Marvel: 29 Epic Fan Reimaginings Of The Avengers Characters

The art fever hasn’t stopped yet. Ever since we completed our previous article on reimagined fan-made artworks of superheroes and villains, we have been starving for more. This time around, we decided to narrow down our field of view, and thus the Avengers were born; in a manner of speaking. In this article, we cover fan reimaginings of Avengers characters, showcasing the crème de la crème of the lot. While some artists will find repeat mentions, others will have their spot in TheGamer’s sun as their work and excellence is revealed to a wider audience.

This is what art is all about: taking one thing and seeing it in a different light. With the artists on our list, we seem to have hit the jackpot. They have provided such special and unforgettably varied points of view through a spectrum of shapes, colors, and themes that the Avengers seem especially gifted (if we can say so) to have caught their interest. These characters have, after all, captured the admiration of millions all around the globe. To do them justice in a reimagined setting takes more than your average talent, it takes a bold heart combined with exceptional skill.

While we've collected 30 great pieces here, that doesn't mean that there aren't more out there. We highly recommend following these artists to see more of what they can do, either on their DeviantArt pages or by supporting them through their Patreon.

29 The Abominable Ironman

via: rockntech.com.br

We thought we’d begin with something bizarre, but also beautiful in its own right. This Yeti-themed artwork by Christian Nauck has made us forget how to blink. You will certainly see a handful of variations on the Iron Man theme in our article, but this one eats not just the cake but the entire party of people too. Ethereal brushwork and an exceptional sense of proportion and size have made this artwork something to stare at. And that outfit… If we didn’t know any better, we’d say it was sewn together using actual Yeti hides.

28 Captain Clone

via: pinterest.com

In a galaxy far far away, an artist by the name of JonBolerjack decided to play mash-up with a particular Avengers hero. And the results were nothing short of magnificent. As strange as pictures go, a clone trooper reimagining using Captain America seems to have resulted in an outstanding work of art. Looking much like a high-ranking officer in the Empire’s hierarchy, ‘Captain Clone’ seems ready to tackle the galaxy’s problems, one Jedi at a time. Unless you are imagining the good clones, in which case Sith Lords better watch out.

27 The Coolest Spider

via: pinterest.com

Stylish, evergreen, and remarkably rendered, here we see the amazing Spider-Man, giving his title some added glam. Rosy Higgins has done some gorgeous work before, and she seems to have carried that talent onto one of the Avengers. The new Spider-suit, as worn by Tom Holland, sure impressed us all. But this suit, which feels more like Miles Morales’ speed, has given us something truly practical to admire. We can definitely imagine a teenage Parker slipping into these before, after, or during school to go fight bad guys. Cosplay artists, take note.

26 Wrath Of God

via: pinterest.co.uk

When medieval meets divine you get something along these lines. Artwork by Wen-Xaeroaaa, this rendition of Thor, the God of Thunder, has us gawking in awe, and not a small amount of respect. The carefree element that Hemsworth brought to the role was all well and good, but here we get a peek at what the original Thor might have seemed like to mortals. As intense as Batman and as mighty as the Son of Krypton, this is the Thor renowned for defending Asgard, and the universe, against the never-ending surge of villainous forces from the likes of Hela, Malekith, Surtur, and even Loki.

25 The Ultimate Change

via: artstation.com

Ultron has undergone a fun transformation under the all-capable hands of Andy Park. Ultron was always a mecha-cyborg with superior everything (!), but in this picture we, strangely enough, see the dark soul of the character as personified by the reimagined suit of metal. Fans got a good look at this character in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but he’s been around the comic-book block several times over the years. This major villain just got to look even more major, courtesy Andy Park.

24 The Dark Ages

via: artstation.com

Aptly termed ‘Medieval Avengers,’ this and the next artwork captures the team in a bygone light. DenisM79 (also on DeviantArt) is a fan but he could very well be an ace comic book illustrator, if this image is anything to judge his work by. The brilliantly layered and ideally balanced medieval appeal integrated into popular modern-day pop culture icons is a testament to the artist’s skill and focus. From left to right you have Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man.

