The Ultimate Mass Effect Gift Guide

Mass Effect is the centerpiece of Bioware. For fans of this epic sci-fi gaming series, check out this gift guide for statues, plushies and more!

Love it or hate it (or love it), there is no denying that the gamer world was swept up in Mass Effect fever as we played our way through the initial trilogy. Fans were excited at the chance to see three games worth of their critical decisions and unique storyline options culminate in a well thought out and varied series of endings... only to get three phoned in endings that didn't really account for those "unique storyline options."

Regardless, the Mass Effect fandom is a loyal breed of gamers, and despite the followup failures of Mass Effect: Andromeda, remain with the franchise hoping for news of further chances to explore the Mass Effect universe. It's those loyal fans we have put together this gift guide for so we can celebrate our love for the Mass Effect universe together with swag and fond memories.



While the finale and followup of Andromeda may have been a bit of a disappointment to fans, it thankfully didn't sully the enjoyment of playing through the entire series. While the Paragon and Renegade choices may not have had much of an effect on the ending, playing through each of the games rewards players with new conversation paths they might not have been able to experience before.

That makes owning the entire original trilogy crucial to any Mass Effect fan looking to truly explore the different options made available to the player. The trilogy can be found for Xbox and PC as well as this Playstation package.



Fans can also explore the world of Mass Effect even further with the continuation of the video game storyline in graphic novel form. This Mass Effect Omnibus comes from the lead writer behind the second and third games, Mac Walters, who teams with some incredible talent to tell an in-canon supplemental story.

The first volume of the Mass Effect Omnibus collects the first four arcs - Redemption, Evolution, Invasion, and Homeworlds - and is considered essential reading to fans of the video game series. Dive deeper into the Mass Effect universe with these canonical comics, with two volumes worth of stories to keep any fan immersed in BioWare's universe!



The Mass Effect story is not confined to video games, as we previously discussed with the Mass Effect Omnibus that brought the series to the comics medium. There are a number of prose novels set in the universe as well, plus the series made the jump to animated action with the Mass Effect: Paragon Lost feature-length film.

Paragon Lost uses an anime style to further explore events from the Mass Effect 2 game, as the storyline focuses on Lt. David Vega on the attack on Fehl Prime by the Collectors. The animated film features Freddie Prinze Jr. as the voice of Vega and serves as a perfect companion piece to your next playthrough of Mass Effect 2.



As we all know, fans like to showcase their geek in a number of ways, but some more subtle than others. That's why this T-shirt emblazoned with the N7 logo is the perfect gift for the gaming fan who doesn't need a life-size Omni-tool to share their love of the Mass Effect franchise.

The shirt features a washed-out (or battle-damaged) N7 logo, the same which featured on a number of armors throughout every game. The shirt is officially licensed by BioWare and fits all sizes, making it a perfect and affordable gift for the Mass Effect fan in your life.



The Normandy crew featured a number of interesting characters throughout the three entries in the franchise. Each game introduced new soldiers in your army, new love interests, and old friends returning to continue the fight against the Reapers, or the Illusive Man, or the Collectors, etc.

Gamingheads have developed a series of statues to bring the fan-favorite members of the Normandy to life, which features characters like Garrus and Wrex. One of the standouts of the line is their statue of Tali'Zorah Vas Normandy, a Quarian who serves on the Normandy party across all three games. No, you don't get to see her face.



It might seem strange to consider one of the most ruthless and deadly members of Shepard's crew is also the most lovable? Grunt first appeared on the Normandy in Mass Effect 2 as a genetically engineered Krogan supersoldier with a thirst for violence and a desire to grow as a warrior, and fans fell in love with the gruff Grunt.

So seeing the Berserker in plush form turns the frenzied warrior into a cute and huggable teddy bear, and we kind of love that. Grunt would hate it, but fans of Mass Effect can certainly enjoy the juxtaposition of his former violent soldier to his new status as Chief Cuddle Monster at bedtime.



While fans were first introduced to the Systems Alliance Normandy SR1 in Mass Effect, it was destroyed by the Collectors at the start of the second game, which also killed off Shepard. Thankfully, the Illusive Man's Cerberus organization was able to rebuild, and in many ways enhance the Normandy (and Shepard) for Mass Effect 2.

Dark Horse Deluxe, a division of Dark Horse Comics that published the in-canon licensed comics, created this mini replica of the Cerberus Normandy Sr-2, which would look great in any fan's collection. It also comes at a fantastic price point, meaning if you're really attached to the first Normandy you can easily afford that mini replica as well!



We may not have been the most kind to Mass Effect: Andromeda here, and the truth is, it's not that bad of a game. Does it live up to the trilogy that came before it? Not at all. But it did offer some fun departures from the original game, while also featuring some incredible vehicle designs, like the ND1 Nomad.

The Nomad was an all-terrain exploration vehicle used by the Pathfinders in Andromeda to explore new worlds for colonization. PDP has created an exact replica of the Nomad and made it remote-controlled by an app, complete with LED lights, 6-wheel drive, and a built-in camera, making this toy almost better than the entire Andromeda game.



We already discussed the "N7" motif and its relevance to Mass Effect fans, so it's no surprise to see a ton of merch emblazoned with the symbol seen throughout the entire trilogy. However, unlike the T-Shirt which exists for more casual fans, there is also a way to kick it up another level.

This Men's Leather Jacket is not only an amazing piece of clothing to add to anyone's wardrobe, but it features the N7 logo along with the stripes and coloring of the various armors seen in the games, which is sure to entice any Mass Effect fan who spent way too much time customizing the colors and look of their armor in the game.



We previously shared Gamingheads Tali statue that brought the character to life in fantastic detail. Sideshow Collectibles is distributing another Normandy character from Gamingheads that captures the hero of the original trilogy, presuming you went with the Female Shepard over the Male option.

The 1/4 scale FemShep stands at over 20 inches tall and comes with a hand-numbered base. The figure features incredible detailing and a fantastic paint job that perfectly captures not only the facial features of FemShep but also the iconic N7 armor and her trusty M8 Avenger assault rifle.

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