Marvel's Avengers Overview Trailer Details Post-Launch DLC And Gameplay

A brand new overview trailer for Marvel's Avengers details all sorts of new info about the game and gives fans an in-depth look at its gameplay.

A brand new overview trailer for Marvel's Avengers details all sorts of new info about the game and gives fans an even more in-depth look at its gameplay.

Superheroes really are the order of the day right now. Hollywood is inundated with Marvel and DC movies, but you won't find us complaining. The video game world hasn't capitalized on the hype quite as much, but when it does, and the right developer is on board, it can make for something pretty special.

More recent examples of that are the Batman: Arkham trilogy and the PlayStation exclusive Marvel's Spider-Man. Superhero fans will be hoping that Marvel's Avengers, slated for release across multiple platforms May 15, 2020, will follow in Batman and Spider-Man's footsteps. It certainly has strong developers behind it in the form of Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics.

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A brand new overview trailer has revealed even more information about the game and has us exponentially more excited than this time yesterday. It shows off some extensive gameplay, including what players can expect when they take control of Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel. It also gives fans a glimpse of Khan in her iconic Ms. Marvel outfit, and details completely customizable outfits for all of the game's playable heroes.

As well as different looks, players will be able to unlock more weapons and items as the game progresses. Plus, the Avengers' helicarrier, which is destroyed by The Taskmaster on A-Day, is still home base for the heroes and is fixed as players progress through the game. The most exciting part of the new trailer is a deeper insight into the game's storyline. The events of A-Day had been revealed, but not much of what comes next was clear.

Following the events of A-Day, the Avengers disband and superheroes are outlawed. It is the job of Khan/Ms. Marvel to reassemble them, and as players will be the ones controlling her, the task will fall at our feet. A company called AIM has replaced the Avengers with synthoid AI, and it will be the player's job to unearth what is clearly a pretty deep conspiracy. Exciting stuff! Is it May 15, 2020, yet?

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