The 10 Most Powerful Weapons In Mass Effect: Andromeda

From energy blasts to flash freezes, Mass Effect: Andromeda gives players some serious firepower to play with.

In the always-expanding world of first-person shooters, there are always tweaks and adjustments being made to the weapons systems. Even the more realistic leaning games have made some outlandish weapons upgrades and capabilities so Andromeda can let its creativity flow. From ionized energy blasts to flash freezes, Andromeda gives players some serious firepower to play with.

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Covering the entire weapons inventory, there are powerhouses in the melee all the way to the snipers. Where Andromeda excels is giving useful abilities to the elite weapons that really advance the gameplay without making a weapon unbeatable. Walking the line well between useful and overpowered.

10 Equalizer SMG

A rare pistol that not only adds a unique flair to the standard pistol design, but it also packs a solid punch for such a small weapon with no maximum limit on ammo. The combination of technology gives the player a good range of stats to use the weapon effectively.

At short and mid-range is really where the weapon shines, giving a great spread of ammo at rapid-fire paces. The gun does overheat if you're too trigger happy, forcing you to take a breather in the middle of gameplay. At long range the weapon becomes less effective, sending bullets across the screen instead of a specific target.

9 Naladen Sniper

The Naladen not only comes with the flashy lights on your barrel, but it also has the privilege of covering 2 modes of battle at once. A sniper rifle that can hit with accuracy combined with explosive damage on impact that can affect an immediate area instead of a singular target.

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It's no surprise the weapon is an ultra-rare get, you can't have everyone strolling the battlefield with this beauty. The hands of a strategist are where the Naladen belongs, especially one who can target clusters of enemies and maximize its damage-dealing capabilities.

8 Scorpion

Usually, a grenade launcher, though powerful, ranks fairly low on the list of effective weapons. They take a long time to reload and the accuracy isn't worth the spread of damage it deals. Luckily the Scorpion is compact and its explosives stick to whatever it touches.

This creates a massive amount of opportunity for the tactical player. Especially when you're up against a large number of enemies, a few explosives are sure to herd them into a group. It also works well to get those apprehensive enemies out of hiding, blasting beside their cover and dealing damage along the way.

7 Asari Sword

Besides the fact players get to swing around a futuristic katana, the Asari Sword packs a serious slash for a melee weapon. Making the risk of short-range combat worth it when you can land that much damage.

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It even reduces the risk further by giving the player a biotic blink, giving them a moment of invulnerability when they dash forward to deal damage. The answer to the long lost melee specialist who has been forced to shotgun for too long.

6 M-37 Falcon

The light grenade launcher is slowly but surely getting its spot in the sun. With more accuracy than your run of the mill grenade launcher, the M-37 is one of the most effective weapons at lobbing grenades that deal damage.

It even has a sensor for living targets, you can shoot if off walls and other forms of cover until it detonates on an enemy. Both the unaccurate and the strategic-minded will find use in the M-37 and it prevents the wasting of precious grenade ammo.

5 Black Widow


Everyone loves a big, heavy, damage-dealing sniper that can take out most enemies with the right shot. The truth of the matter is, unless you have godlike aim, that sniper will just give you away and make a loud bang a lot of the time.

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This will keep it lightweight and shoot 3 shots to a clip, even the best of us miss occasionally. the Black widow also comes with an extensive scope that will aid the player in any setting. Day or night you always want to improve your chances of a clean one-hit takedown.

4 Reegar Carbine

Any player proficient in the way of the shotgun knows anything fancy added on is usually a distraction from the close range art of blowing enemies away. Probably because not many things add to a two-barrel hand cannon. However, when you don't have to worry about shields blocking the spray of bullets it makes things easier.

The blast of electric shock that it generates will also catch other enemies that are unlucky enough to be beside the target. Not only can the player take out multiple enemies with one shot, the physical limitations of the bullet are now bypassed making it very dangerous.

3 Krogan Hammer

Swinging a large hammer around a battlefield of guns doesn't sound like the smartest tactic around. The Krogan Hammer makes up for this just by the fact that when it hits, it hits big. Sending your average enemy back a few steps is a big advantage and lets players interrupt the pace of the fight.

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A blast is delivered into the floor and everyone who is hit by it will suffer the full impact, giving players an edge up against a couple or group. Not only dealing damage but opening up multiple targets to subsequent blows. If players can handle the slower pace, the benefits are huge.

2 N7 Valkyrie

A great all-around assault rifle that is now very hard to find, only cropping up on the black market. Firing 2 round bursts it holds its accuracy in the mid-range while firing at a very high rate. If you want to suppress fire or empty over a hundred rounds in quick succession, this is your gun.

While it doesn't have devastating power, the damage it deals is much greater simply because of the accuracy and speed. An all-purpose weapon that shines in whatever situation the player finds themselves.

1 Remnant Cryo Gauntlet

Definitely not the most intimidating weapon as far as damage goes, in fact, it's the weakest melee weapon in the game. The effect is what players really want from the gauntlet, allowing you to flash freeze your enemy and leave them in a helpless position. The damage done is negligible but the potential combination is huge.

While the obvious choice is to deliver a swift combination to the enemy, the options are near endless once the enemy is frozen. Heal time or just a stunning break in combat can change the tide of a battle, making this underpowered weapon one of the most versatile in the game.

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