Marvel: 25 Weird Facts Only Super Fans Knew About Captain America’s Body

Captain America's body hides a lot of secrets not all Marvel fans know about.

Captain America just might be the most well-known Superhero of all time. In fact, thanks to the Avenger’s and Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU, it’s essentially a household name at this point. Captain America got his start as the symbol of American pride during the Second World War. And his comic book debut started out very strong. the first line of his comics showed him giving the one and only leader of the German Regime a full knuckle sandwich, with the crust cut off. Captain America has been in just about every country, fought in more battles than any other human being, and continues to stand up as a paragon of true humanitarian ideals to this day.

One thing that's always common with any depiction of Captain America is that he's absolutely, positively ripped. It is 100% crucial that the man, the myth, the legend, Steve Rogers has washboard abs. It's just not the same tights wearing Captain if we can't see his pecs clear as day through multiple layers of clothing. But what other kind of traumatic events has that "cut from marble" body of his gone through? In the Marvel Cinematic Universe alone star Chris Evans depiction has already undergone plenty.

People just may not know all the bizarre, wacky, and sometimes even creepy things our banner of justice Steve Rogers has gone through. The lost limbs, transformations, and procedures done to the body of the American Hero is much larger than anyone would guess, but hopefully, the following list should give people an idea just how much Steve's gone through in order to keep holding that legendary shield.

25 Captain America Turned into Man’s Best Friend?

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Now I don’t know about you, but when I think Captain America, the Underworld film series always comes to mind. They just have so much in common! Heartthrob main characters, a mystery to solve, and tons of werewolves. Oh did I lose you on one of those? Yeah, I guess there isn't that much mystery in Underworld. Oh, you meant the werewolves? Well, in Captain America Issue #402 and for about 5 issues after, Wolverine and Cap are investigating a series of humans that were hunted and they’re just so darn sure it's by a werewolf. Captain has been on the hunt for his missing friends Diamondback and John Jameson for a while now. John is, of course, Jonah J Jameson from the Spide-Man universe's son. John isn't an editor like his father, rather he's an astronaut.

But J. Jameson's son isn't just an astronaut, but one who went to the moon and brought back a stone that caused him to suffer from lycanthropy.

Steve Rogers, of course, connects the dots and attempts to hunt down the culprit who he thinks is John in a werewolf rage. To skip a bit of the fluff, Captain America and “totally not Dr. Strange lookalike" Doctor Druid are on the hunt for John when they come across one of those "Werewolf trafficking schemes." This leads to the now Werewolf-ified...Wolverine, and Captain America duking it out in the streets, Wolfverine knocks our star-spangled hero out. And the next time Steve wakes up in issue #405 titled so cleverly “Dances with Werewolves” he’s a real beast of an American Hero. Get it? Beast of an American Hero? Get it?...He wakes up as a werewolf alright?!

24 Take Captains "Superjuice" Away And His Body Races to Retirement

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If you remember the first MCU Captain America film then you'll recall seeing Steve’s love interest Peggy Carter, and then seeing her again bedridden 60 years later after Captain America got out of the ice. Age kind of makes a big difference to your fighting ability, even to an Adonis of human evolution like Captain America. Now, can you imagine that chiseled Chris Evans face saggy, wrinkled, and trying to get the Early Bird Sunday special? You might not have to imagine all that hard because while Captain America in the comics doesn’t age the same way normal people do, MCU Cap does age mostly normally, he just ages more like fine wine than cheese. What you don’t know is that multiple times in the comics Steve has gotten his Super Serum taken out or nullified in one way or another, and this leads to him rapidly aging as his body sort of “catches up”. In Captain America Vol. 7 Issue #21 Steve and Falcon are fighting off your average ordinary comic book villain The Iron Nail.

Why was he called Iron Nail you say? Well you know, on Mount Everest he got a giant hole in his chest from a dragon claw that lets him become a dragonoid-human and create tentacles.

these tentacles neutralize the super soldier serum. Average, normal, street-level criminal stuff. Where’s my Chris Evan’s Benjamin Button old man scene Hollywood?! I’m waiting. In any case, this is the beginning of the end for this iteration of Captain America as Falcon saves his hide and takes his prune-y butt to a S.H.I.E.L.D doctor, who fixes his wounds, but unfortunately not his age.

