22 Marvel And DC Heroes Reimagined As Girls

Both Marvel and DC have produced some of the most iconic and memorable heroes in pop culture. These heroes range from unassuming citizens turned super-powered muscular studs to average Joes who happen to be super geniuses. While the looks and superpowers of these heroes vary from one another, there's one thing that most of them have in common. Majority of the heroes that have become poster boys for both DC and Marvel are male. In fact, male heroes had become ubiquitous during the era when superheroes dominated various media outlets.

Super-powered men in skin-tight outfits proliferated in the market appearing in films, television and even in products such as accessories and toys. There might have been various notable heroines during that time but they were still clearly outnumbered by their male counterparts. What if these male heroes were women instead? How would they fare as a member of the opposite gender? Would they even maintain the same heroic stature and masculine bravado that they had in their original state?

It's also a wonder as to whether or not most of these heroes would still be just as popular as women as they were when portrayed as men. For those who are curious to see how these bold and dashing heroes would look like without their manly features, they've come to the right place. Let's find out how these legendary heroes will manage as feminine beauties. These heroes will showcase their elegance and sheer beauty in lieu of their masculine charm. Here are 25 graceful yet fierce Marvel and DC heroines who used to be manly heroes.

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22 Femme Fatale

via Deviantart.com

The Punisher, otherwise known as Frank Castle, is undoubtedly one of the most rugged, tough and masculine characters that Marvel has ever introduced. It's hard to imagine him as a woman but this artist's interpretation certainly was able to show what it's like if he was. Despite not looking like the same muscular stud as her male counterpart, Franchesca Castle still looks just as intimidating.

She certainly looks like she can make the toughest guys in New York cower! Although there might be some who will find her spunky attitude and dangerous looks to be quite attractive.

Artwork by Carlosandisabel

21 Seeing Is Believing

via izzydoodledump.tumblr.com

If fans told the X-Men's Cyclops that he would look really pretty as a girl, he just might not believe them. Of course, he wouldn't be thinking that way if he actually saw this stunning depiction of his female counterpart dubbed Scarlett Summers. Scarlett can definitely make most of the X-Men's female team members jealous including miss Jean Grey herself.

If Cyclops looked this good, perhaps Wolverine just might ditch Jean to pursue him instead! How awkward would that have been? It's a shame Cyclops wouldn't be able to actually “see” any of it though.

Artwork by Isaiah Stephens

20 Stranger Than Fiction

via shensiang.artstation.com

Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction but this female version of Dr. Strange proves that fan-fiction is even more strange! It looks like the Sorcerer Supreme looks way more hip and classy if he was a member of the opposite gender. Ms. Strange has the perfect mixture of wit, power, a dash of finesse, along with loads of feminine charm!

What's not to like about this girl version of Dr. Strange? She looks more sophisticated and way more attractive than the original, not to mention a lot more youthful as well. Ouch, sorry Stephen!

Artwork by NAKAZYO Art

19 Queen Of Green

via Deviantart.com

There are many characters who are associated with the Green Lantern name within the DC universe. That said, having a gorgeous woman like her as the Green Lantern wouldn't be too disruptive to the series canon. Fortunately, this She-Green Lantern rendition fits the bill perfectly.

What better way to wield the Green Lantern Corps power ring than to do it with grace and beauty? Based on the looks and heroic posture of this lean, mean, green queen, it looks like she's just brimming with elegance and star power!

Artwork by IsraLlona

18 One Feisty Kitty

via Deviantart.com

Black Panther looks even more dangerous as a girl than he is as a male warrior. This stunning portrayal of a female Black Panther features the same fierce looks of her male counterpart albeit with a little bit more sass than usual. If fans thought the normal version was fierce, they haven't seen this feisty little kitty yet.

The sass is real.

Her looks serve as the perfect distraction for her enemies. Who would've imagined that having good looks and a feisty attitude would be among Black Panther's superpowers? This cool cat certainly rocks it though.

Artwork by NeoArtCorE

17 Robbin' Hearts

via Deviantart.com

Red Robin's costume has been passed on from one character to another. However, none of the past Red Robin incarnations would have guessed that the iconic costume would look best on a girl! This feathered fighter proves just that, with her charming looks, graceful posture and flattering pose.

