23 Marvel And DC Characters Reimagined As Parents

The most important people in most of our lives – especially when growing up – tend to be our parents. They can make or break us. Mostly, though, they are who shape us into the people we will be as we grow older and become adults of our own. A lot of the time, we may view our parents as our own personal heroes in life, but in this fanart list we have compiled, we get to see actual superheroes from all of our favorite comics in the role of a parent.

There is plenty of fanart that exists that shows what many different heroes, and other characters within their lives like we've never seen them before – as parents. A vast majority of the artwork is not only incredible but fits perfectly with each individual character and their personalities. It can still be jarring to see these iconic characters as mothers and fathers, but the artwork will surely bring a smile to your face once you see it.

So if you have ever wondered what it would be like to run into Frank Castle on a playground, or what a Tony Stark and Pepper Potts child would look like, then you have definitely come to the right place. Here are the 25 Marvel and DC Characters Reimagined As Parents.

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23 Double Trouble

via Tom Bancroft Studio

Art by: Tom Bancroft

Deadpool gets into enough crazy antics without the help of his offspring, but just imagine what life would be like if Deadpool had his own mini-me running around and playing side-kick with dear old dad.

That is the inspiration behind this art of Deadpool fighting crime with none other than his own young daughter.

They are donning very similar superhero outfits, but instead of wielding an actual loaded gun, his daughter has a "toy gun" of sorts. Regardless, these two are making taking their "bring your daughter to work day" scenario to a whole new level.

22 Protective Loki At Your Service

via Pinterest

Art by: Nanihoo

It's hard to imagine that Thor's brother, the villainous Loki, as anything other than a thorn in the god of thunder's side. But this fan artist reimagined Loki as a fiercely protective father to his two children.

Possibly the most endearing part of this artwork is the fact he is using a baby carrier to keep his babies as close as possible.

On top of that, it looks like his children have inherited his icy blue skin tone from his Frost Giant heritage. It makes for quite an interesting yet sweet family portrait.

21 The Honorary Father To Peter Parker

via Pinterest

Tony Stark and Peter Parker aren't just two fellow Avengers, working to save their city – and even the universe – day in and day out. They also have the ability to tug on the heartstrings with their father/son-like relationship.

As Iron Man, Tony took the young Peter under his wing after learning about his Spider-Man alter ego.

They've had ups and downs, but there's no doubt that Tony has become like a father to Peter.

And now this fanart lets us imagine a world where their familial relationship is a fact. Unsurprisingly, Tony is still teaching Peter the ways of being a superhero, which makes for a perfect fanart.

20 Don’t Mess With Frank Castle

via Tom Bancroft Studio

Art by: Tom Bancroft

The thing about Frank Castle, or as we like to call him, The Punisher, is that you never want to get on his bad side. The antihero may try and do what's right, but he does so in typically the most violent way possible. Not that we can exactly blame him for that.

So it makes sense that he's always been so protective of the people he loves. And who would he love more than his son?

Here, Frank is using his intimidating Punisher persona to get his son the next turn on the swings, which is just classic Frank.

19 Wonder Mom

via Tom Bancroft Studio

Art by: Tom Bancroft

Wonder Woman is known for a lot of notable qualities, like her incredible strength, her ethereal beauty, among many other abilities. But one thing she has never been known for is her motherly instincts.

Now, we may just see those motherly instincts in action in this incredible fanart.

Wonder Woman now has a daughter of her own, who looks to be quite the rambunctious little girl. I mean, she is literally playing with her mother's iconic lasso of truth. Any fan of Diana Prince is likely cringing at the treatment of the lasso. I'm sure she'll grow up to be just as fierce as her mother…eventually.

18 A Stroll With Aquaman

via vamers.com

Art by: Andry-Shango

In this fan artist's series of artwork, they solely focused on superhero's as parents while they take a leisurely walk with their young children. It's a sentimental and sweet compilation of art pieces and this one is no different.

Here we have Aquaman, away from the ocean, as he walks with his son who seems to have taken an interest in his father's life and occupation.

He is holding a fishbowl with a fish, after all.

Maybe he's inherited his super father's abilities to communicate with sea life telepathically.

