30 Hilarious Marvel Movie Fan Comics That Leave Us Laughing

All eyes have been on the Marvel franchise lately, even before the release of its latest films. Now, however, with the release of Infinity War, the internet has been pretty much in chaos. Fans have been waiting a long time for this film and it was a sure thing that there would be no small amount of coverage on the film, spoilers or no spoilers. With how long the franchise has been running, Marvel has become one of the biggest fandoms out there, and every day there is all kinds of content being dished out by fans.

One of the more popular things to be made is funny stuff involving the characters. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing their favorite character getting into a funny situation? Whether it be on the characters getting into an awkward situation or them one-upping one another, it’s always nice to have something to laugh about. And with the way that fans have been reacting on the internet lately? More than a few good laughs are needed.

Some of the funniest renditions of the characters can be found in the comic side of the fan-verse. From good dialogue to a sequence of events, there are some great artists who have shown some quality comedy through this form of art. It doesn’t matter if the comic is short or long, here are some comics that will either get a chuckle or two or some full-blown laughter. Who knows? We've all got different funny bones to be tickled, don’t we?

30 He's Into Stones

via: twitter.com/caio_thiago

Who doesn’t like something shiny for themselves? Thanos certainly does, with his gauntlet and Infinity Stones as shown by Caio Thiago. Doesn’t change the fact that as hilarious as this picture is, his smily is also really creepy. Is this why we never see the villains smile? Because as creepy as this is, the idea of the heroes’ reaction to this is even more hilarious. On a different note, what if the reason he’s hunted for the Infinity Stones so much is not just because he wants the powers that they hold, but also because he likes the look of them?

Just imagine how with each stone that he takes, he admires how they look against his hand like how a woman would admire how a ring looks on her finger. In fact, what if the man actually had a secret fashionista side to him? Seriously, picture this: he takes one look at some of the Avengers' outfits and basically starts roasting them; you can already tell Tony would be the first to have a comeback. Okay, maybe we’re stretching things a bit too far here, but with the way the artist's comic looks, wouldn’t you also be coming up with a few stories after having a good laugh?

29 Second Time's The Charm

via: instaparams.com

Well, it worked once, why not try again? If this actually worked and Thanos was distracted just enough, who knows, maybe they could have gotten a chance over the Titan. And if this, by sheer luck, actually worked, would that make Peter the Dancing Lord instead of Star-Lord now? Eh, doesn’t sound as great, and besides, the name might not stick in the long run. That aside, was the idea for him to distract the guy and then somebody swoops in and takes the gauntlet or distraction then surprise blasting? The latter might not work, but there is a solid plan here somewhere. Hey, that’s how it is with most of the Guardians’ adventures.

Think about it: big bad villain aims to cause destruction to all, the Guardians blast in, and after less than stellar plans and explosions all around, they end up winning, such is the formula… okay, who’s betting that Thanos punches Peter sky high before someone else attacks him? Either way, there’s going to be a whole lot of chaos with how many people are involved, and how a whole lot of them tend to have less than stellar luck. Anyone else feel like getting popcorn right now?

28 He's Not A Biologist, People

via: inediblesushi.tumblr.com

The poor guy just wants to fit in! At least let him have his moment. Just look at his face here; it’s like a puppy realizing he’s not getting a treat. Besides, while his theme may be an ant, he’s first and foremost an electronics weapon user and (former) thief. He might have a good chunk of knowledge of ants due to training, but that doesn’t mean he’s got the whole bug family figured out. Besides, Bug Bros has such a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Well, Natasha might not be happy with the name, so maybe dropping it was the best.

Still, don’t you think they would make an amazing unit? They would get the drop on enemies and before anyone realizes, come on top. They’d be something of a Sneak Crew. Yeah, that doesn’t sound right either; group names might have to stay on the drawing board. Going back to Anna’s work here, at least Peter had the decency to explain why exactly they can’t be the Bug Bros. Admit it, though: a few of us also forgot that Peter and Natasha had animal themes rather than bug themes, like Scott here does. With how catchy the name is, it’s no surprise.

27 He's Not A Happy Camper

via: lousysharkbutt.tumblr.com

Someone is definitely not happy with this new development for their side and in all honesty, who can blame the man? First, he had to deal with practically no screen time in the trailers even after he changed his looks, and now this. This is the man who had him under mind control and made him go against his friends; clearly, there is no love lost between the two. Really though, the guy obviously does not want to deal with the drama that comes in having to work with the trickster.

