30 Hilarious Marvel Movie Fan Comics That Change The Way We See The Movies

We can confidently apply the title to any fan comic, to be fair. They make you laugh or think, or both, but you will never look at your favorite superhero characters the same way afterward. Whether it’s an under-the-surface feeling or an overt recall of this or that fan comic, you may see a character you like and wonder about their goals, dreams, and deeds in a new light. This is a mysterious feeling that TheGamer would like to further expose you to in this article.

Granted, almost all the comics on this list are going to prove funny, but hey, it’s funny because it could be true. The fans who drew these comics tapped into their own personal opinions on the Marvel movies that featured the characters in focus. Enjoying these comics comes easy. It’s understanding a random fan’s actual take on it that’s the real challenge. But nothing you can’t handle. After all, if you are familiar with TheGamer, then you know we never cease to stop challenging your views on what’s out there on the internet.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy these fun Marvel fan comics. With Infinity War on the horizon, who knows where these characters will be going next. But for now, we can see them in a fun light!

30 The Avengers Tea Party

via: loopydave.deviantart.com

Initiating our thought fest is a rather funny British comic, where we see Captain America and Iron Man discussing a possible civil war before it actually happens. This seems like a right proper thing to do, given the situation, but then again if these two actually sat down to talk we might have gotten an entirely different movie out of the bargain.

Fans have often made it a point to share their thoughts from the realistic side of the ring. Not for the first time has there been an online comment or theory about how ideal things may have turned out if certain superheroes had a chat before committing to an accusation. English courtesies aside, we still say that American cowboyism is what makes for action-packed movies. This is Marvel, not Poppins, and we like them each for their own qualities.

Comic by LoopyDave.

29 Doomed By Disney?

via: gaudiamo.deviantart.com

After Disney’s latest takeover of Marvel Studios, fans have been freaking out over which future projects are going to get the green signal and which are going to be lost to the shelves of time. Disney’s $52 billion takeover of 21st Century Fox has brought Marvel’s best under the same roof as Fantastic Four, X-Men, and the rest of the gang.

The story-telling possibilities have gone through the roof, but so have several story-ending probabilities.

No wonder Deadpool is nervous and desperate enough to curry favor with Mickey’s 'relatives'. Movies like Deadpool and Logan portrayed a level of filmmaking freedom that just might be curtailed under Disney’s control. Whatever happens, you read it here on TheGamer, and the fan who drew this comic beat us all to it.

Comic by Gaudiamo.

28 Get Help!

via: pinterest.com

Hundreds of Marvel fans have imitated the Get Help scene involving Thor and Loki uncountable times since they saw it in Thor: Ragnarok. In a brilliant twist of comedy and mindfulness, we see in this fan comic a throwback to that scene, quite literally, as the case may be. There’s Iron Man and Captain America discussing how best to conscript heroes into their cause, when Thor and Loki perform their rendition of Get Help for the umpteenth time.

Doesn’t matter that Thanos is practically at Earth’s door. The divine brothers seem intent on having fun till world’s end. Shout out to the artwork, with its funny sketch style, which makes its comic timing easier to catch. Is Thor’s penchant to keep using his brother as his Get Help tag-along the cause for why Loki ends up siding with the bad guys?

27 Stark Reality

via: jellyfishrevolution.wordpress.com

Iron Man! The name alone calls to mind heroics on a mecha-scale, style on a par with billionaires, and all the firepower one can muster to help save the world. Tony Stark and his company have captured fan interest in superb ways since Iron Man. This comic showcases another side to Tony’s boastful adventures shared with friends at Marvel get-togethers. Then there’s that last window…

This fan seems to be hinting that Tony Stark has been saved by other superheroes more than once.

In this comic, we see Pepper Potts saving the notorious billionaire. It is not all that surprising, either. Batman too, being human, has required the aid of his superhero buddies, especially Superman, from time to time. Tony Stark is apparently no exception. Not that any of us would complain if we were to be saved by the Widow.

26 Social Tumble

via: LamechO | Pinterest.com

It has certainly been amusing to compare Captain America’s real age to his athletic build. Here we see a brief but prime example of that sort of thinking. The fan who drew this probably maintains an active Tumblr account, but then again it could be a random choice of social media for use in their artwork.

Steve Rogers has shown a distinct level of interest in how far technology progressed since he went on ice before the events leading up to Captain America: First Avenger. He’s apparently been under for about seventy years, more than enough time to be new to social media. We have a feeling Steve probably asked about selfies next. But since we know that Agent Coulson is a fan, he doesn't seem to care.

