Marvel: The 10 Lamest Spider-Man Toys Ever (And The 10 Best)

Everyone loves the young, socially awkward super hero Spider-Man. He represents the youth in a way the older heroes just can’t. Even if you absolutely hate spiders, there’s no way you’d ever consider squashing one of the most serialized heroes Marvel ever created. The comics have always been fairly popular, but the animated television shows and movies over the years have only bolstered the web-slinging super hero’s popularity even more.

The best part about these movies and shows is that we get to see the new and awesome toys that always follow in suit. There are plenty of action figures, collector’s items and plushes that seem to come out themed to new movie releases or popular shows; the best part is they always seem to follow certain comic versions which means fans of the books get to have some fun collecting as well. But a lot of toy makers have caught onto the Spidey trend and not all of their products have come out looking like a holiday wish list. Some of these toys are even downright terrifying! How Marvel even allowed this, we’re really not sure.

With so many toys out there, it doesn’t take an expert to figure out which ones are good and which ones should probably have never left the store’s shelf. But if you’re having trouble looking for a toy to suit your needs, we’ve got it all right here. These are ten of the best, and ten of the lamest, Spider-Man toys we’ve ever seen brought into existence.

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20 Lamest: Sticky Wall Climber Spider-Man Toys

via: zapals.com

These little guys look like something you might win at an arcade if you don’t really have enough tickets to get anything else at the prize stand. They also appear to be cheaply made. We all know these tiny, sticky toys that were often not the best when it came to how they were made, but certainly helped us kill a little bit of time.

We all won something like this at an arcade once, right?

You can put this little Spider-Man on a wall or window and watch him tumble down. Perhaps the most exciting thing you can do with him is try to have a race. But, if you want our opinion, we wouldn’t bother with these.

19 Best: Tsum Tsum Spider-Man

via: mytsumtsum.com

Tsum Tsums have been extremely popular over the years. Originally, these adorable little stackers were only really gaining popularity in Japan, but they became a hit over here in the states not long after. It all started with the Disney mobile game that involved stacking popular characters in a fashion not unlike Bejeweled.

This plush is certainly worth mentioning on our list because everyone loves having at least one soft toy in their life; why can’t it be Spider-Man? Cute plush characters might not be the most exciting, but they’re certainly worth having. Besides, he’s not the only Tsum Tsum Marvel character out there and people love collecting them!

18 Lamest: Adventure Hero Fists of Fury Spider-Man

via: ebay.com

We don’t really see Spider-Man’s fists, nor does he seem to have the slightest bit of fury in this Spider-Man toy. In fact, at first glance, it almost looked like he was in some sort of bathrobe. We get that the design is supposed to be a more elegant robe, but the material seems to be too cheap.

Also, the fact he still seems to be wearing his Spider-Man costume under it anyways seems a little impractical and redundant. While this is an older model for Spider-Man toys, we’re not sure we can excuse its particularly bad appearance. This may not be the absolute worst on this list, but it’s definitely up there.

17 Best: Spider-Man Funko Pop!

via: theawesomer.com

Much like the Tsum Tsum Spider-Man, the Funko Pop! version is just as addicting to get your hands on! Funko has done a really great job of making affordable figures that are still detailed and down right adorable. While this is the classic Spider-Man version we see everywhere, they’ve created a long list of his popular outfits, including the one from Spider-Man: Homecoming.

We all have at least fifty of these figures in our collection.

What we love about Funko figures in general is that they always try to make accurate models of characters and don’t really get rid of anything for the functionality of their figures. This is certainly a toy that could get any kid, or adult for that matter, into figure collecting.

16 Lamest: VS Rip-Spin Warrior Spider-Man

via: amazon.com

The design on this one is just a little bit out there. It’s a smaller toy, but the way you’re supposed to play with it is by winding Spidey’s head through a plastic zipline and then releasing him on a spin; much like a Beyblade toy.

Seriously, what were they thinking?

The only difference is that this is more or less an underwhelming version of more popular, and better made, spin-based toys. While the design of it is a little unique, it’s also a bit strange and doesn’t really do it for us. We’d advise maybe considering a different toy for your favorite kid’s next birthday or holiday present.