That arrow is obviously not made of wood, and given how temperamental the man can be, it’d be no surprise that he’s trying not to fly off and break someone instead of something here.

He was so chill and interested in meeting new people too, and then the bomb drops in and his face pretty much went “Aw, heck naw!” in a flash. Chances are, if they do have to meet with the Revengers, Clint’s gonna be way, way, WAY off to the corner the second he spots a head of black hair. Either that, or he attempts to take one or two shots but is stopped by Natasha. Heck, maybe it’s both. It pretty much depends on how RJ Pierce wants to play this.

26 The Crossover We Need

via: dreamgate-gad.deviantart.com

Deadpool’s pretty much slipped himself into every other Marvel story, so why not add Black Panther’s to the mix? And given how the two had a pretty epic car scene in their films, the idea of them having a strangely awesome meeting like this one. Kudos to Dreamgate-Gad though for making an epic idea rather adorable by having the two of them basically be bobbleheads. Now, if only there were some extra lines to show that Black Panther’s ears twitched, then this would be extra adorable. That aside, of course, Deadpool would know the call for Wakanda. With the combination of his fourth wall knowledge and internet savviness, it’s to be expected.

Just imagine, though, what if he was too distracted in his greeting that he ends up not flipping out in time and rolls with the car then ends up in an explosion, like, a Michael Bay worthy explosion? T’challa’s possible reaction alone would be worth a few chuckles. A bit of a dark humor, yes, but isn’t that what happens when Deadpool enters the picture? Seeing as Marvel is under Disney now though, chances are that any of the messy scenes that we’ve grown used to when it involves the wild mercenary are either going to be censored or toned way down to get a good rating.

25 When Meeting New People

via: kiwisparkler.tumblr.com

Okay, is this a thing with the Avengers and Guardians? Just about every time they meet someone, they end up butting heads with them one way or another before they end up getting along. Something must have happened to get weapons drawn here, or maybe both Rocket and Bucky could sense how dangerous the other is and basically went into protective mode. Fine, it’s both adorable and so like them, but still, just once, them having one meeting where it doesn’t end in head-butting or pointed weapons would be nice. That aside, kudos to the artist for the detailed work here; you can practically hear the conversation going on here.

From the look on Peter’s face, he must have made a joke that didn’t sit well with Bucky, as he always does with people he meets. That aside, can you just imagine how the meetings with the other Avengers and Guardians would turn out? Like, who would get along with who and who would end up just like these four? There are all kinds of speculations to have with all kinds of characters gathering for Infinity War, but this is something that we’ve all been waiting for for years, people, this was a long time coming even before the official reveal.

Art by Kiwisparkler.

24 Let The Ship Debates Begin

via: yoshi-fl.tumblr.com

And thus begins the latest shipping wars of the Marvel-verse. With how well Martin Freeman plays as a tiny but skilled character and given his history with Benedict, their ship makes sense. Since his appearance in the Black Panther film, however, and seeing how well he and T’Challa worked together, it was practically bait for the shippers. It doesn’t help that the three of them are gorgeous men and any of them would look good together. Clearly, yoshi-fl knows this with their illustration of the shippers via the characters here.

Really though, it doesn’t matter, no matter the fandom or people, there are always shippers ready and waiting to strike.

Heck, there may be even a few people who wouldn’t mind seeing these three together. What? You know it’s true; this is not the first time it’s happened in the Marvel universe. Steve, Tony, and Bucky ring any bells? With so many colorful characters to be found in the Marvel universe though, there are all kinds of pairings to be found in the franchise. With Infinity War out and all kinds of characters having different scenes together, it’s safe to say that the shipping section is going to go more than a little wild.

23 Something We'd All Like

via: hallpen.deviantart.com

After all the films that have been made on the web-slinging character, Hallpen actually addresses the one thing that wasn’t really touched on before, Peter’s sudden muscle gain. Seriously, the equation doesn’t really make sense if you think about it, spider bite equals muscle gain? Is that supposed to be a note on a spider’s strength? It would have made more sense if he had some sort of mutation right? Either way, we all relate to Ned here. As adorable as Peter is here with his fanboy mode, the new hero practically became a cinnamon roll overnight. Don’t deny it, there are more than a few fan pieces that were dedicated to the latest version of the hero after his debut.

