20 Marvel Movie Comics Only True Fans Will Understand

Fan fiction comics are a normal piece of art today. The internet has allowed people to convey their fandom in a more expressive way than before. Numerous websites offer platforms for budding artists to showcase their skills. These don’t need to be abstract with deeper meanings and many comic artists look to make lighter comics and tell stories that are part of mainstream media. There are countless plot points in the Marvel Universe and these can be open-ended or leave people wanting more.

To account for that emptiness comic artists make their own headcanon and post comics they have drawn themselves on online platforms. These have become popular with pure comic fans and non-fans as well as they provide a picture for our own theories for characters or give shape to informed stories we never saw onscreen in the Marvel movies.

The comics in this list can be best recognized by Marvel fans at first glance as the mannerisms portrayed by the characters in these comics are true to their attributes. These comics are rather sweet for the most part and fans will undoubtedly want moments like these seen on screen. Who knows, maybe Marvel will acquiesce and present us with these head canons as part of the true canon.

Without further ado, here are 20 Marvel comics that should delight readers.

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20 Get Help!

via pinterest.com by offensivesokovian

Thor: Ragnarok finally made Thor join the ranks of a fan favorite among the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The previous directors of the Thor movies aimed to make the character as Shakespearean as possible but this reaped mixed results as the Thor films were seen inferior compared to the Iron Man and Captain America movies. But the most recent film turned it all around by making Thor an innately fun character.

Thor’s Get Help routine with Loki showed us just how close the brothers used to be as children. Thor would fling Loki at their enemies as part of the attack. In this comic, we see Thor mishearing Ton Stark’s plan against Thanos and throwing his brother at Stark and Captain America. Understandably Loki isn’t amused.

Comic by Offensivesokovian.

19 Help A Stranger

via athew.deviantart.com

Much grief was given to poor Steve Rogers by his fellow Avengers for his lack of knowledge of the modern world along with his ‘old man’ tendencies. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Rogers let slip his disapproval for Tony Stark’s foul language and was ridiculed for it by his friends. Likewise in The Avengers, Steve was quick to point out he got what Bruce Banner was explaining by claiming he ‘understood that reference’ which has become a popular meme.

In this comic, we get to see how Steve Rogers probably interacted with an ATM for the first time.

It’s not completely outrageous to suggest Steve would think a machine can respond to him talking to it. The world had progressed so far beyond his imagination that taking a chance at communicating with the machine wouldn’t have seemed too far-fetched.

Comic by Athew.

18 Baby Fever

via pinterest.com by perfection inc

We saw a close friendship form between Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff in Captain America: Civil War. There was even a scene in the film which many have interpreted as Steve putting Romanoff in the friendzone and rejecting her implied advances. As it happened, Black Widow was revealed to harbor feelings for Bruce Banner all along leaving any chance of a pairing with Captain America unlikely.

This fan comic clings on to the Steve and Natasha shipper deck.

Arguments in favor of a coupling between the two are all over the internet. Their shippers believe the two are perfect for each other in that they both are fighters in spirit and cannot find a place in the world where there is no war to partake in. This comic isn’t possible in canon, however, as Romanoff is incapable of having children.

17 Jokes For Bros

via maggins.tumblr.com

It’s a shame we scarcely got to buddy moments between Steve and Bucky in the Captain America series. The two were brothers at heart and it’s a given they shared a number of light moments with one another as best friends do. We got to see a few snippets at the two poking fun at the other’s expense such as when Peggy Carter brushed Bucky’s advances aside he claimed he had now ‘turned into you (Steve)’. Steve then quipped back that Peggy might have a friend for Bucky as Barnes would usually get someone to act as Steve’s date in their earlier days.

After his brainwashing, Barnes hasn’t demonstrated much sense of humor but it would be hilarious to see Steve making light-hearted comments at his friend’s lack of organic arm. At least that might cheer up Bucky’s mood.

Comic by Maggins.

16 Similar Cases

via pinterest.com by orangebluecream

If you were to tell someone Batman and Spider-Man were similar they would look at you as if you have no clue how those two characters work. But in actuality, the two have a comparable story. Both of them lost their parents at the same age, and both of them were raised by elderly parent-like figures. As Peter Parker was raised by his Aunt and Uncle he has a tendency to be childish. Meanwhile, Batman grew up more hardened.

Here we see what an interaction between the two heroes would be like.

Batman has gotten indifferent in personality and offers Spider-Man some coffee... which turns out to be laced with cement. Evidently, this version of Batman feels adding in cement will harden Parker from the inside.

Comic by Piczeels.

15 Where’s My Invite?

via pinterest.com

To hype up Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel took steps over a year before the film’s release. Thor is one of the original Avengers and his absence from Captain America: Civil War was too noticeable to ignore. To reference this, Marvel made several skits of Thor being a roommate to a bemused white collar employee called Daryl and discussing his disappointment at the lack of invitation to the civil war conflict with Bruce Banner in a cafe.