23 Steve Rogers Has More In Common With the Twilight Cast Than You'd Think

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Now, this might just be me, but Chris Evans pulled from Not Another Teenage Movie would be a perfect fit for the Twilight films with a bit of paler skin and some plastic fangs. Marvel seemed to agree because

In the 31st issue of the Exiles Series of comics called “Avengers Forever” Captain America gets his head knocked off.

Oh, I should clarify. He was a vampire at the time so it's fine. this Captain America through the standard series of multiverses, reincarnations, and other wacky comic book contrivances, has been fighting with a whole host of X-men, Avengers, and other caped crusaders in an alternate reality. Cap of course as always leads the Avengers though they're a bit of a different team of Avengers this time around. This team includes The Wasp, Giant-man, Falcon, Hawkeye, and Polaris.  The Exiles who this series of comics focus on, are a band of multiverse hopping heroes who correct weird bumps or typo's in the timeline, such as vampiric Avengers. So these "Exiles" go after the bloodsucking Captain and his team of cronies. They defeat most of them and even decapitate our Star Chested Cap. Unfortunately, vampires can do the whole Sleepy Hollow thing, pick up their own head, and stick it back on.  in response this new iteration of the Bronx raised Steve Rogers says  "I'm the immortal Vampire King! Do you think you can defeat me? What are you?! Stupid?!" So obviously this iteration of Captain America is a bit more brazen, cocky, and bloodthirsty than what people are used to. Funnily enough, this isn't the only time the Captain flirts with being an undead.

22 Captain America's Body Cures Vampires?!

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Would you ever believe that if Marvel played their cards right, we could get Chris Evans and Wesley Snipes fighting vampires back to back in an official MCU movie? That’s right, there was an entire run of comics where Blade AKA Daywalker AKA Wesley "Mother...lovers always trying to ice-skate uphill" Snipes worked with the Avengers to put a stop to another batch of vampires. You’d think the Captain would be done with the whole vampire thing after his edgy teen “Immortal Vampire King” phase.

But Vampire Daredevil, otherwise known as “Vampire X” had other plans, and Cap gets bitten once again.

Although, things are different this time around! So we know that Captain America has an incredibly inner body on par with his muscular outer body, and that his organs are all super jacked. This can lead to some seriously insane benefits, such as Steve’s increased reaction time, mental processing power, and some really strong lungs. This version of the Captain, however, much like his MCU counterpart, doesn’t get sick much thanks to said immune system, and in combination with the super serum, actually fights off the vampirism just three issues after getting bit. To clarify the situation, Steve is only so dedicated to fighting off this vampiric virus so that he can face down a fanged, bloodsucking, Hulk. Yeah, comic books are serious business. To keep things short and sweet, Cap post recovery uses a knockoff Thor’s Hammer to transport the entire base they're fighting into another country in Midday so that the vampire’s all burn away thanks to the heat of our friendly neighborhood Gas giant.

21 Super Serum Made Captain America Into A Drama Queen?


Abraham Erskine, or as audiences probably remember him, the quirky German scientist who created Captain America’s super serum. Dr. Erskine had always wanted to pick the perfect candidate for his experimental serum. Dr. Erskine knew that the serum was an amplifier, as in it made every single physical aspect of its host stronger. But what might have slipped past some people, is it also amplifies the personality. To quote the doctor himself “The serum was not ready. But more important, the man. The serum amplifies everything that is inside. So, good becomes great. Bad becomes worse”. Dr. Erskine went through the whole process of picking tiny lil Steve Rogers, not only because he had the makings of a good soldier, and seeing him grow four times hunkier is a spectacle in of itself. But because...

Steve Rogers was essentially "pure of heart" enough for the Super Soldier Serum.

