30 Marvel Heroes From Weakest To Most Powerful, Officially Ranked

With Avengers: Endgame right around the corner, now’s the best time to do your homework on the superheroes in the Marvel universe. What you should remember is that the MCU isn’t the only universe Marvel has created, and there are scores of heroes out there who might be more powerful than your preferred superhero. This doesn’t mean your favorite hero is bad, but that Marvel just has so many superhero choices out there, that not everyone can find themselves in the top list. As Avengers: Endgame is supposed to be the final film in the initial 22-film saga of the MCU, you should be prepared to see many new superhero faces showing up as the upcoming years roll by.

The MCU has focused on certain characters more than others since these characters are supposed to be the main heroes. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, the Guardians, and more have all been the focal point of the series, and people have undoubtedly led to believe that these main characters are the most powerful. But that’s just not the case as a cast of supporting characters outnumber many of the main ones in the power arena – this is your chance to find out just which ones are up the ladder.

For this list, we’ve eliminated similar level characters for those who are more prominent, since then this list would’ve been endless. This means some characters you’re thinking of might not be here, but you should understand a similar character has been chosen in their place.

Here are 30 Marvel Heroes from Weakest to Strongest.

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30 Hawkeye

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Hawkeye would lose in a fight against Black Widow if it was in close quarters, but he’s way ahead of her in terms of archery skill. Hawkeye negates the need to fight up close since he can hit any target from any place.

He’s more dangerous than the best sniper in the world and is trained enough in combat that he’ll contend with the best fighters – he did fight Black Panther without outright losing. You could hand Hawkeye anything, and he’ll make sure it hits the right target. This makes Hawkeye more deadly than any strong fighter as he doesn’t even need to be in the vicinity to take you out.

29 Daredevil

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Daredevil’s hearing is unparalleled. He’s mastered this sense to the point where he can perceive thousand times more than anyone with sight can. His acrobatic skills are on par with Spider-Man, which only contributes to his level of perception.

It’s Daredevil’s lack of strength that makes him fall down the ladder of the most powerful superheroes; if he had that, he wouldn’t have had any problems taking down the biggest characters there are. You need a certain level of trickery to take down Daredevil.

28 Captain America

Captain America
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Captain America has all the capabilities of a human times several thousand. He can do just about anything humanely possible to imagine, but his main power comes from his will. While his super serum allows him to be a superhero in power, his will enables him to live up to this potential.

Captain America was a superhero even before he got his abilities thanks to his never-give-up attitude, and it is this quality that has seen him make the best out of his enhanced attributes. He proves that true power comes from true will.

27 The Amazing Spider-Man

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The wall-crawler has the power level of a spider that has been brought to scale with humans. This means his strength is such that he can lift wholes buses, stop bullet trains and hold together an entire cruise ship.

Spider-Man’s spider-senses allow him to perceive threats before they can take place, giving him an edge before combat. His genius intellect has enabled him to make webbing specific to his cause, while his speed means his strength is bolstered with quickness. Spidey’s got it all, and he’s still very young.

26 Groot

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Being an organism that is both a tree and a humanoid, Groot is ageless, and functionally immortal as upon demise its sapling can create another Groot. Since Groot can regenerate its limbs and other parts of himself, you can’t really end him.

Groot can use its tree-like functions to extend his limbs and use them for attacks; his strength is such that he can pick enormous things with ease. The only way you can beat Groot is with a huge explosion, which is easier said than done.

25 Drax The Destroyer

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The Guardians of the Galaxy films like to paint him as a joke, but Drax is actually physically the strongest Guardians member. His strength is ferociously high; so much that even Groot can’t hold him with his branches.

Drax’s durability is such that he can be hit with projectiles that can destroy buildings and he’ll still walk away. Since he’s trained himself to end Thanos, Drax is skilled enough to defeat all the mid-level beings, with only the particularly powerful enough to stop him.

24 Deadpool

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Another character who is know mainly as a joke, Deadpool might be easy to beat for some, but in the long-run it’ll be Deadpool who’s the victor. His healing ability is such that the universe might get over and done with, but Deadpool would still be around.

Deadpool also has his trusted weaponry to make use of whenever it comes time to harm his enemies, and his complete ruthlessness means he won’t ever take mercy. You can cut him into pieces, and he’ll still reform himself to fight you.

23 Wolverine

via polygon.com

Like Deadpool, Wolverine has a healing factor that has ensured he’s lived for centuries. Wolverine has more than just healing factor in his arsenal as his strength is in the levels of the Hulk, who he’s battled on many occasions.

His adamantium claws can’t be broken, and his rage only amplifies his animalistic instincts. Wolverine knows no mercy when it comes to fighting, and he’ll easily behead even the most durable of enemies. If you’re an opponent with mainly physical based attacks, then you’re not going to be beating Wolverine.

22 War Machine

War Machine
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Your mind will always go first to Iron Man when thinking of an armored superhero, but War Machine is no joke. He’s got almost all of Iron Man’s abilities in his armory and is more dangerous than a majority of superheroes.

