Marvel Realm Of Champions Looks Like A Promising Mobile RPG

Marvel Realm of Champions is a promising looking mobile RPG.

Kabam and Marvel Entertainment have partnered for a second time to create Marvel Realm of Champions, a real-time mobile RPG set to release in early 2020. Oddly enough, the duo's first project title was just one word off; a fighting game by the name of Marvel Contest of Champions.

Synopsis and Gameplay

Realm of Champions takes place within a new realm in the Marvel Universe called the Battleworld. The God-King Maestro's death has upset a delicate harmony between Super-heroes and destroyed alliances. Players are thrown into a world where all of their favorite heroes have resorted to fighting among themselves in a battle royale.

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Once dressed the part of Super-hero, players can take their customized Champions exploring across the Marvel Universe together or battle in PvE and PvP modes. Another highlight of the game is its strategic angle. A lot of coordination is involved in the selection of class abilities, working together with friends, and even striking diplomatic truces.

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The Houses (Factions)

The Battleworld consists of various factions (or Houses) of Super-heroes. It seems there will be many Houses to choose from across this adaptation of the Marvel universe. Confirmed Houses include Iron Man's "House of Iron", the X-Men's "Pyramid X", Spider-man's "Spider Guild", and Captain America's "Patriot Garrison".

Pledging loyalty to one, players will either cooperate or battle it out to obtain resources for their house. The first details on the Houses were released yesterday, November 5th, with a trailer campaigning for Patriot Garrison.

Like Captain America, Patriot Garrison upholds justice with high regard for nobility. Whether in pursuit of these ideals or contrary to them, this group was reprimanded by the Maestro for leading a rebellion. Trapped in time for near a hundred years, the Patriot Garrison is only now reclaiming their rightful spot among the Houses.

A Super Installation to the Marvel Franchise

There is still no set release date for this upcoming mobile title, but the trailer for Patriot Garrison suggests campaigns from the other Houses will begin surfacing soon. With a focus on PvP as well as alliances and many bits of Marvel fan-service, Marvel Realm Of Champions is sure to be a hit.

Source: YouTube, MMOCulture

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