The serum should have made his bad personality traits even worse, lucky for us Steve's a real sweetheart. But what did this mean for our paragon of justice Captain America? It means Steve literally can’t help his good nature. For example: Steve Rogers in the new MCU Infinity War film just can’t understand the need to sacrifice one to save many, his ideals are a wall. And in a lot of ways, it's admirable, but in a darker sense, Steve literally cannot see in shades of grey. growing up and as a soldier, it was always Third Reich = Bad, Everyone else = Good. Now imagine if that ideal got turned up to 11? Steve already was ready to sacrifice himself for his country before the procedure, now after the super serum, there’s nothing he wouldn’t give if he believed in it enough. So you see, Cap can’t help but gossip about Becky and Chad behind their backs, nothing wrong with him! It’s just the Super Serum that makes him such a drama queen!

20 Captain America Is Actually Your Sweet Old Grandma?

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So I don’t know how popular the film “Playing it Cool” from 2015 is. You might think that's a weird way to start a paragraph, and you're right, but hear me out. it’s a straight to DVD release and from what I’ve seen has nothing but less than stellar reviews. But what I do know is that Chris Evans stars in it, and during a montage scene, the man praised currently for his stereotypical “perfect man” figure actually pulls off wearing female clothing amazingly. What can I say, the man looks good in pink! What’s even more surprising is that early Marvel apparently agrees with me and actually had Captain America looking classy in pink again in a very early issue of Jack Kirby’s Captain America. A rich American benefactor is about to finance a huge sum of money towards the fight against the German Regime when he’s stolen by said Regime and taken to Germany. Of course, this means Cap and his kid sidekick Bucky (A bit different from his MCU incarnation) have to sneak into Germany and rescue their paycheck!

And here enters this image of Bucky shoving Steve into a corset so he can pull of an aged English grandmother look.

Don't worry it gets even better. They jump on the plane towards their goal and Bucky who literally is eating a lollipop while Grandma America knits, notices a man they think is an enemy. So, Roger’s sets down his crochet, quietly hums, and decks the man in the face as he walks by. Needless to say with Evan’s movie and this scene as evidence, I’m waiting with baited breath for Cap’s Grandma disguise in the next MCU movie!

19 Even Captain America's Eyes Are Buff?

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So we know that Captain America’s muscles have muscles right? I mean Steve Rogers is just the absolute pinnacle of human evolution.

The man is known for ripping logs in half and not fitting into one single shirt he owns.

But what audiences don’t know is this Adonis we all know and love flexes his eyeballs on a regular basis. In Captain America comics Vol 5 Chapter 17 after a gunfight where Captain seems to dance around the gunfire, an agent from shield gets Steve to confirm that his brain and eyes are so absolutely toned that he can see faster than a normal human. What this is basically saying is that his nerves transport information faster between his eyes and brain more efficiently than anyone else. It’s further noted that he can also see the trajectories of bullets as they move, which explains how he dodges them like he’s Captain Keanu Reeves. This can also explain why Cap has great running stamina and is so tactically intelligent. As we’ve already mentioned, the Super Soldier Serum really just turns up the dial on everything that was already there. And scrawny Steve Rogers really was great at military tactics. So current day Steve uses his special brand of speedy eyesight and a super soldier serum brain to pull off all the impossible feats that he does on a day to day basis.

18 Captain America Fan Of X-Men 2?

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Whenever the idea of regeneration as a superpower is brought up, my mind and probably many others goes to the scene from the second X-men film where Logan AKA Wolverine receives a bullet to the head and crumples to the ground. Not 10 seconds later the bullet is shoved out of his forehead by the adamantium skull, regenerating tissue, and the closing wound. There’s a long line of heroes with regeneration in superhero comics, it allows the author to put their character in all sorts of hilarious, horrible, and sometimes even romantically dangerous situations that normal humans couldn’t survive. But what's really odd is that not many people know that most iterations Captain America also have this superpower, albeit less powerful than Wolverines or Deadpool's. Even MCU Captain America has it to a certain extent. But it's much stronger in the Captain America and the Falcon storyline, between Issues 13 and 14.

In this issue, Captain America is shot and is pronounced as finished for 12 minutes.