That aside, Ned also raised another good point: where exactly did the spider go? Does this mean that all this time there was a chance of another Spider-Man cropping up or was it just a one-shot thing? If someone like Ned got bitten, would he end up as a muscle man overnight too? While there are a whole lot of questions that popped up from the valid points found here, can we just take a final moment to just enjoy how Peter looks surprised here? He looks like he forgot that he actually gained muscles. Honestly, this is the sweetest version of the webbed hero.

22 It Happens Every Time

via: adlark-blog.tumblr.com

Since Tony pretty much took Peter under his wing and Peter has yet to meet the mercenary, adlark’s piece here makes for a solid canon idea. We all know that as trigger and weapon happy as Deadpool is, there is a semi-good side to him that’s made him and Spider-Man able to work together. Whether it be comics or cartoons, there’s all kinds of team-up stories about Spider-Man and Deadpool partnership, something that makes more than a few fans happy.

Even the Marvel universe has made a small agreement that, debates aside, the two of them is one of the most shipped pairs. Of course, now with the current version of Peter Parker/Spider-Man being pretty much a cheeky cinnamon roll, with Tom Holland playing him, there’s only going to be more debates on the ship.

Doesn’t change the fact that no matter what version he is, Deadpool will find a way to flirt with him just because, though.

Unpredictable as the immortal may be, there are some things that you can pinpoint with him and this is one of them. Other than this, Wade pretty much annoys just about everyone in Marvel, so him being blasted or shot is pretty much expected at this point.

21 Two Sides Of The Same Coin

via: johanirae.deviantart.com

Fans have more than once pointed how the actors are basically parallels of their roles and more than once has that been proven on the internet. With Tom Hiddleston, he’s a witty and creative man who’s captured the hearts of many. Sound familiar? However, just because they’re similar, they’re still characters being played by an actor. The unfortunate thing about though, as shown by johanirae’s work here, fans tend to take influence from the actors' and films’ perspective of the character.

Yeah, the depiction here is a pretty accurate show of how plenty of fans have taken to the character, as well as his reaction. We all know that as fans, emotions can get rather high but you can’t help but feel just a tad bad for Loki here. At the same time, though, the fact that Tom may have planned this just shows another point of why Hiddleston plays so well as Loki. Either way, Loki clearly has no idea how to deal with fans. Well, given how intimidating fans can get at times though, it makes sense. Do you think the trickster managed to teleport himself away or did he end up being swallowed by his new adoring people? Latter seems more possible.

20 When Someone Knows The Ships

via: pinterest.com

Okay, someone in charge of staffing clearly knows about the fan shipping between these two because this can’t be a coincidence. There was The Hobbit, Sherlock, and now this, seriously, is someone trying to build a trifecta for the two? We already have way too many fan works trying to connect their roles as Smaug and Bilbo and as Sherlock and John, now we have to add the Marvel Universe into the mix? It doesn’t even matter if the two haven’t met yet, that’s just a small matter for fans. So long as there’s a chance for them to meet, it’s pretty much a free for all. Clearly, the artist understands.

And from Benedict’s reaction here, he pretty much expected this. Still, it would be interesting to see how the two would meet. With Ross not being all that big of a character, the chances are rather slim. Honestly, with the track record that the Marvel universe has, it’s easy to see the two of them having some sort of unorthodox meeting. Even if they never met, the fans will always find a way, especially if it involves a pair of actors who have had a recurring appearance as a shippable pair.

19 There Goes The Mic Drop

via: pencilhead7.deviantart.com

And there goes another item for the plot twist list of the Marvel fandom, it’s only going to get a lot longer from here. Seems like pencilHead7 got some reference from a certain YouTube channel on movie endings. The way that he announced the twist,, though, was so off left field was so out of the blue it almost seems real for a second, doesn’t it? You can already hear the music to match the shock and surprise of the scene. At the same time, though, the fact that this was supposed to be a serious scene just adds to the hilarity. Like, think about it, here is Peter expecting something deep is going down and then guy drops this.

This was the guy who made himself known as the villain and had basically helped Peter develop as a hero. Now, just imagine the same guy put on a Batman mask and declared himself the Dark Knight. What then would be the whole point of the vulture costume be? Okay, this is clearly meant to be a nonsensical work, but still, you can already see Peter nopeing his way out the scene, backing away as the guy rants before swinging to freedom.