23 Medieval Mania

via: artstation.com

This next similarly themed image is courtesy the same artist as before, DenisM79. He has gone on to reimagine other popular heroes in a similar setting, but here we draw your attention to Hawkeye, Black Widow, the Hulk, and smoldering in the background, Nick Fury. They look splendid as medieval versions of themselves, the three primary characters especially, owing to the fact that their natures help them blend beautifully with the yesteryear theme. There is more to these images than meets the eye, and we sure hope they capture the attention of studio execs.

22 Vigilante Parker

via: pinterest.com

We have not seen this specific version of Spider-Man in any fan art renditions, and we can’t help but admire how uniquely Higgins has captured intensity, taut readiness, and at the same time that cool-casual attitude, all in one pose, in one image. As we mentioned earlier, this is also Spider-Man’s most practical teen-oriented suit, one that will be far easier to don at a moment’s notice. The more you look at the specifics of this artwork, the more you wonder what can be done with this version of Parker in the years to come.

21 The Iron Spider

via: pinterest.com

We have certainly seen no end of fan images that ideally and sentimentally capture the friendship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker. Merging their superhero avatars into one amazing fan reimagining, here we see The Iron Spider, drawn by the ingenious… Well, there have so many re-pins of this image on Pinterest that we are ashamed to admit we couldn’t pin-point (pun intended) the original artist. If this is your image, leave us a comment claiming ownership of the same. Meanwhile, the rest of you get to admire a powerful reimagining by a certain mystery artist.

20 Iron Pharaoh

via: imgur.com

You may have seen an endless lineup of Iron Man reimaginings, but we have a feeling you might have missed this one. Egyptian Iron Man, for the win. The hawk made us assume it had something to do with Assassin’s Creed, but then again we have been biased toward Odyssey of late. This seems more on a par with Origins, for those of you who are in the know. Iron Man as an Egyptian avatar makes for some splendid viewing. This special artwork is actually a variant cover for comic book issue #7: Vengeance of the Moon Knight. This purely fan-based art is courtesy of the breath-taking skills of Adi Granov.

19 The Captain Is In

via: imgur.com

It never ceases to impress when we come across Captain America reimaginings. It could be the shield, which implies a certain ‘tank’ appeal, which some gamers are sure to find fascinating. Be that as it may, here we see the good captain as drawn by one of our favorites, theDurrrrian aka Daniel Kamarudin. We have covered him well in that article so consider this an honorable mention. The artist has given us such intense meaning in all his superhero and villain artworks. It still remains our sincere wish to see them make it big time in the film circuit.

18 The Spider Bat

via twitter.com

Eric Guzman seems to have carved a niche for himself in the hero mash-up world of fan art. If this picture is anything to judge his work by, he seems to have created a stunning first impression. Known simply as The Spider-Bat, this combo of two amazing superheroes will make anyone stop to think how splendid this character will prove in action. A bat and a spider… We’ll leave it at that. In fact, Batman and Spider-Man… We’ll leave it at THAT, and let your action-packed imaginations do the needful.

17 The Iron Knight

via: artstation.com

An Artstation artist by the name of Hulkbuster has given us a glimpse into a medieval version of Iron Man that has us staring and saying very little. We have heard of the suit, but the suit-of-armor re-design brings some outstanding Middle Ages charm to the overall look in this reimagining. The design itself reminds one of powerful mages or intimidating sorcerors. The pose only serves to enhance said image, which is more than welcome in our book. While Tony Stark might frown on the anti-streamlined nature of some of the design pieces on this suit, we are sure that fans everywhere will be amused.