It's safe to say that this version of Red Robin could very well play the part of a villain instead of a hero. It wouldn't be a surprise if that's the case since she looks like she's more prone to stealing hearts than fighting crime.

Artwork by CassperClearie

16 This Girl Is On Fire!

via Deviantart.com

Ghost Rider is arguably the least feminine characters in Marvel's hero roster. How could a hero with a flaming skull for a head possibly appear feminine? While that might sound like an impossible feat to achieve, this female version of the rider certainly made it work.

While this rider might look a lot more feminine than her male counterpart, she's still just as scary. Any brave guy hoping to catch a date with her should be forewarned though. She just might be too hot to handle!

Artwork by Pipin

15 Double Vision

via Deviantart.com

Fans will definitely need to double take after seeing this pretty-looking version of Vision. It's extremely difficult to imagine Vision as a girl since he doesn't even look human in the first place! On top of that, Vision always seems to wear a cold and stern expression on his face.

Not this Vision, this one is pretty cute, which is strange since that isn't exactly a quality that's commonly associated with an android like Vision. Watch out Black Widow, Vision is here to steal your spotlight!

Artwork by Aerith0808

14 Cute As A Button

via Deviantart.com

Ants are quite adorable creatures and their cuteness often rubs off on Ant-Man whenever he's marching alongside these tiny insects. What could make Ant-Man even more cuter than the ants that surround him? Well, by turning him into this silky long-haired, bashful-looking beauty, of course!

Just when fans thought Ant-Man's size was cute.

Ants are cute from afar but they can look real gross up close. Luckily for fans, this female version of Ant-Man has all the cutesy features of an ant minus their unsightly and menacing-looking pincers.

Artwork by NeoArtCorE

13 Gender Bender Mk II

via Deviantart.com

Fans know that Cyborg is capable of swapping parts like a machine, so a modification like this is pretty plausible. Female Cyborg looks as if she had just gotten an upgrade given her cute and stylish looks.

New hair, who this?

She also comes with a variety of trendy hairstyles too. Cyborg girl here could even make her male counterpart jealous. Cyborg only wishes his hair would grow that long.

Artwork by TheMightFenek

12 An Arrow To The Heart

via Deviantart.com

Hawkeye is one of the best sharpshooters that Marvel has to offer. However, nobody expected this female Hawkeye to send an arrow straight to the hearts of fans as well! Being a gorgeous-looking female might even make Hawkeye better at shooting.

How can a simple gender swap give Hawkeye better aim? By distracting enemies with her steamy facade, of course. Enemies would be too busy gawking at Ms. Hawkeye and her luscious hair that it leaves them quite vulnerable. It's hard to concentrate on that arrow when her mesmerizing hair is dancing in the wind.

Artwork by 0-o-0

11 A Night(Wing) To Remember

via Deviantart.com

Nightwing's stylish looks and bold demeanor could give heroes like Batman a run for their money. If that's the case then who could top Nightwing's already sleek and awesome get-up? It seems like this tantalizing Nightwing portrayal has an answer to that.

This Nightwing's captivating appearance and gorgeous wavy hair gives more pizzazz to the character's innate air of mystery. Female Nightwing just might also have the capability to lessen the crime rate. Not because her crime-fighting skills will deter criminals but due to the fact that criminals would be too busy asking her out on a date.

Artwork by Chama

10 Winter Is Coming

via Deviantart.com

Winter is definitely coming when it comes to this breathtaking portrayal of Winter Soldier. However, this winter strangely feels a bit warmer somehow. Is it because she's carrying a big gun which evidently packs a lot of heat or is it because of her intimidating metallic arm?

Cap is never going to look at his friend the same way again.

Perhaps it's just due to her steamy nature which is probably giving off a sultry vibe. She can easily freeze any guy solid. After all, not many can resist staring at her enthralling visage and trance-inducing eyes!

Artwork by NeoArtCorE

9 Cupid Goes Green

via Deviantart.com

Green Arrow, aka Oliver Queen, is a natural-born hunter with exceptional marksmanship and combat skills. Olivia Queen on the other hand, also excels in sharpshooting but her area of expertise is quite different from her male counterpart. Yes, it's likely that Olivia is significantly better at aiming for the heart instead of the head.

