25 Superpowers MCU Characters Have (But Won't Use)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a titan of movie-making. It seems that not a year goes by where we don't receive a Marvel movie. Though, I'm not complaining (mostly). I enjoy superheroes; I've enjoyed superheroes since I was a child. The success of superheroes in films has been wonderful to behold. Their victory at the box office is enjoyable in part because, let's all be honest with ourselves, the first few attempts to turn Marvel comic books into movies were massive flops. A phenomenal comic book movie was a rarity in the past.

But let's focus on the here and now. Superheroes are in the mainstream, and it looks like they're here to stay for a while. Thor, Cap, and Iron Man are household names now that the MCU has given them the chance to be in the spotlight. Each movie that a superhero has starred in has allowed them to shine and show off their awesome superpowers.

Of course, as the MCU has grown, I've noticed an odd trend. Is it just me, or do the Marvel superheroes forget that they have certain powers at their disposal? When a hero has their own solo movie, they display their magnificent abilities in order to save the day. But for some reason, in the following Avengers movie, they somehow fail to use that power. What's with that? Worse yet, sometimes they'll have a power in the comics that is just not included in the movie. Read on if you're interested in discovering all of the powers our favorite MCU characters hold, that have been unfortunately misrepresented.

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25 Messing With Their Minds

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Scarlet Witch was first properly introduced to us in Avengers: Age of Ultron. One of the superpowers she uses is this weird nightmare-inducing power. She sneaks up on several members of the Avengers and makes them experience weird hallucinations.

Where did that power go? Never again have I seen Scarlet Witch use this power. Imagine if she had decided to sneak up on Thanos and give him a bad dream in Avengers: Infinity War. The fight might have panned out differently.

24 You Can Fly

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You might have forgotten this fact, but Thor can fly. He can spin his hammer around like a maniac with a yo-yo and then take off into the sky. Being in the air gives him a huge advantage over his opponent. He can attack from all sides and project lightning from above.

So why doesn't Thor fly more often?

Even without Mjolnir, Thor: Ragnarok showed us that Thor could take to the air without care wiping out several of enemies. Flying should be Thor's first action on the battlefield.

23 Danger, Peter Parker, Danger

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Peter Parker's "spider sense" frequently seems to take a break in the MCU. His spider sense is supposed to warn him when danger is imminent. It zings up his mental awareness, and then he is able to dodge out of the way of whatever is attacking. Though, it doesn't seem to alert him all the time.

How many times has a sucker-punch rendered Peter down for the count? Watch his fights and tell me you haven't seen a single moment where he should have dodged the hit.

22 A Little Bit Of Healing A Bit Too Late

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Have you ever looked at a big action scene in a superhero movie and thought to yourself that those heroes should not have survived? Superheroes, even the supposedly straight-up human ones, can endure the most grievous wounds and injuries and act like nothing happened.

Gamora is one of those heroes. Some of the augmentations she received from Thanos made it so that she had incredible regenerative abilities. Gamora is supposed to heal from injuries that might normally have debilitated her. I suppose the fall from Infinity War was a bit too much.

21 Sniffing Out Trouble

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One of the abilities that Black Panther is supposed to have is super-smell. Eating from the heart-shaped herb gives King T'Challa the graceful abilities that a panther has, including its olfactory senses.

So far, the MCU hasn't put this smelling superpower of Black Panther's to good use. No one person should have been able to hide from him. Unsurprisingly, with all the technology that Wakanda has to offer, Black Panther's nose has probably been the least effective tool for tracking down others.

20 It's All An Illusion

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Loki has the ability to create illusions. He can make images appear to people that aren't really there. He has used this trick several times on Thor and his Avenger buddies, but why didn't he attempt to use it on Thanos?

For some reason, when Loki decided to fight Thanos, he decided to settled for simple knife. Why didn't he create an illusion of himself, or something else in attempt to fooling Thanos? Where did his trickery and ingenuity disappear to at that moment?

