Fortnite: 10 Tricks To Become A Master At The Game

Don't let the stress of Fortnite ruin your gameplay. Click here for 10 tips and tricks to become a Fortnite master!

Fortnite has taken over the gaming landscape. If you’re hoping to break into the game at this point, it can seem overwhelming. If you’ve been playing for a while, on the other hand, you might still be struggling to find your groove. Either way, we’ve got some tips and tricks to take anyone’s game to the next level.

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By maximizing your efficiency in a few key areas you can massively impact your performance overall. Include these tips in your gameplay and you’ll be closer to that victory than ever before. Just don’t forget that Fortnite is supposed to be fun! Don’t let the intensity of the game or frustration with the learning curve ruin a good time. Practice some key skills and enjoy a much different experience.

10 Memorize Resources

If you want to maximize your efficiency, you need to get to the resources you need as quickly as possible. You could take out a tree or hit a few houses and take out an enemy as fast as possible, or you could take a systematic approach. Unlike other methods of gaining resources, treasure chests are static. You can always find them in the same place. This makes them the perfect way to guarantee success in the shortest amount of time possible.

9 Builder Pro Control Layout

The Fortnite control system can be a little overwhelming. In order to become a master of building, you’ll need to be able to quickly cycle through materials, even while under constant fire. It’s confusing and stressful, to say the least.

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The control system can feel less than intuitive. There’s a simple way to work around this. There’s a control setting scheme called “Builder Pro” and each material will be assigned its own button. It can take some time to adjust to but it will ultimately make building much easier.

8 Find A Shield Potion And Use It

There are plenty of healing items in Fortnite. Bandages can be useful but if you want to maximize your game, you want to focus on shield potions. These incredibly useful items add an additional health bar to your character. When you find one, get someone safe and use it as soon as you possibly can. Don’t hoard potions. You never know who or what is just around the corner. These potions can mean the difference between life and death.

7 Don’t Land In Main Regions

This one may seem pretty obvious but countless players have made this mistake. Main regions are full of other players who are usually hyper-aggressive. You may think landing here is a good strategy since there’s an abundance of supplies in a small area but everyone else has that idea, too.

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If you want to start a match on the right foot, try to land in a residential area. Houses are full of supplies and can provide some limited coverage. Unless you hit the ground ready for action, this can buy you a few precious seconds to gain your bearings.

6 Become A Lumberjack

Building is such an important part of Fortnite. That makes gathering supplies crucial, too. Most of your material will come from trees, so to truly master the game you’ll need to become a skilled lumberjack. Gathering wood from trees will leave you vulnerable while you work but you can minimize the risk.

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If you jump while swinging your pickaxe at trees, you’ll make yourself harder to hit by anyone who might spot you. Targets will appear on the tree as you swing. Try to hit those as they speed up the process. The final tip for taking down trees is to leave them with just a tiny bit of health. Prevent the tree from falling down and you’ll avoid tipping other players off to your location.

5 Get Aggressive

Many new players make the crucial mistake of not getting spicy enough from the jump. If you want to be successful in Fortnite, you need to play hard from the second you land. The game requires an aggressive approach in order to get ahead of the other players. Trying to observe or catch your bearings is a mistake. You’ll find yourself being taken out of the game before you even get a chance to breathe. Hit the ground hot. Play as aggressively as possible and you’ll be able to stay alive long enough to figure out what’s going on around you.

4 Master The 1x1

Building is your best survival tool in Fortnite. Mastering the art of throwing down a complete structure in a matter of seconds will give you an edge over other players. Focus on mastering the 1x1. This is the most basic structure in the game and provides an instant shelter of protection. It also offers you a tactical advantage by providing you with higher ground. From a higher vantage point, you’ll have the drop on enemies below. The best way to become a master builder is to drop into a quiet area of the map and practice the skill.

3 Aim Your Glider Low

When you jump from the battle bus, having a good landing strategy will give you an advantage from the very start of a match. The glider deploys based on your proximity to the ground, so if you want to get on the ground faster, you need to carefully choose your landing location.

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Flat areas like paths and rivers are best; this will get your glider open and get you on the ground faster. Landing first gives you a huge advantage. If you can get to supplies faster than your opponents you’re one step closer to defeating them.

2 Slow Down On Battle Passes

Paid Battle Passes are a hugely popular addition to the game. When each new pass is released, it introduces a whole new series of challenges and objectives. Jumping right on a new pass as soon as it comes out is a mistake. Give it a while to cool off in popularity. If not, you’ll find yourself in some pretty crowded maps. It’s unlikely you’ll survive to meet your objective on a map teeming with other eager players. If you give it some time the traffic will die down and you’ll be able to focus on your goals.

1 Get A Shotgun

In almost every combat scenario in Fortnite, the shotgun is the most effective weapon. Unless you find yourself in immediate need of protection, focus your effort on finding this perfect weapon.

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The likelihood that you’ll encounter other players inside structures is extremely high. In those environments, a handgun isn’t going to get you out of there fast — a shotgun is. You waste precious time and energy shuffling through weapons that just aren’t going to get the job done as effectively.

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