she was on the antagonist's side for most of the film. The fight scene between her and Gamora was pretty awesome.

Her powers are not only her incredible intellect and ability to think of battle strategies almost instantly. As she's basically robotic, her brain power is really the best skill she has. Add to that fantastic combat skills and a wrist blaster can take an enemy out in one shot and it's easy to see why Nebula is a force to be reckoned with.

15 Gamora


Gamora is still a sore topic to many MCU & GOTG fans. We know a lot of characters literally turned to dust in Avengers: Infinity War but Gamora's fate was ended before that. She was sacrificed by Thanos and it was definitely one of the saddest points of the movie.

Gamora is pretty highly ranked on our list because she is one of the coolest characters in the MCU. Her combat skills were enough to take out Star-Lord, Rocket, and she nearly chopped Groot to pieces in GOTG before she was captured. This along with superhuman strength and a faster healing factor make her a great addition to anyone's team.

14 Captain America


As one of the oldest and most loved Avengers, we're sorry to rank Cap so low, but it's got to be done. While Steve Rogers was the first Avenger and a super soldier, the new ones just have so much power, while Cap has a shield. Steve Rogers was pumped full of a special serum that gave him unbelievably strength, agility, combat powers, and faster healing ability.

He is one of the best fighters in the MCU but when it comes down to it he's still a human that only has a small circular shield as protection. We have to commend him for being able to withstand the strength of Thanos in Infinity War. In the end, there's nothing he could have done to help, and we're a little panicked about his fate in Endgame considering Chris Evans' contract has most likely ended...

13 Ant-Man


Ant-Man is a pretty recent character, but he is also a favorite of most MCU fans. His humor, loveable personality, and realistic reactions to being a superhero have made him popular in the MCU. It took a while for Scott Lang to get used to the Ant-Man suit and the shrinking/growing abilities that came with it.

After he was trained by Hope van Dyne, Scott has become one of the best Avengers. The shrinking ability is brilliant for sneaking in and the resizing/growing huge has become extremely useful in a fight. That along with the fighting skills and help from ants make Scott a tricky opponent to fight against.

12 Black Widow


Black Widow was one of the first characters to be introduced to the MCU. Natasha Romanoff AKA Natalia Romanova AKA Black Widow first appeared in Iron Man 2 which was released before any Thor or Captain America movies. Since then she has been in a lot of MCU films and is one of the most popular Avengers among fans.

We've grasped pieces of her backstory throughout the MCU films and luckily we get to see it all as she's finally getting her own movie. What we know so far is her list of abilities is extremely long. She's excellent with a weapon or with just her fists as she knows karate, judo, Kenpo, jujutsu, ninjutsu, aikido, savate, and various styles of kung fu and boxing. This along with her gymnast, acrobatics, and spy past make her one of the toughest opponents.

11 The Winter Soldier


Some people might disagree with this choice but we do believe Bucky Barnes has earned this ranking. When he returned as The Winter Soldier in CA: TWS, Bucky came back more powerful than ever. He got the same super soldier treatment that Steve did, but he also had more.

For one thing, Bucky got years and years more action and training. Literally 70 years of it. The Winter Soldier was used as a life-taker for 70 years while Steve was still frozen in ice, so he has a lot more combat and extensive weapon experience. Plus Bucky's metal arm is basically indestructible. All these things place him pretty high in the rankings.

10 Spider-Man


Come on, guys. It's Spider-Man. Although canonically in the MCU he's only about sixteen, Peter Parker is definitely one of the best Avengers. The powers he has gained from being bitten by a radioactive spider gave him superhuman strength, agility, and speed. Then there's wall climbing, webs he can sling to trap enemies and swing around New York, and his 'spidey sense', which alerts him to danger.

All those things together make Spider-Man a very valued member of the Avengers. We know that he didn't do a lot in Infinity War but we still think he should be ranked as one of the highest in his list. He may just be human but unlike Black Widow he does have inhuman abilities. For example, the ability to make us cry with the line "Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good".

9 Iron Man


If you're going by canon timelines then Iron Man is probably like the fourth Avenger to exist. If you're going by when the movies were released then Iron Man is the original Avenger. Tony Stark kicked off the MCU in 2008 when Iron Man was released. It was a new era of superheroes and this time it was awesome.

Although Tony Stark is only a human, he becomes more. The arc reactor in his chest makes him a little tougher than most humans. Although he's not really a hand-to-hand combat person, the Iron Man suit is really where all his power lies. With the functions on the suit, he can take on nearly everyone. Without the suit, he is still a genius quick-thinker and a great team leader.