25 Busted… Not!

via: nebezial.deviantart.com

Mary Jane is a great gal, but as with most girlfriends, she can get a bit defensive where her man is concerned. At least, that’s the case in this fan comic. The artist has managed to take a cliché and make it amusing. Can we really blame her for being jealous? Spidey has made senses tingle for a lot of people, especially grateful citizens whom he saved in this or that heroic venture.

It boils down to being the girlfriend of a public figure, in a manner of speaking.

We like the realism that the artist has captured by way of expression, body language, and choice of dialogue. When we read the name ‘Rhino,’ we at first assumed Spidey was referring to one his arch-villains. Bet he’d take Rhino on any day of the week compared to Mary Jane acting like this.

Comic by Nebezial.

24 Comedy Is Deadpooled

via: andry-shango.deviantart.com

What, we were all thinking it at some point. Deadpool has indeed proven to be funnier than Spider-Man, but that’s got more to do with his innate character quirks than any downsides on Spidey's part. This fan’s take on the difference has given us an admirable scene where the two of them seem to be competing for the comedy cup.

Spidey’s witty retorts and boy-next-door quips gave fans plenty of fun Marvel memories. But then Deadpool came along and put a bullet through that standard, proving that pushing the limits can be excruciatingly funny. We love the shine that the artist has applied to their technique while drawing this picture. The season for a Stark-Spider-Man friendship seems to have shifted to make room for a Deadpool-Spider-Man mash-up that has fans loving every imagined moment.

Comic by Andry-Shango.

23 Red Alert

via: theillustriousmissjo.tumblr.com

You do one bad thing (and it might not even have been entirely your fault, to begin with) and the world immediately forgets the numerous good deeds you accomplished up to that dreaded point in your life. This is precisely the sort of train-wreck that hit Steve Rogers’ image in the Marvel movies as well as the comics when he turned over to Hydra and plead allegiance to their tentacular flag.

This fan comic has all the hallmarks of that disappointing but brilliant moment in Captain America’s storyline.

It gave us so much to think about, and meme about, and troll about. Case in point: a fan comic that seems to be hinting at a keyword trigger that gets Steve Rogers to feel an alien sense of loyalty and patriotism to the Russian cause.

Comic by TheIllustriousMissJo.

22 Man, Interrupted

via: Pics For You | YouTube.com

As ridiculous as it is mindful, this fan comic echoes the sentiments of so many fans out there who have, from day one, been extolling the virtues of a powerful magnet in helping disrupt Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit. While Jarvis has, of course, helped fine-tune the suit to stay safe in the midst of electromagnetic disruptions, this comic still tickles the funny-bone.

Imagine this happening to the arrogant billionaire at a time when he is hastening toward a goal and has, perchance, forgotten to turn on a safety feature in his suit to keep the magnet in this comic from doing its thing. All it takes is a single mistake, and this fan has captured that moment in a rather funny meme-worthy light. And let’s not forget those well-chosen dialogue bubbles.

21 The Times, They Are A-Changing

via: lenshi-no-hikari.deviantart.com

As adorable as it is thought-provoking, we see here a fan’s keen understanding of the strong bond shared between Bucky and Steve, and the just as popular Thor and Loki. In so many ways, these character pairs are the opposite of one another and yet can’t seem to let each other go.

We’re thinking ‘brotherhood of the traveling guardians,' but hey, one can dream about crazy spin-offs that will never happen.

In a scene that showcases how one of the buddies/brothers pushes the other away only to feel regretful later, the fan artist has given us a look into the tumultuous ups and downs that define the complex relationships in the Marvel multi-verse. While the art is cute and the lines are funny, we personally found a strong layer of meaning in this comic that we couldn’t quite describe.

20 In Every Sense

via: gabitozati.deviantart.com

There are several curious tidbits in this one fan comic that it makes our head spin. The artwork is admirable, crisp expression-centered strokes that serve to communicate an interesting message while still remaining aesthetic. Spider-Man has seen his fair share of critiques and acclaim, so it comes as no surprise to see him brought under a fan’s microscope.

While we cannot fully confirm the Star Wars reference, we can support the other character traits that Spidey has shown in his movies; both solo and with the Avengers. Remember the time he web-caught Captain America’s shield? Notice how he subtly desires Tony Stark’s approval? This and other quirks have only added to his complex superhero personality, and we like how well this fan has exhibited that quality in what at first might seem like a negative portrayal.

Comic by Gabitozati.

19 Great Change… Yeah, Right

via: dkettcnen.deviantart.com

This is admittedly a troll-worthy comic of Thor, also involving Loki and Doctor Strange. The movie plotline saw crucial revelatory moments when Stephen Strange gave out prophecies, which were more like testimonies from his multi-verse/astral explorations. Let’s not delve into the technicals, especially concerning this fan comic where trolling Thor’s change in hairstyle seems to be the main aim.

