MBTI® Of Final Fantasy 8 Characters

Final Fantasy VIII is full of some strange and interesting characters. Both the heroes and the villains have unique motivations and personality traits that drive every action. Some seek to obtain the attention of nations in their quest for power, others prefer quiet solitude and fight for their friends and loved ones to thrive, while others still will stop at nothing to achieve their goals of personal empowerment.

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Here are some examples of how these characters might be classified using the famous Myers-Briggs Type Indicators®. This gives some interesting insight into these powerful and quirky individuals from this fascinating game.

10 Squall: INTJ Lone Wolf

Squall is an introverted soul who pushes others away in an effort to remain alone. This isn’t because of any ill will towards anyone, but an effort to protect himself emotionally. He is willing to step up as a leader, not by choice but out of a sense of obligation or duty.

This makes him a straightforward INTJ lone wolf type. Squall would rather live his life alone without friends rather then go through the pain of eventually losing them. He does thaw over time thanks to Rinoa, but he will always be a strong independent fighter forced into leaderships roles.

9 Rinoa: ENFJ Giver

Rinoa is a warm and friendly person who does what she thinks is best for others, even if it puts her at odds with those closest to her. This warmth allows her to see the good in others and help even the coldest hearts warm a little.

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This makes Rinoa a very strong ENFJ giver type. In spite of this warmth and giving she has few close friends, but those that do enter her circle are recipients of her affection and love for life. She will be loyal to friends and do what she thinks is right, even if it gets her in trouble

8 Zell: ENFP Champion

Zell is a troublemaker, but not in a malicious way, he is simply someone who doesn’t like to be put in a box of restrictions and rules. When allowed to be himself, he proves to be a very courageous and caring individual. He can be loud and cocky at times, but his skills and bravery often get him through the tough challenges he puts himself in.

As an ENFP champion type, he's hungry to prove himself and benefit the world while doing it. He is quick to befriend everyone he meets and seeks to improve himself both physically and intellectually.

7 Selphie: ESFJ Social Butterfly

Selphie is a young woman with a lot of things going on at once. She is constantly keeping herself busy with various hobbies and tries to incorporate others into her projects whenever possible. Odds are if you spend any time around her she’ll want to sign you up for the Garden Festival Committee.

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She is very much an ESFJ social butterfly, constantly flitting from project to project to have fun and distract herself from a horrific childhood. She’s great to have around the team thanks to her upbeat and carefree attitude in the darkest of situations, even if she isn’t terribly popular with the fanbase.

6 Quistis: ISTJ Logical

Quistis is incredibly smart, becoming a SeeD at the age of 15 and an instructor at 18 she is capable of some incredible mental gymnastics. Perhaps because of her young age she isn’t nearly as strict and while many students misinterpret that to be carefree, it’s really to study and analyze those around her in silence.

As an ISTJ logical type, she feels compelled to solve problems, such as Squall struggling to come out of his shell. For all her insights and analysis into others, she struggles to understand her own feelings.

5 Irvine: ISFP Adventurer

Irvine carefully constructs his lone wolf persona in order to meet women, though he struggles to perform when under pressure which complicates things. He is a caring person as evidenced by helping Selphie realize her lifelong dream of performing on stage in order to impress her.

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As an ISFP, he’s an introvert trying to be an extrovert. Aside from his charming desperation to be with someone he’s a capable and intelligent young man who’s considered the best marksman in the Garden.

4 Cid: ENTP Visionary

Cid is the founder of the Gardens and the SeeD program. This responsibility puts him into awkward social situations he’d rather not deal with and he’s often at odds with NORG over the direction of the SeeD program.

As an ENTP visionary type he has big plans for SeeD and gets frustrated when those plans are disrupted by small-minded individuals, though he never lets his anger get the better of him. He’s a man who wishes he could do more to help but is limited by others’ choices.

3 Ultimecia: ENTJ Commander

Ultimecia has been planning her path to power for a long time and is dedicated to implementing it. She weaves a web of diplomacy, manipulation, and brute magical strength to achieve her complicated and grandiose ends.

As an ENTJ commander type, she's a cunning leader and an effective enemy. The longer she goes undefeated, the stronger she becomes and the more power she obtains. She is someone who requires an equally dedicated and powerful force to be thrown off her goals and even then she’ll go down fighting to the bitter end.

2 Sorceress Adel: ESTP Doer

Sorceress Adel doesn’t like to sit on her hands. While other villains are content to let others do their dirty work and use manipulation to achieve their ends she prefers action and direct confrontation. Not to say she doesn’t have minions or delegates tasks, just that she isn’t one to sit idle when there’s work to be done.

She is very much an ESTP doer type who must act first and this often gets her in trouble. The need for further power and to delay her own death is so strong it ultimately leads her to do foolish acts of aggression and attract the wrong attention.

1 Vinzer: ESFP Performer

Vinzer enjoys power and seeks to expand it any means possible, he also has a large ego that must be gratified through displaying his own cunning and ruthlessness. This was evidenced when he personally executed two men responsible for the Timber resistance.

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As an ESFP he seeks to display his grandeur and power. Using big speeches and brutal action he wants all to witness his might as President of Galbadian no matter how many enemies he makes in the process. If anything those enemies merely represent more individuals to inflate his sense of importance.

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