Spider-Man PS4's Creative Director Hints That A Sequel Is Already Being Worked On

A tweet from Marvel's Spider-Man's creative director Brian Intihar suggests that work for the next game in the series might already be underway.

One of the biggest hits of 2018 in the gaming world was Marvel's Spider-Man, exclusive to the PlayStation 4. The developers of the title, Insomniac Games, had a lot of pressure on them to deliver. Spider-Man games of the past have tended to impress and with the hype surrounding this one, it needed to be good. Thankfully, for both Insomniac and those of us playing it, it is.

The detail, the graphics, the story, the cast of villains and characters. It's harder to find something we don't like about Spider-Man than the things we do. What fans now want to know, and have wanted info on since the day of the game's release, is what's next. It has been rumored that Spider-Man could be the first of many games in this series, perhaps even kicking off a Marvel Gaming Universe.


Brian Intihar, the creative director behind Spider-Man, tweeted a big hint last week that whatever's next for Marvel on PS4 might already be in the works. Intihar tweeted "few things are more nerve-wracking than sharing your first story draft to others." That has got Spidey fans thinking he has already written a draft of the next Marvel/Insomniac Games chapter.

So what might that chapter include exactly? Well, there is a very real chance that we could simply get Spider-Man 2. We have no issue with that whatsoever after how much we enjoyed the first one. However, there is also a possibility that we see the introduction of a brand new hero. Avengers Tower is in Spider-Man after all. Maybe work has already begun on an Ironman game, or perhaps a story revolving around us taking control of Thor.

The sad conclusion to all of this speculation is no matter what Intihar is up to, we won't know what comes next in Insomniac's Marvel series for a long time yet. On the bright side, they're still not done adding things to Spider-Man. Just recently, the latest update included two brand new suits for Spidey to wear, both inspired by his time working with the Fantastic Four.


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