19 Slower Than A Speeding Bullet

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Quicksilver's superpower is supposed to be super speed. We have seen several examples of super speed in different movies; it's a sort of dime-a-dozen power. Whoever holds this power can move faster than the eye can see (faster than a speeding bullet).

See, if Quicksilver has this superpower, why didn't he use it properly?

Instead of shoving Hawkeye out of the way of incoming fire, he could have moved fast enough to push the projectiles out of the way.

18 Blow Away Your Problems

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Like Superman, Thor has the ability to blow strong winds in the comics. I've always thought that was a silly power. But I guess any superpower is still a superpower.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor has not shown yet his mega breath abilities. When you have the power of a thunderstorm at your fingertips, a bit of hot air seems like nothing. Imagine if Thor had decided to fight Thanos with his super breath. That would have been a hilarious sight to see.

17 An Ego Behind Him

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 revealed to us that Peter Quill had some superpowers in his back pocket. He wasn't a regular human from Earth. His father was this godlike being called Ego, and Ego had bequeathed Peter some of his powers.

If Peter had these powers available to him, why were they never brought to the forefront? Did it seriously take an encounter with an Infinity Stone to get Peter's abilities to show face? I'm pretty sure Peter's life has been in danger many times before.

16 An Exposure To Pym Particles

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I personally can't wait for this to happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, Scott Lang, in his efforts to assist Dr. Pym with his escapades, has been exposed to Pym particles. These particles are what allow Scott to utilize the superpowers of Ant-Man. They are what make him shrink and grow.

In the comics, Scott's exposure to these particles over time have given him the ability to shrink and grow without the suit. Keep your fingers crossed that this eventually happens in the MCU.

15 Bending Reality To The Extreme

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Scarlet Witch's full set of superpowers includes a tenuous grip on reality. She is able to bend reality to her will. Characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have never outright stated that she can do this. When it comes to defining Scarlet Witch's powers, all anybody says is that she's "weird" or "freaky."

We got a sample of this during her first end credits scene. She was lifting weird blocks in the air, and then she just kind of pulled them apart. We have yet to see her perform this again.

14 Precision Targeting

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The first Iron Man movie was phenomenal. It built a solid foundation for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It also showed off the first Iron Man suit and its abilities.

When Iron Man flies to Gulmira, he saves some citizens from some bad folks. He uses a precise targeting system to fire at them, even though they were holding hostages at the time. His targeting system was so precise that it eliminated all of the hostiles without a single hostage being harmed. Where is that targeting system now?

13 Lost In Time

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Doctor Strange's take-down of the dreaded Dormammu was fantastic. Strange trapped Dormammu in a time loop. So even though Dormammu could strike Doctor Strange down countless times, the time loop always brought the Sorcerer Supreme back on his feet. That trick defeated the lord of an evil dimension.

Why didn't Doctor Strange pull that trick out of his hat during the events of Infinity War? If Thanos had gotten stuck in that time loop, who knows how the "war" might have ended.

12 Knowing How To Handle Herself

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Gamora proved herself to be well-versed in hand-to-hand combat. When Star-Lord used tricks and gadgets to get his way out of sticky situations, Gamora could drop-kick her way out of a problem.

Where did these skills go when she was struggling against Thanos?

Admittedly, he is probably equally well-versed in hand-to-hand combat, but all Gamora did to fight against him was yank away from his grip. She didn't try some nifty kick, punch, flip, or anything.

11 The Healing Might Of Wakanda

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Everett Ross, an American government official who is friendly with King T'Challa, is grievously wounded in Black Panther. He is then taken to Wakanda where, thanks to the wondrous technology vibranium has given the country, he is healed. This was an amazing medical feat.

Seriously, if something like that is possible, how is any fatal wound possible to a Wakandan? Shouldn't former King T'Chaka have been able to be saved? Shouldn't Killmonger have been healed as well?

10 Choosing Another Form

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Thor: The Dark World was not the best Thor entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It had a generic villain and yet another large-hole-in-the-sky-is-dangerous plot.

However, the movie was really cool in regards to Thor and Loki's interactions. There was one moment where Loki showcased his ability to shape-shift to his brother. He was able to turn into Cap' momentarily. Why doesn't he do that more often? He could have pretended to be someone else when Thanos attacked the Asgardian ship.

