Marvel's Avengers Gameplay Reveal At SDCC Will Be Attendee Exclusive

Square Enix is bringing their upcoming game Marvel's Avengers A-Day to Comic-con this year and they're showing extended gameplay footage for the very first time - but only to SDCC attendees that go to a special panel for the game.

The panel will be hosted by the game's creative director Shaun Escayg at 1:30PM on July 18th in the famous Hall H and will feature the voice cast of the game. The panel will not be streamed online, and the gameplay footage will only be seen by those attending the panel.

Marvel's Avengers was first revealed last month during the Square Enix press conference at E3. The reveal was met with mixed reactions from players who left feeling disappointed by the character's design and confused about what the game actually is. Unfortunately for (almost) everyone, we won't be getting clear answers from Comic-con.

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Unlike the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie, the character designs are unlikely to change, despite many players vocalizing how generic they look. Escayg told IGN, “We are always listening to, and welcome feedback from our community. There are currently no plans to change our character designs.”

The gameplay, on the other hand, was both sparse and confusing. The little bit on display at E3 appeared to be an especially linear bit of single player gameplay; not at all what fans were expecting from the ultimate super hero team. Furthermore, the details shared about the game focused on the story and acting, while also mentioning future unlockable heroes and other games-as-service features. It was all rather difficult to parse, and left many wondering what to expect.

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Now, it seems like fans should expect more of the same at SDCC, as once again the cast of the game will be featured front and center, certainly indicating a continued focus on the performance and emotional beats in the game rather than clearly defined the gameplay mechanics.

It is promising, however, that fans will get to see an extended version of the bridge level shown off at E3, but if attendees will only be able to describe the gameplay to the outside world, much will inevitably be lost in translation.

Though it is highly discouraged, and jeopardizes future exclusives from appearing at the convention, leaked footage has traditionally been common during San Diego Comic-con. Every year it seems there is a new shaky cell phone video of a Marvel movie or Game of Thrones during the fan event.  After all, its extremely difficult to keep an eye on 10,000 fans at the same time.

Marvel's Avengers A-Day is still 11 months away, so expect a lot more to be revealed about the game soon, even if you can't make it to SDCC.

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