Marvel: 25 Superpowers Hulk Has That Are Kept Hidden

Not many superheroes have enough strength that can rival Marvel's very own green, mean, smashing machine known as the Incredible Hulk. Can superheroes be ultra smart and ridiculously strong at the same time? Well, Bruce Banner and the hulk just proved that they can! Bruce Banner might be a scrawny individual but nobody would dare to make him angry. Every time Bruce awakens the hulk, chaos and ruin are sure to follow shortly after. Once the hulk has been unleashed, it will certainly do what it does best, and that is to smash!

Fans are very much familiar with Hulk's destructive capabilities, as well as his capacity of leveling an entire city to the ground. However, what some might not know is that total destruction is only but a fraction of what Hulk is capable of doing. Hulk is more than just a mindless tool for bringing devastating calamities upon worlds. He is also a mastermind, a dreamer, a visionary, an inspiration and even a father. If Hulk is able to keep his emotions in check and his mind clear, he is capable of becoming Marvel's most omnipotent superhero.

In fact, Hulk is so powerful that he often becomes a problem for both superheroes and villains alike! That being said, there's a good reason why the hulk is considered as the strongest member of The Avengers team. Here are 25 superpowers that show why Hulk truly is the strongest there is and why he doesn't use the full extent of his capabilities. Either way, we still won't like it when he gets angry!

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25 Hulk's Monster Underwater Powers

via protokitty.deviantart.com

When the hulk is on land, he's able to traverse great distances, cause seismic activities and ruin property all at the same time! However, some might not know that he is just as efficient underwater as he is on the surface.

Hulk is a submarine underwater the same way he's a tank on the ground.

According to Marvel, the hulk is capable of producing what they call “oxygenated per fluorocarbon emission,” which basically allows him to breathe underwater. As if that's not enough, the crushing pressure of deep sea won't have much of an effect on him either.

Artwork by Protokitty

24 The Thunderclap Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

via kego44.deviantart.com

While it's good to give an excellent performance a round of applause, that's not such a good idea when it comes to Hulk. the hulk is good at settling things with his fists but it seems like his clap is actually a lot stronger than his knuckles. Hulk's thunderclaps might have been under-utilized in the MCU films.

However, this is actually one of his strongest signature moves. According to Marvel, the hulk's thunderclaps generate a powerful shockwave similar to hurricanes and sonic booms, talk about giving a big hand!

Artwork by KEGO44

23 Double Trouble

via powerlisting.wikia.com

What makes the hulk even more dangerous than he already is? The answer is two Hulks, of course! At one point in time, the hulk was capable of splitting himself into two with help from the ever-popular super-mutant Jean Grey.

They might be in the same Hulk but they're not alike.

Based on Marvel's database, the other half of Hulk was a sort of callous and apathetic individual, unlike his hot-headed counterpart. He eventually ended up becoming one of the Four Horseman of Apocalypse known as War.

22 He's Fast And Furious

via guru-efx.deviantart.com

Wreaking havoc on land isn't Hulk's only specialty. With legs like overly-muscular tree trunks, it's only natural for the hulk to have enough strength on his legs to generate an incredible amount of speed. While the hulk can definitely outrun a race car, the downside is that the power from his legs will eventually be too much for the ground to handle.

According to Marvel, the ground will shatter once Hulk reaches a certain amount of speed, leaving him with no road to run on. With that said, it's no coincidence why he prefers jumping over running.

Artwork by GURU-eFX

21 Time Traveling

via davidbksandrade.deviantart.com

The Hulk not only traverses on land and through water, he also travels between time. There was a moment when Hulk had his intelligence intact, all while still maintaining his towering physique at the same time.

The confines of time aren't enough to keep Hulk at bay.

This smart and cunning version of the green monster came to be known as The Professor. It was at this time that Hulk had the lucidity to actually travel through time. Hulk even met his future self in the process!