In canon, this scenario seen here is also possible. Heimdall can see anything in the universe and Thor could have tasked him to keep an eye on his friends on Earth. Little do they know if he were to have caught drift of a battle where he wasn’t invited Thor wouldn’t take the news happily.

14 That Is Awesome, Dude

via afromonkeycomics.com

Spider-Man was a stark contrast to the rest of the heroes in action in Captain America: Civil War. While the others duked it out with a much bigger picture on the horizon, Spidey only had plans to go out and have a good time among superheroes he idolized. During the airport battle, Spider-Man stopped a straight attack by the Winter Soldier, halting a punch from his metallic arm with no problems and marveling at the tech.

If Spider-Man were to meet Colossus from Deadpool, just imagine how giddy the boy would be.

Colossus is also a gentle giant which would mean the two would get along together famously. Now that the X-Men series will be integrated into the MCU, we just might see this happen.

Comic by AfroMonkeyComics.

13 Father Of The Year

via youtube.com

Loki gives Odin a harder time than he deserves for his issues. Loki is someone who varies between two extremes giving no regard to anyone else’s opinion but his own. He seeks to gain his adoptive father’s approval throughout the events of Thor and when he is unable to get what he wanted he resorts to blaming Odin for overlooking him.

This picture was definitely made by someone who is a Loki fan. Odin did prefer Thor over his younger son and here we see both as babies with Thor hitting his little brother on the head with Mjolnir. A completely unaware Odin looks away claiming he is a great father. Odin didn’t handle Loki as good as he should have but die-hard Loki fans make sure he is seen as a failure of a parent.

12 Deadpool, Why?

via pinterest.com

Deadpool doesn’t care for the fourth wall. He doesn’t care about offending people either. While in today’s world a comic showing someone forcing vegetarians to go against their beliefs would spell a whole lot of trouble, Deadpool gets the exception.

There are a lot of atrocities Deadpool commits which people accept with a head shake of amusement.

The character is perfect to tow the line between offending sensitive groups and providing edgy comedy. Here we see Deadpool having no care and feeding vegetarians meat loaf! The Merc with a Mouth is popular due to his penchant for trouble. Fans will understand instantly that this comic is to be taken lightly due to it featuring Deadpool. Not everything has to be offensive and Deadpool comics give that message.

11 Different Species

via pinterest.com sodam-art

Since Spider-Man has been integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe we have seen many fans point out there should be some sort of interaction between Black Widow and Spider-Man. While the two were on the same side in Captain America: Civil War, we never saw the two interact. Spider-Man and Black Widow had scuffles with Ant-Man in the movie which led to fans wanting a scene involving the three together as they all supposedly belonged to the bug family.

However, Arachnids and insects don’t belong to the same species regardless of common perception. This means the above comic is correct and sadly Ant-Man isn’t related in any way to Black Widow or Spider-Man. Hard luck for poor Scott Lang. Not only is he on the losing side, he gets rejected here too.

Comic by sodam-art.

10 Some Things Never Change

via vinrayja.tumblr.com

Hela was born over a thousand years before her brothers Thor and Loki. There was only a year or so separating the brothers and due to this the age difference with their older siblings was striking. Odin wiped out Hela from Asgard’s history, ensuring his sons had no clue they had a sister at all. Yet we see Hela’s personality in Thor: Ragnarok and it is obvious her candor toward her younger brothers wouldn’t have been any different had she met them in their youth.

In this comic, we find Hela meeting Odin’s sons back when they were children. In the first frame, it would appear she is genuinely intrigued by the kids and would warm up to them. But in the next, though, she’s back to her menacing ways and throws Thor to the ground for holding her cloak.

Comic by vinrayja.

9 Fanboy Moment

via orangebluecream.deviantart.com

Judging by the date on this comic it seems it has been around a decade since the comic was made. What’s fitting is how accurate it still remains in 2018. Spider-Man debuted in Captain America: Civil War and was instantly giddy when meeting Captain America despite being on Iron Man’s team. He introduced himself as a ‘big fan’ to Rogers and had a number of fanboy moments during the skirmish at the airport.

Here we see an earlier interpretation of Spider-Man’s enthusiastic tendencies.

Spider-Man is a superhero in his own right, and more popular than Captain America in fact. But this comic captures how he would throw his own fame out of the window and flank Captain America with endless questions. Steve, being the good guy he is, doesn’t have the heart to tell him off.

Comic by orangebluecream.

8 Loki Can’t Help It

via pinterest.com

This comic has been made by a fan but is in fact canon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a scene from Thor: Ragnarok, Thor tells Valkyrie and Bruce Banner how much of a mischievous kid Loki used to be. According to him, in their childhood, Loki disguised himself as a snake and lured Thor into picking him up. Thor, who loved snakes, picked him up only to be blindsided by Loki’s attempt to stab him.

Evidently, Loki loves to poke Thor with sharp objects.

This piece of information also put in context Thor brushing off Loki’s stab at him in The Avengers as the God of Thunder was probably used to his younger brother trying to hit him with a knife.