Of course, he's fine, and as soon as he wakes up from, you know, death, he is up and just about ready to go back into the fight. Captain America has survived titanic falls, absurd injuries, and all means of repeated attack thanks to his god-like recovery ability. The most extreme example I could even dig up was in one run of Captain America where he quite literally opens a hole in his own chest, and proceeds to fight in the rain against opponents for hours. But where does MCU Cap fall on the spectrum of his super healing? It’s unclear, but we can assume it is at least a good amount higher than a normal human's considering the beatings he takes in every movie that would leave a normal person bedridden for months.

17 Captain Usain Rogers: The One Minute Mile Man

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Captain America is an Olympian! Well, an alternate universe version of himself created by Scarlett Witch is, but that’s a story for another time. Standard, everyday Captain America isn’t allowed to compete because of his patented super serum. But, if he was to compete, you can be sure he’d give the worlds best runners a plateful of his dust. It’s been stated in older iterations like in Captain America: 65th Anniversary special, that Steve Rogers can run a 1-minute mile at his absolute peak.

His standard running speed is about 29 mph a full mile faster than the current world record.

But, if he’s really going all out, he can apparently do short bursts of 60 mph speeds. This isn’t just canon to the comic books. We’ve seen MCU Cap run laps around Falcon, barely even out of breath after a 13 mile run as shown in Captain America 2. Also, there have been multiple scenes in movies like Captain America Civil War, and Avengers: Infinity War, where both Steve and Wakandan King T’Challa are running as fast as cars, motorcycles, and even aliens on all fours! Needless to say, it’s a combination of Caps brawny leg muscles, his extra strong lungs, and his superhuman strength that makes him an absolute gold medal track and field participant.

16 Captain America: The One That Prime Primates Hate

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Now anyone out there who has played Dungeons and Dragons, or any RPG video game for that matter, knows the brawnier a character is, the weaker they are to mental attacks. It’s just not fair if a character is both obscenely strong both physically and mentally. I’d flip the board and call the Dungeon Master a hack! Now, there are rare iterations of Captain America than use their absurd amounts of national pride to fight psychic attacks.

But a normal Captain America is very weak to a little bit of the old Winter Soldier brainwashing treatment.

They’ve yet to play this hand in the MCU movies, but if Thanos wanted to, he could use the Mind stone to bring Steve to his side in a heartbeat. In one older iteration, the Captain is brainwashed by his arch-nemesis Red Skull...again, All in order to have Steve work for him and use his powers for his own gain. One of these circumstances leads Rogers to a lab where genetically super primates are being created, and stand guard over the sensitive materials. It’s in this instance that Captain America, the man who hates silencing anyone, unjust punishment, and unfair treatment, harshly takes out a slew of genetic super primates in his brainwashed state. The lesson here is if Steve did his daily Sudoku challenge and brain puzzles, maybe those apes wouldn’t have had to bite the dust.

15 Pre-Super Serum Steve Rogers A Hypochondriac?

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For anyone who saw the first Captain America film, the first thing you remember is just how odd Chris Evans face looked CGI’d onto that smaller, frail body. And turns out that body wasn’t just frail externally. When Steve first goes to enlist and the doctor looks at his file, it’s very brief but you can see a list of all the previous health issues Steve Rogers suffered from pre-super soldier serum. This list includes but is not limited to, Asthma, Scarlet Fever, Sinusitis, frequent colds, high blood pressure, heart trouble, nervous trouble of any sort, and this is only half the list. The doctor also questions Steve about his parents, his father who suffered from multiple Mustard Gas attacks in the war, and his mother who had constant shaking from being involved in a bombing, both of these issues negatively affected Steve’s health before he was even born. So, if we’re still going off the theory that the Super Soldier Serum turns up the dial on anything that was in the body before it entered.

Captain America should be a hyper-nervous, inhaler addicted, scarlet fever infectious monster whose blood pressure is so high it shoots out of him like a fire hose.

But that’s not what a man who represents America looks like, so Marvel made the smart choice and simply let the reader/viewer assume that these issues were fixed with the Super Soldier Serum, even if being buff and toned has nothing to do with uncontrollable nervousness.