In a symbolic show of personal realization, inner strengthening, and a ‘That’s it, no more Mr. Nice Guy’ sentiment, we saw Thor stepping into the Grandmaster’s Arena to unwittingly face ‘a friend from work,’ at which point fans everywhere observed Odinson’s rather military hairdo. It’s been observed that Thor has blond hair with dark roots, which explains the color change. The cut, on the other hand, has been trolled to no end; for the heck of it.

Comic by Dkettcnen.

18 Get With It

via: pinterest.com

A civil war came and went, and we’re not referring to the historical one. Marvel has given us a beautifully complicated series of movies, one that’s nearing the finish line and leaving fans wondering how it’s all going to end.

The artist who gave us this comic seems to have captured the underlying sorrow felt by several characters.

The sadness exuding off Steve Rogers and Tony Stark gives us ample reason to reflect on how ill we ourselves felt watching some of our favorite heroes fighting on opposite sides, against each other. Meanwhile, in Asgard, we see the gods being critical of human choice and raising their gilded eyebrows at the mess we created on Earth. All in all, we find this comic more meaningful than it is funny. But a laugh still lingers in the air.

17 And Then The Twain Shall Meet

via: sentry1996.deviantart.com

We’re back with Deadpool and Spider-Man, in yet another episode of ‘weird best buddies.' Previously, we saw how these two characters proved to be getting closer on the internet. Their fan-created friendship must have genuinely crossed the candor line because here’s Deadpool telling Spidey his situation as he sees it. Him, and thousands of other fans who also felt that the Spider-Man movie franchise was running a bit flat.

Is that why Marvel decided to ‘pool’ Spidey with the Avengers?

Fans have said that Peter Parker was getting in on just a small slice of the action. But Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds in costume, rather) beat them to it when he trolled Spiderman: Homecoming, which resulted in a slew of online exchanges that gave us a ‘Big Bang’ of content involving the mercenary and the spider.

Comic by Sentry1996.

16 Of Mice & Monitors

via: nilaffle.deviantart.com

This is probably what started the misunderstanding that led to Civil War. A cursory glance at this comic yields little by way of logic. That’s because it’s supposed to be funny, and interestingly so. On the one hand, it grazes upon Steve Rogers’ real age, and how he might be finding it a tad difficult (senior citizen style) to acquaint himself with modern technology. On the other hand, it reveals a ‘roomie’ closeness between him and Stark that we might not have seen before.

Is the artist hinting that the two grew into besties, and that familiarity bred contempt? While you ponder the philosophy behind that query, we’ll go back to admiring the expressive brushstrokes and clear sense of timing that this artist has applied in their fan comic.

Comic by Nilaffle.

15 Expert Reasoning

via: Peter Parker Romanoff | Wattpad

The fan who made this may be an insect hobbyist, but then again, most people know the difference between particular classes within species. Except, apparently, for Ant-Man. In his enthusiasm to find like-minded company among the ranks of the Avengers, he seems to have crawled into an exclusive parlor.

Black Widow and Spider-Man are both, um, spiders, which leaves him the odd bug out.

The artwork portrays his reaction, and the expressions of the other two characters, to outstanding effect. You can practically feel the anime vibe coming off this comic. Black Widow’s impatience with Scott Lang’s unusual lapses into silliness makes us wonder. Is she suspecting him of pretending to be on their side, to throw them off some scent? After all, Scott is not only an electronics expert but also an ex-convict.

14 A Model Lifestyle

via: axelmedellin.deviantart.com

One of the most alluring points about Tony Stark is his access to all things drop-dead-gorgeous. Much like Batman, this billionaire is not naïve about the fairer gender. We see in this fan comic a take on his attractive lifestyle, but with a realistic twist. After all, models look the way they do because of strict dieting and even stricter exercise. Otherwise, they’re just a roll, tumble, and drop away from being… average.

And Mr. Stark does not do average, now does he? But even he’s bound to get bogged down by the constant health and fitness chatter that is bound to swamp him at the breakfast table when, after a long night of partying, he sits down for his morning meal only to learn just how many calories are on his plate.

Comic by AxelMedellin.

13 It’s Simply Not The Same!

via: twitter.com

Deadpool loves being unique, and there have been numerous moments where he has exhibited his own personal distinction on-screen. But it was not uncommon to hear some fans go, "Hey, didn’t we see that guy fight Batman?" And a wise nerd nearby might have perked their ear up at that comment, and said, "You’re mistaking Deadshot for Deadpool. It happens."