17 Eternal Bachelor Turned Into Dedicated Dad

via Tom Bancroft Studio

Art by: Tom Bancroft

We all know that Oliver Queen was not known for his capability to settle down, at least not typically.

But here we see he has done just that and has his own little boy following in his footsteps.

His son is already honing his archery skills at an extremely young age, but I suppose if you're a son of The Green Arrow's, you better be good with a bow and arrow.  Luckily he's not using an actual arrow yet, but he is well on his way.

16 Professor X With His “Kids”

via vamers.com

Art by: Andry-Shango

Professor X always was able to see the absolute best in people - and the absolute worst - and because of this he started the X-Men. And this photo of Professor X with his "kids" is a nod to the original X-Men lineup.

We have Angel, Ice Man, Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Beast all strolling along with their mentor in tow.

Only, in this case, he is their father.

With his abilities as well as their own, they are quite the ragtag group of heroes.

15 Batman With His Batkid

via Tom Bancroft Studio

Art by: Tom Bancroft

Any parent can tell you that they have had one of those moments where they feel like they need a good minute to rein in their frustration. And apparently, that is no different for our beloved Batman.

Mr. Wayne now has a son of his own and is quickly learning how feisty a toddler can be. The toddler in question is peeking out from his father's cape as he attempts to get his attention. The frustration is clear as day on Batman's face. At least his kid is pretty darn adorable.

14 Superman Gives Flight Lessons

via Tom Bancroft Studio

Art by: Tom Bancroft

Superman is one of the most well-known and classic superheroes of all time. While it may be weird to wrap our heads around him having a son, this artist did an incredible sketch of what life would be like for him if he did.

Much like how our parents taught us how to ride a bike growing up, Superman is here to teach his son the ability to fly.

The youngster appears to be just as ready to save the day as his superhero father, too.

13 Spidey Son

via Pinterest

Art by: Dragonarte

This cartoon artwork of Spider-Man seeing his son in the nursery is kind of adorable, but also all kinds of awesome.

His son has already taken to his dad's Spidey qualities and fashioned a rope out of his bedding.

It will be perfect for swinging around, much like his dear old dad does around the city. And to think that this is only the beginning of what he can probably do. Spider-Man is bound to have a good side-kick in his Spider-Son, that's for sure.

12 The Stark-Potts Family

via Twitter

Art by: cytrynowy shibe

This artist created a piece of artwork that exemplifies the beauty of family, particularly, a superhero family. Tony Stark and Pepper Potts' love story is one of the most endearing parts of Iron Man's story, in my opinion.

So to see the two lovebirds starting a family and dressing up their child in their own Iron Man gear is almost too much cuteness to handle. Tony looks right at home with his child which definitely makes us want to see this somehow play out for him and Pepper in the future.

11 Spider-Man’s Fireworks Show

via Tom Bancroft Studio

Art by: Tom Bancroft

The Fourth of July in America is typically filled with family, laughter, food, and plenty of fireworks. So it's a no brainer that Spider-Man would want to take his beloved daughter to see the aforementioned fireworks.

Luckily for those two, they have the ability to scale the city's tallest buildings with these spidey powers, and because of this, they get the most incredible view of the fireworks lighting up the sky.

It's a beautiful moment for the father/daughter duo.

10 Ultron’s Ironic Novelty Tee

via Pinterest

Oh, the irony of this artwork. See, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, a.k.a. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, had quite the tumultuous "relationship" with Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Ultron had taken the twins under his wing, so to speak, and ended up using them and their abilities to try and cause mass destruction. Eventually, they realized their dire mistake in teaming up with him, which is why this fanart of Ultron wearing a novelty tee that says "Best Dad" is truly hilarious. The villain was the polar opposite of that, to be frank.

9 Mystique And Azazel’s Happily Ever After

via Pinterest

This fanart shows a happier version of the villainous couple and their son. Mystique and Azazel are two supervillains we all know from the X-Men comics. They were also a couple who later produced a son, who you may know as the superhero Nightcrawler.