Artwork by DavidBksAndrade

20 Different Shades Of Hulk

via lostonwallace.deviantart.com

Everybody who has seen Hulk in action knows that green has always been his defining color. However, Hulk wasn't always the green behemoth that we all know today. Before the Hulk's signature shade of green was even apparent, he actually started out as a grayish Hulk, according to Marvel. The different-colored versions of Hulk grant him varying degrees of abilities such as an increased wit and agility. Aside from Bruce Banner's famous green Hulk, there's also the notorious Red Hulk, a different yet equally powerful crimson Goliath who could give even Dr. Banner a hard time.

Artwork by LostonWallace

19 Powerful Split Personalities

via sleeptank.deviantart.com

Hulk might inhabit the same body as Bruce Banner but this doesn't exactly mean they share the same thoughts. In fact, Hulk actually thinks independently from Bruce, even calling him “puny Banner” on multiple occasions. Unfortunately for Bruce, his Hulk personality often takes on a life of its own.

There are even instances when various versions of Hulk completely take over Bruce's body. These multiple personalities give Hulk varying degrees of power. There's the cunning gray hulk who calls himself Mr. Fixit, the smarter Hulk called The Professor as well as the menacing Devil Hulk. These personifications of Hulk's personality make him even more hazardous to society.

Artwork by SleepTank

18 Influence Of A King

via IGN.com

With such a ginormous green body and an appetite for destruction, who would've thought that a beastly creature such as Hulk could also become a figure of royalty? Yes, the hulk actually had enough class and wit at one point that he was made into a king. Hulk ruled the savage planet of Sakaar as the Green King.

Hulk is always known for brining nothing but destruction and total annihilation to almost every place he visits. However, the hulk didn't just refrain from bringing ruin into planet Sakaar, he was able to ironically bring peace to it instead!

Artwork by statman71

17 The Incredible Dad

via samcopeland92.deviantart.com

It's quite hard to imagine a savage monster like Hulk as a father. It's even harder to fathom the idea of how the hulk is even capable of bearing a child. Does he even have what it takes to bear the responsibilities of being a father?

Wrecking cities might be bad but Hulk does make a good dad.

It turns out that Hulk isn't just good at smashing things, he's also good at being a dad. Hulk himself was even able to prove to his son Skaar that Banner was wrong about him being just a mindless mass of muscle.

Artwork by samcopeland92

16 Power Of Charisma

via emmshin.deviantart.com

For someone who smashes things more than he talks, the hulk is surprisingly a people person as well. The green beast actually has a personality that goes well with others. This is more evident during his time with The Avengers team.

Aside from teaming up with Avengers staples like Thor and Iron Man, the hulk also got along with a bevy of other iconic superheroes such as Iron Fist, Wolverine, The Thing, Spider-Man and Power Man. That's not all, Hulk even managed to form his very own band of super-powered individuals known as Warbound. It looks like hulking green monsters can be charismatic after all.

Artwork by Emmshin

15 Impenetrable Exterior

via adagadegelo.deviantart.com

Whenever Hulk shows up, it's almost always in the midst of battle, where everything can likely cause harm to the misunderstood green behemoth. Despite the danger that Hulk faces on a regular basis, he doesn't seem to show any signs of damage or scars on his body whatsoever. This is due to the fact that the hulk benefits from superhuman endurance and an insanely high resistance to nearly any type of physical harm.

Although this doesn't mean that the hulk doesn't feel pain nor take damage, as what is commonly portrayed in films. It just means that he takes physical damage way better than almost every other superhero.

Artwork by Adagadegelo

14 Limitless Power

via sharpwriter.deviantart.com

Bruce Banner can trigger his Hulk transformation when he's under extreme amounts of emotional stress. This means that Hulk's power is directly proportional to the intensity of his emotions. the Hulk's power is only limited to Bruce's level of emotional stress.

Nobody said Bruce can't get any angrier than he already is.

