Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Demo Review Roundup

Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite's story demo is being ravaged by game critics who say it might be a step back for the franchise.

Reviews are coming in, and so far the demo for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is getting beaten to a pulp.

One of the few surprise announcements from Sony at E3 was a playable demo of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. Released on June 12, the demo is a story mode game that seems to have been done as an obvious apology for Street Fighter V launching without a story altogether.

The 30-minute brief campaign follows a similar story to most of Marvel’s action movies: Ultron and Sigma, top villains from the Marvel and Mega Man Universes respectively, have combined into a super villain named Ultron Sigma. If that example of creativity didn’t blow your mind then it will also come as no surprise that the two of them are busy destroying the world with legions of robot drones. It’s up to the combined universes of Marvel and Capcom to join forces and defeat Ultron Sigma to save the day.

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As far as stories go, it could’ve been a lot worse. What does get worse is pretty much everything else after that point.

The game plays out as a tandem fight between one Marvel and one Capcom character versus the same pair of robot drones over and over again, with one brief interlude to fight some corrupted Asgardians. Before each fight, the two characters will trade witty remarks before getting down to business. Kotaku describes each scene as “bad fanfiction”, with Captain Marvel and Chun-Li showing off their girl power while Dante throws Rocket Racoon his beloved guns Ebony and Ivory in a budding bromance.

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The combat is particularly bland, with the robot drones taking nearly double damage from the combined hero forces. Players are ultimately given a false sense of security before the final boss fight, where Ultron Sigma finally sets the difficulty up to 11 and destroys the player in a partially scripted finale.

Meanwhile, GamesRadar rightly points out that Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite seems to have lost that certain magic that made the series great in the first place. Gone are the insanely long aerial combos and break-neck speeds, and in its place seems to be a slower, more thoughtful fighting game reminiscent of Injustice 2. The sad fact is that Injustice 2 already does the job exceedingly well, so why would anyone want the flaws of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite?

Strangely enough, it seems that another game debuted at E3 has taken the Marvel vs. Capcom magic for itself: Dragon Ball FighterZ. Those same insane combos and ludicrous speed have found a new home in the Super Saiyan fighting game, so those looking for that same feel can just pick that game up when it releases in early 2018.

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