Marvel's Spider-Man Has Terrifying Boat People - Is It A Weird Easter Egg Or Just A Mistake?

Spider-Man PS4 players have been venturing out onto the boats in Hudson River and judging by what they've found, they're not supposed to be there.

Marvel's Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 has been deservedly receiving plaudits left and right during its first seven days on the market. The detail that has gone into the game is remarkable. The story, the villains, the 27 different Spidey costumes that there are to unlock. What's not to love?


The graphics are another aspect of the game that feels absolutely flawless, down to the tiniest of details. Well, that isn't entirely true. Despite only being available to the public for a week, players have already discovered something that Insomniac, Spider-Man's developers, really didn't expect them to get a close look at and sharing their findings on Reddit. The boat people on the Hudson River. Look away now if you're easily scared because they're pretty terrifying.

As you can see, Insomniac seems to have thrown whatever standards it holds for impeccable graphics out of the window when on the water. The people you'll find manning the boats in Spider-Man look as if they were left behind by the PS1 versions of the game. Sharp edges, expressionless faces, and if you climb aboard the boat you'll discover that they also don't have any hands or feet.

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There is an explanation to this, in fact, there may be more than one. It isn't simply the developers being lazy and thinking to themselves "who cares? No one will take Spidey out onto the boats anyway." Giving less detail to features that should only ever be seen from a distance has been used in video games for decades. It makes a lot of sense plus takes up less space hence making the game more efficient.

There is a more fun theory, however. Those who played Spider-Man 2 years ago might recall that the classic game also had horrifying boat people. If anything, the present day, low-graphics abominations look even worse than the originals from years ago. Many players think that can't be a coincidence and that this is another of many easter eggs on the game. If so, well done Insomniac as it is our favorite one to date.


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