MasterChef: 15 Recipes You NEED To Know In Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

The new Legend of Zelda game has been out for a while now, and gamers have been loving the fresh new take on the franchise. Breath of the Wild really tests your survival knowledge, combat expertise, and exploration know-how. From day and night cycles to shifting weather, you will have to keep an eye on several different factors. Hot environments dealing damage to you, cold environments sapping your health over time, lightning storms striking you down and hordes of monsters gunning for your hide.

There is no need to fear; Link has been reincarnated yet again as the Hero we all need. The newest power bestowed onto Link is the art of cooking a great steak! Discovering new recipes, experimenting and taste testing your food will make the new Zelda game several times easier. There are even parts of the game that require you to eat food, from climbing towers to traversing almost impossible areas.

With so many dishes and elixirs to craft it can feel daunting, or even confusing at times, having to either remember or note down the better ones. This article should help guide you to cooking the easiest, most accessible and best food on offer in Breath of the Wild. Get your chef hat ready and your cooking pot, it’s time to cook! ... Just keep those blue crystals away.

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15 Bonus Effect Duration: Status Food + Apple

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When first starting up the new Zelda game you will find that food buffs won’t last as long as you’d like, or you’re missing some ingredients to finish up a max stew. Thankfully there are ways to increase the duration of effects, as well as add to the healing factor of them. Apples are the easiest food to come across in the world, these fruits dangling from almost every tree. If you have extra space in your recipe, toss one or two of these in to increase their longevity by 30 seconds a pop. Merely cooking an apple increase its restoration properties, so you can never go wrong tossing one in.

14 Fireproof Elixir: Fireproof Lizards + Monster Parts

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Like many Zelda games, there are hazards abroad, but Breath of the Wild has taken them to a new level. With day/night cycles and weather to contend with, you will need to keep on your toes when it comes to approaching volcanos and fire enemies. This easy elixir only requires a single Fireproof lizard and one or more monster parts to create. It has a potent bonus: giving you immunity to fire damage. Adding more monster parts will increase its effects length. There will be a quest to collect these lizards anyway, so gathering a few extra or in preparation for the quest itself will be a good idea.

Fireproof Lizards can be found in: Death Mountain, Goron City, and Southern Mine

13 Electro Resistance: Voltfruit (3) + Zapshroom (2)

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Following on from Fire immunity, you can also gain a resistance to electricity damage and environmental effects. While not providing immunity, the resistance given from this recipe should more than protect you. Exploring you will notice Zapshrooms appearing under trees during electrical storms, pick these up whenever you can, which is often. Once crafted, this will help in your fights against Electric Keese, Electric weapons, and lightning storms, along with a certain boss.

Zapshrooms can be found in: Deep Akkala and Gerudo Highlands. (Under trees)

Voltfruit can be found in: Gerudo Desert. (Ontop of cacti)

12 Spicy Fruit and Mushroom Mix: Hylian Shroom (x3) + Spicy Pepper (x2)

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The final element we need to protect ourselves from is the cold, while not as often used as a form of attack, cold is still a major concern for early parts of the game as well as going higher into the sky. While clothing can grant some great resistance, this dish is easy to make, which allows you to leave your strongest armor equipped. There will also be some quests down the line that require you to enter colder climates. This dish is also very easy to obtain early in the game, with an overabundance of the materials.

Spicy Peppers can be found in: Cabins/Small Homes, Old Man's Hut in the Great Plateau. Pepper bushes.

Hylian Shrooms can be found in: Great Plateau

11 Mighty Simmered Fruit: Mighty Banana (5)

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As you make your way through the game, you will start to get attack by assassins of sorts, the Yiga clan. When you defeat these enemies, they will drop rupees, weapons, and a bunch of Bananas. You will easily acquire enough to make this dish from these confrontations (and you will find heaps of them later on in the story). Another simple, yet overlooked dish: when you combine just 5 of these together, they give you a good boost to your attack, albeit for a short time.

Mighty Bananas can be found in: Defeating Yiga Footsoldiers, Faron Grasslands and Kara Kara Bazaar.

10 Mighty Elixir: Mighty Banana + Monster Parts

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If you are low on Mighty Bananas, you can also combine them with Monster parts, giving yourself an elixir in the process. You can do this without bananas as well, merely combine some type of animal (not fish) with mighty in the name, which gives you a similar boost. If you want a longer lasting elixir, combine a Dragon Horn for 30 minutes of a strength boost. Be warned that elixirs tend not to heal you, so only go for this if you want the boosting effect.

9 20 Heart Containers: Hearty Durian (5)

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You don’t have to be a glass cannon, we have taught you how to increase your resistances before so now let’s move onto increasing your health. The most straightforward of these foods is the Hearty Durian, each one giving four heart containers when cooked, if you toss in five of these things into a pot, the result will be a dish that gives you 20 heart containers. You should be able to get around 20 in one run of their spawn location.

