Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Best Way To Level Up Quickly

Now that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has been out for a few days, many players are wondering how best to go about leveling the massive roster of heroes, with additional characters on the way in the form of free and paid DLC.

Some may wonder why they need to level characters they do not enjoy playing, as they have a strong core team used for the main storyline on their first play through. This may be true for Mighty difficulty, but Superior tends to have some much more difficult mechanics, and certain heroes shine above others. Having a broad range of characters to choose from can make progression easier and avoid having to halt everything to go level one or two characters.

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Infinity Trials - Your New Best Friends

Infinity Trials should be something you become familiar and comfortable with quickly as you progress through the game. They provide a limitless source of experience as they can be repeated as often as you like, and they get right into the action. Soon after beginning the campaign you will likely stumble upon your first, and by Act Four you'll have quite a few to choose from.

Many are recreations of fights you already completed in the story, but with an added condition to spice things up. For example, to avoid too many spoilers, one of the first boss battles is a tag team of Electro and Venom in the Raft. Unlocking the Infinity Trial version will provide three tiers of awards in the form of Ability Orbs and a small XP cube by clearing the trial, defeating all enemies, and doing it all within 3:30.


Some trials are hero-specific, but most are not, so you can grab any four heroes who need some experience and drive right into the actions. Alternatively, you can take three low level heroes into a higher level trial with one strong anchor hero to do all the heavy lifting.

The Best Infinity Trial for Leveling Characters

For the foreseeable future, one trial stands out above the rest in terms of getting XP quickly and efficiently, though it is also a bit repetitive. In the first group of trials unlocked in the Gamma section, there's a trial named Rush in the bottom right corner. These types of trials force you to defeat a specific number of enemies within a predetermined period to succeed.

For each minute that passes by, both you and the AI opponents will do more damage based on a multiplier. As such, the final minute of the trial allows even low-level characters to suddenly inflict massive spikes in damage. This will allow you to get XP quickly during the fight, but also this trial stands out for awarding XP cubes after each successful attempt, unlike Rush trials from later in the game.

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The 4XP Glitch for Certain Heroes

For those who like to bend the rules, there is currently a bug in the individual hero trials that allows you to duplicate an entire team of up to four of that character. This stacks the experience gained by four, in addition to any augments they may have to experience gain in the form of ISO-8 crystals. Take a look below to see how it is done.

At some point, there is likely to be a patch released to fix this issue. When one really stops to think about the bug, it is only really useful to level one specific character faster than others, but not much faster than leveling all of your heroes individually. This is because of the time it takes to set up the glitch, and also that once you have a team of four Captain Americas, for example, no other heroes are gaining experience during that playtime.

User beware, this might not only be bugged, but there is always the possibility of the developer making other changes or rollbacks to accounts. However, that's usually only reserved for MMOs where level or gear advantage is relevant, and this is only a single player game without the same scope in its endgame.



Ultimately, if you simply want to enjoy the game and only defeat it once or twice on the two default difficulties, you can get by leveling only a few characters. Those who want to level most or all of the characters are going to be in for a bit of a grind, but by working the Infinity Trial above and others as they become introduced with the three waves of DLC that are already announced, it will be perfectly manageable.

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