16 Creepy Spidey

via: twitter.com

The new Spider-suit has given us plenty to appreciate and cosplay about in due season. Some ambitious cosplayers have even gone out of their way to craft mechanical, even battery operated, spider limbs to mimic the double pair that Peter Parker boasted on one of his most recent suits, courtesy Stark Industries. This particular reimagining, therefore, gives food for thought. Seeing how it's fall, that food is probably flavored with some much-loved pumpkin spice. Art by Jong Hwan and a concept both haunting and intimidating, this version of Spider-Man may not look friendly but is amazing nonetheless.

15 New Thor On The Block

via: pinterest.com

While this next reimagining might not be a totally new concept, the art nevertheless instills a sense of wonder and originality. It could be the pose, or it could be that it’s just Thor’s natural effect on people. But this artwork by Farkhat Azhibaev is a testament to the enduring legacy of this beloved superhero. His face is a lot different from what fans have come to expect about this hero; Hemsworth has made a brand out of him, practically. This version of Thor seems older, more serious, and not in the mood for fun, which is where the ‘newness’ lies.

14 The Iron Ranger

via: artstation.com

We can’t believe we never thought of this before now. A Power Rangers mash-up with Iron Man! There have been various interpretations of this artwork, but as with any reimagining, the meaning of the art is in the eye of the beholder. In our eye, we immediately fixated on the fact that the ‘Iron Ranger’ look has everything needed to stun and regale viewers. Thanks to Kelton Cram for this wonderful piece. He has managed to integrate the classic with the modern and glazed it over with a generous dose of futurism.

13 Captain Samurai

via: twitter.com

Japanese art is not the same as anime. They are different, in that one has its roots in the nation’s rich and storied past while the other is relatively modern. In this image, we see a Samurai-based version of Captain America, courtesy an artist on Twitter who has rendered this and other popular characters as ukiyo-e woodblock prints from the 1800s. @takumitoxin has given is a duplicate, or rather a reimagining, of Tsukioka Yoshitoshi’s popular dual character wood print involving much-loved Japanese heroes Ushiwaka and Benkei. The original artwork involved a duel on Gojo Bridge in Kyoto.

12 Iron Samurai

via: twitter.com

This is the next hero on that lore-worthy bridge, Benkei reimagined as Ironman. In the aftermath of the MCU’s 'Civil War' storyline, there has been no end to fan-based art depicting Steve Rogers and Tony Stark going head to head. In the previous picture, we saw Minamoto Yoshitsune (1159-1189), aka Ushiwaka, a super-popular historical figure and Japanese warrior rendered as Rogers. Here we find Musashibo Benkei (1155–1189), a beloved Japanese warrior monk renowned in national folklore reimagined as Stark. The sheer artistic grace and value of these two images makes us proud to include them in this article. Thank you, @takumitoxin.

11 The Big Bad Captain

via: imgur.com

We have seen no end of Captain America pictures where he is the good guy. But have you ever stopped to wonder what he might look like if he were a super-villain instead? With the sheer flood of shares and online coverage that this unknown artist has enjoyed for this reimagining of Captain America and other popular heroes, we were hard-pressed to pinpoint a name. Nonetheless, it hasn’t stopped us from eventually learning it, all the while appreciating the sheer wonder and awe-inspiring intimidation that this particular Captain lays on our senses.

10 Iron Grim

via: imgur.com

Since we are on the topic of this amazing artist, Songqijin, we thought it best to share another similar work of art, in keeping with the spirit of this article. Here is one of the more popular Avengers, namely Iron Man, looking as grim as can be. The suit is doing him no favors, in the good guys’ books that is. Bio-mechanical is the word we were looking for, and this twisted version of Tony Stark is sure to put fear in Thanos himself.

9 Iron & Steam

via: pinterest.com

Who else to don a steampunk inspired suit than the one and only Iron Man? If this character’s mecha-based suit doesn’t encourage the theme, whose will? From the intricate metal-work to the monocled monkey, we adore what Kristian Biskup has done with this image. Iron Man looks like he has continued in the rich tradition of his ‘other selves’, namely that he is often found alone and ruminating about the future. This time around, it looks like the future has gone to heck, and he is wondering how to start rebuilding a new one.

