Top 10 Materials In Fallout 76 And Where To Farm Them

Save yourself hours of searching and find specific material locations right here.

Picture this: you're out in the wasteland and slaying scorched left and right. You see items along the way such as alarm clocks, toy cars, and clipboards but you pay no mind to them. Suddenly, the inevitable happens: your power armor breaks and you're left defenseless. You rush back to your camp only to find out you're missing critical materials for the repair. It was then that you wished you picked up that Giddyup Buttercup leg don't you?

One of the important things gamers have to do in Fallout 76 is to collect materials and components. These parts are required for many applications such as building your camp, repairing your armor (and crafting new armor), and repairing environmental structures.

There is a multitude of components the player has to collect to progress through the game. Knowing the specific locations to farm these materials will save you hours of time. We've compiled the most sought-after materials so strap on your rifle and pack up your stims: we're about to go through the top 10 materials in Fallout 76 and where to farm them.

10. Lead

Not just a poisonous metal, this uncommon material found in the wastelands should always be in the vault dweller’s collection. During gameplay—even more so during end game—the requirement for this material grows increasingly as many essential craft items need it. From armor modifications that protect you from radiation to crafting all kinds of projectile ammunition, knowing where to obtain lead is a must.

According to Metabomb, the best places to collect lead are in gyms with weights within them. Some locations of these gyms include Flatwood Motel, Charlestown Fire Department, and Camp Venture.

Just make sure you have either the Pack Rat or Strong Back perks as they are pretty heavy!

9. Aluminum

Just like lead, aluminum is one of those materials that you cannot get enough of. Primarily used in crafting workbenches, items around your CAMP, and for repairing your equipment, having a nice stash of aluminum at the base can save you from running around buying it (as it is pretty expensive).

The best sources of aluminum, according to Fallout Builds, is either collecting the scrapping trays found at the Morgantown High School Cafeteria and Fort Defiance or heading over to Top of the World Ski Lodge in the Savage Divide and taking all the ski poles.

8. Screws

Meet one of the most annoying materials you need to find: the humble screw. When you need it, you have plenty, and when you don’t, there are none to be found. Used primarily with weapon construction and repair, this is a material that you don’t want to drop on the ground. Part way into gameplay, you're gonna need to make the excavator power armor to gain plans for the power armor station. The vault dweller must have no less than 60 screws (without any perks to lower requirements).

The best way to farm screws, according to Game Revolution, is by collecting desk fans, typewriters, toy cars, and parts of Giddyup Buttercup in office spaces. Particularly those in the toy store within Whitespring Resort and the Sugar Grove complex.

7. Springs

Just like the screws, springs are also one of those items that you need in bulk. The vault dweller will start needing them once they start constructing weapons — especially power armor. However, collecting these needs to happen early in the game.

An example is the construction and repair of power armor legs, which can be material heavy (especially when you don’t have the right perks), costing up to 20+ springs per leg. According to Game Skinny, the best place to farm for springs is the Mountainside Bed and Breakfast, whereby searching in stashes and paper bags may yield loose springs. The player can also kill yao guai bears that roam the area — they also shed a lot of springs.

Once the area has been depleted, it’s recommended you server hop (disconnect from the world and reconnect to another) to refresh the stock and bears. Another great location to farm is Sugar Grove Complex, which has a multitude of clipboards and desk fans (for screws).

6. Circuitry

This rare material component plays a big role in repairing electronics and constructing things, such as fixing relay towers to call in air drops to making turrets to protect your base. In the end game, circuits are also used to assist in launching nuclear missiles, so having a handful stashed away is always a good idea.

YouTuber Mitt Gaming suggests a few locations where items containing circuits can be found. Within the Mothman Museum, there are military grade targeting cards and batteries. If you follow the road north of Flatwood, the vault dweller will come across a fallen satellite with a lot of scraps; one of them being circuitry. Another abundant source of this material is found through destroying robots. The event “Feed the People,” located at Mama Dolce’s Food Processing Plant, calls in a lot of Protectrons and Liberators that may drop junk that contains circuitry.

5. Nuclear Material

We’re now getting into the very-rare materials on our list. This resource is used for high-end weapons, modifications, and armor. Items such as recon scopes and power armor use a handful of this hard-to-come-by substance.

According to Gamers Heroes, the best way to farm nuclear materials is heading to Pleasant Valley Cabins and collecting board games. These board games carry two nuclear materials per scrap. Another way to farm it is to head to the Red Rocket Workshop on the northeast end of the map and set up a resource collector on the nuclear resource. Just make sure you have your power armor on or you’ll be toasty and radiated by the end of it!

4. Ballistic Fibre

One of the harder items to find in the game, this ultra-rare component is vital for crafting the higher end armors of the game, such as metal armor. It's also used heavily in modifications and repairing armor. Ballistic fibre can only be found in these three junk items: military grade duct tape, piezonucleic liner, and military ammo bags.

The best places to farm these intricate junk items, accordingly to US Gamer, is in any military base, such as Fort Defiance and Camp McClintock. Other places also include the Watoga Civic Center, Clancy Manor, and The Thorn.

Just a note: websites claiming power armor chassis scrap for ballistics fiber are no longer correct as this has been patched out.

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3. Black Titanium

Black Gold, Texas Tea. Black Titanium is an ultra-rare component that's used mainly to craft and modify endgame equipment. An example of this is the X-01 Enclave Power Armour which requires 20 lots of Black Titanium. Another is the Excavator Power Armour set, which needs a staggering 36 units of Black Titanium.

To farm for this material, MetaBomb suggests that the best place to kill Mole Miners is around Mount Blair, which drops Mole Miner Suits that scrap into Black titanium. Other locations include a small island north of the Mothman Museum, home to a few Deathclaws which drop several units of the rare resource. Finally, there are locations such as Gorge Junkyard and Cranberry Bog with minable deposits of Black Titanium.

2. Ultracite

The rarest of all materials, Ultracite is the most sought for endgame material in Fallout 76. Currently used in a small number of applications, such as the creation of high-powered weapons and modifications, the most common use for this commodity is the coveted Ultracite Power Armour.

With a requirement of a whopping 300 units, collecting this rare material is a must for this endgame power armor. The best ways to farm Ultracite, according to Game Revolution, is to venture out to the multiple fissure sites across Appalachia and collect the metal yourself. Other sources for Ultracite is killing Scorchbeasts and harvesting their hide.

Players can also gather Ultralite from hardened mass; a junk piece that is found on blast zone scorched. However, I would NOT recommend scrapping it as it is required for making stable flux. Lastly, in blast zones, the player can find deposits of glowing rocks, which are Ultracite Veins, ready for the harvest.

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1. Legendary Equipment

The last entry on this list isn’t a material but something that is still worth farming. During endgame playthrough, the normal weapons—even heavily modded ones—don’t cut the mustard when dispatching enemies or protecting you from damage.

Legendary Items are just like normal items, however, they have additional attributes associated with them. These may include double shot, extra damage on a certain type of enemy, or increased protection when at low health. Legendary Items are graded by stars — the more the better.

According to Fallout Builds, the ideal place to farm Legendary Items is the golf course when it's irradiated. This location is known for its hordes of glowing ones, most of them being Legendary. A good strategy is to run around the building and draw them out the front door and engage enemies as they attempt to filter out. Even when not nuked, the golf course is an excellent area to farm for Legendary Items as the hordes still exist.

Another location for farming these items is the Watoga Emergency services building, the Watoga High School, and Blackwater Mine. Certain events also spew out hordes of these legendary enemies, such as Uranium Fever, One Violent Night, and Leader of the Pack.

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