15 Best: Hot Wheels Marvel Spider-Man Web-Car Launcher

via: ebay.com

Hot Wheels has always been widely successful with its toy cars, and we can see why this one would be hot on the list. The Web-Car Launcher car looks incredibly cool! This is a more recent model, since it was designed after Spider-Man: Homecoming, so for those of you older toy collectors, you’re probably jealous we didn’t have it as a kid.

This car comes with a tiny white car, known as the “web-car,” that you place in the front of the launcher. Hitting the spoiler, it shoots out the smaller car to hit any target. This is perfect for any kid that’s simply in love with cars.

14 Lamest: Beach Spider-Man

via: amazon.com

You’re going to be seeing a lot of different Spider-Man toys that are purely Peter dressed in awkward costumes that make absolutely no sense. This is yet another one of those costumes. Perhaps the worst part about it is that he’s still wearing his mask, but has on a new outfit that comes complete with what appears to be fingerless gloves.

Why you would be wearing gloves like this to the beach, we don’t know, but that seems to be how this Spider-Man toy is rolling. We do have to admit, the trunks are pretty cool looking in design, but the toy overall just feels unnecessary.

13 Best: LEGO Spider-Man Vs. Green Goblin: The Final Showdown

via: lego.wikia.com

We can’t have a list toy and not include the LEGO brand; it’d be unheard of. Everyone loves LEGOs and it’s been one of those successful brands that not only has kept up with multiple generations of kids, but also has sustained reasonable popularity over the years.

While we picked this one, there are plenty of awesome Spider-Man LEGO sets! 

While there are plenty of Marvel LEGO sets out there, this particular showdown seems to be the talk of the town amongst toy collectors. The scene is a little easier to build, but should be enjoyable for all ages to play with. It’s a tense scene, but you’ll have LEGO Spidey by your side to save the day!

12 Lamest: Miniblocks Spider-Man

via: toonzone.com

If you’re looking for an underwhelming version of the LEGO Spider-Man sets, consider the Brick Headz series to be your go-to. In some ways, this little guy is kind of adorable, being a small version of everyone’s favorite hero. But if we’re being honest, he’s extremely underwhelming and doesn’t seem to be in the best condition.

It could be a brand issue, but overall we’re just not too certain that this is really what kids, or toy collectors, want. Brick Headz aren’t as popular as other block-building toys, but the biggest flaw here seems to be with design. Is it just us, or do the white parts of his eyes look like they’re about to pop off?

11 Best: Sphero Spider-Man

via: techguide.com.au

This one may be more for the adults, but everyone should be in awe by the Sphero’s Spider-Man! It’s an interactive, intelligent toy that can really respond to the user. You can connect him to your phone with an app that will give you a ton of options.

Primarily, he tells you a ton of fun content, including stories about being Spider-Man, but outside of his written content he also interacts with his environment. His eyes are animated and he even knows when you’re handling him! Consider replacing your Alexa with your favorite hero if you’re looking to really show off your fandom.

10 Lamest: Monster Spider

via: spiderman-animated.wikia.com

We’re not even sure where to begin with this figurine mess. We get that Spider-Man is supposed to be a spider, and in some versions, he even has multiple arms to make a total of eight, but this is going just a little too far. There’s a lot going on in terms of limbs and monster hands/claws.

This figure is the stuff of nightmares.

This doesn’t exactly look like everyone’s favorite socially awkward hero. If anything, it looks like a villain that Spider-Man would have to take down in the comics; and some of those villains should never be made into toys for little kids especially, considering how scary some of them were designed. Honestly, how would little kids even play with this one? It’s terrifying even for us adults!

9 Best: Spider-Man Gloves

via: thetoyshop.com

There are multiple versions of these gloves, but they were always the best to have as a kid. Sure, we all would love to be super strong and able to climb walls like Spider-Man, but out of all his powers, we really wanted to be able to shoot webs. It’s the one thing that truly made him the Spider-Man after all!

Over the years, we’ve been given that gift of having web-slinger gloves that allow us to spray a target with string and finally feel like the hero we’ve always dreamed of being! While some versions were certainly a mess to clean up, it was still extremely fun.

8 Lamest: Adventure Hero Street Scooter Spider-Man

via: nerdist.com

Have you ever run out of imagination, so you looked around on your neighborhood street and picked the first few things you saw? That's what we feel like happened with this Spider-Man toy.

