The 10 Best Heroes In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Ranked

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 may not be the game people thought it was going to be. It didn’t blow any doors off the hinges, but it did reinforce what was there before. It has its downfalls, but ultimately,  the game is bright, brash, brilliant fun.

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As you sit down to play this superhero brawler, you may be wondering who you should invest time in. Only heroes that participate in the four-person party collect experience, meaning you have to choose wisely from the wide roster. Here's our advice on who to play.

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10 Iron Fist

Iron Fist, the actual hero, is amazing in the comics. Don’t let the terrible representation of Netflix spoil this hero. In the game he is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch, who many may know as Vash from Trigun, or Ichigo from Bleach.

He is a legend and breathes life into this melee superstar. That’s part of the reason why he’s so much fun to play in the game. On the actual gameplay side, he’s a pretty darn heavy hitter too.

9 Hawkeye

It’s easy to make fun of Hawkeye amidst heroes like Captain America and Thor. What does he have that’s so special? A bow? While it doesn’t make sense that an armor-less man wielding a bow --albeit a souped-up version-- can hang with the powerhouses, that doesn’t matter.

Hawkeye indeed kicks major butt, thanks to his explosive tipped arrows. Whether you choose to snipe from afar at a single enemy or rain hundreds down on a crowd, Hawkeye gets the job done. A valuable ranged fighter.

8 Psylocke

Psylocke is another hero who got the short end of the stick when it came to her live action debut. Olivia Munn was an awesome choice for X-Men: Apocalypse. It’s too bad the film didn’t utilize her well. Anyway, movie gripes aside, Psylocke is basically a ninja.

Instead of wielding deadly edged blades, she instead makes her own via psychic energy. She’s fast, has fluid combos, and just looks amazing darting around the screen as a blue and pink flash of killer light.

7 Ghost Rider

At face value, including Ghost Rider here may seem like a joke. He is a skeleton on fire that wears leather and rides a motorcycle. He belongs on a metal album cover in the 80s and not among superheroes.

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While that may be true, the fact that he is like a music legend makes him that much cooler. Everything does, from his fiery breath to his whipping chain to his grizzly voice. Ghost Rider is over-the-top in the best ways possible. His abilities may not be all that varied, but he's great for tackling groups.

6 Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is the best mage-type character of the group early on. What she lacks in punch strength she more than makes up for with her initial skill, which sends heat-seeking balls of chaotic energy at foes. It’s incredibly fast and super accurate.

Her second skill is a dud, but the third is a more potent form of the first, reformed to be more of a multiple-enemy-focused blast. Finally, she can heal people, an incredibly rare and valuable ability in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

5 Wasp

Three words: giant fidget spinner. Yes, it might be lame to make a joke about that fad that came and went seemingly eons ago, but seeing Wasp create a giant version of it with her enlarging beam in order to take out a group of robots was spit-take-inducing.

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This special ability will randomly drop said spinner, candy bars, or other objects, causing them to explode upon impact. There is more to her character that makes Wasp worthy of one’s time, but that ability is top-tier powerful and hilarious at the same time.

4 Ms. Marvel

First of all, who is Ms. Marvel? Is she Captain Marvel’s sidekick? Nope, she is an Inhuman fan girl of everything Avengers related. She learned she has the power to stretch and deform her body, so, like any good fan girl, she became a hero-in-training.

Even though the world has yet to be introduced to her via the MCU, this game makes us feel like it’s time. She started off as a mystery, but soon became a favorite.

3 Storm

Scarlet Witch was a good first pick and no-one can beat her healing spell. However, the best mage-like hero in the game is Storm. She may not be able to patch up wounds, but boy are her gusts of wind, blankets of ice, and bolts of thunder more than enough to make any situation easy.

By the time players unlock her, the game is basically over. Still, it makes sense to save the best for last, right? Thankfully, she can be used in further playthroughs and in the tough Infinity Challenges, where you're likely to need a super-strong hero of her caliber.

2 Wolverine

Wolverine has been a mainstay in this series since day one. By day one, we mean X-Men Legends, which was the precursor series to Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Anyway, not only is he a beast in the ring what with his killer claws, speed, and aggressive attitude (there are few better picks for a melee-oriented hero), but seeing the classic yellow suit is a dream come true.

That is, and will always be, what Wolverine is supposed to look like for many fans. Seeing that costume represented in video games again is heart-warming.

1 Spider-Gwen

It might be just because Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was so amazing last year, but Spider-Gwen is far and above the best character in the game. She has the agility to both dodge and punch with ease. Her web-shooter default special is like a spread shot, which makes her webbing the best of the Spider-Three at handling multiple foes.

On top of all that, she also has a lot of charm to her character. Pretty sure she meows sometimes. So, yes, she is totes adorbs and a killer fighter to boot.

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