18 He'd Be Captain Cat

via: twitter.com

Captain America with cat paws? Now, that’s just adorable. Clearly, though, he was meant to be given something else, but it’d be no surprise if Shuri has done this on more than a few of her inventions for fun. Their clan is basically a member of the big cat family; do you really think the princess wouldn’t play around with this idea? Besides, doesn’t it look like it’s got a cute but deadly look to it? With soft pads to land on and sharp claws, it does make for a good idea. And cat shield? Can this piece get any more adorable? Cute as it is, though, it’s still hilarious how Steve reacts to his hands basically being turned into paws.

What would make this scene even better is if someone was in the background taking pictures. Going back to the whole cat thing though, it was shown that Shuri’s gauntlets had a panther-like design to them, just how many cat-themed items do you think she’s designed? You think she has some corner in her lab where she stores the more adorable looking items? What? She may be a princess who could knock someone to their feet before they blink, but does that mean she shouldn’t like cute things? Che certainly thinks she could.

17 Just, How?

via: pinterest.com

Huh, raise your hands if you expected this. From what was revealed of his past, this doesn’t seem to be his wildest antics to date. Really though, the fact that he wanted to become a Valkyrie of all things and how he explained it was pretty cute but hilarious. However, if that cross-eyed look is saying anything, chances are that the big guy is basically floating with the stars and somehow stole the armor. Just look at Valkyrie’s face, it’s pretty much saying “Why must I deal with this idiot?”

Seems like she’s seen enough of the royal’s antics that she’s gotten used to it. This begs the question, though: how the heck did the big guy fit himself into the armor? Him taking away the armor is one thing, but putting it on? That’s a real question, especially with him being zonked out as he is. What’s more, what’s going to happen once he’s back to normal? Did the armor end up being stretched out? You know what, if you think about it, there’s a high chance of Loki being involved with this. If this is something that they would do for fun, can you just imagine the different antics they get into?

16 He Came Prepared

via: lousysharkbutt.tumblr.com

What? Did you really think that Loki didn’t have a backup plan for everything that was going on? First and foremost, Loki has been identified as a trickster. Simply put, a trickster’s always got something up their sleeve, ergo it would make sense that Loki would have more than a few plans tucked away such as this one here by RJ Pierce. Given how the both the Casket of Ancient Winters and the Tesseract are blue and square like in shape and that Thanos hasn’t seen the item in who knows how long… okay, yeah, how did this not happen?

Seriously, so many problems could have been avoided with this. Okay, sure, that would have been way too easy, and there was a chance that Thanos would have seen through it but still, don’t you think the hilarity and cleverness here are just on point for Loki? Kudos to the artist really. There is, however, the question of how exactly he stored the thing away. Does he have some sort of pocket dimension or something? We all know that that thing must not be easy to carry around so… conspiracy theories, anyone? Or maybe a debate on how exactly Loki was able to control his turning blue before Thanos got iced?

15 Thanos Is Not Amused, But We Are

via: lousysharkbutt.tumblr.com

Majority of the people basically had no idea of Thanos’ arrival, so a few desperate plans here and there aren’t all that surprising. Still, literally throwing Loki at Thanos as a way of at least stalling the Mad Titan is something that’s both unexpected yet totally expected of Thor to do. What really made this all the better, though, is on how RJ Pierce worked Thanos’ expression. He looks so unimpressed and exasperated at the same time, I guess he was looking forward to some sort of big fight. What’s more, you can just see the gigantic and silent “Really?” and that was just the cherry on top of this.

If this was Thor’s first step towards some sort of big plan though… who else sees Loki just raging against his brother, forgetting all about Thanos as he throws daggers at him? This is pretty much on par with Peter dancing to distract Ronan, and if that’s so, then something epic must be coming up next. It is the Marvel formula, people, something funny happens and soon after it’s followed by something epic. Well, it did happen with Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool, and Spider-Man, so, it’s not really a formula, but it’s a fun thing that Marvel does.

14 The Most Epic Infinity War

via: envyskort.deviantart.com

There has been no shortage of DC vs. Marvel stuff to be found on the net. Debates, rants, fan art, fanfics, and more, this is one of the longest-running fights among fandoms. When it comes to fan art and comics, though, it’s usually on the heroes either meeting, butting heads, or having a funny scenario together. So what about having something about the villains, like Envyskort’s piece here? Oh sure, there are all kinds of funny comics involving the villains getting duped by the heroes, but how about something on the villains themselves and a crossover at that?

