Marvel Super War Goes Into Android Beta As A New MOBA That Lets You Play Your Favorite Heroes

The closed beta for Marvel Super War began today, allowing players to test out the mobile MOBA from NetEase until June 10. As the early gameplay footage shows, many of the characters skins seem to favor the more traditional, comic book designs instead of the recent look from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The game is described as free-to-play for both Andoid and iOS devices, gathering both Super Heroes and Villains from all of the major teams. The Avengers, X-Men, and the Guardians of the Galaxy are all present, alongside individuals like Spider-man and Captain Marvel.

Via: Marvelsuperwar.com

Early gameplay appears to show a free-for-all drafting screen for a team of five players before entering into the match. Players are able to choose their character and then switch if they see a better match based on the selections made by their teammates.

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Hero characters are each given passives that seem to follow thematically with their design. Hawkeye for example has a Hero Trait called “I Never Miss” that reads “Passive: Both Hawkeye’s range and vision get progressively better as his level increases. Hawkeye’s range will increase by 7 yards and his vision by 30 yards every time he levels up. Hawkeye also have the ability to sense enemy heroes in his field of vision who would have otherwise remained invisible.”

Unfortunately, things go downhill after this point. It is a beta, so there is room for improvement. A lot of room in this case. The player next selects “Tactics” for their character. First Aid or Wound feel like Hawkeye abilities, but instead he is assigned the Blink ability, as though he were a Mage in World of Warcraft.

The gameplay is straightforward, as the team begins at its Core splits into three lanes with generic minions to push against defensive towers. As the game goes on, a player is awarded an unnamed type of currency to purchase items and character upgrades, culminating in the destruction of the enemy core, like most other MOBA games.

Afterwards, a quick glance at the character “Hero File” reveals that the game is not as free-to-play as described. A few characters are provided, but 19 others were shaded in grey, such as Star-Lord, Captain Marvel, Magneto, among others. When examining Deadpool,  “Recruit Hero” appeared for either 1199 of the not-yet priced premium currency or 9999 Gold Coins that are awarded in small amounts after each match.

Via: marvelsuperwar.com

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This follows the Blizzard example of Heroes of the Storm, where a player could grind the free currency to acquire every character. This feels odd given that there are many outfit options for the Marvel universe. They could have instead sold those for premium currency, rather than gate the actual characters from play.

As the game is only in the beginning of its beta testing, there is room to polish the game. For now, it does truly look like any generic MOBA game that happens to have Marvel characters within it.

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