All of these characters have had some ups and a lot of downs in their relationship with each other, which makes this fanart all the more special. We get to see Mystique and Azazel lovingly doting on their son who would later become Nightcrawler. It's a beautiful scene.

8 The Unlikely Father To Star-Lord

via Pinterest

Art by: rizurin

We are all more than aware that Peter Quill, or as we know him – Star-Lord, had a pretty rocky relationship with not only his biological father, Ego, but also his stand-in father, Yondu.

But even though Yondu and Peter had their rough times, when it came down to it, Yondu had Peter's back and was always there for him.

Here we get to see Yondu in a quieter and more special moment with a young Peter. He is comforting him just like any good father would to their son. This easily makes it one of my favorite fanarts on the list.

7 Wonder Woman And Her Daughter Take A Walk

via vamers.com

Art by: Andry-Shango

There is no question in my mind that if Wonder Woman happened to have a daughter of her own one day, she would be fierce and strong and loyal to the ones she loves, just like her mom. Plus, she would most likely have her model-good-looks.

In this artist's interpretation of the mother/daughter relationship Wonder Woman has with her child, they are close and taking a leisurely walk with one another.

The cutest part, though? The fact that her daughter's jump rope looks a lot like her mother's lasso of truth.

6 Thanos Embraces His Title

via Pinterest

Art by: pencilHead7

Thanos is without a doubt the worst father in the entire Marvel universe. The way he treated Nebula and Gamora was unforgivable which is probably why it is a surprise to no one that he owns a mug that says "#1 Worst Dad." Because he knows it to be true, after all.

This fanart is equal parts hilarious as well as painfully truthful. But the details that went into it is just incredible, including the newspaper details that Thanos is reading.

5 The Joker And Harley Quinn’s Little Family

via DeviantArt (dannex009)

Art by: dannex009

What a nightmare it would be if The Joker and Harley Quinn decided to procreate. Honestly, the results would be sinister. And in this artist's interpretation of what that would be like, it is pretty close to what any of us could have imagined.

It seems the two have a daughter of their own, who looks like the perfect combination of her mother and father.

So she is bound to start wreaking havoc any day now in their world. Mom and Dad would be proud.

4 Hela Is An Adoptive Mother

via Pinterest

Hela was quite the formidable villain in Thor: Ragnarok. Her own brothers had to team up against her, with the help of a few others, to try and save Asgard.

But in a turn of events, it appears Hela has become the adoptive mother of her younger brothers, Thor and Loki.

Of course, this fanart is not canon, but the thought alone of what the two brothers could have become if that had actually happened is frightening. Although, Loki became villainous even without her help. Regardless, we're glad they didn't have to grow up with that influence in their lives, even if this fanart is amazing.

3 Killmonger And T’Challa Set Aside Their Differences

via Twitter

Art by: vostjgud

T'Challa and Killmonger had a serious rivalry that resulted in dire consequences in the Black Panther film. But what if they could have gotten along if there was a child in the mix?

In this alternate reality of the two cousins, it looks like Killmonger has a son of his own now, and that T'Challa is prepared to be an uncle to his adorable nephew.

This would have saved the two a lot of trouble, to begin with, so it's too bad this is just a fan's vision of what could have been…

2 The Deadpool/Harley Quinn Crossover We Never Saw Coming

via DeviantArt (MaraSun)

Art by: MaraSun

Much like The Joker and Harley Quinn reproducing could be truly unsettling, Deadpool and Harley Quinn as a couple and having a child is not much better.

While we all love Deadpool, and even Harley at times, we all know that the two of them together would only result in disaster.

And adding a mini-me of the two would only make things even harder.

Even so, this fanart of the crossover is pretty damn amazing and almost makes you want it to be canon. Almost.

1 Thanos Attempting To Be A Father

via Mike Roshuk

Art by: Mike Roshuk

Thanos has always famously favored his adopted daughter, Gamora over his other adopted daughter, Nebula. While we all may know that, it is still frustrating to think of the great lengths he went to for Gamora while barely giving Nebula the time of day.

And this artist brilliantly displayed what their home life was most likely like when the two girls were growing up.

Nebula is understandably upset and jealous over the attention her sister gets, which explains so much about the tension in their relationship as adults.

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