The Green Arrow might have some stiff competition here now that this green cupid is in the picture. In fact, this captivating version of Green Arrow might not even need a bow and arrow to stop villains on their track. She would just let her flowing hair and pretty face do the crime fighting for her.

Artwork by Andypriceart

8 Instant Pop Star

via: deviantart.com

Star Lord might be the hardy leader of an intergalactic band of space pirates but that doesn't mean he wouldn't fare well in a dance-off. While he might never be a professional dancer in his current state, his female counterpart just might be able to accomplish that for him. This cutesy rendition of Star Lord looks like the perfect pop diva!

What better way to put those dancing skills to good use.

She's definitely pop star material, something that Peter Quill just isn't. Well, at least this Star Princess got his back on this one, and his fans too, unfortunately.

Artwork by Diebitus

7 The Dark Delight

via Deviantart.com

When did the Dark Knight get this... awesome! It's a shame that this super cool version of Batman only fights crime at night. Criminals might even do crime on purpose just to catch a glimpse of this delightful yet elusive beauty.

Of course, this is going to be a huge headache for our beloved heroine. She already has enough problems fighting crime, now she has do deal with thugs who are constantly pestering her for her number! Who knows, looking that good just might even be detrimental to what she does best.

Artwork by AoTsuyu

6 Iron Maiden

via Deviantart.com

Iron Man is known for his superior tech, enormous wealth and good looks. It's no surprise that his female counterpart is no different. On the contrary, Tanya Stark does give off a lot more steam than Tony could ever produce though. Who needs proton cannons when a simple gaze from this jaw-dropping Iron Woman can make any villain submit?

That steam isn't coming from her suit or armor, it's natural.

Iron Man's female counterpart has the whole package, technological prowess, money, undeniable charm, lovely curves and even gorgeous hair! Just when Tony thought he had it all.

Artwork by NeoArtCorE

5 Sweetheart Of The Sea

via Deviantart.com

Aquaman is used to having every creature in the sea bow at his feet. Now that this curvy beauty has resurfaced, every man in both land and sea will be swooning with joy as well. Forget mermaids, this aquatic dame combines perfect physique and beauty.

It's not an exaggeration to say that this female version of Aquaman possesses the qualities that would make Mera saltier than sea water. With an Aquaman that looks this pretty, who needs Mera?

Artwork by Asthonx1

4 A Worthy Beauty

via Deviantart.com

If there's anyone who's worthy enough to wield the power of Thor, it's going to be none other than his very own female counterpart. She-Thor here proves that women can also handle the might of Mjolnir just as efficiently as any god would. This particular artist rendition perfectly mixes feminine beauty with masculine strength.

She's more like the goddess of brains, brawn, and beauty than thunder.

We have a feeling that Loki wouldn't mind being yelled at by someone like her. In fact, he might actually enjoy being in Thor's company for a change.

Artwork by NeoArtCorE

3 She's Pretty Quick

via Deviantart.com

Every DC fan knows that flash is undoubtedly pretty quick. In fact, he's arguable the fastest superhero ever created. However, this alternate version of Flash takes things to the next level by being both pretty and quick at the same time.

With her pretty face, dainty pose, elegant posture, and ravishing long hair, this Flash can make any man swipe right just as fast! Although fans might feel discouraged if Flash actually looked this stunning. How can they appreciate her jaw-dropping facade when she's always running at the speed of light?

Artwork by Asthonx1

2 The Neighborhood Just Got Friendlier

via Deviantart.com

Spider-Man is easily one of the most approachable and relatable heroes in the Marvel universe. He doesn't just help random civilians from impending doom, he also befriends many in the process most often than not. Things are about to heat up in the neighborhood with the arrival of his female counterpart known as “Spider-Chan.”

Locals will likely be asking thugs to mug them just so they would be rescued by this blonde cutie. Remember Spider-Chan, with great beauty, comes a hoard of fans.

Artwork by Knighthead

1 The Coolest Avenger

via Deviantart.com

Steve Rogers might be the first Avenger but this version Captain America can add the title of the most gorgeous avenger to her list of accolades. She won't just be inspiring others to become model citizens.

Thanos would think twice before snapping his fingers on this blonde bombshell.

Who says Cap is nothing but a laboratory-grown super soldier? Of course, Tony won't be having the same sentiments once he catches a glimpse of this stunner!

Artwork by Ragecndy

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