Hearty Durains can be found in: Bronas Forest

8 25 Heart Containers: Big Hearty Radish (5)

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Even more hearts? Why not! While being more scarce then the Durians, Big Hearty Radishes give five heart containers each, with five in a bowl equalling 25 containers max. You can mix and match with the Durians, for a lesser effect if you run out, so grabbing a few of these should be high on your to-do-list. While you may find the normal Hearty Radishes around the world, the big versions are better.

Big Hearty Radishes can be found in: Torin Wetland

7 Enduring Fired Wild Greens: Endura Carrot (5)

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Now we’ve had our fill of heart containers let’s move onto the next order of business, our stamina gauges. You can (and should!) easily create food items that restore your stamina gauges, or give you a small boost to them, which can be sorely needed to climb towers and mountains. One of the easiest and best ways to gain more stamina, however, is this dish, full of carrots. Easy to spot, easy to cook, what more can you ask for? These carrots can even be used on Horses, and are required for a quest or two, so pack a few extra in your bag.

Endura Carrots can be found in: Great Fairy Fountains, Hyrule Ridge, Faron Grasslands, and Satori Mountain.

6 Energizing Glaze Seafood: Courser Bee Honey (2) + Staminoka Bass (3)

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Extra stamina gauges are all well and good, but what happens when you find an extremely tall mountain, or encounter rain and enemies along the long climb? You need to bring out a tea set and crumpets, of course! Crafting this dish will restore both health and stamina, with one Staminoka Bass restoring one bar of stamina, three giving you your three base ones if you’re gone down that route of upgrading. If you’ve used the previous recipe, you can get even more use out of this dish.

Courser Bee Honey can be found in: Beehives (Often near enemy camps)

Staminoka Bass can be found in: Hyrule Field and West Necluda

5 Defence Boost: Fortified Pumpkins (5) Or Ironshrooms (5)

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Max health, max stamina, resistances to the elements, you’re almost a one-man army, bringing food enough for 300 spartans. You might want to look the part with some snazzy armour, foregoing some more protective ones, so why not fix that with even more food? Yet another easy recipe for great effect, Pumpkins can be bought at 20 rupees each while Ironshrooms are commonplace in the enviroment. Cooking up five of either will reward you with a high-level defence boost.

Fortified Pumpkins can be found in: Kakariko Village (Olkin shop)

Ironshrooms can be found in: Spore Store, Batrea Lake and at the base of trees or rocks in mountains.

4 Sneaky Steamed Meat: Blue Nightshade + Raw Meat

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Not every battle must be fought by “Lunk,” the towering piece of meat and muscle, sometimes you have to sneak about or avoid combat. This is where sneaking comes into play, and we all know food is the greatest stealth tool. Another widespread item, Blue Nightshade can easily be gathered on the world map, but you can substitute it for Silent Princess which can be found at the Great Fairy Fountains. Combine either of these with a piece of raw meat to get your stealth boost.

Blue Nightshade can be found in: Great Plateau

3 Hasty Fried Wild Greens: Swift Carrot (5)

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Gotta go fast! Link can’t always rely on his horses, and when he can’t, we need to dash to our objectives or away from annoying enemies. You can again substitute these for Fleet Lotus Seeds which are found in the Gerudo Desert. Cooking up either of these will increase your movement speed for a time. Combining this dish’s effect with that of the stamina one will allow you to run fast as well as long, covering great distances. Use one to five, depending on the speed you want.

Swift Carrots can be found in: Kakariko Village

2 Salted Fish: Mighty Porgy (4) / Armoured Porgy (4) + Rock Salt

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If you feel like entering meme city, seasoned like a fine Italian man, then this next dish is for you. Simply add salt to some fish and you’ll get a wonderfully easy meal to feed your thin elf-boy. Choosing between the Mighty or Armoured Porgy, adding salt to these fish will create an attack or defence boost respectively. At four fish and one salt, you will get a level three boost that lasts around 9 minutes and 20 seconds. There will always be the players who love to fish, and this is a great alternative to the attack and defence meals from before.

Mighty Porgy can be found in: Lanayru Great Spring, Faron Sea, Lurelin Village, and Necluda Sea

Armoured Porgy can be found in: Lanayru Great Spring, Faron Sea, Lurelin Village, and Necluda Sea

1 Expensive Meat: Raw Gourmet Meat (5) / Raw Prime Meat (5)

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Link, you are now a beast, the world is in your hand as enemies kneel at your feet. The only thing that could be considered weak about you is your current financial situation. However, your expertise at cooking and food can even boost this aspect of your character. Cook up that meat you’ve been stocking up, stab it on a skewer and take them into town. Five Gourmet Meat will sell for 510 Rupees, whereas Prime will sell for 210. Using that income you can buy more ingredients for the previous dishes, along with fancy armor and weapons.

Raw Gourmet Meat can be found in: Bears, Buffalos, Moose, Rhinos, and Cold-Footed Wolves

Raw Prime Meat can be found in: Bears and Wolves

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