Comic by racheljpierce.

7 Hulk Catch!

via pinterest.com lomonte

Ever wondered what it would be like when the Avengers all hung out? It would be crazy that’s for sure. This comic shows us how out of control it could get. Tony Stark never listens to anyone no matter if the other person puts up a valid point. The ego-centric Stark always looks to have a final word but on this occasion, he didn’t feel the crowd as he should have. At the climax of The Avengers, Tony hurtled from the sky after directing the nuke to the Chitauri. He was finally caught in midair by the Hulk and rescued.

The Hulk must have associated Tony falling on any occasion as worthy of saving and caught Stark in mid-leap of jumping into a pool. Even more hilarious is Phil Coulson wearing a suit in the swimming pool, which is accurate to his character.

6 Loki Isn’t Interested

via pinterest.com

Fangirls out there are thirsty for some clips of Thor and Loki’s childhood days as they grew up together. Unfortunately, we only have a few stories from the characters’ mouths and no flashbacks to go from. So, the next best thing for these fans was to make up comics by themselves and bring shape to the informed attributes of Thor and Loki.

Loki was never interested in being a warrior. He was always inclined towards books, sorcery and the arts which is why he closer to his mother Frigga. Thor, meanwhile, kept a special place in heart for his little brother and was oblivious to Loki’s disinterest in their warrior exploits. Here we see the two growing up from teenagers to adults with Loki remaining as bemused as ever and Thor still oblivious.

5 The Truth Of The Matter

via comicvine.com

The ‘How I actually I am / How we actually are’ comics are a favorite among the internet community. These memes show the truth when it comes to certain matters and tells those concerned how their own perception is different from others’ perception of them. Here we see several panels that show how comic fans are seen by society, families, Hollywood, and how they truly are.

Comic fans are seen as nerds by outsiders. After all, they do indulge religiously in fictitious elements that have no bearing on real life. Hollywood, though, sees these nerds as ATM machines as these fans splurge their cash on anything minutely related to comic fandom. Comic fans themselves have encyclopedic knowledge and consider themselves as wise elders. And in reality, all comic fans really are a bunch of people fighting on the internet over fictional characters.

4 A Greater Army

via fanpop.com by mriyy

At the height of his popularity, Loki commanded millions of fangirls worldwide. The character was featured for three straight years in the Marvel Cinematic Universe comprising of Thor, The Avengers, and Thor: The Dark World. In The Avengers, Loki has an argument with Tony Stark where Stark tells the Asgardian his plan will never work and he lacks the punch required to put down the Avengers as his army is no match for the Hulk alone.

If the argument had involved talking about fangirls, Loki’s army would have been nearly endless. In fact, up until Thor: Ragnarok, many claimed the only reason they watched the Thor movies was because of Loki and not the titular hero. Too bad the character doesn’t have access to these real-life armies of fangirls or he could’ve conquered Earth with no problems.

Comic by by mriyy.

3 True Love

via dorkly.com

The love life of Steve Rogers is one of the very few the Marvel Cinematic Universe has gotten right. His relationship with Peggy Carter still pulls on our heart strings despite the two only having been seen together in Captain America: The First Avenger. But a majority of the fangirls will argue Steve’s true love interest has never been Peggy Carter. They will point out Bucky Barnes instead. In canon, Steve has no romantic interest in his best friend, but fans have their own shipping going on.

This comic shows Steve waiting on Bucky as he sleeps in a Sleeping Beauty situation.

Here we don’t see the entire comic playing out but it is obvious Steve is checking around for the coast to be clear before he kisses his (in this scenario) love interest goodbye before going off on a mission.

2 Difference Of Opinions

via pinterest.com

Marvel popularized the use of end credits scene starting from Iron Man. The reason why they became so popular was the references these scenes made to future movies in production. In Iron Man, Tony met Nick Fury for the first time and he teased the Avengers Initiative. In the next film, Tony himself would cameo and further plant seeds for a future team up.

Only die-hard fans would’ve gotten these references at the time.

Now people are more aware of the ongoings of the comics as the MCU has taken flight in popularity. Still, Non-fans are left confused some of the time by the end credits scenes, as they venture further into comic book territory non-fans aren’t aware of. For comic fans, these end credit scenes wipe out any problems they might have had with the movie they just watched.

Comic by Dorkly.

1 Daddy Blues

via pinterest.com dailylolpics

This comic might be a long read but is sure worth the time. With Spider-Man’s introduction in the MCU, there was potential for Peter Parker to find a father figure. The universe is abundant with characters for Parker to look up to. Spider-Man: Homecoming established Tony Stark as Peter’s role model as well as mentor.

Peter fumbles by calling Tony ‘Dad’ and has to suffer the consequences.

The boy is embarrassed and denies his slip up. Captain America has no care for jesting and merely wants the boy to talk to his ‘father’ with respect. Tony’s interpretation is spot on as he tricks Peter into admitting he does see him as a parent. If only we could get this sort of scene in Avengers: Infinity War.

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