9 As Heavy As Vibranium

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Vision is known for being able to turn opaque and intangible in the blink of an eye. An enemy could swing at him, and Vision would lose his solidity in order to dodge the blow.

When Hawkeye stopped off at the Avengers' place to rescue Wanda, Vision tried to stop him. During this attempt, Vision showed that he could turn himself into a dense vibranium form. Why didn't Vision try that trick when Thanos' lackeys attacked? Nothing would have been able to penetrate his skin.

8 Looking Kind Of Aged

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The Hulk is practically unstoppable. Bruce Banner once admitted to trying to end his own life with a bullet in the mouth, but his transformation into the Hulk caused the attempt to fail.

The Hulk is actually supposed to be immortal.

Aging is foreign to him in the comic books. However, have any of you noticed that the Hulk is getting a little gray behind the ears? It's not just Bruce Banner who is aging; it's the Hulk. Look at the first MCU iteration of the Hulk, then look at the latest. He looks older, doesn't he?

7 When Strength Fails

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Aside from being an extra side of comedy in the already humorous Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax is also the strongman of the group. His strength even rivals that of Gamora's.

Drax's level of strength seems to change from encounter to encounter though.

Sometimes he seems able to take on twenty guys. Other times he struggles to hold his own with one person. All I want from Drax are perfectly timed jokes and consistent levels of strength. So far, he hasn't failed me on the first order.

6 An Inner Blast

via: io9.gizmodo.com

Hank's daughter, Hope, has been exposed to the Pym particle for a longer time than Scott Lang. Even though we've only recently seen her work as the Wasp alongside Scott's Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she's been working with her father all along.

As such, everything that the Pym particle can do should affect her on a molecular level, just like in the comics. I can't wait for the moment (if it ever arrives) when Hope finds out she can shrink and throw blasts all on her own without a suit.

5 More Wood

via: screenrant.com

Baby Groot and Teenage Groot have been a riot, but I have to admit, I miss the original Groot and all the superpowers he had. Not only could he control the wood that his own body is made of, Groot could control the plant-life in the surrounding area.

Groot could also absorb outside sources of wood and keep them for himself.

Of course, original Groot never created a handle for Stormbreaker, but one tree-creature-thingy can't do everything.

4 Thor Smash!

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In the comics, Thor gains the ability to control the earth. He becomes more than just a God of Thunder. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the closest we get to that is when Thor smashes the ground with his hammer and causes the earth to ripple in circles around him.

This is an ultimate powerhouse move, and Thor does not do it nearly often enough. This move can take out countless grouped enemies. And yet, instead, Thor elects to swing his hammer in people's faces.

3 Who Needs Binoculars?

via: themarysue.com

Gamora does not have as many augmentations as her sister Nebula, but she does have a few in her body. One of the augmentations she received gave her enhanced vision. This means that she can see things with near perfect accuracy from farther away.

When Nebula tried to attack Gamora on Ego's planet, Gamora was able to see her from quite a distance. How could anyone have been able to sneak up on her if her vision is that enhanced?

2 No One Can Bring Drax Down

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Like Gamora, Drax has the ability to heal quickly from grievous injuries. This is why Drax constantly throws himself into dangerous situations. He can handle any problem that comes his way through sheer force of will (and that healing factor).

Drax is what gamers like to call a "bullet sponge."

He swallows damage for breakfast. Still, I feel he made a poor showing in Avengers: Infinity War. He got himself into trouble almost as soon as the fight began.

1 Hulk Is Not Always Angry

via: marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com

We all know of Hulk as this giant rage monster, but if you look back on his fights in recent movies, his rage seems to have lessened. I think the last time we saw Hulk truly angry was in Avengers: Age of Ultron, when Scarlet Witch messed with his head. Now, his "Hulked" out form seems just a bit tamed.

Plus, in Avengers: Infinity War, Hulk gets himself so scared that he doesn't even want to show his face. That does not sound like the strongest being there is.

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