Marvel's Spider-Man Gifts Its Players A Much-Requested Suit For The Holidays

Insomniac Games has a holiday gift for its fans - a Sam Raimi-inspired suit for Marvel's Spider-Man on the PS4.

Marvel's Spider-Man Suit

Spider-Man may have all kinds of uncanny powers, but did you know he was Santa Claus too? This new suit for Marvel’s Spider-Man may not be the holiday gift you were hoping for, but it sure is neat.

As hard as it may be to believe, there was a time before the Marvel Cinematic Universe became the cinema-dominating behemoth it is today. Before Robert Downey Jr. ever leapt into that fancy metal suit of his. Marvel characters were still making movies, though.

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Ye Olde Spider-Man fans will probably remember the Sam Raimi trilogy. In the years from 2002-2007, Raimi directed three Spider-Man movies, starring Tobey Maguire as the iconic web-slinger. Spider-Man 3 was a bit of a mixed bag with the critics, but the first two movies were a huge success.

The trilogy wasn’t perfect, by any means, and everyone has their own opinion of how well Tobey Maguire performed the role. You cannot please everybody. Ever. What you can do, though, is do a much-beloved character justice, and that’s what the Sam Raimi trilogy (by and large) managed to do.

Marvel's Spider-Man Suit Header
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Speaking of doing the webslinger justice, there’s no doubt that Marvel’s Spider-Man achieved this feat too. One of the biggest games of 2018, Insomniac really knocked it out of the park in this unfamiliar territory. It may have had some issues with story pacing and slightly samey missions, but it was a fantastic effort all around.

What other gripes did some players have? Well, the suit selection was always going to be a sticking point. If your favourite Spidey style is missing, or a particularly iconic one (the Symbiote suit, say) isn’t in, you’re not going to be happy about it. Insomniac have been filling in some blanks by adding some suits with each DLC episode, and now they’re back with another, especially for the holidays:

That’s right, friends. If you’re one of those players who has been crying out for the ‘Sam Raimi Suit,’ then happy holidays to you. Some may consider this outfit a little generic, not dramatically different to the classic one, but there’s a lot of Spider-history and nostalgia attached to it.

If you want a slice of that, just have your game update and then hop in.

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