This fan comic makes you realize once and for all that those two are not the same people.

Deadpool is funny whereas Deadshot is not. He has a blatant style whereas Deadshot has secretive class. Deadpool has no limits to what he will say, to whom, and when. Deadshot chooses his words as carefully as he does his victims. Besides, we all know whose fan you really are.

12 Like Father, Like Sons

via: starvingstudents.deviantart.com

Looks like Loki’s inherent traumas and Thor’s silver-spoon tendencies go back to their childhood days when daddy dearest, in this fan comic anyway, seems to be grooming them the wrong way. We can almost imagine Odin turning a blind eye (pun probably intended) to Thor bullying his brother. Being first in line to the Asgardian throne apparently has its perks. Then again, is Odin indirectly nurturing Thor to be dominant?

This brings us to Loki, whose stealth tactics and long-winded schemes seem excusable in light of this fan comic’s events. Parents are often to blame for the way their kids turn out. Thor’s late realization of Odin’s methods probably got him closer to Loki as a brother. But by then the God of Mischief had concocted an array of diabolical plans.

Comic by StarvingStudents.

11 Cue The Immigrant Song!

via: chantalbeaulne.tumblr.com

There are so many reasons why we love this fan comic, one of which is its hilarious dialogue. The art is outstanding and the timing is almost perfect. Few fans may have wondered how a last-minute dare-all Get Help performance may probably have thrown Hela off focus. Loki, of course, seems fated to pull the short straw in most of Thor’s crazy plans. The God of Thunder flings the God of Mischief and sparks were sure to fly.

Any gamer worth their salt knows the value of good armor, but it doesn’t often make sense why gods need to wear them, especially elite ones. Hela's helm brought brilliant intimidation value to the screen, but the horns on it seem to have served a superbly funny purpose in this fan comic. We find this to be one of the most rib-tickling entries on our list.

Comic by ChantalBeaulne.

10 Divine Daydreams

via: applecherry.deviantart.com

Loki has made several attempts to control something or other in his demi-divine life. He has been rejected umpteen times, and refused at others. But that never stopped the God of Mischief from getting his act together, heading back to the drawing board, and starting a fresh scheme from scratch. Armed with the Chitauri Scepter (which soon came to gain the moniker Loki’s Scepter), this devious character has been attempting to do what Thanos has recently accomplished.

The fan comic here portrays one of Loki’s many ambitions. His goal to take over the world began with a subtle desire to take over the heroes who protect the universe from entities like him. His aim to control the Avengers has been rendered in a comic light in this sketch, and we can’t seem to stop chuckling.

Comic by AppleCherry.

9 Caught On The Web

via: hallpen.deviantart.com

There’s a scene where Tony Stark has a vision in which he sees the end of the Avengers, and especially gives Captain America’s broken shield some prolonged attention. This is apparently the moment that Peter Parker seems to be referring to when he’s trolling Captain America (aka Steve Rogers). Not only has Spider-Man proven to look up to Iron Man as a mentor of sorts, the spider-bitten collegiate seems to be revealing the little green monster inside him.

Whatever the reasons behind Parker’s choice to Snapchat this moment, we love the layers of meaning that have gone into this.

Surely, Spidey’s social media followers are already abuzz with excitement as to what’s going to take place in Infinity War. With Tony Stark looking so glum and moody clutching Steve's shield, it looks like there’s going to be a theory war.

8 The Dynamic Duo

via: neoaves.deviantart.com

The tension in this comic is palpable! Tony Stark and Steve Rogers going head to head, verbally speaking. It looks like there’s only enough room on this ship for one Captain. However, Tony’s arrogance seems to be losing him points. The Captain is quite clear, your cash isn’t going to help the Avengers, Tony, at least not in the heroic action-oriented sense of the word.

But Tony seems to have that expression on his face which means he’s only going along with what Rogers wants of him because he has something he needs of Rogers. Ever the cunning businessman, Iron Man didn’t get to run Stark Enterprises by taking orders from someone else, however old he may really be. All said and done, the comic also displays a sentimental thread of brotherhood under the distinct struggle for control on the parts of both Tony and Steve.

Comic by Neoaves.

7 An Eye For Inference

via: pinterest.com

Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, has come under a rain of arrows these past few months, owing in large part to his fate and purpose among the Avengers. The actor playing the character, namely Jeremy Renner, has hinted (we believe he has, at any rate) at wanting better exposure for Hawkeye. It seems we’re not alone in understanding his meaning. The fan comic you’re looking at might, under these circumstances, be termed scandalous, but in the funny sense.

What is the first thing you do when you want to get noticed?