Envyskort shows that all it takes to make these two epic images of hilarity is to basically transform them into prom girls vying for the crown. The fact that the “crown” they’re fighting for is the Infinity Gauntlet transformed just makes this all the better. Also, who knew that they would look so fabulous in prom dresses? Seriously, this is the Infinity War that should have happened instead.

Just imagine how it would look if one of them wins then declares, “I am the Prom Queen of the Universe, bow before me.”

What’s more, if they want to be Prom Queen, does that mean there’s a Prom King? Now that’s a scary thought.

13 It's Canon And Fandom Combined

via: pinterest.com

While Spider-Man is basically considered as the baby of the group, he’s also one of the strongest and most underestimated given how he’s a rather new hero. A scene like this, with him, somehow ending up in a fight and captured only to end up escaping and leaving people disoriented isn’t something new. Having him as a cute little bundle who basically schools two adults is a nice combination of classic Spider-Man hilarity and a fan image. While the overall result is great, though, the way that the two of them were holding the spider-themed hero with one hand was already showing a great set-up for the rest of the photo.

What would have made the ending even better though is that two of them have shared a line like an agreement that they tell no one of what happened. Eh, too corny, the idea of someone else finding the two and asking them what happened makes for a funnier image. Can you just imagine how Bucky and Sam would react from this, though? The image of them chasing around this tiny version of the webbed hero is just a series of comic hilarity waiting to happen. That is, unless he ends up going to Tony, then that’s a whole different story there.

12 Something Shouldn't Be Here

via: pinterest.com

So do people still remember Spider-Man 3? The film that basically a teenage punk/emo stage even though he’s supposed to be an adult? Seriously, the clothes, the hair, THE DANCING, there was a whole lot to cringe about in this film. It doesn’t help that there are still memes circling around and featuring the emo hair and a certain expression. If Marvel found a way to make fun of the film it would be no surprise. What’s more, it would definitely go something like this. Seeing that Spider-Man is one of the few characters who breaks the fourth wall, it makes sense that he would be the one to comment. As funny as this is, though, let’s just leave it at this.

The whole new design and such is fine Marvel but please, never try to make Spiderman “edgy” again, just… please don’t.

We’re quite happy with the cheeky and adorable version that Tom Holland has brought in, thank you very much. Now, how many more dark and edgy jokes do you think can pop up before it gets old? Honestly, though, raise your hands if any of you denies a joke to be found here. We all can accept that.

11 Oh, Like He Has Room To Talk

via: pencilhead7.deviantart.com

Oh… wow, looks like someone stepped on a landmine there. This is coming from the guy who thought a dance off would be the best way to distract/defeat one of the biggest villains in the galaxy. Just look at Tony’s face here, that’s a face that’s beyond triggered. No, that’s a face that’s saying both, “Oh no you didn’t” and “How dare you” at the same time. Seriously, did Peter even hear the full plan out before he dissed it? The guy may have faced off some powerful intergalactic villains, but he doesn’t have the best record when it comes to plans.

With how much of a smart-alec the two can be, though, it’s no surprise that they would butt heads. Heck, is there even anyone that any of the Avengers or even the Guardians haven’t ended butting heads with? Well with pencilHead7’s piece, it’s a subtler case of head-butting, but still. Anyone willing to make bets on what Tony will do next? One half goes to snark and the other goes to full-on blasting. Either way, there is going to be some sort of fight that’s gonna happen and it’s not going to be with Thanos or his army.

10 Here Comes A New Trend

via: pencilhead7.deviantart.com

This is exactly kind of thing Robert Downey Jr. would do, and we have pencilHead7 to thank for sharing this fun idea. Stan Lee cameos have pretty much become a staple of the Marvel movies, but who else thinks it would be something fun for the fans if recurring actors just wander around each other's sets like here? Like what if this scene right here had actually happened? You can already smell the fan craze and theories that would have cropped up. On the other hand, the idea of the actor just slipping into the set without meaning to makes for a good laugh. Just look at the actors’ faces here, clearly, this was not planned.

And from the way that Benedict is looking here, it seems like this was meant to be a sort of action scene before Robert walked in. What’s more, you can just tell that the director is both exasperated and not all that surprised that something happened. Honestly, though, just having works/photos that involve different actors goofing around on each other’s sets does sound like a fun trend waiting to happen, doesn’t it? It doesn’t even have to be of them walking by, just a glimpse of them in the background makes for a fun cameo to zoom in on.