14 Freaky Friday Reboot To Star Captain America And Red Skull

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Again, any fans of the first MCU Captain America movie remember the infamous Agent Smith AKA Hugo Weaving taking on the mantle of Red Skull, Cap’s evil-loving, face skin lacking nemesis. But what the movie missed out on is a chance to have Chris Evans act like Hugo Weaving and vice versa with a Freaky Friday style body swap. Well contrary to the movies, older Marvel Comics decided to pursue this potential comedy goldmine and there was an entire plotline where thanks to a cosmic cube (don’t ask) Red Skull and Steve Rogers switched bodies.

This body swap is just like Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis, except Red Skull isn’t about to start doing yogurt commercials.

As one could imagine, all sorts of wacky hijinks ensue. Including Captain America as Red Skull in a high-speed car chase with the police, brainwashing Cap’s girlfriend into attempting to end him, and teleporting him to a remote island. Needless to say, eventually Cap gets his body back, but I do wonder how much of a shock it would be to be in a different body, with no face, and then be magically back in your own body, only to have to get used to having you know, a face again. Looks like Chris Evans might have to get some advice from the Face Off cast and crew if this plotline ever makes it to the MCU films.

13 First Man On Moon Steve Rogers Actually A Mutant?!

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Scarlet Witch is a bit different in the comics than her charming heavily accented self in the MCU movies. She's originally the daughter of Magneto, a fact which I'm sure will be fixed once Marvel finally gets the rights to X-men. But, in the comics, Scarlet Witch has had plenty of time to develop her powers and they’ve reached the point of being able to alter the fabric of space and time. So after another long series of arcs and storylines, many of our beloved heroes are dead, again. This includes Captain America, and a grieving, lost, and distraught Scarlet Witch AKA Wanda Maximoff uses her powers to create a new Earth with new versions of the classic caped crusaders. The only issue is that these new heroes must start from the beginning again, going through their origins, and most play out a little differently this time around.

First of all, Steve Rogers dodged the ice bath and instead got old and wrinkled.

He’s still a super soldier but he never went on ice and thus is actually his real biological age in this timeline. But here’s the real twist, after marrying Peggy and retiring as Captain America, Steve Rogers works in the air force and becomes the first man on the moon! Turns out those dense muscles and bones of his aren't so dense after some time in space. Finally, after many years rumors start to surface about this Earth's Captain America, and it’s speculated that he was actually one of the first mutants and never received the so-called “super serum.”

12 Wheelchair-Bound Captain Asks “Stark, Where Is My Super Suit?"

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We’ve already talked about how the Super Soldier Serum is an insane genetic masterpiece, but for how long? In the Fighting Chance story arc, Captain America is getting older, and once his age is on the decline the Super Serum starts to degenerate in his body and begins to damage Steve. Captain America is slowly becoming paralyzed, trapped in his own body, as if his life of multiverse traveling, crime fighting, and war wasn’t hard enough. As expected, Steve’s morals are ironclad and all he wants is to give the time he has left to the people and remain a guardian of Earth.

Tony Stark, impressed but not surprised at Steve’s tenacity, turns him into Robocop.

okay okay. Not literally Robocop. But he does build him a very large suit that lets Steve move his paralyzed body not dissimilar to the way James Rhodes is able to walk in the MCU movies thanks to Tony Stark. At first, it was just a battle suit that made up for the ever increasing frailty of Cap’s body. But eventually it got to the point where it was an entire suit with just Steve’s face poking out, and the only thing keeping him going was his insane will and dedication to do good. It's not often speculated the half-life of the serum or if it can completely run out, and just what happens to the body of the man whose age is put on hold while the serum is in his system?

11 Captain America Is A Rick & Morty Fan?

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For those familiar with the hit adult cartoon comedy Rick and Morty, you're in for a treat. Most remember that there’s an episode in season 2 where things go so absolutely wrong in Morty’s home universe that Rick and Morty must universe hop to one where their in-universe selves had already reached their ends, and the new Rick and Morty assume their places. Now, what if I were to tell you that Captain America has unintentionally done sometime relatively similar?

I know its odd, get the image of Chris Evans burping loudly and shouting “MORTY!” out of your head.