He can use flight, can shoot lasers, beams, projectiles, bullets, and explosives all at the same time. War Machine has an added advantage in that he’s an army man, which means you have no hope of beating him even in close quarter combat.

21 The Thing

The Thing
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The Thing's power level is such that Doctor Doom always looks to avoid battling him. Since he’s made of rock, it also means The Thing doesn’t really have much of a weaknesses as he can be resistant to fire, water, and can easily knock back cold attacks.

For a being who’s extremely heavy, the Thing is remarkably quick, and running away from him is like outrunning the perfect storm – you’re just not going to win. With his extremely hard-hitting offense and invulnerability, the Thing is almost completely unbeatable. The only problem is smarter foes can plan against him.

20 Black Panther

Black Panther
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As Black Panther is the richest man in the whole universe, he has access to every kind of technology you can think of – and a little known substance known as vibranium. His suit is indestructible, and every type of offense against it is futile, unless you’re some next level villain like Thanos.

His suit is equipped with vibranium based weaponry, which makes them impossible to parry since vibranium is impossible to destroy. Black Panther is also a master combatant and his suit can even become invisible.

19 Storm

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Storm can control the very weather around which you stand. This means you’re never safe when around her. It doesn’t matter much how big or strong her enemies are when she can just take off in flight and cast a tornado on said enemy.

She also doesn’t need to come close to attack since she has the help of lightning bolts at her disposal. Her weakness is that her body is as frail as any human’s, but for that to come into effect the enemy has to figure out a way to come close to her – not easy considering she can just create a cyclone on them.

18 Quicksilver

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Quicksilver can be considered on God level if he gets away with it. Just go and watch his scene from X-Men: Apocalypse, and you’ll see him rescuing everyone from certain disaster in a single second. He was also able to beat down Apocalypse of all beings.

With the benefit of time, no one can catch Quicksilver as he’ll always be too fast for his enemies. The only way he won’t win is when the person he’s fighting is too invulnerable to harm, but even then Quicksilver has all the time in the world to figure something out.

17 Invisible Woman

Invisible Women
via youtube.com

How do you fight someone you can’t see? And even if you do manage to see her, how can you catch her when there’s a force field ready to tear you apart?

The Invisible Woman is, power-wise, the strongest Fantastic Four member if her powers are used creatively. She can go unseen provided she doesn’t come across water or leaves footprints, and her force fields are so powerful they can control the fire of the Human Torch. Her force fields can both trap someone, or destroy them thanks to their explosive capabilities.

16 Vision

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Avengers: Infinity War greatly ruined our perception of Vision, but when he’s not incapacitated, he has the power to be among the most powerful Avengers. Vision can fly with ease, can’t ever tire, he doesn’t need to eat or sleep, and he can lift Mjolnir.

Vision’s ability to make himself corporeal means he can’t ever lose against heroes who rely on physical strength alone. The Mind Stone grants him projectile abilities that can harm someone from miles away. This is one android you don’t want to cross.

15 Valkyrie

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Valkyrie predates Thor in existence by a few centuries. The Valkyries had power levels almost on par with the gods of Asgard, which makes Valkyrie herself more powerful than almost anything that has existed on Earth.

She can knock around the Hulk of all beings and easily defeated Loki in combat. While she’s not on Thor’s level, she can still spar enough to trouble him. Then there are the achievements she’s made as a warrior as she conquered many realms and brought down supreme beings in her quests.

14 Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch
via comicbook.com

Scarlet Witch’s main drawback is her age and lack of experience, or else she would’ve been placed almost at the very top of this list. She can manipulate people’s thoughts and feelings, and get them to do her bidding.

She’s the one with the power to destroy Infinity stones, so you can see from that itself how powerful she is. Her magic has the ability to bend the fabric of reality as she can either launch projectiles, or immobilize anything in her path. When at her strongest, she can take on god level beings.

13 Ant-Man

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You must be picturing Giant-Man when thinking of Ant-Man at his strongest, but that’s not where we’re getting. Instead, it is the smaller size of the superhero which is the most dangerous.

Ant-Man can shrink so small that he can enter your blood stream and destroy your brain. He could shrink inside you and then become Giant-Man to implode you. There are several hundreds of options like this for Ant-Man to end his opponents, making him truly powerful. The disadvantage for him is that his strength or shrinking abilities won’t work on supremely powerful beings.

12 The Human Torch

The Human Torch
via youtube.com

When you’ve got the powers to go Supernova hot, then you can just cash in your victory check right then and there. The Human Torch mainly relies on flying and shooting fireballs, but his true potential is such that even the Earth could get permanently battered.

His heat is so immense that the weather of the planet can be damaged; if he remains in supernova mode, then who knows what could become of the world. The only ways to really beat him is by using the powers of space, or negating his powers somehow.

11 The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk
via usatoday.com

The Hulk doesn’t have any limits to his strength. His anger is connected to his power level, which means the more you fight and anger him, the stronger he’ll get. There was a point where World Breaker Hulk only needed to stomp on a planet to destroy it completely.