9 The Man's Already Dealt With A Lot

via: pinterest.com

Doctor Strange pretty much tossed Loki into a corner so he could talk to Thor. But what if instead of the Supreme Sorcerer, the brothers had encountered the former Air Force officer instead? Everett Ross was a character that started off as a simple liaison and was basically turned into an unexpected fighter in the MCU. With that change in mind, it would make sense that he wouldn’t be the type to completely stay on the sidelines. And given the popular characters that Martin Freeman has played, it’s safe to say that this here is something he would most definitely do. Think about it; from Civil War to Black Panther, he's basically been part of the battle.

After everything that he’s been through, it’s clear that the last thing he wants to deal with is Loki’s return.

While Loki may not actually be afraid of Ross as a human, the man does have some heavy self-preservation and if the trickster is actually like this, then chances are that he’s figured Ross is more dangerous than he lets on. Not all that different from a whole list of people but still, just the idea of this mighty and powerful prince being intimidated by this unassuming man makes for a whole lot of laughs.

8 When Your Friends(?) Are Giants

via: letitrado.tumblr.com

Given how half the guys on the team are pretty much-muscled giants and how tiny Tony tends to look next to them, it’s no wonder that more than a few fans would want to play around with the idea of him being teased for it. And seeing how Thor and Loki can be little trolls, this is something that they would definitely do. However, from how letitrado drew Thor here, he seems pretty sincere in not being able to see Tony.

Loki, on the other hand, is on full on sarcasm mode here. Just look at that expression of deadpan, he knows what he’s doing; unless that’s just a look of boredom. Either way, he must be laughing on the inside if does hear Tony here. The fact that Tony is clearly trying to push between the two and get their attention just makes this all the better.

It’s like seeing a little dog trying to push against two giants.

Well, as letitrado stated, as gods, and royalty at that, the two may not be used to looking down. So, who here is willing to bet that Tony will find a way so that their roles would be reversed?

7 He Has More Options Now

via: twitter.com

Anyone else notice how the male blondes of the Marvel movies have a certain pattern to them? Che certainly did. They all have beards, they all have something red on their outfit and they all tend to be rather rash. Given how Infinity War is bringing a whole lot of people together, it’s no question that the three of them would meet. And since there was that one clip that had Thor literally crashing into Peter’s ship, it makes sense that he would be the one to introduce them all. Clearly, we’re not the only ones to notice the uncanny similarities between the three of them. Their reactions, however, have no comparison to Loki’s.

He’s had to deal with one jock blonde his entire life, now he has to deal with three.

We all know that he’s played more than few tricks on his brother, the most known being him disguising as a snake so to stab him. Being gods and brothers, this seemed to have become a thing between the two. Not anymore, it seems. We're kind of happy that the movies didn't go like this, but I guess you never really know what direction a Marvel film will take.

6 It Was A Long Time Coming

via: jabberwockyface.deviantart.com

You know, Jabberwockyface gives a pretty solid point here. Every time something big comes up and involves Loki, the “Great All-Father” conveniently falls asleep or is unavailable to add to the tension. Well, if there’s one thing that Marvel has kept consistent, its that Odin ain’t winning any Father of the Year awards anytime soon. Even down to his last appearance he basically went, “Oh yeah, I’m leaving and you have a sister that you’ve got to defeat or the world ends, peace.” Still, props to the artist for the different styles of Odin falling asleep here, it really adds to the building humor.

Of course, there’s no doubt that Loki would find a way to pay back for all cop-outs that Odin has pulled on him.

And being as salty as he is, giving Odin a taste of his own medicine is exactly the type of thing he would do. The way that he snapped on that eye mask and fell with style? Yeah, it’s clear that he’s been planning this for a while. What would have really made this comic even better though is if Thor was actually around and caught him then just walked away with him.

5 How The Fight Should Have Ended

via: pinterest.com

There have been all kinds of photos that have poked fun on the Black Panther and Jaguar having feline quirks and annoyances. From chasing red dots, sitting in boxes, and claiming spaces of their own, there has been no short amount of photos that played on the idea of the hero and villain basically being giant cats. Heck, there have even been a few jokes on the two’s final battle being one big cat fight. Hey, it’s predictable, and you have to admit it that it’s an easy joke to exploit. Besides we get some real quality comedy comics like this little gem here.