In one of the infinite timelines that comic books seem to take place in, Captain America and a bunch of other heroes including the fantastic four sacrificed their lives to stop a menace named Onslaught. Turns out they didn’t actually meet their ends but instead Franklin Richards, son of Reed Richards (otherwise known as Mr. Fantastic) pushed them all into a pocket dimension. This pocket Dimension had a copy of Earth in it later named “Counter Earth” and Captain America had to go through World War IIhi all over again. Because Cap had been through all this before he disagreed with the decision to drop the atom bomb on Japan, and received essentially the same brainwashing treatment as MCU's Winter Soldier except this time S.H.I.E.L.D were the brainwashers. He was for all intents and purposes the American Winter Soldier, a sleeper agent who performed wet work and assumed different identities all while under the effects of brainwashing.

10 Captain America Gets Even More Buff, And A Little Green?

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So this just might be a technicality since this Captain America is actually Bucky Barnes AKA the Winter Soldier who took up the mantle of Captain America.

Either way, he’s big, green, and somehow still fits in his signature red, white, and blue tights.

This was an entire series of comics called World War Hulk where the comic artists/writers got to have a bunch of fun and let everyone get some Hulk in them. Deadpool, Wolverine, the Thing, you name it, we Hulk it. Captain America, of course, wasn’t left out, especially since his Super Soldier Serum has been compared to Hulk's Gamma radiation in different canons. Either way, the most we see of the Big Jolly Green Captain is when he’s fighting Wolverine who is also Hulk-ified, and let’s just say, he looks only a little silly. Especially since he is still using a shield when he’s that absolutely massive. Unfortunately, Wolverine kicks his big green heiny, mostly because Logan's healing factor actually keeps him coherent as the Hulk, but still, what a fight. Now here’s hoping Bruce Banner get a big papercut in the new MCU movie and spews a little bit of blood all over Chris Evans so we can see this large and in charge green version of Steve on the big screen!

9 Captain America Literally Can't Let Loose?

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Now, it's not that Steve Rogers has ever been known as the “Partygoer” type, but even if he was. Turns out his super liver keeps him super sober. It’s a sad truth that’s been the punchline in a few different Captain comics, and even a throwaway line in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Because Steve Rogers is constantly regenerating the super soldier serum in his body he can't help it.

His body works too well, giving him a 100% tolerance against those dastardly adult drinks.

Now, it would have been weird anyway if he could drink too much. Mostly because it’s hard for anyone to even imagine the A-plus student Steve Rogers under the influence and out of control. Oh and by the way, Cap’s super organs also have been stated to stop him from being able to be put under anesthesia and it also means he has to eat about 10 times as much as any other person. It’s a pretty cool little trick, and if the captain was short on cash, he could easily make a couple bucks drinking any other hero under the table. Heck, I’d pay to see Thor and Captain America do their best to drink the most, the fastest.

8 Rob Liefeld Creates World's Most Disproportionate Man

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Captain America has had his fair share of memes made of him. This ranges from everyone's favorite “I understood that reference” to the current days "so you decided to insert joke here" from when he appeared in Spider-Man Homecoming’s educational video. But, one appearance of the caped crusader has and will always be relevant. And that, of course, is Rob Liefeld's depiction of the Caped Crusader. If you are unaware, Rob Liefeld is a man who is not known for his anatomical artistry, he’s had plenty of criticism over the years for the impossible, odd, and at times downright horrifying proportions his depictions have. But this 1996 illustration of Steve in his Star crested suit is just…well, it’s wrong.

This may be the oddest thing that has ever happened to our American boy, and he’s been a Hulk, a vampire king, and a werewolf.

This image had a resurgence in the early 2000’s mostly because comic heroes were starting to be in the mainstream eye again thanks to Marvel's films, and let me tell you people were relentless. Just think, it was already a bit odd seeing Chris Evans with his tiny body in the first Captain America, now imagine if that was reversed and instead we had Evan’s handsome mug on a giant balloon body! You know what, I’d actually pay to see that, never mind, make it happen Marvel!

