Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: These Heroes NEED To Be In The Game

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is coming soon, and its roster already looks absolutely stacked with big name heroes. Pretty much all the heavy hitters are going to be there: Captain America, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Deadpool, and in case you were worried, yes, Hawkeye will be there too.

That's just a small sample of the 33 heroes who have been confirmed so far, with other heroes and villains making special appearances in the game as well. However, even though there's a big chunk of the Marvel universe in the game, not every hero is getting a chance to shine.

There's a lot of heroes who haven't necessarily gotten big budget movies, or unfortunately cancelled Netflix shows. We know that other heroes like The Fantastic Four are coming to the game as DLC, but there are others who definitely need to be considered as well. Here is just a short list of the heroes who definitely deserve to be playable characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

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The Punisher

Let's start with a pretty surprising omission, The Punisher. Now there's actually a few reasons that come to mind as to why Frank Castle may have been excluded from the game. For one, his level of extreme violence may not fit the more cartoony world of Ultimate Alliance 3. Also, considering the super powered villains our heroes are going up against, a dude who's just good with guns may not be all that helpful.

However, these points can be shattered by the inclusion of two specific heroes: Deadpool, and the aforementioned Hawkeye. Deadpool is much crazier, vulgar and way more violent than Frank Castle could dream of being, and if a guy who's good with guns seems like a pointless addition, how useful is a guy who's main thing is that he shoots arrows?

If vulgarity and violence isn't a problem, and the team has room for a freaking archer, than a man with an arsenal of weaponry like The Punisher should easily make the team.


So yes, the Hulk is already on the team, so maybe adding another super strong green person is a tad redundant. But what's the harm in having another person who's main ability is that they can kick everyone's ass? We'd gladly take two of those.

Plus, She-Hulk is intelligent, cool, and has better control of her emotions than the actual Hulk. She's even able to practice law while in full on Hulk form! She's just as strong as the Hulk, and is able to put sentences together that don't contain the word smash. Not only should she be in this game, there should be a Phoenix Wright-esque series where she defends clients by day, and beats up bad guys at night.


Who doesn't love a Cajun accent? Gambit is the one X-Men who hasn't gotten the proper representation in film, television, or even video games in quite some time. He seems to have pretty much peaked with his appearance in the original Fox Kids X-Men: The Animated Series program, and that's just not right.

The man can turn playing cards into deadly explosive weapons, and he calls people "cherie." That's like two solid reasons right there. He also can use his kinetic energy to gain superhuman abilities, he knows martial arts, and he's got that cool metal staff. You know who else has a cool staff? Donatello, the best Ninja Turtle, case closed.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 currently has about five X-Men on the team, and there's definitely going to be more added in, so one of them should be this trenchcoat-wearing Cajun king.

He throws exploding cards people! This is a no brainer.

Namor The Sub-Mariner

Because Aqua-Man is cool now, so why not? Seriously, there's three Spider-people on the team, you can't make room for a fish man?

Seriously though, Namor has been an important, yet overlooked part of the Marvel universe for quite time. He's been involved in several major storylines, and he has been a member of the Avengers, the Defenders, the X-Men, the Dark X-Men, the Heroes For Hire, and he was even in the Illuminati. There's no way that you can tell us that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 doesn't have room in their ranks for a ripped dude in a speedo who carries a trident and can talk to fish. That sounds like an essential team member to us.

Squirrel Girl

Finally, we get to the one hero, who above all else absolutely must get added to the team. The fact that somehow Squirrel Girl didn't make the first round cut of the Ultimate Alliance 3 roster is a travesty, and it's something that needs to be rectified.

Squirrel Girl is undeniably one of the most beloved characters of not just the Marvel comic universe, but perhaps in all of literature. Her powers include superhuman reflexes, razor sharp claws, and the ability to talk to squirrels. She's plucky, loyal, intelligent, and kind.

Oh, and she once defeated Thanos all by herself.

In fact, she holds wins over several comic book luminaries. She's beaten the likes of Doctor Doom, Wolverine, Deadpool, MODOK, the aforementioned Thanos, and Ego The Living Planet. She even once bested Galactus, although not by combat, but by friendship.

So to recap, she controls squirrels, she once defeated Thanos and Doctor Doom, and she managed to save Earth by befriending a being that devours planets. If she and her squirrel Tippy-Toe don't make it into the game as playable characters, then there is no justice in this world.

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These are just a smattering of the characters who deserve a spot as future heroes against villainy in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. We don't know what the future holds, but we hope that Team Ninja does the right thing, and includes these characters who deserve the chance to punch Mysterio and Loki in the face with the rest of the heroes.

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