Marvel's Creative Director Says Spider-Man Is To Marvel Games What Iron Man Was To The MCU

Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 has been labeled the Iron Man of Marvel games, and that's coming from the comic book franchise's creative director.

It's hard to believe that Marvel's Spider-Man has only been out for a few weeks. The hype around the fastest selling first-party PlayStation game of all time, it sold 3.3 million copies in its first three days, has made it feel like it has been around for much longer, and we mean that in a good way. As with anything in the present day, however, fans are already asking what's next?

Considering the success that Spider-Man on PS4 has already had, it's hard to imagine that there isn't going to be any sort of follow up. What we already know is that there will be three DLC packages released for players over the coming months. Those won't just be extra costumes or side quests either, but full-on additions to the Spider-Man story with the first one arriving in October of this year.


Thanks to Marvel's creative director Bill Rosemann, that's not all us Spider-Man fans have to get excited about. Rosemann tweeted recently that Spider-Man "kicks off a new era for Marvel console games". He was prompted to say that after Insomniac Games', the developers behind Spider-Man, Bryan Intihar labeled the PS4 title as "the Iron Man of Marvel video games."

What the two of them mean by that, of course, is that Iron Man was the Marvel Cinematic Universe film that kicked off the franchise which is now 20 movies strong. As good as Spider-Man is, that's what many players would have been hoping for deep down. That Spider-Man is not just a standalone game, but in the near future, we may see him team up with fellow Avengers and take control of them ourselves.

The bad news is that whatever is coming next won't be coming for a while. Marvel might be able to churn out two or three blockbusters a year, but if players want their video games to be as detailed as Spider-Man then that simply isn't possible. Rest assured though, unless something drastically changes there will be a sequel and hopefully a variety of Marvel games. For now, we have that detailed DLC to look forward to.


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