You dress for it! And voila, here’s Hawkeye showing a keen eye for fashion, especially as a means to getting his image recognized on a par with the other big-hitters in the Avengers franchise. Looks like he’s trying to take a page out of Edith Head’s style book; dress for success, indeed.

6 A Crew By Any Other Name…

via: jameslynch.deviantart.com

It is not all that mind-boggling to realize that fans went berserk over the new Deadpool 2 trailer. The fact that we have Deadpool leading the show is a recipe for box-office victory. Ryan Reynolds has breathed such magnificent life into a character who might not have hit it off with fans; if someone else played the part, that is.

This fan comic hints at the apparent X-Men reference in the trailer, an observation that did not quite slip past the laser-senses of fans everywhere. We have been wanting to know whether there’s going to be a mash-up between the X-Men and Deadpool’s new crew; if that’s what they really are. The possibilities are widespread with X-Force. This comic has balanced Wade Wilson sarcasm with fan speculation, and we can’t help but read it over and over again.

Comic by James Lynch.

5 Avenger Control

via: pinterest.com

While Deadpool was all shades of brilliant, it is still a grown-up choice, especially if you are a parent who likes to monitor your child’s entertainment preferences. In this fan comic, we see a hilarious take on that idea, with Captain America playing the part of a parent to Spidey.

The fact that the internet has paired Peter Parker and Wade Wilson in a spectrum of settings only adds to the comic value of this sketch.

We love the artwork, timing, and characterization that went into making this fan comic. We believe kids these days know a lot more than grown-ups give them credit for. When some of us were young, we barely even knew the stuff that the average ten-year-old does today. But hey, that’s just our opinion.

4 Spidey, Stay!

via: mandylasers.deviantart.com

We thought we’d share a similar comic, namely another Spidey-Deadpool-Avengers fan opinion brought to life in the form of a comic sketch. Here we see Spidey confronting Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, both of whom seem intent on keeping him on the Avengers side of the ring. Is this a subliminal hint to Spidey potentially wanting to join forces with Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, in some future movie installment?

Whatever this fan might have read or heard, it is always best to err on the side of awesomeness. Unlike what Peter Parker seems to be getting in this fan comic, where he is being forced to make Avengers-approved choices. We personally found it strange that he would say yes to a tech-suit courtesy of Stark Industries, but there was a good enough reason for Spidey-Parker to get into one of those; we guess.

3 The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

via: johanirae.tumblr.com

When Steve Rogers introduced Bucky to Tony (in this fan comic, at any rate) we never thought there would be so many subliminal layers of meaning embedded in an otherwise amazing work of fan-art. Not only did Tony call Bucky’s prosthetic arm ‘an outdated piece of Hydra technology’ he sorta hinted at knowing enough about said technology to make that assessment. Bear in mind we’re fooling around a bit with all this speculation.

Based on the Marvel timeline, Bucky and Steve were familiar (and came into contact with) Tony’s dad, namely Howard Stark. This brings us to Bucky’s remark on Tony being so much like his father; focused to the point of being rude. Did anyone else notice the Captain America shield logo on Bucky’s metal arm? We find the thinking of the fan who drew this comic rather interesting.

Comic by Johanirae.

2 Spidey Sensible

via: Mr Rajput | YouTube..com

Admit it, there has been at least one fleeting second in your Marvel-loving life when you saw Black Panther and thought he looked an awful lot like Batman. Spidey here is simply voicing what’s been on the minds of thousands of fans.

Both characters have a tendency to smolder.

They have both suffered serious personal losses, and both the panther and the bat do not trust easily. Suffice to say, Peter Parker has been putting his college education to good use. Where else is he apply that degree when he’s off fighting some of the worst villains in the known universe alongside his Avenger buddies nearly 24-7? It might be a silly but workable concept to confuse Thanos using a strategy with Batman and Black Panther; make him see double. But fans have probably already beaten us to the idea.

1 Alien Vs. Predator Vs. Avengers

via: res-gestae.deviantart.com

We are looking at what amounts to a fan’s take on Marvel’s winning tendency to incorporate and team up several heroes in one movie, which then exploded into a franchise containing multiple installments. In this comic, we see Thor asking Captain America’s permission to include the Predator into the ranks of the Avengers. Now, why didn’t anyone think about that before?

And, of course, where there’s the Predator there’s probably an Alien close by. Et voila, locked somewhere inside Stark Enterprises, for the glory of science, is an Alien. Imagine the possibilities if or when Tony manages to make a suit inspired by the bio-design of one of those creatures. We believe this comic is one of many that best portrays the spirit of this article. It’s sure to make you think of the varied storyline possibilities in the actual Marvel movies.

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