The 10 Fakest Marvel Movie Fan Theories Ever (And 10 That Are Completely Real)

With the end of Infinity War, it's no surprise that the marvel fandom has been particularly theory-heavy the past months. While we're never exactly free of theories from the franchise, this has sparked a maelstrom of ideas. Unfortunately, not a lot of them bring a smile to your face. We've gone down a strange path of time travel, conspiracy, and loose ends.

Which ones are relevant? Who knows. Usually, we've got a pretty good sense of which theories make sense and when we've gone a little too far down the rabbit hole. Now, we've been thrown into a world alternate dimensions. We're jumping through time like a scared bunny and the only thing that will put a stop to the madness is the release of Endgame.

It's times like these that we have to sit down, take a deep breath, and sort through this jumbled mess piece by piece. Even in uncertain times, people go so far off the rails we can push them to the side. It's these theories that throw everyone off the scent and prevent us from our usual psychic-like predictions. There are still the few among us that have managed to retain some sanity and managed to come with a few good prophecies. Let's dive into chaos.

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20 Fake: Double The Reality

Via: Cell Code

Without question, the defining moment that separated Infinity War from the rest of the movies was the click of Thanos' fingers. The good guys actually lost for once, and to one villain. A villain that, as much as most of us dislike to admit it, makes some kind of sense.

Here we have a stretched attempt to remedy our broken hearts. Instead of all our heroes perishing, the entire universe was split into two. Ant-Man being in the quantum realm would become the mini bridge between the two. Again it's not impossible but it sounds like a lot of effort to avoid demise. Especially seeing as we're pretty sure they'll be back sooner or later.

19 Completely Real: The Great Watcher

via: www.youtube.com

Most of Marvels cinematic fans probably have no idea who Uatu is. He belongs to a race of aliens that have taken it upon themselves to keep watch over everyone else. Not in a tyrannical way, no one even knows they're there. It would be fitting for the creator to play the ominous background character.

he pops up everywhere a Marvel character appears, unassuming and observing the planet earth. Of course, he's not the only one of his kind and they all watch over the different planets in the universe. You'd think one of the oldest races in the universe would give us a little help once in a while.

18 Fake: A Whole New World

Via: Youtube (Spidergate Animations)

A new character has appeared? The fans have all suggested that Lady Demise will appear as an even greater threat than Thanos is. This does play out in the comics and would be a ''true to the canon'' telling of the story. Then we have to ask, When has Marvel ever done that?

It would be a little bit of over-reaching seeing as we're already dealing with a heavy villain as it is. The only one that could break the superhero trope that the good guy always wins. If you throw the living form of Demise itself into the mix, we've got chaos. Especially seeing as there has been no build up whatsoever. A little much to ask of one movie.

17 Completely Real: The Iron Lady

Via: Screen Rant

Weddings are a big deal in the Marvel universe, always star-studded with heroes and shenanigans. It's rare that one passes without a hiccup. Though they're common in the comic books, there hasn't been a big one in the main strand of the MCU to date.

There's only one lady willing to put up with Mr. Stark.

It's odd that they haven't dropped one of their most iconic moments on us yet considering their success. Luckily for us, there's been rumblings in the underground. It's been too long that we've seen the endless smart comments that lead nowhere. Iron Man isn't getting any younger and some executive interviews have hinted at the marriage in the new Avengers movie.

16 Fake: Tony Supreme

Via: Screen Geek

When this rumor first sprang up I immediately dismissed it as far fetched. Maybe the person who is least connected to his spiritual side becoming a sorcerer supreme. How could that possibly make any sense? Yet, as time passed it seems to be more and more probable.

All but confirmed by seeing it on-screen.

They have even made a comic book featuring the scene now so I suppose we'll have to see how that turns out. Just because it's turning out to be true, doesn't mean it's not a bad plot. Now unexpected? Yes. Good story? Doubtful. Maybe they'll surprise us with a good twist but I'm not holding my breath.

