Spider-Man's 'Fantastic' DLC Turns Out To Be... Some Pretty Cool Suits, Actually

Insomniac Games has finally officially revealed its latest round of DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man, which is available today.

Fantastic news! The team at Insomniac Games has finally officially revealed its latest round of DLC for their PlayStation 4-exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man, which is available today with patch 1.14.

Upon connecting to Playstation Network and playing the game, the free update will treat players with two new Spider-Man suits stemming from his limited runs as an honorary member of the Fantastic Four.

The first suit comes in the form of Bombastic Bag-Man from Amazing Spider-Man #258, when the Fantastic Four helped rid Spider-Man of his alien symbiote suit. Having nothing else to wear, Spider-Man donned a Fantastic Four team suit, along with a paper bag mask to conceal his identity.

The second is the Future Foundation suit, when Spider-Man officially joined the ranks of the Fantastic Four. The team changed their name to the Future Foundation, and swapped their blue costumes for black and white.

via Insomniac Games

The suits were originally teased by Marvel and Insomniac in a tweet on January 8th, which happened to be during Marvel’s “World’s Greatest Week,” putting the spotlight on the Fantastic Four. Not to pat ourselves on the back too hard, but The Gamer managed to predict the new suits with pinpoint accuracy when we speculated on what Insomniac had in store for its next round of DLC.

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The team at Insomniac Games will be showcasing the new suits during a live gameplay streaming session on their Twitch channel starting around 2pm PST today.

There has not yet been any word on whether we’ll be getting additional storyline content in future DLC. The previous “Turf Wars” three-part series left a lot to be desired, but certainly left it wide open for expanded storylines or even a full-fledged Spider-Man sequel.

As we await on any news regarding additional Spider-Man story content, we will be happy to swing around New York City sporting Spider-Man’s new “Fantastic” suits. Perhaps a crossover with the Fantastic Four characters themselves is in the works?

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