May's Biggest Video Games, Ranked By Metacritic Score

May was a bit of an odd month. Plenty of promising titles were slated for release, but most were met with middle-of-the-road reviews and player experiences. However, many of the games on this list are also better suited for fans of specific genres, rather than appealing to the masses.

In our ongoing monthly feature, we take a look at some of last month’s biggest games as ranked by Metacritic score.

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6. Rage 2

via id Software

Metacritic Score: 71 (Averaged Across Platforms) / User Score: 5.9 (Averaged Across Platforms)

Id Software’s Rage 2 had arguably some of the best marketing campaigns during the build-up to its release (did you see how cool that custom Dreamcast was!?), but fell relatively flat wi fans and critics alike. The game wasn’t terrible outright. It’s just that essentially everything about Rage 2 was familiar and uninspired, never truly figuring out what kind of game it wanted to be. Rage 2 is worth little more time than a few brain-dead hours, but it’s higher end cost makes it hard to justify purchasing. Apparently, though, that is good enough for the team at Id Software to start developing Rage 3. Rage 2 is available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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5. Observation

via Epic

Metacritic Score: 77 (Averaged Across Platforms) / User Score: 6.8 (Averaged Across Platforms)

When Observation was originally announced, many were excited to get their hands on another space survival/horror game due to the aesthetics of the game looking similar to that of Alien: Isolation. That, however, was never the intent of the Sci-Fi narrative. Players take on the role of a multinational space station that somehow ends up in Saturn’s orbit, solving puzzles and other mysterious that lead up to the game’s final chilling moments. Observation - available for the PlayStation 4 and PC - effectively navigates the Science Fiction genre that any fan will no doubt enjoy.

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4. Trover Saves The Universe

via Squanch Games

Metacritic Score: 77 (Averaged Across Platforms) / User Score: 7.8 (Averaged Across Platforms)

For fans of the platforming genre in video games, look no further than Trover Saves The Universe, from Squanch Games and Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick and Morty. The game is just as over-the-top and raunchy as one might expect, but Trover Saves The Universe’s platform-inspired gameplay is downright perfect. You don’t need to be a fan of Rick and Morty, but it will probably help your overall enjoyment of Trover Saves The Universe if you are. Unsurprisingly, the game’s characters and Roiland-voiced dialog is everything that and Rick and Morty fans will love, especially as they wait for Season 4 to finally come out. Trover Saves The Universe is available for the PlayStation 4 + PSVR, Xbox One, and PC.

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3. Dauntless

Via: Wccftech.com

Metacritic Score: 80 (Averaged Across Platforms) / User Score: 4.7 (Averaged Across Platforms)

Much like Fortnite was to PUBG, Dauntless is to Monster Hunter: World. In fact, the new free-to-play title even has a cartoonish style similar to Fortnite. Players take on the role of a “Slayer” tasked with hunting giant creatures known as Behemoths. Loot can be collected and crafted along the way, with most gear and weapons being upgradeable to take down higher tiered monsters. If you’ve ever wanted to play Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World, but haven’t been able to commit to its massive time sink, Dauntless may very well be the title for you. Dauntless is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and supports full cross-platform functionality.

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2. A Plague Tale: Innocence

via Steam

Metacritic Score: 82 (Averaged Across Platforms) / User Score: 8.6 (Averaged Across Platforms)

Action-adventure title, A Plague Tale: Innocence, from Asobo Studio, came from seemingly out of nowhere, but was honestly one of June’s more impressive games. The story takes place in the French countryside as swarms of plague-carrying rats rip their way through the country. Players assume the role of Amicia, a young, eager adventurer tasked with caring for her ailing brother, Hugo, when their home is invaded by Inquisition soldiers. The two must work together to survive as they search for a cure for Hugo, in a hauntingly beautiful and devastating story that players are sure to enjoy. A Plague Tale: Innocence is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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1. Total War: Three Kingdoms

Via: vg247.com

Metacritic Score: 85 / User Score: 8.7

Not only is Total War: Three Kingdoms at the top of this month’s list, the game is also one of the best titles within the series itself. Set in the historical era of China known as the Three Kingdoms period, the game accurately depicts the foundations of the Wei dynasty, until players begin to reshape the country based on their alliances and decisions in an attempt to unify all of China. Everything that players have come to love about the Total War franchise is there, such as Diplomacy and trade, but Three Kingdoms does things a bit differently to give the game a larger sense of realism. It may take returning players to the franchise some time to get used to, but it is worth it in the end. Total War: Three Kingdoms is available now for PC.

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