7 Captain America Can’t Take Fall Damage?

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Captain America has fallen from planes, pushed off buildings, heck he’s even voluntarily jumped off skyscrapers, and most of the time it's so he can do Deadpool's patented “superhero landing”. And Deadpool’s right, it's probably hard on the knees to fall from that height, but thanks to Captain's dense bones, not so much. That’s right, it’s been confirmed time and time again that this is the reason we’ve seen MCU Cap jump off planes with no parachute and survive, well, other than his vibranium shield absorbing the impact.

It is because our Captain America always finished his milk, that he got dense bones and muscles as a reward.

This is a pretty great blanket explanation as well. It can easily explain why Steve has taken bullets to the chest, stomach, head, spine, and gotten away mostly scott free. It even explains how he can dish out and take such brutal damage from other heroes/villains. But, unfortunately, there is a huge, awful downside to these godlike muscles and bones. One consequence that almost makes being a super soldier not worth it. These dense bones do make Captain heavier and a lot of the time he's too heavy to ride on roller coasters. Sorry Steve, tough luck! I hear the ferris wheel doesn’t have a weight limit!

6 Rogers Gym Routine Lets Him Fight the Jolly Purple Titan?

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This one is a bit self-explanatory, but Captain America is buff. I know, that's absurd, almost unbelievable, but give me a second to explain. Now, Captain America is so absolutely shredded that he’s able to stand his ground (for a minute or two) against all types of higher beings. We’ve seen it in MCU’s Infinity War, and in the comics of the same name. We’ve seen him fight Thor who is literally a god, and also he's fought the T’Chaka T’Challa father-son pair in both their primes. He’s a man who stands his ground no matter the absurdity of his opponent. I can keep listing feats,  it just goes on and on. He took on a room of Asgardian Trolls, stopped a helicopter from taking off by curling it, and even ripped a log in half, in front of people, without look silly.

The man is essentially 200 pounds of muscle sundae with a head shaped cherry on top.

My own personal favorite feat of strength is when Cap in the first Avenger movie stops a jeep full of people and weapons. He does this by front flipping over his bike and ending said flip by using the flip momentum to throw his bike into the jeep. Of course, it gets more absurd in his comic iterations, but MCU Captain America is definitely what the kids would call “swole.”

5 Deadpool Really Pulls Captains Arm A Bit too Much

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Captain America likes Bucky, crazy I know, most would even say that they’re good friends. MCU Cap’s around the same age as Bucky Barnes AKA the Winter Soldier, and I’m sure at least once Steve had thought “Man I want my own cool robot arm”. Well, in one of Deadpool's wacky adventures, Deadpool is, of course, jumping between universes, and pops up in one where our Captain got a big old promotion! He’s known here as General America, and happens to be hunting down his worlds female Deadpool! Crazy coincidence right? Well, Deadpool's got to save other Deadpools, that’s just common sense, so in order to stop this big bulky General America, Deadpool does something a bit…random. He sends another version of himself called Headpool, who well, is a zombie, and what do all zombies do? That’s right, they bite. Of course, Headpool bites General Steve, and passes on his zombie plague. Deadpool is a good Samaritan though, and in order to stop a zombie apocalypse in this world, cuts off the Generals arm to take it home with him. Next time we see this version of Cap, I mean General, he’s got a fancy new robot arm. Funny enough, next time we see him, he’s part of the “Deadpool Corps”… don’t ask.

4 Steve Rogers Has The Hands Of An Artist

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Readers and viewers tend to forget as its quickly stated in both his comic and MCU iterations, but young Steve Rogers had an entire life before he decided to become a big,  hulking, mass of a man. His mother and father both died early due to incidents related to the war. And before Steve joined the super soldier program he was actually attending university. More specifically, he was a fine arts student! That's right, little Stevie had artist's hands. And no surprise he was apparently a very talented artist. Marvel Comics was young at this time, but their attention to detail was still top notch, they even went so far as to let readers know that Steve actually specialized in Illustration.

Now further inspection tells us that Steve wasn't just an Illustration student, but also an aspiring comic book artist.

