Marvel's Avengers Is Already A Mess

The trouble with Marvel's Avengers started when the first proper trailer for the game dropped at 2019's E3.

Anything with Marvel's name on it is guaranteed to be a hit right now. The success of the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe has made sure of that. Physical merchandise, spin-off TV shows, even video games like Spider-Man and Ultimate Alliance 3 are all guaranteed to generate buzz and be loved just because they are Marvel products. All of that being said, why hasn't Marvel's Avengers being met with the same excitement?

It is six months until Marvel's Avengers is released across all major platforms. That might sound like a long time, but considering the amount of hype which should be surrounding it, half a year isn't really that long. Look at how far ahead of time Marvel's movies are announced. Even with very little info, each and every one of them is met with massive amounts of anticipation. The same should apply to what is meant to be Marvel's biggest and best video game yet, but it isn't.

Issues From Day One

The trouble with Marvel's Avengers started when the first proper trailer for the game dropped at 2019's E3. For a lot of fans, the take-home from that trailer was the design of the game's characters. Some didn't like that the Avengers didn't look exactly like the MCU versions of the characters, while others just didn't think they looked good at all. When that trailer is compared to later ones, it's plain to see Square Enix took that criticism to heart and has already made changes.

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The games-as-a-service model its developers have employed also hasn't gone down particularly well with the gaming community. For fans of games like Destiny, the process will probably be straightforward. For fans of PS4's Spider-Man, the service might be a little confusing and could well drive away a large chunk of potential players altogether. Rather than release the game all in one go and then add on easily downloaded DLC packs after the fact, like Spider-Man, new missions and content will constantly be added to Marvel's Avengers. Sounds good on the surface, but it isn't necessarily the kind of thing everyone is looking for.

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Could They Not Have Waited?

The timing of Marvel's Avengers release is also questionable. It took so long for any sort of official announcement following the very first teaser that many assumed the game was being saved for the next-gen consoles. That's not the case, but it probably should have been. Sony and Microsoft's next-gen consoles are slated for a 2020 release, meaning Marvel's Avengers will already be on an outdated console six months into its lifetime. Not good for a game that plans to continually add content.

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In a world dominated by everything Marvel, it's hard to imagine how anything with the red and white logo slapped on it could possibly fail. However, as it stands, it seems as if Marvel's Avengers might do just that. The gaming community is far more judgmental than the movie-going one, and also a lot more niche. Plus, a video game costs a lot more than a cinema ticket. Buying a game asks a lot more of the consumer than seeing a movie, so it makes sense that a gamer would ask for more than a movie-goer, and in this instance, it seems as if the gamers aren't being given what they want.

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