15 Completely Real: The Sacrificial Lamb

via: vostory.com

Captain America has always been a righteous one. Sometimes annoyingly so, but you can always count on him to do what he thinks is right. No matter the circumstances, even if it means harming himself. This makes him interesting in the plot going forward.

We've all seen the bromance that has blossomed between Iron Man and Captain America, we also know that Chris Evans has said that he doesn't want to play the role anymore. Endgame will be the last movie on his contract which lines up perfectly for the plot of the story, maybe not so much for the Captain fans in the crowd.

14 Fake: Thief In The Family

Via: Screen Rant

This is how it happens in the comics but they've already strayed too much for this to make any sense in one movie. In the comic books, Thanos has managed to accomplish so much more than he has so far in the movies. He managed to get Demise to fall in love with him and become some kind of ethereal being. Who wouldn't be a little distracted with so much on your plate?

While all this is going on and Thanos is outside of his body, his daughter Nebula manages to take the Infinity gauntlet away from him, gaining enough power to defeat Thanos. Of course, they haven't set up any of this so it's likely they've changed the end a little.

13 Completely Real: A Weak Spot

via: comicbook.com

One of the defining moments in Avengers: Infinity War was the demise of Gamora. It was the only time we see a break in Thanos, having to end his favorite daughter (or taken victim, however, you want to look at it.) However, there's been some debate as to if she's really gone. We know the films take some liberties with the original plot but a director has confirmed they follow this close to the canon.

Thanos Achilles heel has always been Gamora.

This means that Gamora's soul is trapped inside the soul stone, explaining his visit from young Gamora at the end. In the comics, it's Nebula who strikes the final blow but as I just stated, the MCU knows nothing if they don't know artistic license.

12 Fake: The Impostor

via: youtube.com

Come on, guys. People have speculated that was disguising himself as the Hulk the entire movie. A lopsided explanation as to why he couldn't fully become the Hulk. This is another one of those where I can't give a specific reason as to why it's wrong, it just doesn't make sense.

Who wouldn't want to be The Hulk?

For one where's the Hulk really then? In the biggest fight of everyone's life, he decides to take a holiday? Not very Hulk-like if you ask me. No doubt Loki has some high-level tricks up his sleeve, which is why I don't see him making a rookie move like that.

11 Completely True: Old Found Power

via: youtube.com

Peter Quill has burst into our lives over the past few years as Star Lord and become one of the most popular characters in the MCU. In the most recent Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, we saw him meet his father, Ego. Ego is a Celestial, in other words, he's a living planet and an extremely powerful entity.

We saw Peter gain these powers when he met his father and became fairly powerful in his own right. Unfortunately that all seemed to go away when he had to destroy his father, cutting off that power source. Fans have speculated and usually, we can get a general idea from the comics, not this time. The dads are different, and so are the outcomes.

10 Fake: The Unlikely Comeback

via: marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com

When it comes to Vision it's not as simple to bring him back as it is with the others. The Mind Stone is what gave Vision life in the first place and it's now being carried around the universe in the giant hand of Thanos.

The only real option to bring him back, at least for Endgame, is to have Shuri (Black Panther's sister) re-upload him from her computer. This would take us down a very abstract path, though. Could he be the same Vision without his memories? And could he be as powerful without the Mind Stone buried in his forehead? We can only hope for the best because he's a powerful ally to have lost.

9 Completely True: Bow To Sword

Via: Screen Rant

We've all come to know and love Mr. Renner as Hawkeye, a normal human with perfect aim. Although a seemingly weak power when you've got the Hulk standing beside you, it seems to come in handy quite often. Fans of the character got dealt a blow in the last Avengers when the marksman never showed up.

I mean this is the only boss battle they've lost.

However, pictures from the set of the 4th movie have brought back some evidence. Renner has been caught out in an outfit eerily similar to Ronin's and is the straw that broke the camel's back as far as Hawkeye goes. This means a different direction for the character and some new skills. Not to mention a much better costume.

8 Fake: The Mind Stone Villain

Via: Screen Rant

Ultron and Loki before him went a little off because of the mind stone. And by a little off, I mean trying to take almost all of our beloved heroes out of the picture. We've heard all the shallow theories, Who will save the day? Who will come back? Well, we've found ourselves in the deep end.

