How To Fly Like Iron Man In Mass Effect: Andromeda

Modder Wavebend has created a new addition to Mass Effect: Andromeda, allowing players to blast around via jetpack like Tony Stark in the appropriately named “Iron Man” mod that sends Ryder to the clouds.

The mod is available on nexusmods and requires the Frosty Mod Manager to run in-game. After a simple drag and drop, you’re ready to fly.

The video featured on the mod’s page shows Commander Ryder blasting around, no holds barred. Ryder starts in a sprint, then suddenly rockets from the surface, arms outstretched. Passing a platform with a few enemies, she hovers and guns one down before blasting off again. Ryder then clears a mountain range, dives through a valley, and ends on the back of the docked Tempest. Moving the camera after players tap left control to send Ryder skyward controls flight, making quick maneuvers a breeze. Map boundaries and fatal fall mechanics will be turned off automatically when the mod is active, making flight a much more enjoyable, and way less stressful undertaking.

Via: youtube.com (Wavebend)

The Iron Man mod turns Mass Effect: Andromeda into a poor man’s Anthem, Bioware’s upcoming role-playing game that made waves at E3 after showing the protagonist and team blasting around the world with jetpacks. Being able to take flight like Shellhead is a welcome addition to Andromeda, as it gives bored players a new way to explore Mass Effect: Andromeda’s beautiful environments and breathes life into what could be, at the 1000th hour of playtime, a stale game.

The modding community has continuously impressed gamers and developers alike with its ingenuity, creativity, and dedication; the Iron Man mod is no different. Allowing players to propel themselves around the expertly crafted world of Andromeda can inflate an otherwise benign play through into something special. It’s no surprise that a modder has created a game changing feature, something that Bioware probably should have included in the first place. Being able to zip around like Iron Man is pretty cool, now it’s just a matter of time before the skies are dominated by massive Thomas The Tank Engine and Macho Man Randy Savage aliens that’ll blast Ryder out of the air.


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