The Hulk’s powers may be strength based, but when it’s strength that is limitless and can destroy worlds, then what good could any telekinesis or projectiles do on him? The only way to fight him would be by unconventional means.

10 Professor X

Professor X
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Professor X is the most powerful telepath for good reason. If he wants to, he can trap you in a lifelike state of a world he’s created all by himself, and force you to live the rest of your life in this delusion. He’s also capable of scrambling everyone’s brains within seconds if he wants to.

Professor X also doesn’t need to be around you to hurt you, which means you could be worlds away and he’d still locate your presence and control your mind. It’s only defenses like Magneto’s helmet that can keep him at bay.

9 Mr. Fantastic

Mr. Fantastic
via youtube.com

Wait, what? What’s a guy whose power is to stretch out doing here? Well, that would be because Mr. Fantastic’s main power is actually his sheer intellect. His mind is so advanced that he doesn’t even need his super abilities to get the job done.

Mr. Fantastic’s mental capacity is off the charts; he can create any sort of device to make any superhero vulnerable. You trap him in a bad situation; he’ll conjure up a way to trap you in the worst situation. His powers are nothing to scoff at as well, as he can stretch far and beyond to incredible lengths which makes him immune to physical threats.

8 Iron Man

Iron Man
via thegamer.com

This dude is so smart, he came up with a way to “program” the Infinity gauntlet to not work for Thanos in an animated iteration of Marvel. Iron Man’s armors are versatile to the point where they have reached nanotechnology and can now become whatever he desires.

Tony’s expert inventing skills have meant he’s built things one couldn’t even dream of. Of course, his Iron Man suit is also filed with gadgets that are to the point of wizardry. In the MCU, he was so powerful that he was the only one who made Thanos bleed.

7 Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider
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Ghost Rider doesn’t feel like a mainstream superhero due to the awful movies released and his MCU version only being restricted to the TV series.

However, Ghost Rider is an actual demon from hell, which makes him both immortal and, in many ways, indestructible. His main power of showing his victim their darkest depths of the soul is a 100-percent flawless victory move, and Ghost Rider can very rarely be hurt by physical means. The Johnny Blaze version in particular is the strongest.

6 Star-Lord (Planet Level)

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When Star-Lord reaches his planet level of powers, then you can’t do anything to him. He becomes a freaking celestial, who can manipulate his shape and form into anything. Not only that, but he can then assimilate worlds into himself.

The base level Star-Lord’s gadgets are also strong enough to contend with Iron Man, but the planet level Star-Lord is ridiculously powerful. The only way to finish him would be the reach his source, and that’s pretty much impossible to locate. He can wield Infinity stones like playthings, and create something out of nothing.

5 Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel
via gamesradar.com

Captain Marvel can make use of her intense radiation-based abilities to vaporize anything she has in front of her. She also doesn’t need to worry about falling prey to space as she can easily survive without breathing.

Her projectiles are such that they are one-shot victories if she wants them to be. Her flying speed is immense to the point she can soar through space while carrying humongous ships along. She seems to be ageless with almost unlimited power, although her feats aren’t as high to give her top status.

4 Thor

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Thor lands near the very top due to his feats being immense. He was the only one who defeated Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, and he has never seen the end of his life despite fighting beings who can destroy planets.

Thor’s full-powered version can conjure lightning bolts at will, and he can reach eternal god level by wielding weapons like Mjolnir or Stormbreaker. With the power of the Bifrost in his hands, Thor can go anywhere in the universe.

3 Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer
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Now here’s a being who himself can destroy planets. The Silver Surfer’s powers are such that you could spend decades throwing offense at him and he’d heal himself within the next couple seconds.

The surfer can literally surf through galaxies at will, and he can absorb planets and other beings in his board. He really is indestructible as even when he tries to sacrifice himself, he just regenerates and carries on forward. The board he’s on grants him abilities that make fighting seem not even something worth mentioning as you know the Silver Surfer can hand wave away any attack.

2 Jean Grey (Phoenix Force)

Jean Grey
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When all you have to do is look at a certain thing to combust it into a million pieces, then is it even worth thinking of fighting this being?

The Phoenix Force imbued Jean Grey is the peak of pure power you can reach. Nothing can destroy her, and Jean Grey’s own telekinetic powers, which are near-impossible to read, become heightened to the nth degree. No sort of physical threats can hurt her, or even planet busters since she can simply take flight elsewhere – she just can’t be eliminated.

1 Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange
via variety.com

Magic basically triumphs everything. You could throw top beings like the Silver Surfer or Jean Grey at a fully powered Doctor Strange, but he can easily turn these beings into whatever he wants; so, what can one do to hurt him?

Doctor Strange could also hurl his opponent at the end of the universe, or trap them eternally in a single moment. He could also project further powers from multiple realms or have you fighting a copy of him and be somewhere else the whole time. There’s nothing you can do to a guy who can warp reality and conjure up anything he wants – making Doctor Strange the most powerful Marvel hero.

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