Mass Effect: Andromeda Writer Teasing DLC?

Mass Effect: Andromeda's lead writer has teased she is working on something big, and that may be new ME:A DLC.

Reddit user Mattandsuch posted a tweet from Mass Effect: Andromeda’s writer Sam Wallschleager, hinting that he’s working on DLC for the latest Mass Effect game.

The cryptic tweet has series fans buzzing with excitement, eager to get their hands on any new Mass Effect content, even if Andromeda is widely considered to be the worst in the series by critics and fans alike, especially after a supposedly rushed development process.

Wallschlaeger originally tweeted on July 13th, stating that he was writing something new that he considers being his favorite project to date. User Mattandsuch also pointed to another tweet from the Mass Effect News twitter that seems to point more bluntly at the idea that Andromeda will be getting DLC at some point in the near future.

Piecing together both tweets, it looks like Mattandsuch may be onto something. Having one of the lead creative minds for Mass Effect: Andromeda tweet about working on a new project, only to have the Mass Effect News twitter follow up a mere two days later hinting, quite directly, that DLC is in development, is definitely a good sign for fans of the series that can’t get enough of Commander Shepard’s intergalactic escapades.

At this point, it would seem reasonable that Bioware may want gamers to forget about Mass Effect Andromeda completely, after the sour taste it left in many fans’ mouths. However, for fans that are antsy for more aliens and attempts to have sex with them, it seems that Bioware may deliver soon. The comments on the Reddit post are all fans, hopeful for any more content that can be added to a game that, despite the large majority rejecting as crap, they still enjoy immensely. It seems that their prayers will be answered in some capacity, with a creative lead and official series news twitter both pointing to DLC being in the works. What kind of DLC has yet to be disclosed, although at this point it seems that diehard fans would be accepting of anything they can get.


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