Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 : 5 Heroes Fans Love To Play As (& 5 That Disappointed)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 hit the shelves and was met with a firmly mixed response, with some people loving the latest installment, whilst others were left disappointed, having hoped for more from the game.

No matter what you thought, there is no doubt that the rosters have always been stacked for the games, with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 not holding back in terms of characters, but not every single one has always been a hit.

Within this article, we will take a deep dive into the Marvel Ultimate Alliance roster, looking at five characters gamers love to play as, as well as five that fans were very much disappointed by.

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10 Love To Play As: Thor

In terms of the game, Thor is quite a slow character to play as, with the god of thunder also not being anywhere near as powerful as you might expect considering his strength and abilities, but that doesn't take away from people wanting to use him.

Because of his popularity in the MCU, fans have become attached to the Thor character, which is why he is a constant choice. Given that he has some fantastic abilities, from using Mjolnir to his lightning attacks, it isn't a surprise people still enjoy using him.

Thor is a very fun character to play as, especially when you have a group of enemies that all need to be destroyed in one motion, with Thor coming in very handy.

9 Disappointed: Black Widow

You would think given Marvel's major push of the female characters that Black Widow, who is a heavily featured character in the MCU, would be given a big boost in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance franchise, but that really hasn't been the case, unfortunately.

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A character like Black Widow should be incredibly agile, fast, and have plenty a really fun move set considering her abilities, but the fact is there isn't really much that distinguishes her from other characters.

Whilst there are moments where Black Widow seems incredibly cool with her dual batons and pistols, but in the end, she still feels very flat, which is a real shame in the eyes of most fans.

8 Love To Play As: Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is a character that could very easily have been made poorly due to his over the top character and the fact that diehard MCU fans have yet to be introduced to the motorcycle rider.

However, Ghost Rider has ended up becoming a huge fan favorite and is a character that gets played as on a regular basis, with his unique moves and incredible visuals, he is a character that has always been a hit.

Whilst his abilities can feel repetitive at times, they are simply just good fun, which is sometimes all that you need in order to become a hit, as Ghost Rider proves.

7 Disappointed: Doctor Strange

When you have a character known as the Sorcerer Supreme, it is to be expected that gamers would be excited about playing as them, which was the case with Dr. Strange heading into the game's release.

With no real limit to what could have been created in terms of his magical abilities, imagination really was the limit when it came to Strange's character, and it appears that the imagination was incredibly limited.

Dr. Strange's attacks are sluggish and weak, and despite his incredible abilities in the comics and films, his specials in the game aren't anything overly special, with this feeling like a massive missed opportunity.

6 Love To Play As: Deadpool

It shouldn't be a massive surprise to learn that fans love to play as Deadpool, even if he isn't actually the strongest character in the game, as he is simply so much fun to play as, with his guns and swords offering some amazing moments.

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Of course, the real highlight from playing as Deadpool comes through his fourth-wall-breaking moments that will always bring a smile to any gamer, no matter how hard they are trying to focus and be serious.

Whilst the character certainly has its problems, with some of his abilities not being fully utilized, there is no doubt that Deadpool is a whole lot of fun, which is what video gaming is supposed to be about.

5 Disappointed: Daredevil

If you thought that Daredevil having a hit Netflix series (even though it is now canceled) would make the creators think about taking him seriously in the video games, you are sadly very mistaken.

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Fans had hoped for Daredevil to be heavily featured, with a vastly unique move set that would have seen him become a real force to be reckoned with, but in reality, he feels very much like an average character that you can give or take.

Daredevil's damage output isn't anything to write home about and his specials are equally as flat, which simply left a lot of people disappointed, opting to use him as little as possible.

4 Love To Play As: Black Panther


Black Panther has always been beloved by gaming and comic book fans, but due to the huge popularity of the Black Panther movie, the Wakandan hero has quickly become one of the most popular stars in all of Marvel, connecting with diehard and casual fans.

The popular character is now a major hit in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance world as well, boasting similar claw attacks to Wolverine, yet also having incredible agility and super fast speed, which makes him incredibly hard to keep track of.

Playing as Black Panther can lead many gamers to feel like they can conquer the world all alone, without the help of the team, which is equally fun and daunting, but either way, he is a very fun and popular character to play.

3 Disappointed: Miles Morales

Within Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, three web-slingers  are available; Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, and Miles Morales, and without doubt Miles is the worst of the trio.

After the hype surrounding Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, the expectations for the Morales version of the popular character was high, with most people expecting him to be one of the games best characters.

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Sadly, he plays far too similar to Peter, and feels more like a weaker version rather than being a standout and unique character with tons of different moves, ultimately leading to frustration.

2 Love To Play As: Wolverine

When it comes to the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series, there is arguably no more iconic character with the games than Wolverine, who is always portrayed as one of the strongest characters each time.

With his fantastic speed, aggressive approach, and of course, his devastating claws, Wolverine remains a major fan favorite that people love to play as, especially as he remains in the classic yellow suit.

Fans will continue to push for the yellow to be introduced into the film world, but until then they can live out seeing him in the video game world where he continues to be one of the most played characters.

1 Disappointed: Rocket & Groot

The idea of having a two-in-one superhero was something that initially really excited fans, with gamers having the opportunity to play as both Rocket and Groot at the same time, which should have been an incredibly cool and unique option.

Sadly, this was one idea that was better on paper than it was in execution as many fans have been bitterly disappointed when playing as the Guardians Of The Galaxy characters, mainly due to Rocket's weak attacks.

For many their abilities just seemed lackluster, and whilst gamers were impressed with Groot for the most part, Rocket being as weak as he was upset many people, who believed he had more to offer the game.

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