However, Bruce is capable of intensifying his rage making Hulk's powers near limitless. This goes without saying, a Bruce who's twice as angry is a superhero who's twice as deadly.

Artwork by SharpWriter

13 Mind-Control Resistance

via cadhla182.deviantart.com

While it's tempting to assume that Hulk doesn't have much of an intellect given his limited dialogue and vocabulary, it seems that's not the case. Hulk's mind is actually as strong as his body! There are numerous villains who use influence, persuasion and mind manipulation to gain an advantage over their adversary.

However, they won't have much luck with the Hulk since he is basically impervious to any sort of mind-control. Hulk might be known for his unintelligible grunts and one-liners but it looks like there's more to his head than all of the lines that he has every said.

Artwork by Cadhla182

12 Insanely Fast Regeneration

via marcelzero.deviantart.com

Hulk comes out of almost every firefight and skirmish looking untouched, unscathed and without a bone that's out of place. While it's easy to assume that this is due to the fact that he doesn't take damage at all, that's not exactly the case.

Hulk can put Deadpool and Wolverine's healing powers to shame.

The Hulk's body is prone to getting torn, pierced and penetrated but he heals at a ridiculously fast rate that the damage becomes barely noticeable. The green wrecking machine isn't just capable of recovering from broken limbs, he can also regenerate damaged vital organs!

Artwork by MarcelZero

11 Immeasurable Intelligence

via gebtionary.deviantart.com

Given the Hulk's incredible strength, gargantuan physique, and immense popularity, it's easy to overlook his counterpart Dr. Bruce Banner. Bruce might be scrawny compared to Hulk but his strength lies mostly in his brains, not brawn. Marvel described Dr. Banner as someone who has a brain that's too smart for any type of intelligence test to measure.

Bruce is so intelligent that the military took notice of his brilliance at such an early age. Unfortunately, Bruce was also expelled from school due to his cunning ideas, so perhaps he's just too smart for his own good.

Artwork by Gebtionary

10 Weapons Of Mass Destruction

via emmshin.deviantart.com

Can Hulk become any more dangerous than he already is? With the help of weapons, he actually can be even more lethal than ever. While Hulk is mostly known for using nothing but his own body as a weapon most often than not, there are times when he used certain weapons to double his destructive capacity.

Unarmed combat is good but using weapons is better.

Hulk used a multitude of destructive tools during his time as the Green King and the Horseman of War. Hulk wielded all sorts of weapons from broad swords and war hammers to even whips.

Artwork by Emmshin

9 Nuclear Threats Won't Work

via artdude41.deviantart.com

Nuclear weapons are one of the most devastating tools that mankind has ever created. However, these destructive weapons still couldn't leave a dent in the Hulk. Hulk is so accustomed to radiation that nuclear explosions have little to no effect on him.

This makes the green giant the perfect candidate for Nick Fury to send in order to stop a weapon that could detonate all nuclear weapons on Earth. Unsurprisingly, he was able to get the job done which proves that even mankind's strongest weapon is no match for the Incredible Hulk.

Artwork by Artdude41

8 No Sick Leave Required

via grantparsley.deviantart.com

No matter how powerful superheroes may seem, there are some who still get afflicted with certain illnesses and viral diseases. Not in Hulk's case, the green collossus is basically invulnerable to any forms of sickness. This makes health concerns the least of Hulk's worries.

Hulk would rather take a vacation leave than a sick leave given his remarkable condition.

As if that wasn't enough, lethal poisons won't affect the Hulk by much either. If the black plague ever infects Marvel's universe, it's safe to say that the Hulk can carelessly relax and unwind while the rest of the world is in panic.

Artwork by Grantparsley

7 Time Fears The Hulk

via fpeniche.deviantart.com

Everyone grows old at some point but that does not include the Incredible Hulk, he only grows stronger the older he gets! Time isn't a factor for Hulk as his regenerative abilities make him almost immune to the passing of time. In fact, the future version of Hulk was able to outlive and outlast almost every other being on Earth.