The amount of creativity put into him is extremely underwhelming. Why not just have him as Peter Parker in street clothes at this point? Why does he need a scooter anyways when he can just swoop around on his webs? And he's not even wearing a helmet. It seems like even the priorities were out of order on this one.

7 Best: Hasbro The Amazing Spider-Man Electronic Figure

via: amazon.co.uk

Hasbro seems to have had its ups and downs when it comes to Spider-Man figures; not all of them can be perfect, after all. But this one is certainly a winner on our list. One of the things that stands out right away is the detailing that was put into the suit; the web carvings and muscle details aren’t overwhelming, but rather more or less accurate to a superhuman body.

You can tell the creators cared about how they made this figure.

If you touch the button on his chest, he can say phrases and he has three different web modes to shoot. In addition to being super flexible, this older model is certainly worth adding to anyone’s collection or toy box.

6 Lamest: Playskool Heroes Super Hero Adventures Jungle Web Spider-Man

via: youtube.com

The title might seem awesome, but the toy itself isn’t the greatest thing we’ve seen. Making its way onto our list for yet another underwhelming toy we have the Jungle Web Spider-Man. The Spider-Man toy itself is detachable from his gear; honestly, if it were just the toy itself, it would meet the standard and probably wouldn’t be on this list.

However, what makes this bad is simply the gear. The boots are stuck together, the backpack is bulky, and we’re not even sure where to begin with the plastic web launcher with a half-shot web sticking out. Overall, it’s just a little strange and oddly themed for the city-centric hero.

5 Best: Avengers Marvel Legends Series Spider-Man

via: hasbrotoyshop.com

This is considered one of the best toys you can get out there. Spider-Man is super popular, but the new Marvel Legends series has been taking people by storm. Not only are these figures extremely large, they're also extremely detailed and versatile. It's always important for a toy to have playable features, and these models take action figures to a whole new level.

If you're really looking for a gift, even if it's just for yourself, you should consider looking into the Legends series. Spider-Man isn't the only good-looking one in the bunch; there are plenty of wonderful Avengers you can have in your home.

4 Lamest: Titan Hero Series Scarlet Spider Figure

via: pinterest.com

The Scarlet Spider is an amazing Spider-Man costume and usually makes it a favorite on people’s lists. This figure of Scarlet Spider, however, should not be making it on that list. While the Scarlet Spider did have on a blue hoodie over an all-red costume, we’re not sure why this one is so ripped up.

This was a little underwhelming for a Scarlet Spider toy...

While the rest of the costume didn’t have a lot of detail, certainly some shading to this model would have made all the difference in the design. While this isn’t the strangest toy on the list, it’s one of those that was lackluster in its model, which lead to it not being very appealing.

3 Best: Disney Infinity Spider-Man

via: figurefanzero.com

Disney Infinity figures are essentially the Disney version of everyone’s beloved Amiibos by Nintendo; figures like this are becoming much more popular in recent years. What we love about them, as figure collectors, is that they allow you to connect with collectables in a way we haven’t seen before.

The Infinity Spider-Man is one of the really great figures Disney made and is certainly worth adding to your collection. Plus, you can add him in-game, so why not go all in? For kids who love video games and figures, this might have to be on the top of their holiday list!

2 Lamest: Adventure Hero Bungee Jump Spider-Man

Via: varagesale.com

The figure itself seems like your average Spider-Man toy, so we have no quarrels there. But the concept itself is just a little strange! Why would Spider-Man, a hero who can create strong webs to swing on, ever need to go bungee jumping? That, and yet again they felt the need to give him extra clothes, just in case the skin-tight suit he was already wearing wasn’t enough.

It’s an interesting choice to go with a bright yellow on this design, as well. We’re still in need of answers why Spider-Man would rely on a bungee cord when he could practically make one himself, but perhaps this is a “to each their own” situation.

1 Best: Marvel Super Hero Mashers Spider-Man Figure

via: youtube.com

Simple as this toy may sound, it’s probably one of the coolest ones on this list. Hero Mashers allow the toy owner to combine multiple characters together to create whatever their wildest imagination can think of. Want Spidey to have the Hulk’s muscles but Iron Man’s shoes?

We need the whole Avengers team if we're going to make the best hero!

Get a few of these bad boys and you’ll be able to make an ultimate hero in no time. With how many costume crossovers Marvel heroes had in the comics, it’s no wonder a toy like this came out! The only limit is how many heroes they have out and you can grab.

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