8 Black Panther


Black Panther AKA T'Challa is the King of Wakanda. We're first introduced to him in Captain America: Civil War. When his own movie Black Panther was released, it was quickly decided as one of the best movies in the whole MCU. It's gone so far as to get an Oscar Nomination.

T'Challa is so highly ranked on this list because he has some serious capabilities. Yes, the vibranium suit he wears protects him and the claws are useful against enemies. Don't think he's useless without the suit though because he has incredibly enhanced strength, speed, hearing, healing, vision, and can literally smell fear.

7 Vision


Vision is another sad mention for this list considering the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Although we were technically first introduced to Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron, we kind of knew him from the start. Jarvis, Tony Stark's AI Voice assistant in the first few MCU movies kind of became a part of Vision when he came to life.

Vision is (was) a super powerful member of the Avengers. His powers include insane strength, stamina, agility, and he can literally fly, which is cool. He can also shoot beams of energy from the stone in his head and he can calculate and solve any problem in a matter of seconds because he's basically a computer. The only downfall is Thanos pulled the stone out of his head and shut him down.

6 The Hulk


We said at the start of this article that it wasn't just going to be brute strength that got characters ranked on this list. A few of you may question why The Hulk is so highly ranked considering that's 90% his power. That's true but we're considering a lot more. He also has a fast healing factor and adaption to situations. As the Hulk, he can go without food, water or sleep if need be.

He is also this high because of his normal form as Bruce Banner. The Hulk is strong but Bruce has all the brains and intellect to be one of the most powerful Avengers. He's a genius and knows exactly when to play the Hulk card. In Infinity War, the Hulk refused to come out so Bruce showed bravery by still fighting as his normal human self.

5 Scarlet Witch


As we saw in Avengers: Infinity War, Scarlet Witch is not only one of the strongest Avengers, but strongest people alive. A lot of MCU fans just thought waving her hands around and moving some stuff was a useless skill, but IW changed their minds. Wanda Maximoff AKA Scarlet Witch, was a test subject when she gained her powers, alongside her twin brother Pietro (RIP).

In Infinity War, it was her plan to destroy the Mind Stone after it was safely removed from Vision's head. That was so Thanos couldn't have gotten to it. Her relationship with Vision meant she wasn't prepared to just end him to save everyone, which we didn't like, but whatever. As everyone was struggling in the IW battle, Wanda came down and saved everyone from being crushed.

4 Loki


Loki is one of the most loved characters in the MCU but he's ranked so highly in our list because he's just so powerful. He is literally a Norse God from a different planet, so the powers that come with that are incredible. You wouldn't know it by watching Avengers: Infinity War.

Throughout his time in the MCU, we saw Loki utilize a lot of his intellectual abilities rather than physical strength. We see him shapeshift and parade around as Odin, outsmart a lot of his enemies, and strategize plans that are nearly perfect. Aside from that, Loki is inhumanly strong, fast, immune to all diseases, and is basically immortal. At least compared to human lives he is.

3 Doctor Strange


Stephen Strange is a pretty recent addition to the MCU but is definitely a key member of the team. Without him and his abilities, the Avengers might never recover from the events of Infinity War. In the movie, there were millions of outcomes and Doctor Strange only saw one in which Thanos is defeated.

If that isn't a useful skill to have as a team member, we don't know what is. Strange's other powers are not the usual combat skills we see in the other Avengers. He can shift time and dimensions at free will, teleport, fly, and can use his cape to restrain enemies. We can't wait to see the damage he does in Avengers: Endgame.

2 Thor


'Thor is the strongest Avenger' was a joke in Thor: Ragnarok when Thor is trying to fly a ship that requires voice activation, but it's pretty much true. Thor has been through everything a person could possibly go through, but still manages to be positive and focused for the good of the Avengers and Earth.

Despite losing his entire family, his eye, and his beloved Mjolnir, we see Thor literally taking the full force of the sun in Infinity War. MCU fans really need to give him more credit. Thor's abilities include the fact he's basically immortal, incredible strength, agility, speed, healing, and resistance to injury. Oh yeah, he's also the God of Thunder, so he can literally control lightning. That's power.

1 Captain Marvel


It's been said that Captain Marvel is the strongest character in the MCU. It's been said by Kevin Feige himself, so we have to believe it. Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel's movie is released before Avengers: Endgame so we can only assume the Avenger's victory over Thanos is aided by her.

Captain Marvel's powers include the usual heightened strength, speed, durability, energy, and so on. She can also fly and shoot bursts of energy which help in a fight. As she has part Kree DNA mixed with her she also has heightened abilities of reflexes and a special 'seventh sense' which is extra awareness. More than Spider-Man's sixth sense. With all this, we are really looking forward to her movie and her role with the Avengers!

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