People naturally grow weaker as they age but for the Hulk, it's quite the opposite since he only becomes the stronger version of himself as times goes by. This actually makes Hulk a timeless superhero in the process. Let's just hope his anger eventually subsides.

Artwork by Fpeniche

6 Space Cannot Contain Hulk

via guisadong-gulay.deviantart.com

The vast and empty realm of space is devoid of life for a reason. Not many lifeforms can thrive in such a cold and harsh environments such as space. Of course, this isn't enough to deter Hulk from traversing the void of space itself.

Unlike Iron Man, the Hulk doesn't need any oxygen tank or iron-suit to venture into space as he is well equipped in handling extreme temperatures. If there's anyone who can survive in space wearing nothing but some tattered shorts, rest assured that it's going to be Hulk.

Artwork by Carlo Pagulayan

5 Super-Villain Capabilities

via statman71.deviantart.com

Sure, the Hulky can be mean and downright scary at times but at the end of the day, he's still one of the good guys. That might be true for the present-day Hulk but it looks like he still has the tendency of turning into a full-blown supervillain with a more devastating arsenal. In an alternate reality, Hulk turned into the supervillain The Maestro.

Just when fans thought Hulk couldn't get any stronger, his future-self proved otherwise by merging Banner's superior intellect with his colossal strength. Of course, this only made Hulk into a being of raw power.

Artwork by Statman71

4 Stronger Than Every Marvel Hero

via andreameloni.deviantart.com

If love can move mountains, so could Hulk. According to Marvel's Top 10 list, the Hulk is not only capable of moving mountains, he's also capable of carrying them as well! Hulk's strength is no secret but the extent of his power is often undermined when other, more flashy heroes, come into the picture.

However, Hulk wasn't kidding when he said that he was the strongest there is. In fact, Hulk is considered as “the strongest living mortal to stride the earth.” With that said, it's no wonder Thor couldn't take Hulk's top spot as the strongest Avenger.

Artwork by AndreaMeloni

3 Undeniable Charm

via jeftoon01.deviantart.com

Fans know all about Hulk's display of strength and unwavering bravery. However, not everyone knows that the Incredible Hulk is also incredibly charming. Hulk is oozing with charm, especially when he became the Green King of Sakaar.

Of course, his charming demeanor didn't go unnoticed as it was able to attract the fiercest and bravest woman in Sakaar named Caiera. On top of having a queen in Caiera, Hulk also bore a son named Skaar. Given Hulk's charming effect on his queen and the people of Sakaar, it won't be a surprise if his son Skaar inherits his dashing personality as well.

Artwork by Jeffrey Thomas

2 Sharing Is Caring

via protokitty.deviantart.com

Hulk can be extremely selfish at times, so it's hard to imagine him actually sharing anything with anyone, or so we thought. It turns out that Hulk has the capability of sharing his powers with other people who share the same DNA as Bruce Banner. Fortunately for Bruce's cousin Jennifer Walters, she was on the receiving end of a blood transfusion from her radioactive-blooded cousin.

Hulk became the main contributor to the conception of She-Hulk. Looks like the so-called selfish Hulk can be selfless after all. This just goes to show that Hulk can be caring, to his own family, that is.

Artwork by Protokitty

1 Hulk Can Almost Fly

via archaicephony.deviantart.com

Who would've thought that the Hulk had the capability to fly all along? Well, sort of. The Hulk might not be able to fly in a traditional sense but his leg strength is so powerful that he can launch himself to great heights.

Hulk doesn't even need wings to touch the sky.

In fact, Hulk can jump so high that he once was able to reach space in doing so. It's a shame that this ability isn't showcased in film adaptations as much as his kicking and stomping skills. Regardless, Hulk's insane leaping ability does impart an important lesson, never skip leg day.

Artwork by ArchaicEphony

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