This may have just been a bit too meta for its time. Imagine if after everything settled down after World War II, Steve and Peggy get married, and Rogers decides to use his superhuman dexterity to reach the absolute heights of the comic artist industry! We don't have to stop there, have a phantom artist do the illustrations for this side story and attribute the actual comic art to Steve Rogers. Make him the illustrator of his own success story. Now that is a side story I'd love to read.

3 Captain America Has Nationalism That Protects Him From Psychic Attacks

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Now it's been made clear over the years that Steve Rogers has been through the gauntlet of mental attacks. He has had memories implanted in him, mind controlled by cosmic forces, and his own brain absolutely will let him do no wrong. But there's one specific instance of mental fortitude that Steve displays that makes up for everything he's let attack his mind thus far. And the instance is during one of the A+X partnership issues, which a series of Marvel comics where one Xmen student is paired with one Avenger. And who is Captain America paired up with but one Quentin Quire, a lesser known character but apparent star pupil of Professor X and an extremely adept telepath. Anyway, Quentin's a pretty standard anti-government sort of hipster and Captain America is as expected, having none of it. They argue their ideologies back and forth and there comes a deciding moment where Steve baits Quire into trying to get into his head. Obviously, this is Cap doing his best to give the young man a wake-up call. Quire takes the bait and dives right in to break down Caps mental defenses.

And what Quire looks up as a representation of Caps mental fortitude is a monumental, unwavering, and honestly really colorful vibranium shield.

No words need to be uttered after that, you're not getting through the real vibranium shield much less a titanic mental representation of one. Again, as expected Quire backs off and Cap wins in an argument against a teenager. You know, now that I think about it, not one of his biggest achievements.

2 Captain Rogers Can Master Any Weapon Or Style In "Seconds"

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This last little fact comes from the relatively recent run of a very niche "vigilante" named Moon Knight, which if you haven't seen, you might want to check out. All there is to say is that Moon Knight has one power, and that's the ability to be stronger than an average man during the night. He also stinks at fighting, is borderline insane, and likes to imagine different heroes in his head acting like they're best friends. Anyway, Captain America ends up working with him, because that's how these things go. They help Moon Knight with whatever quest he's on and get the details of the job. They then spend their time gearing up. Beast (if you remember he's the bright blue cowardly lion from X-men) then does the standard spiel of explaining how complex and hi-tech their equipment is, except for Moon Knight's. And while Beast, Black Widow, and Captain America get hi-tech gear, Moon Knight is complaining that his weapons aren't "cool" enough in an oh so childlike way.

Beast then calmly and very eloquently explains that Steve Rogers is an impeccable soldier who is able to master any weapon in seconds, and that Moon Knight in comparison is a borderline psychotic.

This evidence only adds to the absurd list of qualifications Rogers already had, he's a known master of hand to hand combat, boxing, and tactical thinking. Now if you add onto that an ability to master new weapons quickly, the list of what he can't do is actually shorter.

1 Captain America "Just Says NO!" — Even His Own Super Serum?

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The 1980s were a wild ride of politicians and adults, in general, pushing all sorts of media campaigns at kids. One of those campaigns was the “Just Say No” war on adult substances that even our stars and striped Captain found himself fighting in. Marvel couldn’t help but take the opportunity for a bit of positive publicity in the mainstream eye. And in Issue #378 of Captain America, we see our faithful Steve take the ultimate pledge against those adult no-no items, specifically the super serum that gave him his cheese grater abs. He had to transfuse all the blood in his body to get the serum out.

And for a time, Steve Rogers was just a normal man trying to be a superhero.

In fact, Steve was so gung-ho about being the same old Captain that he tested himself in a one on one fight with Crossbones, which people might remember from the MCU movies as the guy who blew himself up in Civil War to make Scarlet Witch look really incompetent. The fight itself is actually interesting as we get to see Steve go back to resorting to using his opponent's weight, momentum, and ignorance against them to win a fight on even ground. Well, mostly even, Crossbones does pull out a knife. And so Captain proves himself capable without his awful, awful, super soldier serum. That is until it was retconned that the serum wasn’t an illegal substance but rather a genetically modifying super virus and the Captain came crawling back to it.

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