The big bad Black Panther and Black Jaguar jumping on all fours over a cucumber? Priceless.

For those who don’t get why exactly a cat would be afraid of a cucumber, here’s a simple explanation. From a distance a cucumber looks like a snake, a deadly predator to them, hence, jumping in fright. While the who cat jump is great though, the real gem in this is Shuri’s face before dropping the cucumber. You can tell that the princess is just about done with everything. She’s pretty much had to clean up everyone’s mess and it’s clear that she wants things to stop, NOW.

4 He'd Be The Dino Lord Now

via: pencilhead7.deviantart.com

We all knew that someone would come up with this one way or another. With all the memes and the comics on Chris Pratt and his raptor squad, it was pretty inevitable that a fan would want to make a crossover. Besides, don’t you think that this suits Peter’s character way too well? We don’t know what he got into after he left the Ravagers and there are all kinds of galaxies to explore.

Who knows, maybe he somehow ended up on a planet that had dinosaur-like aliens and befriended them; he’s gone through weirder things.

Honestly, though, the idea of Peter having raptors as friends is perfect comedy material. The idea of him charging into battle like in pencilHead7’s piece here though? Now that’s just comedy gold right there. Just imagine how the aftermath of this comic would go, you can already hear his teammates practically screaming questions at him as the raptors tear into enemies. The awesomeness and comedy of this scenario aside, though, anybody feel the conspiracies cropping up? It’s only right given how the writers pretty much erased his original family history to make it more explosive and dramatic, so why not change his nickname too?

3 So Would This Be Wrong Movie Or Wrong Franchise?

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There’s making a crossover and then there’s taking things to another level like Dreamgate-Gad’s piece does here. We don’t know where the Doctor placed him when he opened that portal, for all we know he did, in fact, fly through different dimensions and somehow flashed through the Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Yeah… him ending up in a cartoon world and meeting his new boss is just a tad too meta even for the franchise.

What’s more, Mickey is looking way too happy about the fact that he’s the trickster’s boss now...

Also, while Loki may be aggravated now, what do you think his reaction would be if he looked down and he sees that everything has a face on it? Even the clouds… yeah, that was a creepy bit for the movie. Loki did say he had been falling for thirty minutes though, so he must have had quite the trip. What if, though, this was the last place he was falling through before he was basically dropped back to his brother and the Doctor? With the size of the portal, there would be a chance of the famous duo dropping back in along with the man. The possible antics alone would be worthy of a few fanfic works.

2 Time For Some Payback

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The moment Thor told the story of his brother disguising as a snake, it was a sure thing that photos playing around with the story and making it as funny as possible would crop up. As fun as it is to see different ways Loki tricks people via snake disguise though, how about having a Thor pull something over his brother for once? Being the type to hit first and ask questions later though, it does make that he would much prefer a hard payback rather than a surprise trick.

If this was a recurring thing between the two, it’s no wonder that even Mjolnir would want to take a whack at the trickster.

So how do you think this is going to go down? I smell a chase scene song mixed in with Thor’s cries of rage. Or maybe Loki already heard his incoming attack and is getting ready to make his escape. With the way that the comic is looking, though, the image of Thor with his hammer raised and Loki slowly backing up away with every step that he takes is the most likely. On another note, would it bad to say that this is pretty worthy of the “to be continued” meme? Hey, there’s been worse jokes.

1 Magical King Transformation

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Someone was going to come up with this sooner or later, really, a suit that comes out via a fang accessory? Of course, Shuri would take advantage of the fact that it’s only bright lights and sparkles away from magical transformation. Really, T’Challa must have gotten fooled by his sister more times than he wants to admit. The way that he looks so invested in the transformation just shows that he trusts his mischievous sister a little too much when it comes to testing new tech. Looking at that pink background and the way she’s filming, yea, that’s gonna be trending in Wakanda’s net for a while.

There’s no short amount of fan work about Shuri being a troublemaker, true, but honestly, this one takes the cake. Wait, does this mean that Shuri is actually a fan of Sailor Moon? The phrase, the bright lights, it’s all there. You can already see the two of them as kids and them watching the series together now, can’t you? Putting aside the adorable image of them as kids, you can’t help but wonder how exactly she gets her brother to do these kinds of things. Well, if you think about it, they are siblings, and she’s a genius, that just about says everything.

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