Someone had the bright idea to start throwing the stones into the suspect pile.

All of our villains have come into contact with it and the sentience of those stones has been thrown into question. While that might be the plot twist of the franchise, there's not a lot of support for it and it's pretty anticlimactic for the entire team to be fighting a rock.

7 Completely Real: A Man of Many Faces

via: marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com

As soon as I saw Loki's demise scene I knew it was going to start the firestorm that it eventually became. The fans have had a thing for Loki from the start and he was one of the few demises in Infinity War that people consider permanent, right as the beginning which really sets the tone for the whole movie.

If we're being honest, no one has a clue what will happen with the characters until Endgame gets released. With the wiping out of half the population were all just waiting with bated breath to see which direction they'll take us. But when it comes to Loki, you can never really trust what you see.

6 Fake: Blast From The Past

Via: Geek Tyrant

The soul stone has captured everyone's imagination in the run-up to Avengers 4. Though some people seem to have slipped too far down the rabbit hole. We've all but been told there will be some form of time travel in the next film, which has lead to some complex theories that people have run with.

He's unpredictable, to say the least.

If it's not Tony's complex bromance with Captain America that gets us the soul stone then who does Tony care about more? Some would say Pepper Potts of course but no. We've gone off the deep end and come to the conclusion that he will go back in time and order the hit on his own parents. Jumped the shark a little.

5 Completely Real: Clues From The Grave

via: polygon.com

Everyone took a big hit at the end of Infinity War, we watched half the cast fade into dust. As much as everyone hated seeing it, the carnage might not be over. That's right, after all that we still might not know the extent of the damage those purple fingers did.

In the release of the brand new trailer, we see Iron Man looking at a screen of missing people. On that screen, we see Ant-Man, Spider-Man, and Shuri. We know what has happened to two of them, but has Shuri taken a hit too? Only time will tell.

4 Fake: The Smallest Trap

Via: Inverse

This has been one circulating the community. The Quantum Realm that Ant-Man is operating in wouldn't be affected by the stones' power. Reality gets a little warped when you're dealing with subatomic matter.

While there's nothing particularly wrong with it, it just doesn't seem like a fitting end for one of the best villains in the MCU. It's supposed to be epic and anything so small you can't see is hard to come off as epic. Plus Ant-Man has been a relatively quiet character in the grand scheme, off doing his own thing. Then. suddenly, he's tricking Thanos? Not likely.

3 Completely Real: Nick Fury Knows All

via: screencrush.com

When Nick Fury first came into the picture he was a regular commanding officer, albeit with one less eye. Then Infinity War came around and flipped the script on us. Not in any obvious way, I mean he's always was one step ahead of the heroes anyway.

Now we know why.

When Doctor Strange sees the 1 in a 14 million outcome, you realise that a lot of things have to come together for that to happen. We've already covered the time travel aspect of the next movie, the theory states that Strange goes back and tells Nick Fury what has to happen in order for that specific outcome. Not too far fetched when you think about it.

2 Fake: Steal The Spotlight

via: variety.com

Captain America really would be a perfect choice to be the sacrificial lamb for the franchise. A little too perfect. It's one of the most popular theories out there because it makes the most sense. Usually shows get bashed for not making enough sense but this is a little too predictable.

An ending we already know.

As it turns out both actors have stated there desire to leave the roles, and a lot less people would expect it. The last thing we want is a predictable ending, especially when they've put millions into production. If Iron Man takes the fall it will at least give us something to talk about.

1 Completely Real: The Rewind Button

via: cbr.com

While Marvel's notorious for being secretive about their projects until they hit theaters, a few pictures have been leaked. Pictures of most of the cast in older costumes, in earlier times.

This doesn't necessarily mean they're pulling a Marty Mcfly on us, after all, they could just be flashback scenes for all we know. The big clue that points in that direction is the directors telling of ''different realms'' in the upcoming movie. There have been photos taken of them in older costumes, and the directors have dropped hints about different realms.

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