8 Spider & Steam

via: pinterest.com

Not far off the previous mark, here is a steampunk version of the wonderful Peter Parker, specifically how he might have appeared, lived, and worked back in those steam-ridden times. The artwork is provocative in the inspiring sense. Dennis Medry has given us a picture that is truly worth a thousand words. It almost felt like we were looking at a vintage comic book page, but then again all good art, especially Steampunk inspired ones, should make one feel something along those tracks.

7 Captain Of The Opera

via: straatosphere.com

We come now to the final lap in our article, and we found it ideal to let one contestant do the honors. Can you imagine the Avengers reimagined as Beijing opera characters? Well, here you go, starting with Captain America. Artist ‘Daybreak’ has given us a superb set of pictures worthy of going up on any fan’s wall. The dedication to expression, pose, and grace is nothing short of amazing. Steve Rogers’ grim readiness is well captured in this image by Chinese artist Daybreak Lai (黎明), who is a commercial illustrator and founder of Fantastic Cultural Activities Planning Co.

6 Beijing Smash

via: straatosphere.com

Capturing his fury and ever-growing need to smash something, here is Hulk rendered Beijing opera-house style. Never has he looked so dressed up for any occasion, unless you take into account Bruce Banner donning a tux to attend another boring Avengers meeting; boring for him. Every part of this image seems to have captured an almost savage appeal, which is precisely what we love about Daybreak’s art style. He knows when to make it wild and when to keep it serene. Case in point…

5 The Chinese Widow

via: straatosphere.com

All grace and poise, and hiding what amounts to sharp skill and fatality, here we see Natasha Romanova, aka the Black Widow, looking gorgeous and calm in this reimagining of her as a Beijing opera character. Daybreak has managed to integrate her underlying femininity without making her appear too delicate, which is quite an enviable artistic balancing act. Natasha’s soulful solitude, peace until threatened, and a sense of imminent danger have all confluenced in this one fine piece of art.

4 Hawk-Fu For You

via: straatosphere.com

Hawkeye has always been the ‘get the job done’ kind of guy, which could probably be why the studio decided to let him cool off for a bit. Here we see Francis “Clint” Barton looking ready as ever, prepared to unhesitatingly shoot a slurry of arrows at the enemy, and defend his team with his own life if need be. While the obvious fictional link to Oliver Queen has not been lost on fans, we do still feel Hawkeye could do with a little spotlight of his own.

3 Can You Hear The Thunder?

via: straatosphere.com

The fact that Daybreak has not included any overt lightning or thunder in an artwork dedicated to Thor speaks volumes about his magnificent interpretative style. In this image, certain fans are sure to ‘hear’ the thunder rather than see it. There is a sense of Asian battle drumming that presages, for lack of a better word, a storm. That’s the magic of Daybreak’s art style, and we aren’t complaining, not in the least. Several facets of Thor’s core character seem to found new meaning in this Beijing opera-themed reimagining.

2 Mischief Tiger

via: straatosphere.com

From that sinister shade of warlock green to a pose that is equal parts secretive, serious and sizzling, we have here an image of Loki rendered Beijing opera style, and giving fans of this character a deeper look into his soul. The eyes have it, as they say, and not to mention the readiness of his hand. The God of Mischief looks like he has what it takes to bring the roof of the opera house down, and quite literally too. This is a Loki who might not play ‘Get Help’ but would rather inspire those words from the mouths of his enemies.

1 Iron Dragon

via: straatosphere.com

There are so many things about this picture that appeal to a fan’s heart, mind, and soul. That distinctly Asian pose, those perfectly rendered brushstrokes, the ideal color choice… We could go on, but then Ironman a la Beijing opera house will not get to fighting. Reminding us of all the brilliant Kung Fu movies we saw (and still see) growing up, this image of Tony Stark has us desiring, nay demanding, an encore… A Hollywood blockbuster-grade encore, with these heroes remade as Beijing opera house characters, and fulfilling an alternate timeline’s storyline. A fan can dream, can’t they?

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